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Texas Tussle

By Wolfboy

Emma meets Toni’s challenge head on.


After her recent run of success, Emma was confident of taking on anyone, but despite that confidence, I felt she would need to be right on her game to beat the Texan fighter Toni, especially on her home turf. In this case, ‘home turf’ was almost a literal description of the match venue as the match would take place in the backyard of Toni’s house, mats places on the grass in the centre of the yard. Toni had impressed in victory against Elaine, and had backed that up with a couple of impressive wins, most recently against professional wrestler Christie Ricci. In that match, Toni had surprised Christie with an array of catfighting tactics. She wouldn’t be able to use that element of surprise with Emma who was, of course, well versed in the field of catfighting; what it did show me was that Toni was a woman who was well prepared to find an opponent’s weakness and use it against her.


After Toni’s challenge to Emma, there had been some time to discuss the rules of the match as Emma had first had to take on Becky Sands. Victorious in that match, it was agreed that Emma and Toni would fight a fairly straightforward no holds barred, no time limit, 2 out of 3 submissions catfight. An added stake was that the winner would take the losers outfit at the end of the match. It was under those stipulations that the two women would fight, outdoors too but in a comfortable enough temperature as the sun shone down on the wrestling mats. A couple of fairly ominous looking storm clouds loomed in the distance, but we all hoped that the match would be able to reach a conclusion before the clouds did.


Given the no holds barred nature of the match, it hadn’t really seemed worth appointing a referee. Both women had exchanged details in the build up to the match. With Emma at 5 feet 10 inches and 167 lbs while Toni was 5 feet 5 inches and 152lbs, the tale of the tape seemed to be in Emma’s favour. Emma held an edge in experience too it seemed with her record of 45 wins and 15 defeats against Toni’s 21 wins and 5 defeats. With all that said, there could be little doubt that Toni was a credible challenger to Emma. Her impressive win over Christie proved that, and as the two women made their way to the outdoor mats, it was going to prove to be an intriguing contest.


Both women now stood on the mats in opposite corners, dressed well for a spot of sunbathing in the pleasant Texas sunshine. Emma wore an aqua and black halter neck bikini with a fairly full brief while Toni had also chosen a similar aqua coloured bikini, hers metallic with a halter top and booty shorts. As we had expected, Emma looked the bigger of the two fighters and would probably hold the power advantage. Toni had put on 7 or 8lbs from her previous matches that I had seen, perhaps to counter Emma’s extra power. Regardless of that, Toni’s legs were definitely a weapon to be wary of, and I was sure that there would be no shortage of ways for her to cause Emma trouble if she got chance in the match.


The lack of a referee caused a bit of confusion at first, neither woman sure if they should just start before Toni looked across the mats at Emma and asked ‘you ready bitch?’


Emma nodded her agreement and both women quickly clashed on the centre of the mats, slaps to the face exchanged before both latched on to their opponent’s hair. As Emma and Toni looked to force each other in to a compromising position by the hair, Emma went to a one-handed hair grip, lighting Toni’s body up with some hard slaps around the rib cage. Toni grimaced as she felt Emma’s power perhaps for the first time but she responded quickly, a couple of right hands into Emma’s body before she looked to trip her to the mat. A shrewd tactic to try and get the bigger woman down, but Emma rode that attempt before trying to strike with a knee to the body. Toni blocked that in part too, using her thigh to deflect the blow as the hair tug of war intensified on the centre of the mats. Both women were bent forward at the waist with the strong and painful hair pulling, and it was Toni who took the advantage, using a strike with the thigh to stun Emma. It was just enough to allow the Texan to trip Emma to the mat, and she followed her down, looking to secure a pin. Emma had her senses about her though again, grabbing Toni’s hair and using her extra power to just roll her enough to get out from under her. Now both were back into the hair as they lay side by side on the mat looking to dish out some early pain to the other. Toni pushed her foot into Emma’s crotch while Emma slapped away to face and body as both women struggled for the advantage. Toni took a hard slap to the cheek that seemed to momentarily weaken her grip of Emma’s hair allowing her to work her way free of Toni’s grasp. But as Emma looked to climb on top of the tough Texan, Toni straightened her legs, using the foot planted in Emma’s crotch to send her sprawling across the mats.


Both women got to their feet, almost immediately coming back together on the centre of the mats. This time Toni grabbed a headlock, showing good power to bend Emma forward a little while she wound one hand tightly in Emma’s long auburn hair. Securing the move that way, Toni went on to the attack, a series of three short punches to the face to surprise Emma once more. Emma groaned but fired back with a couple of hard punches to the lower back though and her power took it’s toll once more, forcing Toni into a break and a rethink. This time as the two fighters came back together, Emma struck with a fast kick sunk deep into Toni’s belly and as the Texan brunette dropped to a knee, Emma was on her, bowling her to the mat with a knee strike straight between the breasts. Emma continued well now, trying to take control of the match as she trapped Toni in a front headlock, arms sunk in tight around Toni’s neck to look for the choke. Toni let out a little moan of pain as she felt Emma’s arms lock in the hold, but then she was looking for a way out as she swung a couple of punches. They were ineffective though, bouncing off Emma’s hips before Emma used a knee lift up into the belly to drop Toni to both knees. Now Emma cranked up the pressure on the brunette, looking to dominate the early stages of the match with her strength. Falling back as she maintained the hold, Emma delivered a short DDT, driving her opponent’s forehead into the mat before she opened her legs, wrapping them around Toni in a tight body scissors.


‘Nnnnggghhh!’ Toni cried out as she felt Emma’s powerful thighs starting to put the squeeze on her. It was a devastating combination hold with the choke thrown in; one that Toni knew she couldn’t afford to stay in for too long. Struggling to wrestle her way out, Toni took the match into a catty direction, finding Emma’s right breast as she got a hand inside her bikini top and a yelp from Emma suggested that the Texan was putting her nails to some use. Emma still felt in control of the situation though, and she kept the powerful scissor hold and choke on Toni, sensing perhaps that she might force the submission. Toni redoubled her efforts, raking her nails across Emma’s breast before forcing it free of Emma’s bikini top, the leaning in slightly she sunk her teeth hungrily into it while pushing both hands into Emma’s face looking for a hand smother.


‘Fucking bitch!’ Emma shouted out in protest at the sudden molar mauling her breast was taking, Toni’s hands probed her face too, Emma forced to turn her head away to keep clear of a smother or an eye rake as the contest quickly got tough for both women. Emma tried to redouble her effort with the scissors, rewarded with a brief respite as her thighs threatened to cut the brunette in half. Toni grimaced, let out a guttural cry of pain, and then tried to sink her teeth back into Emma’s breast. This time, Emma was waiting on her though, quickly releasing the headlock to deliver a short right hand to the jaw. As Toni recovered from that, Emma went to a double handful of hair hoping to use that to effectively keep the Texan’s teeth away from her. Now she went back to the scissors, rapidly tensing her things to punish Toni, looking for the early submission. Toni moaned again in pain, but she had plenty of fight in her just yet, reaching inside Emma’s arms as she gripped Emma’s long auburn hair now and banged the back of her head off the mat twice. Emma was a little dazed as Toni treated her to a short right hand to the jaw and as the Texan felt Emma’s scissors weaken a little, she tried to squirm free into a pin. Emma gathered herself in time, scissoring Toni’s right leg to ensure something of a stalemate in position.


Toni was caught, not quite able to complete the pin and her body stretched a little as she tried to free her leg, allowing Emma to hammer a couple of right hands now into Toni’s exposed ribs. That saw Toni fall back into the tight front headlock / choke once more and as Emma leant back once more to add leverage, I thought that a submission might be on the way. Toni seemed to be in trouble too, breathing a little heavily in the choke hold but she was a tough woman, and she looked to fire back again as she slipped her forearm across Emma’s throat in a rudimentary but fairly effective choke of her own. A battle of wills down on the mats now with both women hoping to choke the other into submission. Emma’s hold struck me as the more effective, but Toni was tenacious, looking to do her damage despite being in a seemingly tough position. Breaking off from her choke for a moment, Toni delivered a sharp elbow to Emma’s still exposed right breast, looking to soften Emma up. Emma replied, keeping her choke sunk in one handed as she started to tear at Toni’s hair as the Texan slid that forearm back across Emma’s throat once more. The previous break had allowed Emma to tuck her chin in though, reducing the effectiveness of Toni’s attack and as the Texan started to cry out in pain from Emma’s fierce hairpulling, I thought she may have her.


Again though Toni fought back, foregoing her attempt at the choke to work on Emma’s right breast again with a breast maul, her nails testing Emma’s resilience further. A gasp from Emma proved that Toni knew how to attack tits with the best of the them and Emma broke off from her hair pulling now, looking to control Toni’s arms as she tried to prise her hand from her breast, and successful in that, Emma forced that arm up Toni’s back into a back hammer. Control at last for Emma with her opponent well and truly tied up in a punishing combination of holds and she was quite prepared to grind the submission out. Toni wriggled, moaned and yelled in frustration and pain, but as Emma ratcheted up the pressure on her arm as well, the Texan was finally able to squirm her other arm free from where it had been pinned uselessly between the two fighter’s bodies. She immediately found a target in Emma’s right breast again, nails raking slowly, viciously across the sensitive breast flesh as Emma shrieked in pain. Now Emma had a decision to make; she had Toni trapped and was weakening her but now the Texan brunette had targeted her breast and was tearing her up pretty badly. Sensing it was better to keep her breasts intact, Emma released the back hammer, punched Toni square in the face and as she reeled from that, Emma released the choke, going to the hair to pull Toni upright where she promptly lifted and body slammed her lighter opponent. That one took the wind out of Toni even more following Emma’s constricting body scissor hold, and Emma was immediately back in control now as she moved in to trap Toni in a crucifix hold. One arm scissored, the other held firmly to the mat by Emma’s right hand, Toni was trapped and Emma added to her problems straight away by rolling her body into Toni to crimp the Texan’s neck painfully.


‘Submit bitch?’ Emma asked, not waiting for Toni to refuse to give before she had a hand inside Toni’s bikini top to deliver a bit of breast punishment of her own. Toni cried out in pain now, trapped and getting worked over pretty well by Emma as she was quick to admit the first submission following an intense seven minutes of action. Emma turned her loose, returning to the corner for an agreed two-minute break, watching carefully as Toni massaged her sore neck on the way back to her own corner.


‘Looks like you’ve got her in a bit of trouble there Em’ I told her as she reached the corner.

‘I guess so’ she agreed before adding ‘the bitch has worked my tits over pretty effectively though’ as she hid a wince from Toni while she put her breast back into her bikini top.


‘You have her at wrestling’ I suggested ‘try to keep her tied up to stop her attacking those babies again’


‘Not a bad idea’ Emma admitted ‘but she’s catty and effective Steve so she’ll try to find a way I guess’


It was probably a fair point, but with her power advantage I still though, as round two started, that Emma could hold Toni at bay with the right tactics. The start of the second round was cautious now, both women having felt the other’s strengths in the first round and neither keen to commit an early error. Emma maintained a high guard, perhaps looking to protect her breasts from Toni’s attacks, at distance though, Emma had the reach to keep Toni at bay quite comfortably it seemed as she snapped out jabs to the body of the Texan fighter. Toni had little in the way of reply in the early going, jabs of her own falling short of the target or being batted away by Emma’s defence. Growing in confidence as the looming storm cloud grew ever nearer, Emma warmed Toni’s cheek with a stinging right handed slap, all the time remaining outside of Toni’s range. Emma paid though as she went for a hair grab which Toni avoided before snapping out a front kick that caught Emma in the stomach. There was no immediate follow up from Toni though and Emma remained comfortable fighting off the back foot, almost goading Toni to try and something and make an error.


The Texan was patient though too, soaking up the long-range attacks from Emma and taking the odd opportunity to strike when Emma strayed into her range. Emma made that mistake again now, looking to jab low to the pit of Toni’s stomach; as the brunette parried that blow though, Emma stumbled forward in to her and she was able to strike with a knee to the body. Emma was winded now and she looked to back pedal only for to find Toni sweeping her legs out from under her with a sharp kick to her ankles. Emma sprawled to the mat desperately looking to scramble clear, but Toni slowed her up with a couple of kicks aimed at her body before diving down on top of her looking to pin her and put her in a tough position. Both woman instinctively grabbed for hair, Toni on top securing the better grip of Emma’s long auburn locks and bouncing the back of Emma’s head off the mat, Toni took control. Keeping that hold of Emma’s hair with one hand for control, Toni was quick to slap ferociously at Emma’s chest, forcing Emma out of her own hair as she looked to cover up and defend herself. With Emma’s arms blocking the attacks to her chest, Toni switched, slapping Emma hard in the face twice before looking to sink in a grapevine.



Toni had the legs to apply a good grapevine, but Emma held a power advantage still as she fought to stop the brunette from spreading her. Toni’s legs strained as they fought against Emma’s who despite being beneath the Texan, seemed to be trying to turn her on to her back now. Indeed, Emma managed to get her half turned, but Toni was quick to put the danger down with a crotch punch that stopped Emma’s attempt dead. Still, Toni sensed that the grapevine wasn’t the way to go, switching position and looking to get into a pinning position high on Emma’s chest. Toni slipped her right forearm across Emma’s throat now looking to choke her while with her left hand she looked for a hand smother that she quickly thought better of when Emma bared her teeth, sinking them into her hand. Toni cried out ‘you fucking bitch!’ before she backhanded Emma across the face and moved further forward, approaching a facesit.


Emma knew that she had to try and prevent Toni from securing that, and she was quick to bridge as she tried to dislodge Toni. It was almost a success as Toni pitched forward, hands forced to the mat to stop her from overbalancing completely. Emma swung her legs, catching Toni in the small of the back with a knee as she looked to force her off. Toni resisted, using the hair to bounce Emma’s head off the mats as she tried to subdue her. Emma bridged again, determined to stop Toni from securing the facesit but the tough Texan was well balanced as she maintained the pin, reaching back to pull on the waistband of Emma’s bikini. It was enough to provide discomfort to Emma rather than force a submission, but it helped Toni to control her bridge before a cruel punch to the pit of the stomach dropped Emma’s body back to the mat. Again, Toni inched forward, her crotch pressing against Emma’s chin as she leant her body in to the pin. Emma bucked and squirmed once more, only to receive another hard punch to the stomach before Toni surprised her by climbing off her and using the hair to force Emma quickly to a standing position.


It seemed an unusual move, but Toni had her plan, driving a knee into Emma’s stomach as she reached her feet before quickly lifting her to deliver a body slam. Choosing to drop Emma chest first to the mat though instead of the more traditional slam, Toni ensured that she was well and truly winded before position her, this time for the reverse facesit. Toni sat down firmly on Emma’s face, trapping both of Emma’s arms beneath her knees as her aqua bikini clad butt was immediately a problem for Emma as she tried to suck in air, still winded as she was from the inverted slam.


Toni wasn’t about to give her much respite either, hammering another hard fist into Emma’s belly as she relished her dominant position. Intent on punishing once more, Toni was quick to force both of Emma’s breasts from her bikini top to allow her to fully sink her claws into them in a twisting breast maul. That drew shrieks of pain from Emma that intensified as Toni slapped hard on both breasts before reapplying the maul with great enthusiasm. Emma’s cries of pain, muffled by Toni’s butt, were still clearly audible but as her breasts took the brunt of Toni’s nasty nail attacks, it was still the smother causing her the most trouble as she cried out a muffled ‘I can’t breathe!’ from beneath Toni.


‘Then fucking submit bitch!’ Toni helpfully offered.


‘Fuck you!’ Emma growled in reply, bridging to try and dislodge the currently dominant Texan fighter. Emma’s defiance soon turned to a groan of pain as Toni quickly delivered a one-two to the belly before going back to the double breast maul. Again, that drew shrieks of pain from Emma as Toni continued to work on her increasingly reddened breasts. Rubbing her butt rhythmically on Emma’s face now, Toni asked once more ‘do you submit?’


Again, Emma remained defiant, taking the punishment from the tough Texan fighter, but she was tiring fast now in the smother, again moaning that she ‘couldn’t breathe’ quickly followed by an anguished shriek as Toni redoubled her breast mauling efforts.


Emma had one last attempt to break free, swinging her legs back only for Toni to trap her and quickly relieve her of her bikini bottoms, Now folded and trapped in the smothering facesit, Emma had nowhere left to go, and she reluctantly cried out her submission. Toni climbed off her, taking the bikini bottom with her to her corner, while Emma took a moment to gather herself before heading back, semi-naked to the corner. Toni meanwhile had fairly rushed back to her corner, looking somewhat more confident that she had done at the end of the first fall.


I set to work on towelling Emma off, spraying a little cold water on her breasts to ease the burning sensation there from Toni’s well applied breast mauling. I was pleased to see the look of focus and determination in her eyes though as I asked her if she was OK.


‘Yeah, I’m just fine Steve’ she smiled ‘sure the bitch knows how to work over tits with the best of them, but I’m going to get her back and some now!’ Emma told me, the look of determination set clear in her eyes.


‘Just be careful in the opening’ I offered ‘she’s going to be looking for a mistake to capitalise on. Don’t give her that chance if you can help it.’


‘I don’t intend to’ were Emma’s parting words as she left the corner just as the impending rain storm reached us, a steady drizzle starting up just as the women started to circle each other on the mats. An added hazard for both women potentially if the mats started to get slick I thought as they started to trade slaps, mostly caught by blocking arms in the early part of the final fall. It was a cautious opening that soon gave way to a flurry of activity as Emma launched into a barrage of heavy slaps, forcing Toni onto the back foot before a snap right cross to the jaw rocked the tough Texan, dropping her to a knee just off the edge of the mats. Emma wasted no time, dragging Toni back on to the mats as she forced her to her feet to hurl her across the mat by her hair. It was a rough landing for Toni as she skidded to a stop on the already slick mats, and Emma was quickly in to follow up going to the hair only to take a crisp uppercut to the belly that stopped her dead. Now Toni responded from her knees, trying to get the crotch claw on Emma who, forced on to the defensive, was easily tripped to the mat by Toni as she looked to get clear of the attempted clear.


Emma quickly looked to scramble clear, taking a glancing blow as Toni aimed a kick at her body, but she was unable to escape the Texan’s grasp as she rose straight into a double handful of hair followed immediately by a headbutt to the top of the head. That dropped Emma to a knee, a little dazed it seemed, but now Toni was surprised by a slashing rake of the nails across her belly as she looked to capitalise. The Texan still grabbed Emma in a headlock though, face pressed in firmly against her breasts as she tried to keep Emma grounded to negate her height advantage. Emma was quickly looking to fight to her feet, using her power to force her way upright, but Toni struck hard, a straight punt to the crotch that sent Emma falling back to the mat, clutching her womanhood as she moaned in pain. Toni was in the perfect position to capitalise now it seemed, using the back of Emma’s bikini top to pull her up to all fours before straddling her back and as she raked Emma’s eyes, she locked her ankles, snapping a tight, powerful scissor hold around Emma’s body.


Emma groaned immediately as she felt the power in Toni’s legs go to work on her body, but she rubbed at her eyes first as the Texan was quick to wrap a hand in Emma’s long auburn tresses. It was just two minutes into the final fall, and trapped on her side in a strong body scissor, her back to her opponent, Emma was in a spot of bother. Toni wasn’t about to let her forget it either, nails raking down Emma’s back to draw a cry of pain before she leant back, laying out to her full length on the mats, adding leverage to the scissors while her firm grip of Emma’s hair ensured that she was torqueing her neck painfully. Emma moaned and groaned in the scissor / hair pull combination but she wasn’t for giving up as she belatedly looked for a way out. Her hands pushed at Toni’s legs, trying without success to free herself. Then she went to the feet, grabbing Toni’s toes and twisting them painfully; that was enough to force Toni’s ankles apart, easing the pressure of the scissors, but a clubbing elbow across the back of the head dazed Emma again as she rolled face down on the mats.


The advantage still lay with Toni and she was determined to keep things that way, climbing to her feet before dropping an elbow in the small of Emma’s back. Now laying across Emma’s back, Toni grabbed for the hair with both hands, pulling hard as she forced Emma’s face and then chest clear of the mat. Her back arched painfully, Emma cried out in pain as she forced to put her hands under her own chin to lessen the effect of the hold. Toni was ripping at her auburn hair with some abandon though, drawing repeated shrieks and curses from Emma, who again was being given all she could handle by her American foe. Toni continued her attack with relish, switching to a one-handed grip of the hair before delivering hard slaps to the side of Emma’s face with her other hand. ‘Nnnngghhh, Bitch!’ Emma hollered at the Texan whose continued attacks forced Emma to cover her face now, blocking the fierce slaps with her own hand. She looked to be in a world of trouble though as Toni shifted further down her back, still using the hair to punish Emma as she asked her ‘submit, bitch?’ for the first time in the final fall.


‘No!’ Emma shouted out in reply, defiant in the face of what would have been a match ending submission. Toni’s reply was to deliver a couple more slaps, partly blocked by Emma’s hand, but still the blows were hard enough to trouble Emma. She groped around for a target, but with Toni sat so far down her body now, it seemed that there was no way out for Emma who again defiantly refused to submit when Toni asked her.


Emma was getting woman-handled right now as the rain continued to fall steadily, slowly but surely soaking both fighters. Toni used her position to clamp both of her knees into Emma’s side now, the effect almost like a scissor hole as she continued to wear Emma down from her position on top. Emma’s moans of pain continued, intensifying with each vicious pull of her hair as Toni returned to the two-handed grip, pulling clumps of hair in opposite direction, but respite was surprisingly around the corner, it didn’t seem that way though as Toni used the hair to roll Emma and wrap her legs around her. Then Toni released the hair, reaching round to pull Emma’s breasts from her bikini top once more, latching on to them with her nails as she looked for the win. Emma howled in pain as the Texan expertly mauled her breasts but in desperation, she threw her head back in a short back headbutt, catching Toni in the face and stunning her just enough to break out of the scissor hold.


It didn’t gain her much more respite than that though, Toni recovering the quicker before grabbing on to the hair as Emma got to her knees and the Texan forced Emma to crawl across the increasingly wet mats before finally helping her to her feet. Toni locked both hands tightly in Emma’s auburn hair, forcing Emma to bend forward at the waist as she looked to rip out some more strands of the silky auburn tresses. Emma responded, getting on hand into Toni’s shorter brunette hair while she looked to counter attack with slaps and uppercuts into Toni’s breasts. Toni redoubled her efforts too, strands of Emma’s hair falling to the mat in amongst the spots of rain, but Emma’s uppercuts were starting to take their toll, lifting Toni’s breasts out of her metallic bikini top as she was forced to defend herself with one hand trying to fend off Emma. Able to raise her head a little now that the hair pulling had lessened, Emma struck with a snap kick to the stomach which she followed up with a sharp knee lift to the breasts to put Toni flat on her back on the mats. Body slick with a mixture of sweat and rain water, Emma stood over Toni, adjusting her bikini top to contain her boobs once more before delivering a cruel stomp to the pit of Toni’s stomach.


As Toni groaned with pain on the mat, clutching at her stomach as she rolled onto her side, Emma cruelly delivered a knee drop now to her exposed side. Toni gasped for the air that had suddenly been forced from her body, but Emma wasn’t about to let up on her. Lifting the Texan to her feet with a handful of hair and a handful of her bikini top, Emma quickly floored her once more with a headbutt to the back of the neck. Toni crashed to the mat before Emma immediately pulled her back to her feet by the hair again. The Texan looked to fire back with a right hand to the body but Emma brushed that aside before dropping her once more with a knee to the body. Toni hit the mat, immediately looking to crawl away from Emma across the slick surface of the mats, but Emma followed her, stalking her carefully before she was able to trap Toni in a front headlock as she wearily rose from the mat. Holding Toni in that position briefly, Emma deftly unfastened Toni’s bikini top before lifting her to deliver a crushing body slam as the metallic aqua coloured garment fell away from her body. The impact with the unforgiving mat jolted Toni’s body and again she looked to roll away from Emma who this time drove her foot in to Toni’s side, once again crushing the wind from her body.


‘C’mon bitch!’ Emma taunted now, challenging the Texan to rise and fight her only to floor her once more with a punch to the jaw as Toni made it to all fours. The Texan fighter rolled to the mat on her back, eyes a little glassy as she looked to shake off the effect of Emma’s right hand. Emma was on top though now and determined to keep things that way, she dropped to her knees and clubbed Toni with a double fisted blow to the stomach. Toni sat up a little, an involuntary reaction to the blow to the stomach and Emma delivered a sharp elbow to the chest to put her back down, then her fingers locked on to Toni’s stomach in a claw hold. Her nails and strong fingers tested Toni’s body as they also tested her resolve now, the Texan quickly moaning in pain. Emma’s hands slid south a little, her fingers now just inside the waistband of Toni’s booty shorts before the move was applied again. Toni again howled in pain but refused Emma’s invitation to ‘submit bitch!’, preferring to suffer and continue to look for a way out. A grab for Emma’s exposed crotch might have provided it, Toni briefly trapping her in a crotch claw as Emma knelt at her side. A clubbing double fisted blow to stomach and crotch quickly put paid to that attempt at escape.


Now Emma set about finishing her Texan foe off as she quickly stripped her of her booty shorts before lifting her for an across the knee back breaker. Toni moaned as she rolled to the mat from Emma’s knee, clutching at her side but Emma gave her no respite, no chance to gather herself as she lifted her once more, this time inverting the move to drop Toni stomach first across her knee this time. I figured that was probably a stomach breaker, but whatever you called it, it was effective as Emma pushed Toni off her leg to the mat. Emma was confident now, almost cocky as she took her time to collect up Toni’s outfit from the mat as well as her own, earlier lost, bikini bottoms. ‘I think these will be mine shortly’ she stated, piling them neatly beside Toni on the mat before she dropped down to deliver a naked reverse face sit to the ailing Texan. Reaching back, Emma grabbed Toni’s hair, easing her ass up slightly to make sure that Toni was positioned perfectly face up before she dropped back down, her curvy butt engulfing Toni’s face and the smother was on.


‘Now bitch’ Emma gleefully taunted Toni, ‘do you submit?’


There was only a muffled response from Toni, presumably one of defiance as Emma replied ‘fair enough, you had your chance!’ before her fingers and nails went back to the cruel stomach claw. Toni’s feet thrashed at the mat while Emma’s butt muffled her cries of pain; the claw hold massively effective as she punished the Texan. All the time too, she was slowly but surely smothering the fight out of Toni.


‘Do you submit this match?’ Emma asked once more; the inevitable submission was surely coming, but again Toni was defiant.


Emma clubbed her now, a series of hard, double fisted blows to the stomach finally crushing the fight from Toni it seemed. Now Emma switched to a double breast claw; thumb nail viciously dug in to Toni’s nipples as she twisted and mauled the sensitive breasts. Emma had her now, she knew it, Toni knew it, but was yet to admit her. Emma asked her once more; ‘now bitch, do you submit?’


Toni weakly tapped the mat, not enough it seemed for Emma though. She wanted to force her to admit her defeat verbally as she told her opponent ‘say it cunt, say you give up or I’ll rip your fucking tits off!’


Toni had no option, dominated and trapped on the mat now. Suffering under Emma’s butt and at her clawing hands, she cried out ‘I submit! I submit!’


Emma had claimed the win, another tough, hard fought victory as she continued her successful recent run of results. She climbed off Toni, pleased to have beaten a woman who had so openly challenged her, almost questioning her ability as a catfighter.


‘I think these are mine’ she told Toni as she collected the small bundle of rain-soaked clothing from the mats. ‘You’re welcome to try again anytime bitch’ she continued, before adding menacingly ‘but the result will be every bit as bad for you again.’


Then Emma placed her foot between Toni’s breasts, striking a stunning victory pose with the storm clouds behind her before turning her back on her naked opponent and striding off the mats. The look on Toni’s face as she lay, rain soaked in defeat on her own mats told me that she would be back for another crack at Emma soon though.

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