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Teachers Lesson

By Wolfboy 

Mrs Smith gets her wish in an all-in pro style catfight debut


On the trip back from the Caribbean following Emma’s victory over Shontelle Jackson, I’d finally settled on the right opponent for school teacher Mrs Smith to meet in her debut catfight. A few opponents had crossed my mind, but video footage of Texan fighter Toni in two catfights had convinced me she was the woman for Mrs Smith to take on. Toni had won two dominant victories against pro wrestler Shanice Sinclair and seasoned catfighter Mimi Sato in those matches showing plenty of ability in both pro style wrestling and catfighting in both matches. She was going to be a real handful for Mrs Smith to take on, that was for sure, but the school teacher had been very clear on what she wanted in her first match.


‘I want a kind of pro-style catfight’ she’d told me ‘I’m not interested in fighting a beginner, and I’m pretty open on rules. I’d like a tough match because I want to do this properly and I’ll learn quicker from tough tests.’ When I’d questioned that again before making my final decision, Mrs Smith had reiterated her thoughts as she told me ‘I’ve waited far too long to pluck up the courage to do this Steve. I need to take on tough women from the start to try and have a chance of getting up to speed quickly. I don’t care if I lose to start with, I just want a proper catfight from it.’


I was pretty sure that Toni was going to give her everything that she wanted from the match and probably a bit more, but following Mrs Smith’s instructions I made contact with Toni to see if she was up for the match. That had been straight forward to say the least as Toni had taken very little convincing to take on the match. ‘I’d love to come over there and fight’ she had told me over the phone before adding, ‘tell your girl I’m going to strip her naked and beat her though, no holds barred!’


‘That’s perfect for what she wants anyway’ I told Toni ‘the rules are to be best of 3 submissions without time limit in a pro style no holds and no holes barred catfight. We’ve got a pro style ring for the match, and she would like it to start out in pro style gear please.’


‘She might start that way’ Toni replied ‘but don’t expect her to finish the match in her outfit still.’


‘I don’t, trust me’ I replied before arranging a final few details for the match with Toni. It was agreed that the match would take place in two weeks’ time, and I was able to get the use of Debbie’s basement ring for the match. I thought that Mrs Smith might be uncomfortable using the ring in our garage, perhaps worrying that Jemma might realise what her teacher was there for maybe. Debbie’s ring was perfect though, suitable for the pro style element of the match, but private enough for Mrs Smith to feel comfortable. With everything set up, Emma and Mrs Smith upped their training, to try and get the school teacher as prepared as possible for the match. I had my reservations that Emma could get her to the right level quickly enough to take on a more experienced woman like Toni, but there was no way that I was going to be able to talk Mrs Smith out of taking the match. Emma herself was fairly confident that Elaine was at least going to be able to hold her own in the match. I don’t think she expected the school teacher to be able to win the match either though, but come the day of the match, she was as well prepared as possible for the fight.


And it would be a fight, of that much I was sure. Elaine clearly had no intention of going in against an inexperienced woman, and from the two matches I had seen, I knew Toni liked to fight hard. The rules of the match would allow that also, it was agreed to be completely no holds barred to the best of 3 submissions. This would be no gentle roll around on the mats, of that much I was sure.


On the day of the match, we gathered at Debbie’s house, Mrs Smith heading to Emma’s old room upstairs to use that as her changing room. Emma was there to talk her through the build up to the match, but to be honest she looked calm enough to me, focused on the matter at hand. When Toni arrived with her husband, James, I showed them to the downstairs changing area in the basement. They both had a quick look at the ring, and satisfied with that, headed into the changing area to prepare for the match. I headed back upstairs to find Mrs Smith ready for the match now, a transformation from the usually prim and proper school teacher once more as I met her coming out of the door to her changing area.


‘They’re here’ I told her as I took in her appearance. Elaine’s short blonde hair was cut in a tidy bob style. Standing 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 150lbs she was a curvy, attractive woman. Her training with Emma had clearly added some definition to her arms though. She had chosen her own outfit for the match, picking a tight black one piece, cut high on the leg and completely open at either side barring two small red bow shaped ties. She wore a pair of black fishnet tights, black wrestling boots and red knee pads to complete her look. ‘You look fantastic Elaine’ I told her, ‘the outfit is stunning. Do you feel ready for her?’ I asked


‘Thanks Steve’ she smiled ‘I picked it as it is very similar to the outfit worn by one of the women in the first match I ever saw. Glad you like it. I think I’m ready for her’ she said sounding fairly confident. ‘Emma has given me all the preparation I could ask for and I want this too. I know she’s tough, and I don’t know if I will win, but that doesn’t bother me. I just want to fight!’ she told me.


‘I think you’ll get your wish Elaine’ I admitted, before adding ‘shall we get down to the ring?’


‘I think so Steve’ Elaine replied ‘let’s get in the ring and get ready for her!’


So, I led the way down to Debbie’s basement ring, Elaine in tow, reminded in some ways of my first time in that room to watch Debbie take on the blonde pro wrestler Shelly Sands. I had to admit that I had probably been more nervous that night than Elaine seemed to be right now. The room had changed little since that day other than a few coats of paint over time. It did look like Debbie had fairly recently refurbished the ring though, particularly the ropes that were now very much of a pro ring standard. Just perfect for tonight’s match I thought as Elaine slipped through the ropes before stretching lightly against the corner post. The door to the changing area in the basement now opened, and Toni, followed by James emerged from it. The Texan fighter was now also transformed into a stunning vision of a pro wrestler; a skin tight green, white and black patterned swimsuit teamed with glossy suntan shade tights and knee-high black leather wrestling boots her chosen outfit. The two women presented nice contrasts I thought as Toni now slipped between the ropes into the ring; Elaine, blonde, curvy and dressed in a traditional British pro style, Toni darker, more athletic looking and wearing more of a traditional American pro style outfit. One other unspoken contrast was in experience with Elaine making her debut in competitive action while Toni had 15 bouts of varying styles behind her, winning over half including two recent wins in pro style catfights.



Given the no holds barred nature of the fight, neither woman had felt a referee to be all that vital to proceedings, so I had offered to act as the ring announcer pre-match. As both women seemed to be eager to get at each other, I got straight to it. ‘OK ladies, you’ve both agreed to a pro style, anything goes catfight with 2 submissions required for victory. There will be a two-minute break between submissions. On my left is Toni who is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 145lbs. She has 10 wins and 5 defeats so far. On my right is Elaine who is 5 feet 5 inches and 150lbs. She is in her first catfight.’ As I stepped back through the ropes, I shouted ‘fight’ and the two women, eager to start had keenly complied. Elaine set forward confidently, trapping Toni immediately in a side headlock only for the Texan to back her in to the ropes, delivering a forearm to the ribs as she did so, before firing Elaine off to the opposite ropes. Toni set herself, delivering a shoulder tackle as the two women met in a shuddering collision of female flesh in the centre of the ring. Neither dropped though, and perhaps the onrushing Elaine had slightly the better of it as she was able to regain her side headlock on Toni. Elaine flexed her arms, cranking on the headlock as she now backed Toni towards the corner post. As Elaine felt her opponent’s back hit the ring post, she quickly released the headlock to fire a right hand deep into the pit of Toni’s stomach. Elaine kept up the attack now, employing a handful of brunette hair as she bounced Toni’s head off the lightly padded corner post. Satisfied that she had Toni a little stunned, Elaine grabbed her arm before whipping her hard into the opposite corner post.


A strong start from the inexperienced fighter, but that all changed quickly as Toni dodged Elaine’s running avalanche splash in the corner, and the charging school teacher caught nothing but post. Toni wasted no time reminding Elaine that it was a catfight too with a nail rake down the back before using a handful of blonde hair to smack Elaine’s head into the ring post. A kidney punch from Toni shook the blonde now as she slumped forward against the corner post a little, but she had scant time for recovery as Toni went back to the hair, using it to throw Elaine across the ring. Elaine landed hard, but rolled, looking to regain her feet only to run into a knee lift to the chest the flattened her breasts as it lifted her off her feet and put hr flat on her back in the centre of the ring. Toni had her right where she wanted her now it seemed, and she measured Elaine before delivering a fist drop right to the blonde teacher’s forehead. Elaine rolled to her side, clutching her head as she was clearly dazed by the move and Toni took her time before following up. Rolling Elaine to her back, she delivered a snappy leg drop across the chest before tightly wrapping her fingers in Elaine’s blonde hair and using it to pull her into a powerful side head scissors. Now Toni brought her long, strong legs into use as she put the squeeze on to Elaine, powerful thighs distorting the teacher’s usually cute features. Toni wasn’t for releasing the hair either, pulling hard on it and drawing a moan from Elaine who responded by plunging her nails into Toni’s nylon clad thighs. That earned her a slap to the face, but it did get her free from the head scissor, albeit only as Toni went to a double handful of hair to assist Elaine to her feet.


Toni had little intention of keeping Elaine upright though, delivering a headbutt that sent Elaine reeling into the nearby ropes before flooring her with a hard right to the body. Although Emma had worked hard with Elaine in training, this was the first time she’d been under fire in a real match situation, and I was pleased to see her firing back from her knees with a short headbutt to the stomach that backed Toni up momentarily. Elaine was a bit slow to her feet though and Toni got to her, cruelly raking her face with her boot laces which sent Elaine back to the mat. Elaine rolled onto her belly as Toni stomped hard on her lower back before planting a knee in the teachers back and grabbing a handful of her blonde locks to pull her face and chest clear of the mat. Elaine’s hands went to her chin, looking to ease some of the strain, but they did little to protect her as Toni landed a slap high on her cheek before releasing the hair and letting her fall back to the mat. It was temporary respite only though as Toni got back to her feet before delivering an elbow drop across the back of Elaine’s neck. As Toni got Elaine back to her feet and whipped her hard into the corner post, I thought that the sexy school ma’am was starting to look a little over matched in fall one. Slumped a little against the post, Elaine did little to stop Toni draping her arms over the ropes before delivering a fast slap to her breasts that tested the ability of her swimsuit to contain them. A knee to the body followed as the swimsuit won that battle, before Toni planted her boot into Elaine’s stomach and fell back to monkey flip her out of the corner. The ailing blonde landed hard in the centre of the ring, a little dazed, and Toni took a second to admire her handiwork before continuing her attack.


The tough Texan looked like she was very confident that things were going well in her favour as she moved into grab hair and bring Elaine back to her feet. Again, Elaine tried to fire back, a punch to the pit of Toni’s stomach to stop her, followed by another as the brunette came in again looked to have brought her some time. Again though, Toni had the answer, using her long, sexy legs as she delivered a kick to the side of Elaine’s head to put down her latest show of resistance and send her sprawling, flat out on the mat. Toni gave her no time to recover her senses either, bringing her to her feet by her blonde hair before slipping a hand between her legs to lift and body slam Elaine in the centre of the ring. Once more, Toni went back to the hair, lifting Elaine again this time to deliver an across the knee back breaker the drew an audible gasp of pain from the school teacher who was in big trouble now in fall one. Toni knew it too as she pushed the blonde off her knee to the mat with disdain while she briefly contemplated her next move as she looked to wear Elaine out.


Toni wasn’t short of ideas on how to do that either as she whipped a weary Elaine into the roped before cutting her down to the mat with a well-placed boot to the stomach as she rebounded. Elaine groaned in agony on the mat, struggling in the face of a concerted beat down from Toni now who was about to add some humiliation to the mix now as she pulled the straps of Elaine’s swimsuit from her shoulders, pulling the suit down to her waist to expose her breasts before a headbutt to the forehead sent Elaine reeling back against the ropes. Subconsciously perhaps, Elaine looked to cover her breasts with her hands, shipping a hard right to the jaw as she did so, and as she slumped back against the ropes now, Toni spotted her chance, tying the teacher’s arms up in the top two strands of ring ropes. Elaine writhed and twisted against the suddenly applied restraints, but trapped, she succeeded in doing little more than presenting her breasts as a prime target for Toni. The Texan needed no second invite either, quickly warming both F-cup breasts with stinging slaps before plunging her nails into them in a double breast claw against the ropes, leaning into Elaine’s body as she drew howls of pain from the tortured blonde. Elaine gritted her teeth, determined to try and ride out the pain as Toni twisted, pulled, slapped, punched and just generally abused her magnificent breasts. Toni was so engrossed in her attack though that she failed to spot Elaine wriggling one hand free from the ropes and a sharp right hand to the body took the American fighter by surprise, backing her up a little. Elaine lashed a foot out, catching Toni in the thigh before resourcefully using the front of Toni’s swimsuit to pull her into the ropes, draping her throat across the top strand as she side stepped her. Now Elaine looked to attack, a leg smashing into Toni’s back to force her harder onto the ropes before two hard kidney punches buckled the Texan’s legs and she dropped to her knees, now with her throat across the middle rope.


Elaine took advantage of that, straddling Toni’s back against the ropes, using all of her 150lbs to push Toni hard into the ropes, an effective choke hold as she grabbed a full handful of hair to ensure Toni couldn’t sneak free. Now Toni was forced to grit her teeth in the face of a tough attack as the fall suddenly took an unexpected turn for her. She had been in control of the fight but was now struggling for air with the middle ring rope being pressed tightly against her throat. She moaned and groaned as she looked to squirm out of the tight predicament, but Elaine made a bit of a beginner’s mistake looking to pull Toni off the ropes, and a sharp elbow caught Elaine in the pit of the stomach, dropping her to her knees. A slap to the face stunned Elaine who looked to clinch with Toni only for the Texan to catch her with a perfectly timed headbutt to the chest, and Elaine was knocked back to the mat. Now Toni was all business once more, waiting for Elaine to reach all fours before a hard kick to the body sent her spinning back to the mat gasping for air. I thought Toni might look to capitalise with a smother, but instead she pulled Elaine to her feet before shooting a knee to her belly and then lifting her to deliver a second across the knee back breaker, this time stretching her across her knee briefly before shoving Elaine to the mat. Now Toni waited, standing over Elaine before she reached all fours and then leaping into the air to use her butt to smash Elaine back to the mat on her front, Keeping up her attack, Toni quickly draped Elaine’s arms across her knees, trapping her in a camel clutch as she used a double handful of hair to twist Elaine’s head and neck painfully into the deal.


Elaine screamed out in pain and defiance as Toni asked her ‘submit bitch?’ The blonde teacher beat at the mat in pain and frustration with her legs, but she spat back ‘No!’


‘How about now?’ Toni enquired as she released the hair, instead plunging her nails into Elaine’s breasts before pulling and twisting them.


‘No, no!’ Elaine replied still defiant, but she was well trapped now as Toni increased the pressure, another twist of the sensitive breast flesh adding to Elaine’s pain as the Texan demanded ‘submit bitch, fucking give!’


‘No, no…...Awwww, fuck……yes, yes I submit!’ came the pained response from the beleaguered blonde as she was forced to admit her defeat in fall one. Toni strode back to her corner, confident, in control of the fight so far, she clearly felt. Elaine made her way back towards me looking a good deal more dishevelled that she had at the start of the fight. Her breasts already showed the marks of Toni’s close attentions, and she sat down a little wearily on the corner stool as I tried to make the best of the two-minute break. Splashing cold water on her face and breasts, I spoke quickly, anxious to try and get her back into the fight. ‘She’s had a quick start, but you know what to expect from her now, and she’s probably going to be a bit over confident from the first fall, so try and draw her in and then remember it’s a catfight when you get her trapped so get after her tits and hair and let’s see how she copes with it’ I told her.


‘I will Steve’ she replied ‘I need to remember my training now because Emma taught me better than that. She was just a bit quicker to everything than I expected so far’ Elaine admitted.


‘That’s OK though’ I told her ‘you’re learning as you go along here don’t forget. Try and put her under some pressure now though, rip her tights, pull her suit off. Remember, whatever it takes!’


I think the message had got through anyway as round two started, Elaine now topless of course circling Toni a little more confidently as she looked for the opening. It was still the Texan that struck first though with a slap to the face before she backed Elaine up to the ropes and Irish whipped her into the opposite side. As she had in the first fall, Toni set herself to deliver a shoulder tackle, but this time, Elaine came at her with far more conviction, launching into a flying tackle that sent Toni crashing to the mat beneath her curvy 150lb frame. There was no doubt that Toni was stunned and winded a little from that, but she looked to defend as best she could, grabbing a handful of hair but Elaine had the top position now and she delivered an elbow to Toni’s stomach before clamping a hand between the Texan’s legs in a crotch claw that instantly drew a cry of protest from Toni. The tough brunette yelped in pain as Elaine punished her with the crotch attack early in round two. Her only respite was to keep up the attack on Elaine’s hair, her hand sinking deeper into the previously tidy short blonde hair causing Elaine to shriek with discomfort. She took back control though with two hard elbows to the body that weakened Toni’s grip of her hair, and Elaine took the chance to go to her opponent’s brunette locks, bouncing her head off the mat before pulling her to her feet.


Elaine continued the attack in a pretty straight forwards fashion, a kick to the stomach followed by a knee lift to the chest, crushing Toni’s breasts as she sent her back to the mat hard. Elaine was a woman transformed at the start of round two, her naked breasts swaying sexily as she bounced off the ropes to deliver a leg drop across Toni’s breasts before using Toni’s hair to pull her into a side head scissor between her powerful fishnet clad thighs. Toni’s face was contorted by the teacher’s strong thighs now as Elaine pressed her hands into the mat to lift her butt clear of it before falling back, the juddering impact punishing Toni as she did so. Another flex of her thighs drew a muffled cry of pain from Toni as Elaine’s hand covered her nose and mouth in an apparently effective hand smother for a few moments. Toni’s hands groped blindly for a target, latching briefly onto Elaine’s breasts as she looked to counter attack.


The blonde put paid to that quickly though, two hard punches in to the pit of Toni’s stomach before she re-positioned herself behind Toni in a head scissor again. Her feet dug into Toni’s body for a moment before she surprised the Texan, rolling to her front and adopting something of a press up position to quickly drive Toni’s forehead into the mat five times. Now Elaine released the head scissor with her opponent stunned, and she got back to her feet before delivering an elbow across her lower back. Spotting her chance, Elaine slipped Toni’s shoulder straps off now, pulling the suit down to her waist before pulling her up by the hair and throwing her hard into the corner. Payback time clearly crossed Elaine’s mind now as she cracked slaps off Toni’s breast before cruelly delivering a nail rake to raise an angry furrow across her right breast. Toni’s cry of pain filled the basement, and Elaine saw things going her way now as she backed up a little from the corner. For the second time in the match though, her running avalanche splash was mistimed catching nothing but corner post as Toni dodged out of her way and she rebounded off the post, winded as she fell back to the mat



Toni looked to capitalise too, spreading Elaine’s legs and dropping to her knees to deliver a double fisted blow to the blonde’s stomach, then pulling the front of Elaine’s suit even further down, she applied a stomach claw. Toni’s nails and fingers probed Elaine’s belly drawing cries of pain before the blonde snapped her legs shut around Toni’s body in a scissor hold as she grabbed for the brunette’s hair as well. Toni dodged that but groaned as she felt Elaine’s thick thighs come to bear on her body; Elaine worked her legs again as Toni tried to increase the pressure on the stomach claw. Another groan of pain from Toni suggested that she was losing that battle, but she shot in a one-two to Elaine’s stomach, forcing a weakening of the scissor. Toni scooted her knees in under Elaine’s butt too, weakening further still the pressure that Elaine could exert with her thighs, but those thighs were giving Elaine some control too and as Toni strayed into her reach, a handful of hair allowed Elaine to pull her face into her breasts. A partial breast smother as it turned out because Toni just turned her head enough to the side to limit the effect of the hold, and now the Texan drove two short punches into Elaine’s ribs as she tried to get herself free. Elaine replied, cuffing Toni round the back of the head with a hard slap then releasing Toni’s hair she surprised the tough Texan with an eye rake that spelled the beginning of the end in round two for Toni.


Uncertain of her bearings, Toni wasn’t able to defend at all as Elaine got her to her feet and slammed her face first three times in to the padded turnbuckle by her hair. That left her stunned in the corner as Elaine slapped her across the breasts and then waist locked her to deliver a pussy pounding atomic drop. Toni’s face betrayed her pain as knee met pussy, and she was frozen in place just long enough for Elaine to floor her with a forearm smash to the breasts. Now Elaine took a leaf from Emma’s playbook, spreading Toni’s legs and delivering a knee drop to the Texan fighter’s already throbbing pussy. As her opponent’s hands clutched at the fierce pain now burning between her legs, Elaine struck again, rolling her to her front and delivering a knee drop to the small of her back that drew a cry of pain from Toni. Then gripping Toni’s left leg at ankle and knee, Elaine applied a perfect single leg boston crab, sitting down on Toni’s back as she applied the pressure on her lower back.


‘Give up slut?’ Elaine asked, leaning back to add to the pressure.


‘Fuck you!’ was Toni’s succinct reply as she fought gamely to look for a way out.


Elaine knew the perfect addition to the boston crab though, sliding her hand inside Toni’s swimsuit as she applied the crotch claw, instantly bringing Toni’s pained cries to a crescendo.


‘How about now slut? Do you give?’ Elaine demanded and despite Toni’s determination, she was left with no choice as the perfectly applied hold proved inescapable. ‘Yes, yes yes!’ Toni cried out, tapping the mat too as the pain proved too much for her and Elaine evened the score up at 1-1 in the best of three match. It was still all to fight for and during the break in the action, Toni cleverly played on Elaine’s sudden boost of confidence.


‘What do you say we lose the suits and add some stakes for the last fall bitch?’ she shouted across the ring at Elaine.


Before I had chance to urge Elaine to act with caution though, she had already responded to the bait. ‘Sure bitch, let’s do it. What do you suggest then?’ she asked.


Toni smiled as she peeled off her sexy green swimsuit, pleased that her inexperienced foe had fallen for her play. ‘Winner gets the losers suit…….and gets to face sit the loser to a knockout after the final submission. How about it cunt?’ she taunted.


‘You’re on!’ Elaine shot back immediately. ‘I’d like to wear your suit for my next match slut. I’ll look soooooo good in it’ she smirked as she removed her own black swimsuit now as well.


So, it became an almost nude match for fall three; Toni in just her glossy suntan shade tights and black knee-high wrestling boots, Elaine now just in fishnet tights and wrestling boots as the battle was rejoined for the decisive fall. Both women threw caution to the wind in the opening seconds rushing into each other in a furious collision of fighting female flesh at the start of the round. One hand wrapped in the others hair, both warmed the others body with stinging slaps to the thighs and torso as she looked to get on top now. Elaine sipped a knee into Toni’s body looking to back her into the ropes. An attempted monkey flip failed though as Toni gripped the top strand of the ring ropes and as Elaine fell at her feet, the sole of Toni’s boot was quickly planted in her stomach hard. Elaine rolled to her side, clutching her belly and Toni took control of the early part of the fall with another stomp, this time to the teacher’s side. A handful of hair held Elaine in place for a nasty rake across the face with the boot laces once more, and then Toni hauled the blonde to her feet before rocking her back into the corner with uppercuts to both breasts. Now Toni clinched with Elaine in the corner, a couple of knees to the body keeping up the pressure on the sexy teacher who tried to wrap her arms around Toni’s head in an attempt to switch her into the corner.


Toni shrugged that off though and a short headbutt to Elaine’s face rocked her head back leaving her a dazed as she slipped down to the floor in the corner. Toni was on her fast too, as she pressed her boot into Elaine’s throat for a few moments before grabbing her blonde hair, bringing her to her feet and roughly throwing Elaine across the mats. Elaine rolled, slow to try and regain her feet and Toni met her with a knee strike to the body that put her back on the mat. Toni leant in now, hooking her fingers in Elaine’s black fishnets and starting to tear them open. A straight fingered thrust to the throat by Elaine caught Toni a little by surprise though, dropping her to her backside, tearing Elaine’s fishnets even more so on the way down before losing her grip of them. Elaine dived for Toni as quickly as she could, pushing the Texan back to the mat as she looked to get control of the match again and the two women rolled on the floor a tangle of legs and hair. Both worked their knees into the others bodies as they continued to fight for top position. It looked like Toni was going to be the one to claim that position, a double grip of Elaine’s short blonde hair allowing her to pin her to the mat only for a knee to the crotch to give the teacher the advantage as Toni rolled off her.


Elaine went on to the attack now, pulling Toni to her feet with a handful of hair and a handful of breast before whipping her hard in the corner post. Leaning in to the tough Texan now in the corner, Elaine went in for a quick double breast attack, nails dragged cruelly across sensitive skin before a slap to the face spun Toni into the ropes. Elaine leant on her, forcing her throat across the top rope once more before turning Toni around and pushing her back in the ropes. Elaine was waiting on Toni as she rebounded, wrapping her arms around her body and lifting her impressively in a crushing bear hug. Toni’s head tilted back in pain while she pushed both hands roughly into the blonde’s face as Elaine asked her ‘Submit slut? Want me to sit on your pretty little face now?’


‘Fuck off cunt!’ Toni replied, teeth gritted against the constricting bear hug which Elaine continued to work on until Toni went to the eyes, forcing Elaine to break the hold as she rubbed at her eyes. Toni was dropped to the mat right at Elaine’s feet, and immediately, an opportunity to strike presented itself as Toni delivered a vicious straight uppercut to Elaine’s crotch. The sexy school ma’am howled in pain, frozen to the spot for just long enough to allow Toni to her feet as she pulled Elaine’s head between her nylon clad thighs. Levering Elaine’s arms up her back, Toni jumped slightly before dropping to her knees, driving Elaine’s face into the mat. Elaine stayed pretty still for a moment on the mat between Toni’s knees before the brunette grabbed hair to help her roll Elaine to her side in a controlling head scissor. She used that position to further tear at Elaine’s fishnets, taking most care to open the crotch area completely, perhaps with a crotch claw in mind. Elaine wriggled and kicked, looking to try and fight out of the scissor, but a barrage of punches to the body seemed to have finally put out her competitive fire.


Now Toni felt that too, peeling Elaine from the mat once more to whip her into the corner, and she followed in now with a hard clothesline against the post. The teacher was stunned, slumped back in the corner as Toni almost held her up before removing the padding from the corner post so that she could sit Elaine on the middle ropes. Then she spread Elaine’s legs, pushing each through the ropes and hooking them back under the middle rope, forcing her legs wide exposing her pussy completely to attack. The attack came in a slightly unexpected style though, Toni pressing her body tightly into Elaine while her fingers entered the blonde’s pussy, slowly sliding in and out of the teacher who couldn’t help but moan in pleasure from the sudden surprise stimulation. ‘No……no, stop’ Elaine pleaded as Toni continued to work on her pussy mercilessly in the corner.


‘You like that don’t you, you dirty little bitch?’ Toni mocked as she leant in again, now kissing Elaine fully on the lips, her tongue teasing Elaine’s lips as her fingers worked at increased tempo to bring the blonde close to orgasm. Despite herself, Elaine couldn’t help respond to Toni’s expert attentions, her lips parting as Toni continued to kiss her and she moaned softly ‘please……. don’t’


‘Mmmmmmm’ Toni purred in her ear ‘it feels good, doesn’t it whore?’ as Elaine finally exploded in a screaming orgasm against the corner post. It was the moment the Texan had been waiting for though, driving a fist into Elaine’s belly before she switched to crotch claw now, punishing the now screaming blonde teacher as she did so.


‘Submit cunt!’ Toni demanded ‘Submit and let me ride your face you blonde slut!’

‘Unngh, no…...no!’ Elaine bravely asserted, but she was fading fast in the devastating crotch claw hold and with her legs spread wide by the ring ropes, she had no easy means of escape.


‘Submit!’ Toni demanded once more, and this time Elaine complied ‘Yes, yes, you win, I give!’ she cried out as Toni finally released her debilitating hold on her.


Of course, Elaine’s punishment wasn’t quite over yet though as Toni pulled her from the ropes to body slam her in the centre of the ring as she set her up to deliver the agreed upon face sit knockout. Toni stood over the blonde, slowly lowering her shapely ass on to Elaine’s face in a reverse face sit, only the suntan tights between Elaine’s face and a nude face sitting. It helped the blonde little though as a handful of hair made sure her face was perfectly positioned for the face sit. Toni ground her ass and crotch on Elaine’s face now as the sexy teacher took her punishment, slowly but surely slipping towards the inevitable knockout.


Feeling that the blonde had been smothered out now, Toni stood up off her, still standing over her as she turned to me and said ‘she’s not bad for a beginner. If she wants a rematch, tell her to get a few matches under her belt and I’d be happy to give her another go at me. But for now, I’ll be taking this’ she said, coming over to the corner to take Elaine’s black swimsuit. ‘Maybe she can win it back next time!’ Toni laughed before heading to the changing room.


I helped a now stirring, and almost completely naked Elaine from the ring back up to the spare bedroom she had used for a changing area before finding a robe to cover her with as she lay on the bed for a little while to recover from her beating.


It wasn’t until after Toni had left that Elaine came back to the lounge, dressed now in jeans, t-shirt and knee-high boots. She surprised me though straight away as she told me ‘that was fantastic Steve, I can’t wait to do it again. I’ve never felt so good, and that little bitch had me so turned on at the end I can’t even begin to explain it! Can you find me another match please Steve?’ she asked.


‘Well I’m pleased that you enjoyed it Elaine’ I smiled. ‘You gave her a tough match for quite a while there before you got trapped in the corner at the end. It you’re sure you want to go again, I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone for you. Can I pick you someone a little less experienced though this time? Someone a bit more your level might give you a better chance to learn a bit more.’ I suggested


‘Well I guess so’ Elaine agreed. ‘Maybe I do need to have a couple of matches with newer fighters first’ she agreed. ‘Make sure they’re tough, sexy bitches though, nothing too easy please!’ she giggled as she gave me her instructions.


‘I’ll do my best for you’ I agreed, confident that I wouldn’t have to wait too long to see the sexy school teacher back in action once more.