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Revenge in Japan

By Wolfboy

Toni takes on a Japanese rival out for revenge on the Texan

A challenge from Texan fighter Toni had resulted in Emma defeating the tough brunette on home soil in a hard-fought match. Emma had confidently offered Toni a rematch when she was ready, and a formal acceptance of that challenge had been sent to us by the Texan.


‘I want that rematch, and I want to get my revenge over you in another catfight’ the Texan had simply stated. ‘But I need to earn my shot’ she had continued ‘I want you, but only at the point that you think that I am ready for you. That way when I beat you, it will be all the better!’ Toni’s challenge had concluded. ‘To help you with that, I will send you videos of my matches until you deem me ready to take you on again. Enclosed is the first of those. I fought Mimi Sato in Japan last week. It’s a rematch from about 12 months ago when I beat that bitch’s ass in Texas. The outfit I wear at the start I took from her last time, she wanted it back and I told her that the only way was to take it from me in a rematch. Enjoy!’ Toni had signed off her letter.


‘Cocky little bitch huh?’ Emma had remarked. ‘Well put it on Steve, lets see what she’s been up to then!’


The video footage faded up to reveal a wrestling ring in the centre of what looked to be a pretty deserted training facility for a Japanese wrestling company. Just a referee stood in the centre of the ring, waiting for the two women. First to appear, we recognised Toni, the tough Texan brunette, coming to the ring wearing a white swimsuit, almost entirely backless from a full brief to the halter neck fastening. The front plunged from bust to belly button, and Toni teamed it with a pair of knee-high white patent leather wrestling boots. A few seconds passed before Toni’s opponent, Mimi Sato, also made her way to the ring wearing the identical outfit to Toni, albeit in red which gave some credibility to Toni’s claim to have taken her outfit from the Japanese in their first match.


‘Fucking American whore!’ Mimi greeted Toni. ‘I’ll beat you and take my outfit back this time whore’ the Japanese fighter confidently stated.


‘A red suit will look nice in my collection’ Toni responded calmly as the two women waited in their respective corners. The referee would apparently introduce both fighters before they would tear at each other.


‘In this corner’ he said, pointing ‘is Toni from Dallas, Texas, USA. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 152 lbs and has 24 wins with 6 losses. In this corner’ he continued, pointing to the opposite corner now ‘is Mimi Sato from Tokyo, Japan. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 143 lbs and has a record of 31 wins and 4 losses. The match is no holds barred, without time limit. It is one submission or a knockout to win. The winner will take the losers outfit. The fight may take place throughout the facility, but please try to finish it off in the ring for the camera.’


With that done, the two women didn’t even wait for an instruction to fight, coming together centre ring in a flurry of hair pulling, slapping and insults that raged around the ring for 30 seconds before Toni gained the first advantage with a knee to the stomach. Immediately she lifted Mimi, slamming her in the centre of the ring, then going to the hair, she threw the Japanese fighter across the ring to the corner. Toni followed in immediately, not allowing Mimi a moment to recover as she grabbed the middle ropes, driving her shoulder into the Japanese fighter’s stomach repeatedly as she looked to take the fight out her early on in the one submission contest. Content that she had softened Mimi up a little, Toni grabbed both of Mimi’s arms, wrapping them over the top rope as she planted her boot between the Japanese woman’s pert little breasts and pulled, causing Mimi to groan in pain. Mimi was cunning though, spotting her chance to punish Toni with a kick to the belly with the toe of her boot, causing the break and dropping Toni to a knee. Quickly Mimi looked to turn the tide, an elbow strike to the jaw and a push to the chest dropping Toni on to her back near the corner. Now Mimi showed her apparent mastery of the ring, using the bottom rope as a spring board to deliver a butt drop as she sat down with force right on Toni’s stomach.


Toni found the air crushed from her body and the Japanese mauler was in no mood to give her any early respite as she stood over her now, putting the boots to her body. A handful of hair pulled Toni to her knees before a clubbing blow across the shoulders pitched the Texan to the mat face first. Mimi was relentless with her high tempo of attacks now, lifting Toni to her feet by the hair, whipping her hard into the nearby corner post chest first, then following up with a flying knee to the middle of the back as Toni slumped chest first against the corner post. Not content with that, Mimi grabbed a double handful of hair, turning Toni around before pulling her head down between her legs into a standing head scissors. Toni felt the power of the Japanese fighter’s thighs now, but she was quick to escape, dropping Mimi over her back as she showed impressive power to get out of the move.


Toni went back to Mimi’s hair now, pulling her to her feet only to be met with a sharp uppercut to the breasts that dropped her to her knees and from a position in front of her, Mimi trapped her in what looked to be a trapezius nerve hold in the pro wrestling style. Indeed, Mimi was bearing down on Toni in the hold, but the look on the Texan’s face suggested it was Mimi’s nails doing much of the damage at this point as she dug them into Toni’s shoulders. Toni grimaced and groaned as Mimi smiled, pleased that her effective hold was already causing Toni some trouble. The tough Texan balled up her fist looking to sink it deep into Mimi’s stomach now, trying to force her escape, but the Japanese fighter beat her to it, a kick with the toe of her boot sinking into Toni’s body and sending her, fist still clenched, to the mat. Mimi didn’t let her stay there long, pulling her to all fours to deliver a knee to the side of the head that sent Toni, more than a little dazed it appeared, back to the mat. The jet haired Japanese woman wasn’t for allowing Toni time to recover it seemed as she looked to repeat the dose only for Toni to grab her leg and tip her to the mat. Still seemingly in a bit of a daze though, Toni was slow to rise and Mimi was a whirlwind of activity, bouncing off the ropes to deliver a kick to the breasts before going back to the hair, pulling Toni to her feet, and following a vicious eye rake, she whipped the Texan into the ropes.


Disoriented, Toni careered back into centre ring where a kneeling Mimi caught her flush with a double fisted blow to the stomach. Winded, doubled up from that blow, Toni was defenceless to Mimi’s uppercut to the chin that dumped her on her backside on the mat. Immediately the Japanese was on her again, a double arm lever applied as she pushed her body into Toni’s, twisting her arms painfully. Toni let out a brief cry of pain, then she looked for her way out, looking to headbutt Mimi in the pit of the stomach. Her arms levered tight though, Mimi was able to prevent the headbutt, and she continued to dominate as she asked ‘submit American cunt?’


Toni was ailing, in some trouble for sure, but she was a long way from submitting as she told Mimi to ‘fuck off, Japanese slut’. That earned her a bite on the shoulder, the Japanese baring her teeth with glee as she drew another groan from Toni. Still, Mimi knew she perhaps needed to switch her attack if she was going to force Toni to give up, and she moved smoothly to a choke hold instead, forcing Toni to rise before clubbing her back to her knees with two hard forearms across the back. Mimi’s confidence was clearly growing as she continued to have the better of it now, and she wasted no time in bringing Toni up to her feet. A series of hair held throws followed, Toni pitched to the mat four times while Mimi kept hold of her hair, roughly yanking her to her feet each time for more. After the fourth throw, Mimi stood over Toni brushing strands of the Texan’s brunette locks from her fingers with disdain before a heel stomp to the stomach sent Toni rolling across the mat clutching her stomach in pain.


The Japanese fighter wasn’t for letting up either, staying on the attack as she used the hair to drag Toni to the ropes before draping her throat across the top rope, delivering a long rope choke that left Toni gasping for air before Mimi pulled on the ropes to send her flying back into centre ring. Toni desperately needed a route back into the fight now, and Mimi presented her with it, going for the flying splash only for Toni to raise her knees instinctively and the Japanese fighter met her knees hard, the wind crushed from her body. Mimi rolled to the mat, clutching her belly, gasping as she tried to get the air back into her lungs; Toni needed a moment too though, having been the victim of quite the early onslaught from Mimi. It was the Texan who gathered herself first though, catching Mimi as she rose with a quick kick to the stomach which she followed up fast, lifting her into a big slam in the centre of the ring. Now Toni was anxious to keep the pace of the match up as she again pulled Mimi from the mat, lifting her into an across the knee back breaker. Holding Mimi across her knee now, Toni continued to punish her, hands pushing down on breasts and crotch as she stretched the howling Japanese woman across her knee. Satisfied that she had weakened Mimi a little, Toni pushed her off roughly to the mat and immediately took the match in a cattier direction, standing on some of Mimi’s long silky black hair as she forced her from the mat, ensuring some of her hair was left littering the mat. The Japanese fighter cried out, clutching her scalp in pain as she felt the burning pain there, but she left herself undefended against Toni’s right hand to the jaw that wobbled her back into the ropes. There, Toni opened up on her, right hand and left hands to the body before a straight kick to the crotch put Mimi down on the mat. Now the tough Texan wore the confident look of a woman in control, pulling Mimi straight back up before draping her throat across the top ring rope. Locking her hands around Mimi’s head now, Toni made sure the punishment continued with the choke hold there, and she snarled at Mimi ‘submit fucking bitch?’


There was no love lost between the two women, that was clear and there was also no quit in either fighter as Mimi told Toni to ‘go fuck yourself, American whore!’ That earned her a hard knee across the kidneys before Toni threw the Japanese woman out of the ring and to the floor. A handful of hair saw Toni pound Mimi’s face into the apron of the ring, sending her woozy and straight into a running clothesline that floored her on the less padded floor of the facility. Toni dropped down hard on Mimi, sitting on her stomach and getting both hands inside Mimi’s blood red suit, latching on to her pert little breast as she started to twist nipples and maul sensitive breast flesh. Mimi gnashed her teeth in pain, howling at Toni’s attentions but with the Texan intent it seemed on ripping both of her tits off, a chance presented itself for escape as she reached her legs up around Toni’s shoulders pulling the startled brunette off her. That opened Toni up to a straight shot to the crotch that saw her roll to the floor in pain too, and the match was back on an even footing. Both women reached their knees before sinking into each other’s hair there on the mats outside the ring, each trying to force their dominance on the other. Toni, the stronger of the two, looked to be getting the better of it, forcing Mimi to bend back but the flexible Japanese fighter took it before she was able to employ an eye rake to stop Toni in her tracks.


Now Mimi was quickly back on the offensive outside the ring, sinking a right hand into Toni’s belly before grabbing her hair and pulling her into position to bite her shoulder. Toni screamed out in shock and pain while the Japanese proved that she could mix skilful wrestling in with the catfight tactics, pulling Toni into a side head scissor that she used to punish the Texan while she started to work on the shoulder straps of the white swimsuit. Toni grabbed for Mimi’s feet, looking to prise them apart but to no avail as instead the Japanese pushed up on her hands, forcing Toni’s head and chest clear of the mat in the dangerous scissor hold. The Japanese had the thighs for the job for sure, and she was causing Toni serious trouble as she found herself in position to finally remove the top of her white swimsuit now. Mimi wasn’t a fighter about to turn down an opportunity like that either, quickly latching on to Toni’s nipples to draw another shriek of pain from the Texan who found herself asked ‘you like that whore?’ by the currently dominant Japanese woman.


From her sounds of protest, it was quite clear that Toni didn’t like it, but she did appreciate Mimi inadvertently leaving her a route out as she shifted position to get at her tits more, allowing Toni to bring her teeth to bear on Mimi’s thigh now and the Japanese cried out in pain, scrambling clear of Toni. Still on the outside, the two women came back together, Toni suddenly gaining an advantage as she shot a knee low into Mimi’s belly. She followed it up quickly with a straight punt to the crotch as well, and Mimi dropped to the mats in some pain. Toni wasn’t about to give her much time to recover either I fancied at this point, using the hair to pound Mimi’s face in to the mats three times. The left Mimi dazed and not exactly able to defend herself as Toni delivered a crushing leg drop across her breasts which she converted into a side body scissor, thighs crushing Mimi’s breasts as she took a liberal handful of hair to ensure she controlled Mimi’s head. Now it was Toni’s chance to punish, using her sexy, powerful legs to good effect as she started to wear the jet haired Japanese woman out. A handful of hair saw Toni bounce the back of Mimi’s head off the mat before she delivered a hard right hand to the stomach and immediately went back to the hair to bring Mimi to her feet and after a knee to the body, she threw the Japanese under the bottom rope into the ring. Toni shot back in after her, trying to pull Mimi to her feet by the shoulder straps of her red swimsuit which gave way before they had supported Mimi to an upright position, Mimi fell back to the mat topless now, and Toni struck the telling blow of the fight, using the no holds barred rules to deliver a shuddering knee strike to Mimi’s jaw. The Japanese woman was glassy eyed as Toni immediately relieved her of her red swimsuit, surely intent on adding it to her collection as she now clamped a tight body scissor onto Mimi from behind. Hooking her arms under Mimi’s, Toni rocked back to lift Mimi before slamming her naked ass back hard into the unforgiving mat. Mimi moaned, so Toni repeated the move before a series of powerful forearms across the back of the neck softened Mimi up for defeat.


Now Toni went for a double breast maul, her thighs still controlling her now screaming opponent who was in big trouble. Toni sensed it and she was also keen not to extend the contest any further than necessary. She knew the Japanese to be a tough, dangerous woman, but right now she had her where she wanted her. A hard elbow around the back of the head sent Mimi woozy once more; Toni took no pity on her, wrapping her arms around her throat now, a simple rear naked choke hold all she would need surely to put the ailing Japanese woman out. Mimi fought hard, arms pulling, scratching, at Toni’s but there was no way she was getting out of the hold, Toni pouring on the pain for the shocked oriental fighter. ‘Give up bitch, or I’ll choke you out!’ Toni told Mimi, giving her little chance as she racked up the pressure on the choke hold even more.


‘I…….no, no…….I submit!’ Mimi cried out now, knowing that she was beaten, Toni having quickly turned the tables on her to claim the victory. Reluctantly, Toni released the choke, a little disappointed it seemed that she hadn’t been able to put Mimi out. She did scoop up the stunning red swimsuit from the mats though as she left the ring, telling Mimi ‘you’d best fight me naked next time bitch; must be costing you a fortune in suits fighting me!’ It had given Emma food for thought; Toni’s win was good, but it didn’t put her immediately at the top of Emma’s list as she had a schedule of title defences to deal with first. I was pretty sure that the two women would be meeting again soon enough though.

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