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Texas Calling

By Wolfboy

Emma gets challenged by a familiar face


I thought that Emma might appreciate a bit of a break in the action after her tough victory against arch-nemesis Sara, but even before we had left the States, a challenge had been made to her. Toni, the Texan fighter who had beaten Elaine in her debut catfight had challenged Emma to a catfight now. ‘I didn’t have much trouble with the pupil’ Toni had reasoned ‘so now I want to fight the teacher to prove I’m the best’ was the basis of her challenge.


‘She’s not really in my weight class Steve’ Emma had said’ but I guess if she wants to fight, then I’m game’ she decided.


‘Well she’s sent a video apparently to make sure you see that she can take on someone of your size. Why not hold fire on a decision until we’ve seen that when we get home?’ I suggested.


‘Works for me’ Emma agreed ‘let’s check it out tomorrow evening and see how she looks in that before I tell her yes!’


The following evening, we settled down following dinner to watch the DVD of the fight that Toni had sent through to us along with her challenge. Emma was interested at the prospect of a new opponent to take on; I was interested to see what Toni had to offer as a new opponent, so with a glass of wine in hand, I hit play and settled down on the sofa with Emma to check out her latest challenger. The picture revealed a simple, private mat room on screen, an unknown woman stood on the centre of the mats as she waited for the two fighters to enter the room. The room itself looked to have thick mats on the floor with lighter padding against the walls. There was about a four-foot strip of carpet running the width of the room in front of a sliding door which currently stood open. First to enter the room was the professional wrestler Christie Ricci; wearing white wrestling boots with a white plunge front romper suite worn over a black sports bra, the tall wrestler cut a powerful figure as she started to stretch out those strong looking limbs while she waited for her Texan opponent.



Toni didn’t keep her waiting for too long either and the contrast between the two women was immediately evident. Toni, shorter, a little curvier looking than her blonde opponent looked every inch the catfighter in a black satin bra with silver lace trim, matching thong and a pair of glossy black hold-up stockings. Christie looked at her, more than a little surprised by Toni’s attire as she laughed ‘she’s come dressed for the fucking bedroom!’ to the camera.


‘It’s a catfight you dumb bitch!’ Toni retorted. ‘It’s the perfect outfit for that; you’ve turned up all dressed up for your pro wrestling pantomime’ before adding ‘for now at least….’


‘OK ladies’ the third woman in the room pitched in ‘let’s get this thing started, shall we? You’re both here for this challenge catfight which you have agreed will be filmed for a private collector. The match is no time limit, no holds barred and it will be fought to a knockout or total submission of the match. Do you both understand the rules and that the match is truly anything goes?’ she asked with both women confirming that they did. ‘You have both requested no referee so I will leave the room once the match starts. But first, some introductions for the camera. From Dallas, Texas at 5 feet 5 inches tall and 145 lbs is Toni. From Jackson, Mississippi at 5 feet 10 inches tall and 165 lbs is Christie Ricci. Ladies, if you’re both ready, please start’ the woman finished before leaving the room and sliding the door closed behind her to leave the two women starting to circle each other on the mats. Toni wasted no time, looking to the first attack in with a kick to Christie’s thigh, her stockinged foot connecting cleanly before she darted back out of range, apparently looking to use her speed advantage over the bigger wrestler. As Toni dipped back into range though, striking successfully with another kick to the thigh, Christie grabbed for her, using her hair briefly to pull the Texan into a strong, grinding side headlock, showing her power as she cranked on the hold. The strong forearms wrapped tightly around her head did little to deter Toni from attacking though, three short right hands fired into the pit of Christie’s stomach as she forced the bigger woman back to the wall. The attempt to throw her off into the opposite wall was a little less effective though, Christie wrapping her hand in Toni’s brunette hair before dropping to her knees, dragging Toni to the mat still trapped in the side headlock.


Christie spread her legs a little, giving herself a wide base on the mat to make it hard for Toni to dislodge her. So, she thought anyway, but she only managed to present a seasoned catfighter in Toni with a target as she went immediately for the pussy claw, sending Christie scrambling clear. ‘What the fuck was that?!’ Christie demanded as Toni just laughed before reminding her ‘anything goes you dumb bitch!’ The two women started to circle once more. Toni feinted another kick to the thigh and as the big professional wrestler looked to cover that move, she struck with a stinging slap to her cheek that sent Christie reeling into the padded wall. Toni rushed in, looking to press home the early advantage now, but she found herself on the receiving end of a kick to the stomach, Christie’s white wrestling boot sinking into her belly just above the waist band of her skimpy silver and black thong. Now it was the bigger woman who took control of the match, using her strength to pick up and body slam Toni with ease. The venue perhaps didn’t help Christie all that much with the soft mats providing a bit more respite for Toni than a harder ring might have, but the mats didn’t diminish the impact of Christie’s crashing leg drop across Toni’s breasts that sent the tough Texan rolling across the mat in some pain.


‘C’mon honey’ Christie teased ‘I thought you were a tough girl?’ as she went back to the hair, pulling Toni upright only to knock her back down with a forearm smash across the chest and the opening moments of the match turned very much in her favour as she secured a grapevine pin on the Texan fighter. Toni screamed out in pain as Christie’s power threatened to split her, but she responded quickly in true catfight style grabbing a hold of Christie’s hair as she moved to try and smother her. Now Christie yelled out as well, taken aback again it seemed by Toni’s use of the open rules, but she was able to keep up her attack, pushing her forearm across Toni’s throat to ensure that she kept the Texan in check for now. Toni had plans too though, her fingers playing across Christie’s body, looking for a target which she found as she latched on to her right breast, squeezing hard. Again, Christie yelped, unfamiliar with being attacked in this way, but she held the upper hand for now with the grapevine controlling Toni down on the mat, even if Toni’s combination of hair pull and breast maul troubled her.


‘Get off of my hair bitch!’ Christie drawled at Toni, apparently fed up of being worked on this way. Toni, to everyone’s surprise obeyed, but as Christie tried to move for the smother again, Toni shifted deftly, catching the big pro star in a guillotine as she also untied the halter top of her plunging white suit to reveal her black sports bra. ‘Bitch!’ Christie moaned, evidently fighting back though with two hard rights to the body that saw Toni’s grip weaken somewhat. Emma spotted the Texan’s tactics though at this early stage; ‘she’s definitely going to look to strip her, topless or naked. She knows Christie isn’t comfortable with that idea’ Emma declared and I saw little reason to disagree. Christie regained an element of control on the mats though, a third hard right to the body enabling her to slip out of the back door and trap Toni in a back hammer. A hard forearm shot to the kidneys put Toni on her knees, Christie warming to the no holds barred format it seemed as she released the back hammer and dropped Toni face first to the mat with a punch to the back of the head.


‘Up you get bitch!’ Christie taunted as a handful of hair and a handful of bra strap brought Toni to her feet only to be thrown across the room. Finally coming to a halt on the carpeted area, Toni just about scrambled back to the mats before all 165 lbs of Christie crashed hard into her, knocking her back down. Christie stomped her ass, the sole of her white patent leather wrestling boot connecting hard as Toni looked to roll clear. There was no immediate escape though, Christie controlling the action as she stalked Toni across the mat using stomps and kicks to keep the currently ailing brunette at her feet. Christie dropped to her knees now, delivering a clubbing double fisted blow that left Toni face down on the mat, looking more than a little stunned. The big pro wrestler had the Texan wildcat tamed right now it seemed and she looked to go in for the finish, locking Toni in a fearsome camel clutch. Using her long brunette hair to pull her into position, Christie draped Toni’s arms across her knees, wrapped both hands beneath her chin and pulled back, torturing Toni’s shoulders, neck and back.

‘Give up honey, how does that feel?’ the pro wrestler asked, not waiting for an answer before switching to a one-handed hair grip and undoing the clasp on Toni’s bra. ‘Bitch!’ Toni replied as Christie now slipped a hand inside her bra, starting to pinch and maul at her breasts which quickly drew a cry of pain from the Texan fighter. Her scalp burning, Toni gritted her teeth, turned her head slightly and then sunk those teeth into Christie’s inner thighs drawing a shriek of complaint from Christie who immediately released the hold and scrambled clear of the grinning Texan who got back to her feet, discarding her bra as she chose to fight topless now.


‘What the fuck was that?!’ Christie demanded haughtily; ‘You fucking bit me you cunt!’ she yelled at Toni.


‘Anything goes bitch!’ was Toni’s simple reply. ‘Now why don’t you take that bra off so we can fight like real women?’ she demanded of her blonde opponent.


‘No way’ Christie replied firmly ‘I don’t fight topless, slut!’


‘Oh, you will’ Toni replied evenly, a little smirk on her face as she rejoined the battle. Both women slapped furiously at each other, Toni looking to force her bigger opponent on to the back foot. Christie stung Toni in reply though as a painful stalemate ensued, the echoes of hands on bodies filling the room. Toni finally started to give ground, struggling it seemed under the heavier blows of the powerful pro wrestler. Gaining in confidence, Christie went for a straight right hand to the jaw, a punch that Toni deftly slipped, driving her foot into Christie’s stomach before falling back to monkey flip her opponent. The landing for Christie was unforgiving as the hit hard against the base of the wall, her legs hitting the lightly padded wall. If she wasn’t winded by that, Toni dropped a knee in her ribs that left her wincing in pain as she clutched her side. Taking a handful of blonde hair now, Toni drove Christie’s face into the wall, leaving the blonde looking a little stunned down on the mats. Toni looked to keep up the pressure now, pulling Christie to her feet, cruelly raking her eyes, and as she squealed her protest to the move, a knee lift to the body dropped her to her knees.


Circling behind Christie now, Toni grabbed the bottom of her black sports bra, whipping it up over Christie’s head and throwing it from the mat. Forced to fight topless for the first time, Christie froze momentarily, shipping a right hand to the jaw as she instinctively crossed her arms across her chest to cover her DD breasts. The punch stunned her, sending her to the mat face first and Toni was one her, looking to wear her down with a chin lock as she knelt on the powerful blonde’s shoulders, pulling back on her head, torqueing her neck painfully. ‘Nnnnggghhh! Get off me you bitch!’ Christie cried as Toni increased the pressure, one hand now wrapped tightly in Christie’s blonde hair. Her nails raked the scalp of the screaming blonde, digging in and giving her a whole new type of pain to deal with.


‘Give up bitch?’ Toni asked as she yanked back on Christie’s chin and hair once more.


‘Aaaaggggh! Fuck you!’ came Christie’s strained response, but Toni was content to keep up the punishment for now, content that she had Christie right where she wanted her as she continued to weaken the bigger woman. Releasing the hair for a moment, Toni reached around to take Christie’s eyes once more, keeping the blonde in trouble as she went back to the hair, slammed her face into the mat once and then returned to the chin and hair pull attack as Christie moaned at the punishment the Texan tough girl was dishing out. The pro wrestler knew for sure that she was in a real fight now as Toni worked her over, reaching back as she released the hair to pull Christie’s suit up into a wedgie. That drew another cry of pain from the blonde but without the hair pulling she was able to get her hands onto Toni’s hand on her chin, spreading and twisting her fingers painfully and getting slowly free of the Texan’s attack as she twisted her arm into an armbar now. Getting back to her knees though, Christie hadn’t banked on Toni’s cunning as another rake to the face stopped her in her tracks and on her knees on the mat, she was wide open as Toni buried a hard kick into the pit of her stomach. Christie rolled to her side clutching her stomach as Toni stood over her, quickly pulling the blonde to her feet before a forearm smash crushed her breasts, sending her reeling into the wall.


Toni almost paid for her enthusiasm to keep on the attack, a straight kick aimed at her stomach by Christie as she rushed in, the booted strike only catching her a glancing blow as she barrelled into her against the wall. Christie groaned, winded as Toni caught her perfectly, knee landing low in the pit of her stomach as the Texan dragged Christie into a side headlock, one fluid motion enabling her to flip the taller woman over her hip and to the mat. Maintaining the side headlock, Toni shifted her position slightly, pushing her breasts into Christie’s face as she looked to smother the blonde now as she cranked on the headlock once more. Christie squirmed uncomfortably down on the mat as Toni pressed her breasts firmly into place in her face. Another moan of the frustration came from the big blonde powerhouse as she felt Toni’s right foot hook into her romper suit. It was the only thing protecting her dignity now if the match and it was apparent the Toni was now intent on stripping her of that too. The Texan succeeded in shifting the romper slightly with her foot but then she let out a surprised cry as Christie skilfully reversed the headlock into a hammer lock, pushing Toni’s right arm high up her back. Suddenly trapped face down on the mat, Toni let out a cry of pain as Christie tortured her with the hammer lock.


Christie demonstrated that she was starting to get to grips with the format now, treating Toni to a nail rake down the back before hauling her to her feet by the hair and whipping her into the wall of the mat room. Instead of following up though, she started to try and re-tie the halter neck fastening of her suit, looking to at least partly cover her breasts as best she could with the plunging front of the suit. It was a mistake as Toni came at her quickly off the wall with a kick to the crotch that dropped the blonde to her knees on the mat, hands clutching at her pussy as she howled with pain. Toni showed little sympathy for her plight though, a straight right hand to the face dropping Christie to the mat on her back. Toni spread her opponent’s legs now, quickly dropping a knee to the crotch of the blonde who once again cried out in pain as her tough Texan opponent upped the ante in the no holds barred match. Now she climbed on top of the blonde, taking up a schoolgirl pin position as she bounced her ass on top of Christie’s breasts before taking a hold of the blonde’s hair to bounce the back of her head off the mat. Now Toni reached back, satisfied Christie was a little stunned, and she grabbed the front of her white romper, pulling hard to force the fabric to cut into her pussy as she cried out in discomfort. ‘Bitch, get off of me!’ Christie moaned at Toni who simply told her ‘submit if you don’t like it pussy!’


‘No, no!’ Christie replied as she looked to swing her legs up to catch Toni around the shoulders, but Toni shrugged that attempt off before slamming a punch into Christie’s stomach. As the pro wrestling star felt that once, Toni surprised her once more, this time quickly pushing her romper suit down her legs, exposing her pussy before Christie desperately crossed her legs to stop Toni completing the act of removing the romper suit. ‘Fuck you bitch!’ Christie snarled, angered by Toni exposing her now, but it was the Texan in control, sat squarely on the chest of the blonde as she slapped at her thighs. A punch into the belly landed from Toni before she ground her knuckles into Christie’s abs, slowly converting that to a stomach claw, her middle finger plunged into the blonde’s belly button. The cries of pain from Christie filled the room, Toni keeping up the pressure on her with the claw until Christie finally uncrossed her legs and with a flourish, Toni whipped her romper suit off, throwing it from the mat. Naked now, other that her below the knee wrestling boots, Toni might have expected Christie to freeze. Instead though the blonde reacted quickly, catching Toni around the shoulders with her powerful legs, using them to force the Texan off her to the mat.


Christie needed to respond quickly now it seemed, but she was slow to rise, Toni catching her instead with a clubbing elbow to the back of the head, dropping her back on her front to the mat. A handful of blonde hair allowed Toni to pull Christie’s face clear of the mat, stinging her cheek with a back-handed blow, the crack of hand on face filling the room. Releasing the hair, she allowed Christie’s face to fall back to the mats, now preferring to centre her attack on the long, powerful legs of her opponent, crossing them into a figure four. Worse was to come too for the naked pro wrestler as she struggled on the mat, her legs twisted by Toni’s attack on them. Christie was unprepared for Toni’s combination of some forced finger fucking now with the figure four, as she probed Christie’s crotch with her right hand, sliding her fingers into the big blonde’s pussy as she buried her face in the mats to stifle her mixed moans of pain, outrage and ecstasy.


‘She has her now’ Emma remarked while Toni worked her fingers in and out of Christie’s pussy in a steadily increasing tempo. ‘Christie’s never been in this position in a match’ Emma continued as she blonde gave way to moans and groans of pleasure at the expert hands of the Texan fighter.


‘No…….no……please stop!’ Christie pleaded as she moaned on the mats, perhaps no longer really sure if she wanted Toni to actually do as she asked now. There was little question that Toni had her completely in her control now, and then suddenly the blonde’s ecstatic moans of pleasure were replaced by a shrill howl of pain. ‘And there it is!’ Emma smiled as Toni clamped on the crotch claw, the fingers that had caused Christie fleeting pleasure now racking her body with pain instead as she screamed her defiance on the mat until Toni saw fit to break off the hold, confident that she had now broken Christie enough to help her back to her feet, looking for the move to finally put her away. Hand wrapped tightly in Christie’s blonde hair, Toni whipped a right hand into Christie’s stomach doubling the blonde up before a kick up into her breasts sent her crashing back to the mat flat on her back.


Standing over Christie, Toni quickly removed her own black and silver thong now, leaving herself wearing just her glossy black stockings. Jumping, she tucked her knees up slightly before landing with them both on Christie’s body. The powerful blonde let out a groan as the air was crushed from her body, and Toni was immediately on her with a reverse face sit, ass and pussy effective in their smothering of Christie. The blonde looked to bridge, desperate to get Toni off her, but inadvertently presenting her pussy as a prime target for Toni who clamped on the crotch claw. Christie’s moans and cries of pain were stifled by Toni’s smother hold. Possibly her cries of submission were stifled too; it was clear either way that Toni intended to claim the victory via knockout. She didn’t have to wait too long either, the smother quickly taking its toll on the badly winded blonde. Toni eased her backside off Christie’s face now, raising the defeated blonde’s hand before allowing it to fall back, limp, to the mat to prove that she had claimed the knockout win.


As she climbed off Christie, Toni collected her own outfit, before with a second thought, she also claimed Christie’s white romper suit as the spoils of victory as she left the mat room, leaving the blonde pro wrestler naked, spread-eagled on the mat as the picture faded.


It was quite apparent that the tough Texan looked to present a worthy challenge to Emma. She certainly thought so anyway telling me to ‘set the match up Steve. She’s definitely a realistic challenger for me so I think we need to fight soon!’


I wasn’t going to argue as I set about making contact with Toni to accept her challenge on Emma’s behalf.

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