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The Open Day


By Wolfboy


A challenge for Emma’s title is made in an unusual way


‘This is a great idea Amelia’ Emma smiled as the two women surveyed the scene before them in a large marquee tent pitched on the lawn of the Smythe Mansion. In that tent, there were currently six catfights taking place, with several more pairs of women still itching to get at each other.


‘Can’t quite believe the response’ Amelia admitted to Emma ‘I mean, who’s ever heard of a catfight open day? Yet here we are, and there are plenty of cats fighting each other!’ she laughed.


The whole idea had been to find some new talent for the Smythe catfighting divisions. Offering up some lower ranked catfighters from each division as potential opponents had proven a popular move too. Equally, a few women had arrived with a rival that they preferred to take on. Lady Amelia had allowed that, provided that they allowed a referee to keep some semblance of order. The matches, limited to 15 minutes had been going on all day, providing some impressive action. Even Lisa King, the pro wrestler who had fought on the last big card of Smythe catfighting had returned to take on a fighter trying out for a potential new middleweight division with great success earlier on the day.


‘Any notable fighters do you think?’ Emma asked Amelia, interested to know who might be a future opponent.


‘A couple’ Amelia said. ‘That black girl fighting over there now looks like a potential lightweight contender’ she said, indicating a girl in a low cut, long-sleeved gymnast style leotard who was currently sat on a more experienced blonde’s face in a split-legged face sit. ‘She’s fought twice against the house fighters, won this morning and looks like she’ll win again this afternoon. I asked LeeAnn who she’s fighting now to try more dirty, catty stuff with her in this match, and she’s taken it like a pro.’ Amelia finished.


‘Looks impressive’ Emma admitted as the black girl sunk her nails into LeeAnn’s tits drawing a shriek from the blonde. ‘Anyone else?’ Emma asked.


‘Well there were a couple this morning’ Amelia said, about to continue when a Texan drawl from the other side of the tent caught both women’s attention.

‘I want to fight’ the voice said, before finishing off ‘that red haired bitch over there.’ It was clear that the redhead in question was Emma and that the voice belonged to Toni who had been seeking a rematch with Emma for some while.


‘Let me deal with this Em’ Amelia had said before going to talk to Toni. ‘You can’t just come into this to fight her, she’s the champion’ Amelia told Toni. ‘That’s not how it works. You can fight someone though if you want. Start trying to earn that title shot?’


‘Hmmmmm’ Toni mused for a second ‘well, how about I fight you……cunt?’ she said, the challenge hanging in the air before she added ‘and if I win, I get her in a title fight. Rules and venue of my choice?’


‘Sure, I’ll fight you……slut’ Amelia replied; ‘and you can have that if you make me give up the title shot instead of submitting to you. And when I make you admit you don’t want the title shot anymore; you can fuck off back home to Texas.’


‘Deal!’ Toni accepted, ‘You want to go right here?’ she asked Amelia.


‘Somewhere a little more private I think’ Amelia replied ‘we don’t want to provide everyone with too much free entertainment now do we? There’s a pool room inside, set up for fighting; Emma can be my corner woman, do you have anyone with you?’ she asked Toni.


‘Not today’ Toni admitted


‘Well I’m sure Steve will act as your second. Think you can track him down Emma?’ Amelia asked.


‘I think so; he’ll be in here somewhere watching the fights’ Emma smiled, setting off to track me down.


A few minutes later, we both arrived in the pool room to find Amelia and Toni waiting on us, keen to get started. ‘We’ve discussed rules’ Amelia told us both ‘it’s going to be nude, anything goes without a time limit, until one of us gives up the title match. We don’t need a ref; we’ve agreed that the match shouldn’t be stopped until one gives it up. To make it a bit more official Steve, could you be the announcer please?’ Amelia asked.


‘Sure’ I agreed as both ladies stripped off their remaining clothing, slipping into the pool after doing so. ‘This is a no holds barred nude match without time limit; the winner will be forced to give up their position on the title match with Emma. On my left is Toni who is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 152lbs and has 29 wins and 7 defeats’ I stated, checking with the Texan who nodded agreement with me. ‘On my right is Amelia who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, 177lbs and has 33 wins and 14 defeats. I guess if you’re ready ladies, fight!’ I declared, expecting the match to start at a furious pace, only to find Amelia in conference with Emma for a moment before the match finally got underway, both ladies with a firm grip of the others hair, looking to sting their opponent with slaps. Emma made her way to my side to tell me ‘Amelia says you’re to second Toni just like you would me; advise her how to win the match, she wants it to be fair’ she told me as we sat together to possibly to find out who her next challenger would be.


In fairness, Toni didn’t seem to need all that much advice from me in the early moments. While Amelia, the bigger woman, was doing plenty of damage with some heavy-handed slaps, Toni held her own, slapping to the breasts and pussy before sinking her nails into Amelia’s right breast. ‘Bitch!’ Amelia moaned as the Texan’s white painted nails worked her over, and Toni started to force her back to the wall of the pool with her fierce breast maul. Toni still had Amelia’s hair gripped tightly too, but in response, Amelia released her hair attack, planting a knee in Toni’s belly as she felt her back reach the lightly padded, curved wall. Toni’s hair grip was lost before a powerful slap to the face sent her reeling, dropping to a knee as Amelia rushed in, taking an uppercut to the pussy that dropped the lady of the house to her knees as well, clutching her womanhood. Toni wasn’t one to turn down a free target, driving a right hand to the face to send Amelia crashing on her back in the centre of the pool. Amelia was dazed, Toni not helping the situation any either by using her hair to slam her face into the mat, and advantage lay firmly with the tough Texan early in the fight.


Toni dropped to her knees as Amelia reached all fours, delivering a hard elbow around the back of the head to drop her to the mat on her belly, and immediately she straddled Amelia’s back. Facing Amelia’s feet, Toni quickly crossed them into a figure four, leaning back to also cup Amelia’s chin as she started to punish the bigger woman with the hold. Amelia flailed with her arms, managing to briefly get a grip of Toni’s hair but the brunette forced her way free, continuing to work the hold, this time taking a good handful of Amelia’s hair instead. ‘Give up bitch!’ Toni demanded, probably too early in the match I thought, as she added ‘give me the title shot!’


‘Fuck off Yank!’ Amelia replied, no intention of giving up so early in the fight. She let out a cry of pain though as keeping her figure four on, Toni was able to get a crotch claw on her as well. Now Amelia was in her first bit of serious trouble in the match; it was obvious that Toni had her well trapped with no easy way out. ‘Push up!’ Emma advised Amelia, passing on her advice which was taken, Amelia ignoring the pain and trying to plant her hands on the mat to arch her back and force Toni off her. It was in part successful as Toni did get off her, but voluntarily, taking a handful of hair to force Amelia to all fours before burying a kick deep into her stomach. Amelia found the air crushed from her body as she rolled across the small fight area, desperate to get some distance between her and Toni. The Texan was on her quickly though, pulling Amelia to her feet and using her long black hair she threw her across the sunken pool area. Amelia skidded to a halt against the curved wall of the pool, again finding the air crushed from her body as Toni followed up with a baseball slide dropkick, both feet slamming into Amelia’s body. Lying on the mat, Toni now kicked Amelia in the breasts before using an eye rake to disorientate the lady of the house. Once again, Toni used the hair bringing Amelia to her feet and swiftly into a body slam which put Amelia flat on her back in the centre of the mats. A thoroughly successful opening couple of minutes for Toni in the bout, but she wasn’t about to let up just yet.


Indeed, Toni continued her attack unabated, taking to the air to deliver a flying splash, landing hard on Amelia’s body, and she quickly secured a good cross pin position. Her body rode high up on Amelia’s body, almost across her throat as she scissored Amelia’s right arm. Taking control of Amelia’s left arm as she tried to use it to reach for Toni’s brunette hair, Toni pinned it hard to the mat and immediately slammed a fist hard into Amelia’s breasts. ‘Bitch!’ Amelia complained as Toni’s knuckles continued to soften her breasts up; then the brunette hammered her body as well with those same hard fists and Amelia moaned and groaned, in early trouble.


‘Give me the title shot your ladyship’ Toni mocked, now pancaking her right breast with a hard slap that she immediately converted to a maul. Nails digging into Amelia’s breasts, drawing screams of pain from her as Toni reminded her ‘I’ll stop if you give me what I want…’


‘Noooooo!’ Amelia cried in pain from the hard mauling attack as she refused to submit, causing Toni to up the ante, a punch to the same right breast before the nails sunk in deep again, causing Amelia to bite her lip in pain. Toni looked down into her opponent’s eyes now as she continued the punishing breast attack; it was a look from the brunette that said ‘I’m going to hurt you bitch!’, something that she proved, grabbing a claw hold on Amelia’s belly now instead, sinking it in deep as the tough aristocrat almost whimpered in pain beneath the withering assault of her Texan tormentor. She had a determined look set in her eyes though, and she finally squirmed her hand free from between Toni’s thighs, immediately clawing her ass as she put her own nails to good use and drew a first pained shriek from Toni. The Texan was of course still able to control the fight from her position on top, and a handful of Amelia’s silky black hair allowed her to bounce the back of her head off the mat, stunning her as she did so. Toni pulled Amelia up to her feet now, using the hair to force her into a front headlock as she backed her into the wall. There Toni hooked a punch into Amelia’s unprotected side, winding her, I thought, but the bigger woman took it, firing back hard into Toni’s body as well while she resisted the choking grip of the headlock.


Amelia landed another hard punch, then looked to use her extra size and strength to swing Toni into the wall instead. She managed that, and despite still being head locked, she drove hard punches into Toni’s body now, forcing the Texan to defend for the first time, breaking the headlock to fold her arms in tight in defence. That did little to protect her from a straight knee lift to the belly that doubled Toni up, straight into a knee lift to the breasts. That straightened the brunette up against the wall and Amelia immediately latched on to a double breast claw, pushing Toni hard in to the wall of the pool as she twisted at her breasts. Toni now cried out in pain as Amelia invited her to ‘forget about that title shot bitch, give it up!’


‘Fuck off cunt!’ Toni told the jet haired fighter, gritting her teeth against the pain as Amelia continued to punish her there against the wall. A knee shot to the stomach surprised Toni, winding her as she slid down the wall only for Amelia to immediately force her upright by the hair to deliver a face slap before whipping her hard into the opposite wall. The wall may have been padded, but they were unforgiving, and Toni was dropped to her knees as she hit it. Amelia rushed in straight away, not wanting to give the brunette chance to recover. She secured a front headlock of her own on the kneeling Texan, falling back into what was almost a short DDT as she wrapped her long, powerful legs around Toni’s body, starting to put the squeeze on her. Toni groaned as Amelia’s long limbs came fully to bear on her now; and her hands immediately went to her legs, perhaps hoping to prize them free. ‘Get out of the choke’ I advised from the outside; to me it looked like that was the bigger immediate problem for Toni, the scissors might grind her down, but the choke could take her out of the match quickly if it got on her properly. Toni switched her tactics immediately, hands now going to Amelia’s arms trying to prise the vice like grip from around her neck. Amelia let out a cry of determination as she held on to the headlock and then snapped her thighs hard around Toni’s body once more, drawing a groan from the Texan down on the mat in the centre of the pool. Amelia worked the headlock once more, her arms getting progressively tighter around the neck of her brunette opponent who seemed to be weakening a little as Amelia invited her to ‘give up that title shot bitch!’


There was no reply from Toni unless you counted the hard right hand that she slammed into Amelia’s ribs, surprising the English lady. An assault continued as Toni started to hammer punch after punch home, finding the same spot on Amelia’s side with unerring accuracy. The punches drew gasps of pain from Amelia each time knuckle struck flesh, and the dilemma facing her was whether she should hold on to the choke or defend her ribs against the powerful punches Toni was landing. In the end, she did neither, taking one more hard punch that broke her resistance and the headlock; Toni wasted no time in getting free and delivered a forearm across Amelia’s face to leave her a little dazed down on the mat. There had been a fierce pace and intensity to the match in the early going, something Toni was keen to continue as she pulled Amelia from the mat by the hair, throwing her into the lightly padded wall of the pool.


Toni followed up, slapping high at Amelia’s face and as the English aristocrat looked to block that, Toni sunk into a lower stance, slamming a hard right hook into Amelia’s unprotected rib cage. Sending her to the mat on a knee. Toni had little mercy for her either, delivering a snap kick to the chest to send the black-haired fighter to the mat on her back. ‘Look out Amelia!’ Emma cautioned, but too late for her to avoid the flying splash from Toni who landed hard across her body again, driving the air from her. She elected not to pin Amelia this time though, preferring instead to bring her to her feet, where she used a flurry of slaps to head and chest to force her back into the wall again. A knee to the body doubled Amelia up, Toni quickly forcing her back upright by the hair before closing both hands around her throat in a straight up choke hold. ‘Now give me my fucking title shot whore!’ Toni demanded as Amelia, feeling the immediate impact of the choke, fought hard against the panic that her eyes belied a little. ‘No’ she rasped weakly in response as she pulled at Toni’s arms looking to get free but to no avail. Toni settled in, happy to throttle the title shot out of Amelia but she underestimated the black-haired fighter’s resilience and paid for it as a desperation knee caught her flush in the belly, breaking the hold. Amelia was feeling the pace a bit now; not a regular competitor at high level now, Toni’s attacks were having their impact on her. She was a proud and tough woman though, determined enough to continue the match as she grabbed Toni’s hair, pulling the brunette straight on to a knee lift up into the breasts that dropped her to the mat, flat on her back and looking up at the pool lights.


Amelia followed up immediately, dropping to the mat to deliver a hard elbow drop to Toni’s breasts before she tied the Texan fighter up in a side headlock on the mat. She rode her body high across the brunette’s chest too, looking to stop her from catching her breath fully as she forced her face into her breasts, looking to the smother on her as well. Amelia did fail to get control of Toni’s hands though, quickly finding one wrapped in her long black hair, nails dragging across her scalp as she subjected Amelia to some vicious hair pulling. The jet haired lady of the house gritted her teeth, hoping that she could do more damage with the headlock and smother than she would take from the hair attack. Toni switched up her attack though now, grabbing a good hold of Amelia’s left breast, nails again at the forefront of her attack as she drew a shriek of pain from Amelia who tried to work the headlock in deeper. A battle of wills might have taken place, but Toni had other ideas, suddenly surprising Amelia with some wrestling prowess to squirm out of the headlock, trapping Amelia face down on the mat in a hammerlock. She had no interest in engaging in a battle of wrestling skills though, instead using a handful of hair to slam Amelia’s face in to the mat. Then she placed a foot between her opponent’s shoulder blades, reaching down to grab a handful of hair, pulling hard as she used her foot to pin Amelia’s body to the mat.


The jet haired fighter screamed in pain and dismay as she felt her hair being torn out by the vicious attack of the Texan tough girl. It looked like she was in severe trouble, quickly invited by Toni to ‘give me the title shot slut!’ as she continued to tear at her. Amelia continued to cry out in pain as Toni kept up the attack but squirming wildly on the mat, she at least succeeded in getting out from beneath Toni’s foot. In desperation, the jet haired fighter lashed out with a foot which caught Toni low in the pit of the stomach, forcing her off for the time being. It was only a glancing blow, and feeling the intense burning pain in her scalp, Amelia had only just made it to all fours before Toni dropped to her knees, clubbing her with an elbow to the back of the neck. Toni straddled Amelia now as she was face down on the mat, sitting low down her body more or less on her butt. A handful of hair helped her pull Amelia’s face and chest clear of the mat; no sooner had the first cry of pain escaped Amelia’s mouth though before Toni balled up her fist, slamming it hard once more into Amelia’s side. The lady of the house felt her breath being smashed from her body one punch at a time as she struggled to defend herself, desperately trying to tuck in her arm against her body. Patient now, Toni picked her shots, carefully placing each hard punch just round the sides of her opponent’s ultimately futile defences though, and with each punch, she appeared ever closer to securing her desired title shot.


Toni shook out her hand now, apparently feeling some pain in it where she had been hammering it into Amelia’s body, but she seemed to have taken the fight out Amelia as well for now. Switching her tactics now, Toni used the hair to pull Amelia from the mats to her feet, immediately whipping the jet haired English woman into the unforgiving wall of the pool, and giving her no chance to recoup her energy, Toni was on her, pinning her to the wall with an arm across the throat. Then her hand moved south of the border a little, probing for Amelia’s pussy. She crossed her legs, defending as best she could but Toni hit her with a punch to the stomach instead. Seeing that Amelia, attempting to defend, was off balance, Toni struck with a perfectly timed monkey flip, sending Amelia high in to the air before she landed hard in the centre of the pool area.


Now Toni thought she had the English woman right where she wanted her as she landed on her hard in full body splash. Amelia groaned as she felt the crushing impact, and Toni quickly, with good use of the hair, moved to trap Amelia in a reverse ‘69’ head scissor. Amelia’s groan of pain from Toni’s sexy yet powerful legs starting to squeeze her quickly turned into a shriek of pain as Toni’s sharp nails played across her breasts and stomach with menace. A punch crashed hard into Amelia’s belly and then Toni’s fingers were inside her as she told Amelia ‘I’ll fuck you senseless bitch; give me the title shot!’ while she started to work Amelia’s pussy, her fingers sliding in and out rhythmically as she started to pleasure her surprised host. At the same time, her legs were putting the hurt on Amelia whose face was a confused mask of pain and pleasure. ‘No, no’ Amelia moaned as Toni continued her finger fucking attack with increasing intensity, biding her time and waiting until she sensed the bigger woman was really starting to respond to her probing fingers. In that instant, her fingers went from instruments of pleasure to become very much the instruments of Amelia’s pain as she clamped a crotch claw onto the now screaming jet haired fighter.


It was a bad moment in the fight for the English aristocrat; she was a strong, tough lady but trapped between Toni’s steely thighs, punished by the crotch claw, there looked to be no easy way out of the predicament as she beat at the mat in increasing pain.


‘Is that a tap bitch?’ Toni asked her, before insisting again ‘say it, say I get the fucking shot at the title!’


‘No, no……I won’t’ Amelia insisted, her eyes screwed tightly shut as she tried to control the pain coursing through her body. She clawed in increasing desperation at Toni’s ass and legs now, trying to put her sharp nails to good use, but the Texan felt in control and was unperturbed by the nails scratching at her skin. She broke off the crotch claw for a moment, slamming two hard right hands into the pit of Amelia’s stomach before going back to attempt the claw only to find herself thwarted as the jet haired English fighter crossed her legs tightly to block her.


‘Stubborn fucking bitch!’ Toni shouted out, but she held all the aces at the moment, happy with her position on top of Amelia. Still she shifted slightly, starting to move back towards a reverse facesit rather than the scissor. If she couldn’t force Amelia to give up with a painful claw, perhaps taking her breath away with a smother might prove to be the answer instead. Immediately though, Toni let out a gasp and then a low moan as Lady Amelia probed her pussy with her tongue, looking to repay the Texan by getting her turned on briefly before sinking her teeth hard into Toni’s ass. Now Toni shrieked with pain but, on top of Amelia, she hammered her body with hard punches, regaining control as Amelia was again subdued. The Texan was taking little chance though now, wanting to soften Amelia up some more as she tore her from the mat by her long, jet black hair. A forearm to the chest followed by a hard uppercut to the underside of Amelia’s left breast sent the English woman reeling back to the wall of the pool, seemingly in big trouble. She still had her wits about her though, catching Toni with a kick to the pit of the stomach that stopped her onslaught, and Amelia positioned herself perfectly to stun the brunette with a right hand to the jaw. Toni dropped to her knees and Amelia, despite having shipped plenty of punishment in the fight, looked to take over in the fight once again as she employed Toni’s brunette locks to force her head between her strong thighs and into a standing head scissor.


Amelia immediately sunk her nails into Toni’s ass, raking them up the screaming Texan’s back to leave some angry red furrows before she fell to her side to take the head scissor to the mat. ‘Good move Amelia!’ Emma shouted from her poolside position while I advised Toni to ‘force her feet apart if you can.’ It was apparent to me that Toni needed to try and get Amelia’s ankles apart to break the scissor hold or she was going to find herself in a work of pain between those power packed thighs. The Texan did exactly as I suggested but also found her predicament deepening as Amelia sunk her nails into her left breast now, earning a cry of ‘bitch!’ from Toni. She gritted her teeth though, taking the pain and ignoring Amelia’s demands to ‘give up the title shot slut!’ Instead of replying, Toni continued to work at forcing Amelia’s legs apart to break the vice-like scissor hold, but she let out another groan of pain as the experienced English woman continued to work over her breast before surprising her as she whipped a punch into her unprotected body.


‘Give it up!’ Amelia demanded as Toni responded, telling her ‘fuck you cunt!’, but Amelia continued to revel in her increasing dominance until Toni stopped trying to get her legs apart by force. Instead, she used cunning to do it, twisting Amelia’s toes and forcing the bigger, more powerful woman to break the hold. Now both women rolled apart for a couple of seconds, seemingly to gather themselves for perhaps the final passage of the match. Both had taken and dished out the punishment; neither had broken yet and now the two naked amazons, their bodies slick with sweat from the fight in the warm pool area clashed, down on their knees on the mat. First Toni went to the hair, giving out a surprised yelp as Amelia instead elected for a very effective two-handed choke instead. The look on Toni’s face briefly betrayed the trouble she was in, but she was a fighter at heart, spurred on by the competitive nature of the fight as she slammed home three hard right hands into Amelia’s body. The third broke her resistance, and the choke hold, and Toni was free, going back to the hair to hold Amelia in place to fire five rapid slaps into her cheeks. The effect was more one of surprise, stunning the jet haired fighter, before a more telling right hand to the jaw put her flat on her back in the centre of the pool.


Toni wanted to stay on Amelia now, peeling her from the mat by using a good grip of her hair, and she almost paid for her enthusiasm to attack quickly as Amelia landed with a right hand to the body. It lacked the power of some of her earlier punches though and Toni took it well enough and, able to stay on the attack, she pulled Amelia on to a knee lift to the chest. That pancaked Lady Amelia’s impressive breasts against her body as it sent her reeling back into the wall of the pool. ‘Cover up!’ Emma shouted in advice, Amelia wearily lifting her hands to protect her head only to take a withering barrage of body punches to the ribs and belly that quickly saw her sliding down the wall to a sitting position as Toni looked to beat the fight out of her once and for all now. With Amelia now dazed, Toni delivered the shot to really make sure she was stunned as she turned her back to her before thrusting her ass quickly into Amelia’s face; an unexpected yet effective blow, and the English woman was in huge trouble, knocked halfway senseless down on the mat. Toni quickly lifted her into a big body slam, showing impressive strength to lift Amelia who outweighed her by over 20 pounds before planting her with real authority at the centre of the pool’s fight mats.


‘Now you posh cunt’ Toni chided her ‘give me that title match!’ she demanded as she stood menacingly over the grounded English woman.


‘Noooooo…...Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!’ Amelia moaned as she refused to submit to the brunette who responded by kicking her straight in the crotch now. It was a debilitating blow, and that saw Amelia look to roll into a ball as she looked to come through the pain. Toni was quick to force her back to same position flat on her back though, and then the Texan dropped into a simple pinning position on top of her opponents’ big breasts, trapping Amelia’s arms against her side with her legs as she did so. Now Amelia was trapped, completely at the mercy of the Texan who was content for the moment to simply ride Amelia’s attempts to squirm and buck beneath her. The Texan looked down into Amelia’s increasingly desperate eyes, trying to identify the exact point she would wear herself out with her attempts to get free, and spotting it, Toni unleashed a series of five hard slaps to the face. Ferocious blows, these were no playful slaps, as the sound echoed around the room, and then Toni asked once more ‘do I get my title shot now your ladyship?’


‘No’ Amelia moaned; the words almost immediately cut off by some more fearsome slaps from the increasingly frustrated Texan who ended this barrage with a mean back handed blow across the face.


‘Are you sure?’ she asked, not even waiting for Amelia to answer ‘no’ again before she unleashed another flurry of hard slaps, finishing off with a mean and nasty rake of the eyes. ‘You bitch!’ Amelia cried out, but her protests fell on deaf ears as Toni shifted position slightly, spreading Amelia’s legs with a grapevine as the two fighters were entwined, pussy to pussy, there on the mats. Amelia blinked her eyes furiously, looking to clear her vision, but she didn’t achieve that in time as the Texan dipped her head forward and sunk her teeth into Amelia’s right breast.


‘Aaaaggggh! My tits! You fucking bitch!’ Amelia screamed out. ‘Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhh…...I submit! I submit!’ she yelled out, apparently conceding victory to Toni who broke off the biting to ask ‘and I get my title shot against your little bitch champion?’


‘Yes, yes’ Amelia replied, her resistance completely broken now ‘you get the title shot and you get to name the stipulations!’


‘Excellent’ Toni smiled ‘then I think my work is done here’ she said to Amelia before climbing off her and delivering a cruel pussy stomp that sent Lady Amelia into a sobbing ball, rolling across the mats as her body was racked with pain. The Texan fighter had done a number on her in a calculated attack to get her title match. She climbed out of the pool, walking up to Emma and standing face to face with her, her naked body showing some of the signs of the tough battle as she told Emma ‘you’re next you ginger cunt! But first, how about we both get a chance to watch the other in action next week. Private action, in your own garage ring and we each pick the opponent for a match that can only be won if the referee stops it in our favour?’


‘Oh, you’re on you little tart’ Emma agreed as Toni turned to collect her clothes from the floor and headed for the door, calling back to Emma over her shoulder. ‘I’ll be in touch then bitch. Tell you when those matches will be. And then I think a nice little cage match for me to win your title! You’d better be ready bitch!’


‘Oh, I will be’ Emma replied, her answer directed at the now empty doorway through which Toni had left. A little belatedly, she joined me in the pool to help get Amelia up on her feet. Amelia was by no means a woman to mess with in a fight yet Toni had left her flat out in the centre of the pool, well beaten.


‘She’s a tough bitch Em’ were Amelia’s first words as we helped her to a sitting position. ‘Make sure you bring your ‘A’ game to that title defence; you’re going to need to be at your best for her I think.’


‘Oh, don’t worry Amelia’ Emma replied ‘I won’t let you down. That bitch will be taking another beating from me when we meet’ she said, a look of cold determination on her face.


For what it was worth, it was clear to me that Toni was an impressive and improved fighter from her last meeting with Emma. While I felt that Emma still had the edge in experience, size and power, Toni clearly knew how to hurt a woman and it promised to be a challenging title defence to say the least.