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No Way Out – Part 1

By Wolfboy

Emma’s title showdown with Toni draws nearer but first the two choose opponents for each other


After beating Lady Amelia to secure her shot at against Emma, Toni had quickly issued a follow up challenge to Emma to take place in the two-week window before that title match. ‘A no way out challenge match bitch’ Toni had posed to Emma ‘we each choose the other’s opponent, let’s say in your garage ring for privacy, and the only way to win is for the referee to stop the fight. One strategic time out each, no submissions, pretty much anything goes. How does that sound?’ Toni had asked.


‘Sure’ Emma had agreed readily ‘it sounds just fine to me’ she had continued, perhaps a little cornered into accepting the as yet unknown challenge. ‘I know a couple of women who would love to get their hands on you bitch. But here’s a suggestion; we only find out our opponent on the mats, not beforehand.’


‘Ooooohhhhh! I can’t wait’ Toni had laughed sarcastically at that thought. ‘One last thing though. We each second our chosen fighter. Close up to the action so that we can scout each other out for weaknesses.’


The full rules of the fight had been refined over the couple of days between challenge and the set date for the fight; the final agreement on a no time limit match with one strategic time out and a stoppage the only way to win. Both women had been able to agree on a referee that they trusted fairly easily. The only restricted moves were hard strikes such as punches, kicks, knees and elbows to the head of an opponent on all fours or prone on the mat. Outside of that, all attacks, physical or sexual in nature were permitted. A final agreement was that stockings, suspenders, thongs and bra would be the permitted attire for both matches and that either woman would lose an item of clothing of their opponent’s choice if they used their strategic time out. If they were already stripped naked at the point of using the time out, then they would restart the match in the same position as when they had called for the break.


It promised hard, uncompromising action in both fights, and it was no surprise to me that Emma had chosen her mum, Debbie, to take on Toni. Debbie was an experienced catfighter, one that Toni had yet to see in action, and she was capable of hurting any woman. She may not win, but she was surely capable of softening Toni up a little I thought. ‘Elaine wanted her’ Emma confided in me ‘but I wasn’t sure that she was quite ready, especially at short notice. You know mum is going to be ready to fight though don’t you?’ I couldn’t argue with that logic as I headed to the garage to take one of the very limited number of seats on offer; there was just one for me and one for Toni’s husband as well as one in each corner for a second.


I was quickly joined in the garage by Toni who had lost the toss of a coin to fight first, and she stepped into the ring to fight having already stripped down to her fight lingerie. There was no sign of the woman who would be fighting Emma later on at this stage, Toni evidently playing her cards close to her chest which was currently covered in a silver snakeskin print push up bra. A simple matching thong which seemed to have some kind of side fastening along with a black lace suspender belt and black fishnet stockings completed the look for the tough brunette who stood, hands on hips, in her corner waiting for the unknown, to her at least, opponent.


Debbie hardly kept her waiting long though, looking confident as she slipped between the ropes into the ring. Where Tonie had chosen silver and black, Debbie had opted for red, a similar push up bra to enhance her cleavage along with a simple satin thong, suspender belt and fishnet stockings all in a matching bright red colour. Debbie’s brunette hair, greying very slightly, was shoulder length, and she too stood, hands on hips, in the corner chatting with Emma as she stared down Toni across the ring. The evening’s referee was a woman called Karen who had officiated some of the Smythe title fights; an experienced ref with the added advantage of also being a fighter herself making her a choice easy for both women to agree on. She called the first bout to order now as Emma took a seat in Debbie’s corner, her white silk robe opening slightly to reveal just a hint of deep maroon satin at her breast, indicating an idea of her chosen fight gear for later on. Toni, with the woman she had chosen to fight Emma still conspicuously absent, would be seconded here by her husband.


‘OK ladies’ Karen called in the basement ‘I’m not going to recap the rules but I will ask if you are both prepared to fight to them?’ she enquired. Both Debbie and Toni icily nodded their agreement as Karen continued ‘Toni is in the silver and black and is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 154lbs; Debbie is in red and is 5 feet 6 inches and 149lbs. You know there is no time limit and one time out which I suggest you use wisely. I will only stop the fight if one of you is unable to fight back and does not defend themselves over a sustained period. So, with that said, let’s fight ladies!’


Fight they did too, then contest getting off to a rip-roaring start with both ladies sunk immediately into the other’s hair with both hands, looking to force the other back. Toni, displaying an early nasty streak, managed to press her thumb nail into Debbie’s cheek as part of her hair grab, but Debbie shrugged it off for now, using her hair grip to twist Toni’s head down and to the side before dishing out some early punishment with a thigh strike to the face. Toni took it, battled back against the hair pull to a more upright position and started to use a wide base to push Debbie back towards a corner of the ring. Again, Debbie was resourceful, countering with a sharp kick to the inside of Toni’s thigh, spreading her legs a little and stopping her momentum as Debbie instead started to force the Texan back. Already the hairpulling battle was intense with Debbie wrapping one hand in Toni’s brunette tresses, giving her good control while Toni countered with more of a ripping technique causing Debbie more pain but doing little to stop her getting bullied back to her own corner.


Toni was waiting on the feel of corner post against her back though and she deftly tightened her grip on the hair the moment she felt it, using it to switch positions and put Debbie’s back to the post. Now Toni went on the attack, one hand retaining a tight, controlling grasp of Debbie’s hair. A knee struck hard to the pit of the stomach, just above the waistband of the thong, then surprising Debbie, Toni used the handful of hair to pull Debbie onto a knee strike between the breasts that rocked her back against the corner post. Lightly padded post or not, Debbie was wobbled, grabbing the top rope to steady herself and leaving herself wide open to a hard-right hand to the lower back as Toni worked the body, perhaps hoping to wear Debbie down quickly. It looked an effective enough strategy as Debbie sagged forward against the corner post; Toni saw that as a chance to strike once more, this time a jumping knee strike to the same area of the back in the corner. Wisely, Debbie dropped prone to the mat, feeling the early pace but also knowing that Toni couldn’t land any devastating strikes to the head while she was down. It did little to protect her from a hard kick to the side though, Toni’s stockinged foot sinking deep into her body, crushing the air from her.


Now Debbie groaned loudly for the first time as a thoroughly satisfactory opening exchange ended for Toni as she used the hair to force the brunette into a seated position. Then she dropped to her knees, slamming the point of her elbow into the top of Debbie’s right shoulder before grabbing that arm in a fairly rudimentary arm lock and reaching round to claw at her mouth as Debbie let out another groan of pain, In fact, Debbie was looking very much second best at this point with Toni asserting some early dominance and clawing her nastily in the hold. Karen looked on, but not interested in the action at this point; it would take quite a concerted beatdown for her to become interested in a stoppage. Indeed, this was about letting the two women in the ring settle things themselves, and Debbie tried to force her way back into the action, biting Toni’s fingers as they strayed too close to her mouth before throwing a left elbow back to catch her in the side.


This brought Debbie some respite and she was able to scramble clear as Toni rolled back to her feet. There was little caution in either woman as they came back together in the centre of the ring, Toni reaching for the hair only to be surprised this time with a sharp uppercut to the underside of the right breast. With Toni shocked, Debbie used a handful of hair to reel her into a side headlock now, but Toni countered quickly, forcing Debbie to the ropes to fire her off to the opposite side. Toni set herself to shoulder tackle Debbie to the mat, but the older woman had momentum on her side, lowering her shoulder to bowl Toni to the mat. Jumping into the air now, Debbie looked to crash down on the Texan with a leg drop across the chest, but Toni wisely rolled clear, Debbie landing painfully on her butt as she missed her target. Toni was fast to her feet now, lashing a kick across Debbie’s breasts to knock her back to the mat again. As Toni peeled her quickly off the mat by her hair, she pulled her into a tight side headlock before thrusting her hip into Debbie’s side, sending her up and over to the mat as she released the headlock to allow her to fall. Debbie hit hard; Toni’s foot hit her harder, right in the stomach as she stomped down on her, and the experienced brunette catfighter was back in trouble in the match.


The stomp had taken the wind out of Debbie, and she was breathing heavily as Toni forced her from the mat and ran her, face first, into the corner post to keep her dazed. Against the corner post, Toni leaned her body into the back of the older woman, grabbing the back of her red thong and pulling it into a wedgie, starting to taunt her as Debbie started to moan in discomfort. ‘Fancy sending mummy in to do the dirty work!’ she sneered ‘you should be retired by now old lady; I’ll finish you off and do you a favour!’ Toni was careful to apply just the correct amount of pressure on the wedgie too, not wanting the garment to rip as she preferred it to be an ally in the match for her at the moment. A clubbing forearm across the shoulders and neck signalled the end of the wedgie attack for Debbie, but the situation hardly eased as she found herself lifted and body slammed in the centre of the ring. Debbie raised her hips slightly, easing the pain from the hard landing, but she was driven back to the mat by an elbow drop across the stomach from Toni. The tough Texan quickly shifted position now, grabbing Debbie’s brunette locks to pull her painfully into a headlock there on the mat. As she wrenched hard on the headlock though, Toni grimaced in pain as Debbie’s nails dug into her right breast, her hand sneaking inside Toni’s silver snakeskin print bra.


‘Fucking cunt!’ Toni spat at her, feeling the searing pain of a well delivered nail attack that showed Debbie to still be well in the match, even though Toni looked to continue punishing her with the headlock. ‘Nnnnggghhh!’ Debbie moaned as Toni worked the headlock in tighter once more, but then she surprised the Texan, getting a hand beneath her butt and rolling her onto her back. There, Debbie was able to sneak out of the hold, converting it to a hammerlock as she forced Toni’s arm high up her back, reaching to grab a handful of hair at the same time. Debbie had the in-ring skills to match Toni, and now she flattened her body against the Texan’s, forcing the brunette face down on the mat. Trapped in the hold, Toni was getting her first taste of problems in the match, and as Debbie brought her to her feet now, slowly, using that grip of the hair, Debbie put her into deeper trouble, Dropping to her knees, Debbie delivered a cruel right hand to the lower back that sent Toni pitching forward to the mat, landing face first.


‘Looks like mummy has got more than enough for you dear’ Debbie taunted in reply to Toni’s earlier mockery now, taking her time to measure Toni for a kick to the ribs as the Texan reached all fours, and it was the older of the two brunettes threatening to take control of the match now. Dragging Toni to her feet, Debbie was quick to lift and slam the Texan; she followed up too with a full body splash timed perfectly to meet Toni as her hips rose from the impact, crushing her back to the mat. Winded, Toni groaned on the mat, and Debbie took heart from her success, rolling Toni on to her belly and straddling her back as her fingers worked on the fastening of Toni’s snakeskin bra, deftly releasing the clasp before removing the garment with a flourish to reveal the Texan fighter’s breasts. Now back in the hair, Debbie forced Toni from the mat and immediately took her face first into the lightly padded corner post to daze her. From behind now, Debbie upped the ante, her arms closing around Toni’s head in a sleeper hold which she quickly used to drag Toni to the mat and into further trouble as Debbie’s legs snaked tightly round her body. Toni had just about tucked her chin in to avoid, for now at least, the very worst of the hold. Debbie continued to work the hold though, her arms trying to force their way tighter around the neck as she worked the fingers of one hand into Toni’s hair, perhaps trying to force the American fighter’s head back to really sink in the hold.


Toni refused to panic though, refused to take the time out as a route of escape. Instead, she proved that she was a true fighting woman, biding her time in the hold until Debbie presented her ribs to her as a target, and three hard, fast back elbows were enough to secure her release from the perilous hold. Now both women were on the mat for a moment to gather themselves before both went to the hair to try and force an opening. Debbie also closed a hand over Toni’s right breast, mauling it, squeezing hard only to also cry out in pain as Toni went low, delivering a crotch maul through Debbie’s red satin thong. Both women locked eyes to search the other for the first sign of weakness before Toni surprised Debbie with a short head butt to the face, effectively ending that little stare off as Debbie fell to the mat on her back.

With the older brunette looking a little dazed, the referee took a brief interest as Toni set about punishing her, electing to wrap her slender but clearly powerful legs around Debbie’s body in a tight rear body scissor. Adding a grinding headlock to the mix almost immediately, pulling Debbie’s face into her bare breasts for at least a partial smother, Toni started to work on her older opponent now, perhaps looking to force the use of the tactical time out. Debbie wasn’t easily panicked into doing something like that though; an experienced catfighter, she had been in plenty of tight situations before. Toni’s legs were wrapped securely around her body though, almost like a boa constrictor slowly squeezing its prey, her legs were able to draw an involuntary gasp of pain from Debbie who stayed in the hold. Debbie tried to bridge and turn out of the hold now only to find the strong legs of the Texan able to overcome that attempt; Toni had her well secured in the hold which was an effective way to slowly wear down the resistance of any woman. Debbie knew that, fighting against the hold hard once more, but Toni’s crushing scissors held firm, and they started to draw low moans of pain from Debbie as they took their toll on her.


Trapped in the hold for two minutes now, I thought Debbie might have been starting to contemplate that strategic timeout. Toni was clever though, easing and then increasing the power intermittently on her scissor hold, bringing Debbie close to needing the break, then dialling back to a less intense squeeze which means the older brunette was still able to resist her. While Debbie might have been able to resist the combination hold, it was still wearing her down slowly which I suspected was part of Toni’s plan here. A long, grinding, slow wear down of Debbie was a perfect way to send a message to Emma. First though she sent a message to Debbie, controlling her head with one arm and using her free hand to ease Debbie’s scarlet coloured bra down slightly before forcing both of Debbie’s breasts out of her bra. A stinging slap to each breast drew a groan from Debbie as the sound echoed around the room. Each slap was effective, using the bra against Debbie as it dug a little into the underside of the breast. A short punch to the stomach followed, landing just above the waistband of Debbie’s thong. That was a draining shot and then Toni was back to the headlock, using the grip to pull Debbie again into the partial smother, breasts in her face a little as Toni re-crossed her ankles and tested the older brunette’s resistance with the scissor hold.


‘Mmmmmnnnngggghhh!’ Debbie groaned as she felt Toni’s thighs cut into her body for a moment once more before the Texan relaxed her grip again, easing the pressure on Debbie’s body. Toni smirked in a satisfied style at Emma who sat, impassive it appeared, watching her mother suffer at the hands of her soon to be rival for the title. Toni turned on the power another time, drawing groans of discomfort from Debbie again, but then, as she eased up just a little once more, Debbie bridged, successfully throwing Toni just enough off balance for Debbie to be able to quickly reach her knees, still trapped in the Texan’s thigh prison. Facing Toni, Debbie felt her cheek warmed by two quick slaps before she replied with a double breast maul, using her nails to hurt Toni for a moment. Despite her cries of pain, Toni was calm and in control as she used a right hand to the jaw to put the brunette on her back once again. Now Toni re-applied the body scissors once more as she got behind her, pressing her body tightly to Debbie’s back as a figure four body scissor started to take its toll on Debbie. Worse too, from that position, she was open to attack by Toni who waited only seconds before applying a double breast maul of her own. In fact, her fingers played sensuously across Debbie’s breasts for the briefest of moments before she dug her nails in and Debbie cried out in pain once more.


Toni’s legs were wrapped tightly around Debbie’s body now as she started to turn on the power once more, Debbie crying out in pain with each extra pound of pressure Toni applied through her legs. Her hands were clasped tightly across Debbie’s breasts too, squeezing and mauling the older woman who started to look in increasing trouble. Toni had her own body pressed tightly to Debbie’s, her bare breasts pressed close against Debbie’s back, mouth close to Debbie’s ear so that she was in place to quietly mock Debbie’s pained noises. A nipple twist drew a shriek of pain from Debbie as Toni laughed ‘Awwww, does it hurt old lady?’ before delivering another powerful squeeze to punish her again, but it was still a bit of a surprise when Debbie called quickly for her time out now, forcing Toni to break and head for her corner. Debbie also headed back to her corner too, receiving a quick pep talk from Emma who was determined that she should try to get herself back into the action quickly when it resumed.


As the referee called both women back to the centre of the ring to resume, she asked Toni what item of clothing she wished Debbie to remove. ‘Let’s see’ Toni mused ‘at the end of that period, her saggy little tits were flopping around outside her bra. If she gets them out like that again, I’ll just take her stockings. If not, I’m taking her panties so I can maul her pussy!’ Toni announced.


‘Choice is yours Debbie’ Karen told her ‘what’s it to be?’


Debbie answered simply by pulling her breasts over the top of her red bra to expose them before she unhooked her red fishnet stockings from her suspender belt, sliding them down her legs before handing them to Emma in the corner. Then the second period of the fight was underway, and having been forced to burn her timeout now, Debbie truly had no way out if she found herself in trouble. Both women were topless too, Debbie despite still wearing her bra which was deliberately no longer containing her breasts. They circled, Debbie cautiously while Toni appeared to radiate confidence as she lazily flicked out a slap to crash off Debbie’s breasts. Debbie wasn’t about to be thrown off course by one attack though and she stepped in to secure a hold of Toni’s hair that quickly became mutual, Toni sinking her fingers into Debbie’s hair as well. The two brunettes battled each other for supremacy now, and it was Debbie able to gain an advantage with a monkey flip to take Toni to the mat. Toni landed lightly though, able to roll away quickly and find her feet to prevent Debbie from making a quick follow up attack. Now the two fighters stalked each other again, each landing some blows before Toni made an error of judgement. Aiming a kick at Debbie, she was surprised to find the older brunette able to catch her foot before deftly sweeping her standing foot out to send her to the mat at her feet. A flying elbow drop to the chest followed quickly as Debbie stepped it up a gear and was able to secure a rudimentary cross pin, although she lacked control of Toni’s arms. The Texan’s hand wrapped tightly in her hair attested to that fact even before her other hand bunched Debbie’s thong up into a wedgie and despite being on top, Debbie was feeling the pain, She tried to respond, looking to slide a hand inside Toni’s snake skin print thong, but the Texan brunette defended hard against it with her legs very firmly crossed. She couldn’t stop Debbie from punishing her with nails across the belly followed by a hard punch to the ribs as the second phase of the match heated up quickly.


Toni ripped at Debbie’s hair again, drawing a shriek of pain from Debbie who responded by slugging Toni in the belly with a hard right hard. Toni groaned but strengthened her grasp of the hair and thong as the action continued with intensity, Debbie slapping hard at Toni’s thighs now. It was a position from which I fancied neither woman could truly gain the upper hand as Debbie’s attempt to crotch claw the Texan was again thwarted by Toni’s tightly crossed legs. Toni found a target for her teeth now too, sinking them into Debbie’s shoulder as it strayed into range briefly, drawing another cry of pain from the older brunette as she felt her teeth testing her resistance. Debbie slugged Toni hard to the belly twice more, forcing the Texan fighter to suck in some air and given the chance, she quickly grabbed Toni’s hair, forcing her from the mat and sending her reeling into her own corner with an uppercut to the breasts.


Debbie looked to be growing in confidence, but Toni was waiting on her as she came into the corner, burying a knee lift deep into Debbie’s stomach to stun the English woman. Toni grabbed Debbie’s hair now, using it to drape her neck across the top rope in a straight up choke before she released it with a rake of the nails down Debbie’s back. As she came off the ropes, Debbie was lifted straight into an across the knee back breaker, and as Toni pushed her off her knee to the mat, it was the older brunette back in trouble at the Texan’s feet. Toni wasted no time in delivering a swift kick to the ribs and then she took up position to wrap her legs around Debbie’s body in another scissor hold, immediately using it to punish her. Toni’s legs were deceptively strong, and she was effective in applying the scissor hold for maximum effect to hurt Debbie who moaned loudly in pain as she felt the scissor hold come to bear on her. ‘That hurt bitch?’ Toni enquired as she clamped a hand over Debbie’s nose and mouth for a moment in a tight hand smother. Debbie bridged and squirmed in the hold, trying to find escape but Toni rolled her now, like an alligator rolling a trapped adversary in the water, leaving Debbie on her belly trapped still between Toni’s thighs. The Texan got a hand into Debbie’s hair before starting to spank her ass, looking it seemed to turn it the same shade of scarlet as her thong.


‘Fuck off bitch!’ Debbie complained as Toni’s hand kept beating out a steady rhythm on her ass while her thighs tested how much Debbie had left in the tank. The Texan had misjudged on that front though at least; Debbie had plenty of cunning left at least as she twisted Toni’s toes to great effect to escape the hold. She slapped Toni’s face too as she got clear of her legs and found herself able to grab Toni’s ankles, spreading them to deliver a stomp to the pit of her stomach. Toni groaned loudly as Debbie’s foot slammed into her belly, and Emma cheered her mother on as the older woman looked to keep up the attack. Bringing Toni to her feet, Debbie leapt at her to trap her in a body scissors as she stood at the centre of the ring. Debbie’s legs wrapped tightly around Toni’s waist while she had her arms around Toni’s head, pulling that forward painfully as she brought her thighs to bear on the Texan, a moan of pain suggesting that she had the hold well applied. Well enough certainly for referee Karen to take an interest now for a moment; then Toni dropped to her knees, slamming Debbie down hard to the mat as she did so. Tenaciously, despite the winding impact, Debbie held on to her combined hold, trying to re-establish the powerful scissors. Toni immediately set about forcing her way back to her feet, her power impressive as she lifted Debbie’s 149lbs with her. Making it back to her feet, she didn’t stay there for long, immediately plunging forward to drive Debbie back into the mats hard again. This time, her grip of the scissor hold weakened noticeable before she tried to rescue it once more. Toni started to force her way to her feet once more though and Debbie, feeling discretion was perhaps her best move now released the holds so that she remained on the mats.


Toni was on her feet standing over Debbie though and immediately dropped her butt down onto Debbie’s stomach, crushing the air from her body. ‘Nice try mommy’ Toni taunted the older brunette, adding ‘now I’m going to finish you off bitch!’ as she fought to control Debbie’s arms, pinning them to the mat above her head. Securing that, Toni sprung forward to sit squarely on Debbie’s face in a perfect face sit that I thought she probably planned to ride all the way to the stoppage. Her knees controlled Debbie’s arms now, leaving Toni’s hands free for mischief as she slapped at Debbie’s breasts beneath her. Debbie tried to fight back with whatever was at her disposal, swinging a knee to catch Toni in the back. ‘Try it again bitch’ Toni challenged Debbie, who had few other options at her disposal anyway; as she repeated the move, Toni grabbed her leg, pulling the older brunette into a folding face sit now. A tough position to be in after a tough match, and Debbie had no submission option as she struggled to find any kind of way to improve her situation. Toni rolled her hips, grinding her crotch into Debbie’s face as the English woman moaned and groaned in distress beneath her now. She was fading pretty fast in the hold it appeared, and Karen was starting to take a close interest, dropping to the mat to take a look at the older brunette now.


The stoppage looked to be coming only for Toni, on the verge of victory, to announce ‘I’m not done with her yet’ smiling in Emma’s direction as she said ‘time out’ and broke the hold returning to her corner. Mind games at their finest from the Texan fighter who was happy to forego a dominant position to get inside Emma’s head just a little bit more. Emma glared at Toni as she entered the ring to help Debbie back to the corner, hoping to get her back into the match. It looked like something of a forlorn task though as Debbie leaned against the ring post looking exhausted during the break. Too soon for the older brunette, she was called wearily back to the centre of the ring as Karen asked her what item of clothing she wished to take from Toni for the use of her time out. The choice was fairly simple; stockings and suspenders or panties, but Toni stepped in before Debbie made her choice. ‘Don’t worry ref, I’ll take the lot off’ she announced, stripping her thong and stockings off and placing them in the corner. Just the suspender belt remained at her waist, not protecting any of the Texan’s modesty as Karen instructed the two women to fight again. Now Toni circled Debbie, a predatory look on her face as she smiled confidently at the older woman, knowing that she had little left in the tank now.


That might have been true, but Debbie was a fighter at heart and she surprised Toni with a couple of slaps to the face before Toni brought her onto a knee to the stomach which quickly extinguished her fight in the final session of the match. Now with Debbie dropped to her knees, Toni had free reign to deliver a telling beat down, knowing that only Karen, the referee, could bring a halt to proceedings. Debbie steeled herself for the inevitable blows to start raining down on her body and was a little surprised to find Toni instead using the hair to drag her to her feet and throw her roughly across the ring instead. Debbie sprawled to a halt against the corner post and Toni rushed in to catch her with a knee to the body, crushing her body against the post as she slumped to the mat. Toni used the top rope now for leverage and balance as she placed a foot on Debbie’s throat now, threatening to choke her out with it as she did so. That wasn’t the Texan brunette’s final plan though; she hadn’t called her own time out and rendered herself naked to choke Debbie with her feet in the corner of the ring.

Instead, she used the hair now to bring Debbie wearily to her feet and lead her to a position right in the centre of the ring. Debbie screamed out as Toni lifted her into a body slam now, allowing her to anticipate the bone shaking impact with the mats for just a moment before planting her authoritatively at centre ring. Now Toni was in position for her planned finale; stepping over Debbie and quickly dropping in to roughly schoolgirl pin her. Toni grabbed Debbie’s arms now, battling briefly with the ailing English woman before she was able to pin her arms very firmly to the mat without a second thought, forcing Debbie to taste her naked pussy on her face as she settled heavily into her position. ‘Come on momma’ Toni taunted Debbie while locking eyed with Emma on the outside ‘what you got?’ she continued as she caused Debbie to gasp with her nails raking cruelly across her breasts. Then she used two handfuls of hair to make sure that Debbie was forced even deeper into the pussy smother there on the mats while Toni rolled her hips to grind her crotch hard on Debbie’s face. Her hands pinned uselessly to the mat high above her head tapped uselessly at the mat without avail, Toni under no obligation to release her. The Texan knew that Karen was taking more than a passing interest though and if she wanted to extend Debbie’s punishment further, she would have to allow the older woman a quick gasp of air. She did that as she switched positions smoothly into a reverse face sit, again settling heavily into place to make Debbie carry her full weight.


Debbie moaned and groaned beneath Toni’s butt, shrieked with pain as the Texan fighter’s nails dug into her sensitive breasts. She squirmed and bridged too, looking for an escape, but achieving little more than to tire herself out it seemed now. Toni could feel her energy draining beneath her as she hammered home a punch to the belly before grabbing a twisting and cruel stomach claw, a sharp finger nail plunged into Debbie’s belly button. Late in the match, and struggling for air, it was a cruel but very effective move, causing Debbie to complain loudly as she groaned ‘Ooooowwwwww……. please…….no……...Oooowwww!’


‘Not up to me momma bitch!’ Toni laughed, enjoying Debbie’s struggle beneath her, no intention of releasing the move at this point. ‘Mmmmffff’ Debbie moaned beneath her ‘I can’t fucking breathe bitch!’ she followed with, a desperate, almost pleading tone to her voice.


‘Breathe it in slag’ Toni taunted her in reply, rolling her hips and grinding her crotch on Debbie’s face once again, every roll of her body tightening the hold. Debbie was well and truly trapped now, and Toni revelled in her troubles as Karen again started to take a closer interest. A right hand slammed deep into Debbie’s body now as Toni upped the ante, determined to finish the British brunette off. In front of her daughter Emma too in a move designed to get right inside the champion’s head. Debbie shrieked out, albeit muffled by Toni’s ass as the Texan clawed her breasts once again now, imperiously in control as she stared directly at Emma again.


Get off me!’ Debbie moaned now ‘please……. I can’t breathe’ she continued, tailing off as Toni continued to attack, telling her to ‘shut your mouth if you can’t breathe bitch, that’ll help!’


‘I give up!’ Debbie tried now from beneath Toni’s smothering ass. ‘Not my call bitch!’ Toni helpfully reminded Debbie who bridged hard now to try a desperate last-ditch attempt at escape. That was a move that simply lead to more pain for her though as the tough Texan slid her hand inside Debbie’s thong, instantly drawing  a couple of shrieks of pain from the older woman, emptying her lungs and more or less putting her out at the behest of the Texan with her nude face sit. A perfectly timed stoppage from Karen was all that came between Debbie and being smothered out in the match, the referee stepping into end the match as she insisted on a quick, clean break at the end of the match.


‘Too bad’ Toni laughed as she got off Debbie, tearing the red thong from her exhausted body. ‘I was looking forward to smothering you out momma. I guess I’ll just have to make do with smothering out your ginger bitch daughter instead’ she said as she locked eyes with Emma at ringside once more.


‘In your dreams cunt!’ Emma shot back ‘give me one reason why I don’t come in there and kick your ass right now you slag!’ she challenged


‘Well…...first of all you’re shit scared of me bitch’ she matter of factly claimed setting Emma off as the auburn-haired champion looked to get between the ropes. ‘And secondly’ Toni continued ‘I’m not your opponent right now and I suggest you might want to keep your energy for her you stupid cow!’ Toni told her.


‘Fuck you bitch’ Emma spat at Toni as she now belatedly went to help Debbie ‘I’m ready for her right now, where is she bitch?’ Emma demanded.


‘Oh, she’ll be here in a couple of minutes, patience dear’ Toni smiled as she slipped out of the ring, putting on a robe as she headed out of the garage towards the door to see if her chosen opponent for Emma had arrived…...