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Caged Bitch Fight

By Wolfboy

Emma, Toni, and a caged battle for the Smythe Championship


The action had moved outside for the final fight of the evening, the title fight between Emma and Toni that the latter had won the right to in an uncompromising fight with Lady Amelia. There was plenty of history between Emma and Toni too, with Emma having defeated the tough Texan, literally in her back yard. After that, Toni had put together an impressive résumé and she had been looking for her rematch with Emma for some while now. Emma had been fine with the idea of a rematch, but with Smythe commitments delaying that, Toni had elected to thrust herself into that Smythe title picture to ensure her rematch. Add the two ‘No Way Out’ matches that the two women had fought against a fighter of the others choosing only a few days earlier, the way Toni had dealt a harsh defeat to Emma’s mother Debbie, and there was plenty of fuel already on the fire for this title defence.


The outdoor venue brought with it interesting possibilities; an MMA cage had been erected on the lawn of the Smythe Mansion, positioned carefully to be out of the view of prying eyes. There were no mats or canvas as the surface to fight on though, the floor of the cage was a patch of lightly watered lawn. Emma and I had checked it out earlier in the day to find that the grass offered a little give, but not a huge amount. With the cage totally open to the elements, both women were probably quite pleased that it was a relatively pleasant evening, warm enough and not particularly breezy with no rain forecast. Still, there was always the chance that the unpredictable British weather may elect to play a part in the match.


As challenger, Toni was the first fighter to enter the cage, seconded by her husband for this title match. She was there, waiting casually for Emma as we made the walk across the grounds to the cage as well. Toni looked confident and focussed, seemingly at home in the enclosed setting; Emma was hardly lacking in confidence either and she had fought previously in all manner of settings so a cage on a lawn was no big issue for her. Her opponent might be though; Toni had been on something of a tear recently and the match rules and setting were at her request, so she clearly fancied her chances in this particular type of match.


The rules seemed simple enough, no holds barred, no time limit and what Toni had called a ‘San Antonio Strip Fight’ in which the loser of a fall would lose an item of clothing. The best of 5 submissions rules meant that, in theory at least, both women could be naked by the end of the match for a deciding fall. I was also sure that both women planned to have dealt with the other long before it reached that stage. In keeping with the MMA cage venue, both ladies would start the match wearing MMA gloves as well, but in line with the rules, those gloves would be lost should a fighter lose two falls. I felt that was a double-edged sword to be honest as punching without the glove might offer more force on any impact, but might endanger the hands of the woman delivering the blow as well. Any thoughts of that were quickly put to one side though as the announcer called the matter at hand to order. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a San Antonio strip fight for the Smythe Championship. It is a best of 5 submissions, no holds barred match in which the loser of a fall loses an item of clothing’ he began. ‘First of all, our challenger, from Texas, this is Toni! Toni stands 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 150lbs and has a record of 31 wins and 7 defeats.’ Toni stepped forward to take the applause of the crowd and to reveal her fight outfit as she removed a long t-shirt; she wore wet look black booty shorts with a simple enough white crop top. Her finger nails were painted white and looked a potent weapon that Emma would need to be wary of as they contrasted nicely with her black MMA gloves. ‘And her opponent is the Smythe Champion, from the UK, this is Emma Baines. Emma is 5 feet 10 inches tall, 168lbs and has a record of 50 wins and 16 losses.’


With that, the announcer beat a hasty retreat from the cage as the referee delivered final instructions, and only then did Emma remove her t-shirt to show she wore a black G-string along with a lime green string bikini top, gloves to match in black with a tiny bit of lime green trim. The referee stepped back having finished off his final instructions, and the bell rang to start the match, sending an expectant buzz through the crowd gathered on the lawn. Both women, having already met once before were understandably a little wary in the opening moments though. Emma made some use of her height and reach advantage, using a fast but not overly powerful jab to paw at Toni from range. The Texan was measured in response, content to block and cover up in the opening exchanges, aware that she would need to get closer to respond effectively. Emma continued with her own cautious approach before she got through with a straight jab to the mouth, snapping Toni’s head back a little. A snap front kick landing to the stomach followed, sending Toni reeling back to the wall of the cage and Emma was on her quickly, left hand laced through her brunette hair as she gripped the cage with it and looked to work away with some hard shots to the body. Toni blocked well against those, keeping her arms low in defence, and then she surprised Emma with a knee to th stomach that forced her to step back a little. She regained control as she back handed Toni across the face though, and the tough Texan reeled to her left, under a little pressure as the crowd cheered Emma on. Once more Emma grabbed the hair, banging the back of Toni’s head off the cage before using the grip of the cage through the hair to hold Toni in place. Emma worked to the body again, mostly finding the tight defence of the brunette once more, but she caught her well with an uppercut to the right breast, drawing a yelp of pain from Toni.


The pain intensified for the Texan too as Emma grabbed her right breast in a maul through her white crop top, twisting and squeezing painfully. Toni wasn’t about to take that for long though, flashing her fingers across Emma’s eyes to break free, and forcing the champion to blink furiously, looking to clear her vision. She didn’t quite manage that in time as Toni measured her for a right hand to the jaw; a powerful enough blow, but unseen by Emma, it added to the impact, dropping her to a knee momentarily. Toni grabbed a front face lock as Emma rose, only to find Emma’s power seemingly telling as she lifted Toni and ran her back hard to the cage wall. Toni’s back absorbed the impact with the unforgiving cage, and she took the initiative back surprisingly with a knee straight up between Emma’s breasts and a clubbing elbow across the shoulders. Emma, on both knees, was trapped again in the headlock and Toni took the chance to fire in three rapid kicks to the pit of her stomach before ratchetting up on the headlock to try and grind Emma down with a debilitating choke.

 Now Toni rose to her full height, increasing the pressure with the front head lock and Emma groaned in some discomfort as the Texan fighter bore down upon her. Emma got to one knee, looking to force her way to her feet knowing that there, her height advantage would start to negate the hold. She measured Toni for a right hand to the ribs that rattled the tough brunette’s body as she tried to keep control. Emma measured her again, a second right hand landing to the same spot, but as Toni broke the front headlock, a cruel nail rake up Emma’s back drew a surprised shriek of pain. Emma’s back arched involuntarily from that and Toni used a well-timed knee strike between the breasts to put Emma on her back, down in the grass. Toni took up a position just behind Emma now, in a blind spot, waiting patiently for Emma to rise at which point, she leapt up on to her back to trap her in a tight sleeper hold. One arm wrapped in tight around Emma’s throat, her other wrapped in her auburn hair for extra grip, and Toni had Emma well trapped. The look of surprise on Emma’s face was evident as she lurched across the cage, carrying th e150lb Texan on her back. It was a shrewd move from Toni who yelled in Emma’s ear to ‘submit, slut!’ as she worked the sleeper in ever tighter. Emma was in trouble; I could see it in her eyes but she was fighting it, knowing that she couldn’t afford to go to the ground. Her legs wobbled a little though as Toni cranked her head left and then right, ragging it around as the sleeper increasingly took its toll.


Then Emma did go to ground, but not in the way that Toni had hoped. No, rather than go down under the influence of the sleeper, she plunged backwards, driving Toni hard into the unforgiving grass surface. That broke the sleeper, and as both women lay winded for a moment, it seemed to have put fall one back in the balance. Emma was pretty determined to tip that balance more firmly in her favour now, as she was first to her feet, grabbing Toni’s hair before a knee to the side of the face dropped the Texan immediately. Both women were had hitting in an uncompromising opening and Emma continued that theme, lifting Toni from the grass with a handful of hair and a handful of shorts. She clamped a bearhug on her, immediately lifting her feet clear of the grass; Emma wasn’t using it to squeeze out a submission though, instead lifting and running Toni’s back hard in to the cage wall. Toni moaned loudly on impact while Emma set her feet and lit the brunette’s body up with a series of hard body punches that took their toll, sending Toni sliding down the cage wall. She was in some trouble it seemed as Emma leaned her curvaceous body into Toni against the cage, smothering her as she pressed her stomach into her face, but then it was Emma who shrieked in pain as Toni sunk her teeth into her belly. Emma tried to get clear, but Toni wasn’t about to release her molar maul on Emma, not until she had also secured a crotch grab at least that kept Emma’s attention long enough to allow Toni to her feet. There, a head butt to Emma’s breasts sent her reeling back across the cage, and Toni took full advantage, following her quickly to level the still off-balance auburn-haired champion with a stiff clothesline.


Toni kicked hard to the body of Emma before dragging the champion back to her feet for a vicious backhand to the face. Again, Emma was sent reeling from that blow and Toni used a waist lock to quickly run her back into the wall of the cage, hard. Emma absorbed that blow as best she could, grabbing Toni in a clinch to try and thwart any immediate follow up, but Toni was able to land with a couple of knees to the body. The knees were sapping blows that could drain a fighter’s energy quickly and Emma was forced to push her away instead, eating a slap to the face as she did so. With the fight back at a bit of distance though, suddenly Emma’s height and reach advantage came back into play and a couple of authoritative jabs rocked the head of the Texan who was surprised to find herself on the back foot. Out of range, Toni could do little but cover up and wait for Emma to stray into range, but Emma was side that that, content to work at range and regather her thoughts for a moment. Toni looked to close in now, but a stiff slap to the cheek stopped her and now Emma landed a kick to the body, straight and hard, that sent her back into the cage again. The crowd buzzed with excitement as the tough first fall continued with Emma closing in on Toni against the cage; Toni struck back though with a kick of her own, narrowly blocked by Emma as the two fighters fell into an untidy clinch against the mesh wall of the cage.


Again, in the clinch, it was Toni who did the damage, with a couple of knees to the body before she attempted one straight up into the pussy. Emma blocked that, absorbing the blow with her thigh before a shriek of pain from Toni showed that Emma had trapped her in a standing stomach claw. Effectively too it seemed as Toni cried out in pain again, but the tough Texan was able to land with a big uppercut to the jaw that rocked Emma again and Toni was quick to grab the hair and use the grip to switch Emma’s back to the cage. Again, it was a knee from Toni that did its damage first, right up into the belly; Emma gasped on impact as the air was driven from her lungs. A second knee lift, this time up into the breasts as Emma doubled forward slightly didn’t help her case either. Toni felt that her knees were having the desired effect, weakening Emma a little although the Texan fighter switched attack for a moment to deliver a stinging flat handed slap to the breasts. Emma groaned, looking to cover up and protect her body now only to find that she was switched to be face first against the cage, a perfect target for two hard kidney punches from Toni. The Texan now looked to have fall one going her way as she raked her fingernails down Emma’s back, drawing an anguished cry of pain from my wife as she took her punishment there against the cage wall. Toni went to the hair, trying to slam Emma’s face into the wall of the cage, but Emma blocked and fired back, a weak back elbow to the chest that was just enough to force Toni off her momentarily. Emma turned, looking to come off the cage, but a snap kick to the body forced her to her knees in front of the Texan who wasted no time in delivering a second kick, this time lashed across her breasts, to knock Emma on to her back down in the grass.


Emma was in deep trouble as Toni grabbed both ankles, spreading her legs before delivering a stomp to the belly, then maintaining the grip of her ankles, she flipped Emma onto her front into what quickly became a single leg boston crab. Emma cried out in pain now, clawing at the grass, as she desperately looked to break free of the submission attempt. Toni had control though and she expertly stopped Emma’s attempts to escape before delivering three rapid-fire chops to the pussy that really took the fight from Emma. Then the brunette sat back, increasing the torque on Emma’s back, setting in to force the submission which Emma, well trapped, could only deny for a few seconds longer before crying out ‘I submit!’ to give Toni fall one in relatively short order. The strip fight nature of the rules meant that Emma was going to lose an item of clothing now, but Toni dealt with that for her, wrenching the lime green bikini top from her body and carrying it back to her own corner with her. Emma returned to her own corner minus her top and also minus a little bit of her pre-fight confidence following the first fall.


So far, the contest had been fought largely in an upright, striking style, and with her well delivered knees and kicks, it had clearly suited Toni. Emma was breathing a little hard already, the reddening marks on her stomach and ribs testament to those effective, sapping blows that Toni had delivered well so far. ‘Relax’ I told Emma as she arrived in the corner topless. ‘slow your breathing down, deep breaths’ I said as I looked to maximise my impact in the one minute between the rounds. ‘She’s killing you with her knees at the moment Em’ I told her ‘try to keep it at range if you can. That suits you, and if you can, get her down, make it more of a wrestling catfight if you can.’ I suggested.


‘She’s just so accurate with the knees Steve’ Emma told me ‘lands them just right each time. I need to get her down if I can’ she continued ‘you’re right, that has to be the best tactic.’


There was little time for more than that as the referee called the second session of the fight to start, and I was pleased to see Emma keeping Toni at distance in the early going. Using her height advantage, she used jabs and slaps to the body, breasts and face to keep Toni just out of range. Indeed, the Texan’s counters just fell short of the mark as she found herself thwarted, frustrated by Emma. Forced to give ground beneath the steady attacks of Emma, Toni took care to make sure that she didn’t get trapped with her back against the cage as she circled carefully. Emma slashed her nails viciously across Toni’s stomach now and as the Texan cried out in pain, she took that as her cue to look to take the brunette down only to take another knee lift up into the body to stop her. Emma scrambled clear now, not wanting to give Toni the chance to press home with more knee lifts and the match went back to range for the moment. Toni now looked a little more authoritative as she landed a couple of jabs to Emma’s breasts.


Emma’s guard dropped slightly, almost imperceptibly, but it was just enough to allow Toni to slap her hard, forcing her to eat two rapid-fire slaps to the face. It brought Toni on to her though and grabbing a handful of brunette hair, Emma was able to reel Toni into a side headlock, quickly firing a right hand up into her face to stun the tough Texan. In response, Toni looked to rush Emma back to the cage, successfully in part as Emma’s back struck the unforgiving wall but it wasn’t enough to break her grip. In fact, Toni found herself in a worsening predicament as Emma now pulled her face into her breasts, looking for a standing smother while she carefully grapevined Toni’s right leg to prevent any knee strikes. Emma adjusted her grip slightly making sure the brunette’s face was positioned right in her breasts, and she settled in to position for a long smother, knowing it would weaken Toni even if it wouldn’t force a submission. Toni wasn’t about to take that lightly though, grabbing Emma’s long auburn hair with her left hand and grabbing the mesh of the cage through it. That caused Emma no immediate concern as she told Toni to ‘get off my fucking hair bitch!’ before firing a right hand into her face and repositioning her for the smother once more. Toni didn’t relinquish her grip though, but it still wasn’t particularly troublesome for Emma who was confident as she maintained the smother, and Toni was forced to endure the hold with her face turned just enough to the side to prevent the full effect of the smother. Because of that, Emma realised that the smother wasn’t quite going to get the job done, and she surprised Toni, turning her loose only to rock her with a big uppercut that dropped the Texan at her feet.


Now Emma lashed a kick at the chest of her opponent only to be surprised herself as Toni blocked it, trapping the leg and looking to twist Emma’s foot into some sort of ankle lock. Only a couple of frantic kicks as she fell to the ground from Emma managed to get her foot free from Toni’s grasp, and both women rolled clear of the other, getting to their feet to resume battle. Emma flexed her ankle, checking for damage as Toni tested her body with a snap kick, catching her a glancing blow to the belly. Emma skipped clear lightly enough though, suggesting that her ankle was fine and both women continued to probe at range with an increasing number of catty nail drags across the skin starting to mark both bodies up. Emma screeched in pain as Toni caught her with a slap and nail drag to her right breast, but she fired back with a straight right hand directly between Toni’s breasts forcing the Texan back. The space between the two tempted Emma to look to take Toni down, trying to tackle her around the legs, but Toni was able to resist that effort, and with Emma now on her knees in front of her, she struck with a crunching elbow smash to the top of Emma’s head, A crushing blow, Emma groaned loudly, weakened and dazed by the cruel strike as Toni immediately took advantage, taking a front choke before Emma fell to the grass, Emma’s head tucked in tightly beneath her right arm. Then she dropped back to the grass, driving Emma’s head into the ground as she snapped her legs shut tightly around Emma’s body. Toni’s legs were an impressive weapon of hers; long, slender and shapely, they packed surprising power as Emma was discovering now while they put the squeeze on her. A more immediate problem for her though was the choke; Toni had her forehead pressed firmly to the ground, arm in tight around the throat and she was being forced to fight for air. Toni had one hand free too, using it to pull on the back of Emma’s skimpy G-string, forcing it high up her back as Emma’s moans of pain grew increasingly desperate. With a flourish, Toni tore the G-string from Emma’s body now, announcing ‘it was mine when the bitch submits in a moment anyway!’ Then she straightened her legs, increasing the pressure of the scissor hold that sawed into Emma’s body, drawing a long, anguished groan of pain from Emma. Emma resisted submission, but she complained ‘I can’t breathe!’ as Toni drew another cry of pain with a nail rake up her back. Then the brunette dipped her head forward, sinking her teeth into Emma’s shoulder blade in a move that just added to the pain Emma was already feeling. Against the ailing champion moaned ‘I can’t breathe!’ and a smile spread across Toni’s face as she knew she had her; tightening the scissor hold once more, cranking on the choke hold and Emma was forced to tap out again, dropping to a two submissions to zero deficit. One more submission would give the title to the Texan fighter who had seemed to have Emma’s number at every turn so far.


Worse for Emma too, as Toni released the choke hold and Emma got to her knees, it was clear that the vicious elbow strike, catching Emma much as Yulia had in their recent battle, had cut her above the hairline. Not disastrously so, but there was a steady flow of blood as she came back to the corner, her right eye blinded a little by the blood running into it. Sitting her down, I got my hands in to her hair immediately looking for the cut to staunch it. ‘Don’t worry Em’ I told her ‘you head bleeds a lot, the cut is nothing major, you’re fine’ I said as I located the cut which was, indeed, nothing major. I focussed my efforts on stopping the cut while telling her that she was still in this battle with the touch Texan brunette. I wasn’t sure she entirely believed it, but she returned for fall three completely naked to take on Toni who had yet to lose an item of clothing in this strip fight. Unsurprisingly then, it was the Texan who looked confident as fall three started, rushing Emma and confidently bullying her back to the cage wall where another knee lift to the belly quickly took its toll on Emma who sagged visibly against the cage wall. Toni slapped her face now before going to a waist lock, looking to hold Emma there, grinding her back into the rough unforgiving cage wall. It was clever from the wily Texan, knowing that the cage would aggravate the scratch marks her nails had already left on Emma’s back, but it put her in a slightly compromised position. She may have been struggling in the fight, but Emma wasn’t going to miss out on an opening, quickly driving an elbow down between the brunette’s shoulder blades, dropping her to her knees. Toni still clung to the waistlock, and Emma made her pay for it now, raking her eyes before driving a knee between her breasts to knock her on to her back. Emma lunged for the brunette, landing on top of her as the two ladies tangled in a catball there on the grassy floor of the cage. Both women got on top at various times as the action took this much cattier turn, hands wrapped in each other’s hair, legs entwined, bodies pressed tightly together.


Toni looked briefly to have gained the upper hand, trapping Emma on her back and delivering an eye watering slap to the face. Emma put together one more huge effort to roll the brunette beneath her though, and with her there she used a double handful of hair to bounce the back of Toni’s head off the grassy surface. That dazed the Texan and Emma used a knee to the pussy to stop her from looking to fight back, immediately springing forward to attempt the naked face sit. Toni blocked that, arms folded high on her chest as Emma pressed her thighs and stomach into them, looking to force them above her head. The brunette resisted that strongly though, so Emma reached back to deliver a hard punch to the stomach before sliding both hands inside Toni’s top, using her nails to good effect on the brunette’s breasts. ‘Aaaaggggh! Fuck off cunt!’ Toni told Emma who redoubled her efforts to rip Toni’s breasts off and it seemed as if she might force the Texan to a submission quickly in this third fall. Indeed, the breast maul was taking its toll, forcing Toni to break off her defence of the face sit to grab for Emma’s arms and instantly the Texan fighter regretted it as Emma quickly completed the face sit, a handful of hair making sure that Toni got a good taste of naked pussy. Toni had been ready for the face sit though, surprising Emma with her flexibility as she wrapped her legs tightly around Emma and used then to force the surprised champion off her.


Now Emma found herself in a terrible position, back flat on the grass with her legs up in the air in a position perhaps best described as if Toni had delivered a pro wrestling sunset flip to her. Pro wrestling was the last thing on Toni’s mind though as she spotted her opportunity for victory with the perfect target right in front of her. Emma let out an anguished cry of ‘No!’ as Toni clamped a hand between her thighs, attacking her with a crotch claw that was as nasty as it was brilliantly timed. Emma looked trapped, nowhere to go, with an opponent that was on the verge of taking her title, something Toni was quick to point out as Emma screamed out a mixture of pain and defiance once more.


‘Your title is coming back to Texas you ginger bitch!’ Toni announced gleefully, convinced that her well applied pussy claw had the match about to end in her favour. I couldn’t really see any other outcome either in all honesty; Toni had looked to have Emma’s number from the start in the fight. As Emma lay there, flat on her back, auburn hair arrayed wildly around her head like a sunset on the grass, her hands covered the anguished look on her face. Toni worked her fingers once more, deeper inside her, drawing a guttural shriek of pain from Emma. But she fought back, surprising Toni as she suddenly wrapped her legs tightly around the brunette’s head in a tight head scissors that tilted the balance of the match once more. Toni released her claw hold now, perhaps failing to realise that if she had been able to keep it on, it might still have won her the match. Instead, she tried to grab for Emma’s ankles to break the scissor hold, unsuccessfully too and Emma took full advantage with a tight grip of her hair to make sure she wasn’t getting out of the scissor easily. Emma looked to roll her now, using her powerful thighs to slowly force Toni flat on her back. She tightened her hold too, switching it to a figure four face sit now, hand tightly wrapped in Toni’s hair as she pulled the protesting brunette fighter deeper into the pussy smother.


‘Now you give up bitch!’ she told Toni who responded by trying to swing her legs up to wrap them around Emma’s body again. Emma was waiting on it this time though, batting her legs away and reaching back to immediately hammer three punches deep into Toni’s stomach. That was a tough one for the Texas tough girl to take, and trapped well in the smother she was fading fast. Emma told her once more ‘give it up bitch!’ and despite looking to bridge free, Toni was forced to admit that she was well and truly beaten in this fall, letting out a muffled cry of ‘I submit’ to put Emma just about back in the fight. Emma came back to the corner looking a little more confident now that she had registered a submission at least. She certainly no longer wore the surprised look that she had returned to the corner with at the end of the second round, bleeding from a cut to her head. Now that seemed to be under control and she was back in the fight; over in the opposite corner, Toni was removing her top, a look of determination set on her face. She knew she had been close to getting the win with the crotch claw at the end of the third fall only to succumb to Emma’s perfectly executed scissor hold and smother.


The minute between falls just gave me chance to let Emma know to watch out for a potential quick start from the tough Texan woman who looked to be simmering with anger in her corner. I suspected her anger might carry her on to a furious start to round 4. We would find out quickly enough as the referee called the start of the round and both women returned to action, cautiously too I was surprised to see with Emma and Toni circling at range, both occasionally skipping in to deliver a fierce slap to the other woman’s face. The pace remained slow and cautious through the first minute of the match though, both women perhaps sensing that they were at a pivotal point in the contest. Cautious or not, both women spotted their openings now focussing attacks on each other’s breasts as the catty nature of the match increased a notch. Slaps to the breasts were converted to nail drags by both women; Emma landed a straight punch to Toni’s right breast as well which seemed to put the brunette on the back foot. Being cautious though, Emma didn’t really press home that advantage with the match remaining at distance. Emma reached for the hair, trying to reel Toni into a side headlock. Toni ducked that attempt, exploding from the crouched position with an uppercut to the ribs that took the wind out of Emma for a moment.


Now Toni showed less caution, looking to rush Emma back to the cage where she would try to deliver another knee to the stomach. Emma had grown wise to that tactic though now, and although she absorbed some of the blow still, she trapped Toni’s leg against her body keeping the Texan off balance on one leg. Now Emma struck, a head butt to the breasts of her opponent that sent Toni off balance, sprawling to the grass as Emma followed her to deliver a stiff kick to the ribs. Toni’s yelp of pain from that was clearly audible, Emma’s foot landing hard on her body; she kept rolling, looking to get clear, but Emma was on her, stalking her across the cage. As Toni rose, she did so into Emma’s clutches as she took a front headlock before lifting Toni as if to slam her. Instead she ran Toni’s back into the cage hard before dropping her unceremoniously there, close to the mesh wall. Standing back just a step, Emma launched an elbow drop at Toni, hitting her hard across the breasts. Then securing a handful of hair as she did so, Emma was able to get Toni trapped in a rear body scissors and sleeper hold combination. It was tightly applied too, Emma’s thighs cutting into the brunette’s body while her heels were digging into her crotch adding to the pain. The sleeper hold was on well too, a handful of hair in the mix seeming to guarantee no easy way out for the Texan who groaned loudly as she refused Emma’s first invitation to submit. From across the cage, it seemed to me that Toni might just have her chin tucked in enough to resist the worst of the sleeper, but Emma flexed her magnificent thighs and Toni cried out in pain.


The tough challenger may have been in trouble, but she was resilient and already looking for a way to fight back. Her hands groped blindly for targets, nails raking at Emma’s thighs before finding another target in Emma’s right breast which she gleefully latched on to causing Emma to shriek in pain. Emma broke the sleeper to prise Toni’s hand off her breast now, stopping the tit torture as she cruelly twisted Toni’s thumb. Then as Toni wrung her hand, feeling the pain there, Emma went back to the sleeper hold, seemingly content to settle in for the submission if she could grind it out of Toni. In the midst of the tit attack, Toni had been able to twist her upper body a little to be able to see Emma better, but as she still fought the pain burning in her hand, it was difficult to see how she would escape without submission. Emma poured on the power now, flexing her big, strong thighs to crush the challenger’s body once more, and the moans of pain her thighs were able to elicit from Toni seemed to grow inexorably in intensity. Toni was still hanging in though, refusing to submit as she looked for her way out, one which she found, surprising Emma as she flashed her fingers across her eyes, a crude but effective nail rake getting the job done for her.


Still between Emma’s legs, but no longer trapped, Toni sprang into action to deliver a quick one two punch combination to Emma’s jaw with her gloved fists. It was enough to daze Emma as Toni shrugged her legs off; then Toni sunk her long white finger nails into both of Emma’s breasts, returning her quickly to her senses as she let out a scream of pain while Toni used the grip to bring her to her feet. There, Toni struck with a kick to the stomach, driving the air from Emma’s body once again as she fell back to the grass. A soccer style kick to the body followed, Toni making sure that Emma stayed winded down on the grassy cage floor. Emma wasn’t down for long though, Toni using the hair to force her to her feet where she used that handful of hair to simply drive the top of Emma’s head into the cage wall. Emma was trapped against the cage too, dazed as she was, and Toni took full advantage with a cruel shot to the kidneys before she spun Emma round and latched on to both breasts in a double maul as she used her body to lean into Emma and hold her there against the cage wall. ‘No! I won’t!’ Emma spat defiantly as Toni invited her to submit; the Texan responded with a cruel twist of Emma’s breasts though, drawing another cry of pain from my wife. She was in trouble but looked to fight back with a knee to the body which caught Toni a glancing blow that she was able to take without too many problems.


It seemed that Toni didn’t want to take too many chances though, spinning Emma round so that she was chest first to the cage. Again, Toni forced her body into Emma’s, pressing her hard into the mesh wall which dug into her breasts hard. Toni snaked a hand over Emma’s shoulder, digging those long white nails into the top of her right breast. At the same time, she reached for a crotch claw with the other hand and a guttural cry of pain from Emma suggested that had been pretty effective too. It seemed to be the climax of the match perhaps with Toni looking to have Emma totally trapped against the cage. ‘Your title is coming to Texas with me, cunt!’ she taunted Emma, confident that she had her now. ‘Nooooo!’ Emma moaned in defiance, but again, Toni’s fingers expertly drew another anguished shriek of pain that suggested all Emma could do was hold out as long as possible and hope for an error from Toni. But she was a fighter at heart, and a desperate back elbow to the body caught Toni painfully, and much to everyone’s surprise, forced a momentary break from the Texan. It appeared to be brief respite for Emma though, Toni recovering the quicker and using Emma’s flowing auburn hair she was able to drive the top of her head into the cage once more. Again, Toni pressed Emma into the cage, the mesh fence cutting its pattern in to Emma’s curvaceous body before Toni hammered two hard fists into her lower back. Emma groaned; she was getting softened up thoroughly by the brunette who held the upper hand now, spinning Emma around to quickly lash her nails across her breasts. Emma grabbed for Toni’s hair and looked to whip a punch low into the Texan’s crotch in reply, but she was thwarted, Toni being a step ahead and taking the punch on the thigh.


Emma did have a double handful of hair though, using it to force Toni’s head back, but in turn, that left her wide open for the Texan fighter to strike with a right hand to the belly. Then Toni pushed her arms up inside Emma’s grip, grabbing the hair herself to bang the back of her head into the cage. The steady yet constant beatdown seemed to be taking its toll now as Toni was able to force Emma’s hands from her hair before delivering a slap to the face and another of those well-placed knees to the body. The knee landed perfectly in the reddening mark made by all of the knees Toni had landed, and Emma felt it drive the air from her once more, as it dropped her to a knee in front of Toni. The brunette wasn’t going to miss the chance to punish Emma further as she found herself grabbed in a weak bearhug by Emma, and she drove another cruel elbow down into the top of Emma’s head, sending her crumpling to the grass dazed. Now Toni reached down, a hand in the hair pulling Emma’s face from the ground as she taunted her, right in her face as she said ‘it’s over cunt! Your title is coming back home with me!’ before delivering a stinging slap to the face to drop Emma again. Toni looked to have everything going her way now as she slowly peeled Emma from the grass once more, giving her just a second to gain her bearings on her feet, before she dropped to a knee to deliver a cruel, straight punch to the crotch that would have dropped Emma had the brunette not caught her. Toni had plans to drop Emma her way instead, lifting the ailing champion to deliver a big body slam hard on the unforgiving grassy surface. That might well have driven all of the fight from most women but as Toni went back to the hair, she was surprised as Emma shot a right hand low to her belly, backing the Texan up. Toni came in again, this time taking a lunging head butt to the belly to her continued surprise as Emma looked to mount an unlikely comeback.


A third time, Emma would lunge with the head butt, but now Toni was wise to her plan and was waiting on her, catching the headbutt with a well-placed knee that put Emma back down dazed. Now the brunette was back in her hair, forcing her out of the grass to slide a hand between Emma’s strong thighs, lifting her to deliver an across the knee back breaker that drew a cry of pain from Emma as she felt the impact of knee on lower back. Toni pushed her off her knee to the grassy floor with some disdain now, perhaps feeling that the backbreaker had taken the last bit of fight out of Emma. She stood now, straddling Emma’s body as she lay, face down, on the floor, waiting for the time to strike which came as Emma stirred, almost reaching all fours before Toni dropped all of her weight, butt first, onto her lower back. Emma was driven back into the ground, had no defence as Toni hooked both of her arms over her knees, and with a double handful of hair, trapped Emma in a slightly modified camel clutch!


As she did so, it was clear that Toni’s brutal elbow strike had opened up the cut once more, a trickle of blood running down the side of Emma’s face. She was in big trouble as she let out a moan of pain, desperately kicking her legs but finding no movement in Toni’s position at all. Now the Texan reached to maul Emma’s breasts for a moment, drawing one last show of defiance as she demanded Emma’s submission. ‘Fuck you bitch!’ Emma spat out in response, determined not to give up her belt easily.


‘It’s over bitch!’ Toni sneered in response, adding ‘but it’s fine if you don’t want to submit, how about I put you out instead cunt?’


With that, the tough Texan released the breast maul, instead maintaining the camel clutch with Emma’s arms hooked across her knees and wrapped Emma’s head up in a tightly applied sleeper hold. ‘Nnnnggghhhhhh!’ Emma groaned immediately, feeling Toni’s arms wrap tightly around her throat as she secured the grip with a hand wrapped in Emma’s hair for good measure. ‘Submit cunt!’ Toni spat at her as she cranked hard on the sleeper hold, Emma’s moans no more a whimper beneath the concerted onslaught of the brunette who smiled, knowing that she had her now. Emma knew it too, one last, desperate, kick of the legs proving unable to move her Texan tormentor at all, and she started to tap on Toni’s arms as the referee took a greater interest. ‘What’s that, cunt?’ Toni asked, demanding ‘say it!’ and in response, Emma weakly groaned ‘I submit!


Now the referee demanded the break, Toni only too happy to comply, rushing to the arms of her husband to celebrate the victory as she received the Smythe title belt to a generous reception from the surprised crowd. She gathered up Emma’s discarded outfit too, returning to stand over her in the centre of the cage as she told Emma and anyone else who was listening ‘your outfit is coming back home with me to go in my trophy cabinet bitch!’ Then she turned to address the crowd, and in particular Lady Amelia. ‘This belt is coming with me, back to Texas. I’ll be a fighting champion, but I’m fighting at home, not here. So, send me your best challengers, and I’ll send them back to you like her’ she finished, gesturing to Emma before she left the cage with the spoils of her victory.