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The First Line of Defence

By Wolfboy

Toni makes her first defence of the Smythe Title in her own back garden


Following our watching of Sara’s impressive return to action as she mauled and milked Kate in the dirt pit fight, there was plenty of incentive for Emma to return to action. That she would do the following week in the long-awaited match arranged for by Staci Goulding. First though, we both travelled to Texas to take in Toni’s first title defence of the Smythe Championship. As she had promised, Toni was going to be a fighting champion, accepting a mandatory title defence here. She had promised that she would follow this up with a further, voluntary, title defence should she prove to be victorious here, and that was pencilled in for just a few weeks later. She just loved to fight, and the first woman given the task of testing her title credentials would be a young British professional wrestler, Anna Silverton. Platinum haired blonde, athletic and glamourous, Anna could turn heads anywhere in the world. Her ability as a top level catfighter was less clear, but it was likely that her athleticism would test Toni in some ways at least.


As Toni had promised, she would defend the title at home in Texas in this first defence. In this case, at home really did mean at home too as the fight would take place, in front of a modest invited crowd, in her backyard, wrestling mats laid out on the grass in the midst of an aromatic herb garden. The mandatory defence would be fought under best of 3 submissions rules without time limit. Anna had requested no attacks with a closed fist or elbow to the face, something that Toni had expressed her disappointment with, wanting to fight no holds barred in her first title defence, but she had reluctantly agreed to the rules in the end.


Making an extra ‘big fight feel’ of the weekend, Toni had even arranged for there to be a pre-fight weigh in on the evening before the fight. Taking to the scales first, Anna had tipped the scales at exactly 140lbs, a weight that was on the edge of qualifying her for the lightweight division. Still, the platinum haired pro wrestler looked the part; toned, athletic, physically strong. She had the tools to trouble the champion who had tipped the scales at 152lbs, giving her a weight advantage that didn’t seem insurmountable but that might be problematic for Anna at least. The blonde wrestler rounded off the evening with a bit of innocently unsuspecting flirting with Toni’s husband who would of course be acting as her second in the match tomorrow evening. Toni noticed it, and despite a building anger in her, she kept it to herself for now; on the mats tomorrow evening was the place she would look to use the anger to propel herself to victory.


The following evening, the crowd of around 100 gathered in Toni’s garden to watch the Texan make her first defence of the Smythe Championship. A one fight undercard had been arranged, two local women fighting hard for 20 minutes that saw one of them run out as a 1-0 victor. Then it was time for the main event of the evening and Anna was first to appear on the mats. She was barefoot, preferring that to wearing her wrestling boots for catfight action it seemed. She wore a pair of shimmering footless tights beneath a pair of short black hotpants trimmed with a broad silver stripe down the side of each leg. Rounding out her outfit was a long-sleeved crop top in lime green with a black strip down each sleeve, a keyhole opening at the front displaying her cleavage. Anna strode confidently on to the mats, heading for her corner with another pro wrestler, Paula Jones, in tow to act as her second. I fancied that the lack of catfight experience in Anna’s corner might be something of a problem for her in a tough match.


Holding on to that thought though, Anna was quickly joined on the mats by Toni who, as the home town girl, received a more enthusiastic reception from the crowd. Toni had elected to keep it simple for her outfit, choosing a fairly basic red bikini; a thong bottom which was trimmed in royal blue combined with a red halter neck top. Toni looked well at home, unsurprising perhaps as she was literally at home, fighting in her back yard here. It was her first title defence though, and despite the relatively private setting, she had all of the trappings of a title fight to contend with. There was an expectant crowd, a little bit of official organisation, complete with a referee and an announcer from the Smythe catfight organisation. Perhaps most importantly, there was the title belt itself, currently draped over her shoulder as she stood in her corner, chatting to her husband as she waited for the match to get underway.


It was the announcer who took control of proceedings first as he started ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a catfight for the Smythe catfight championship. It is the best of three submissions with no time limit and no holds barred other than punches and elbows to the face. There will be a two-minute break between submissions. Now introducing the challenger, from England, Anna Silverton. Anna is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 140lbs, and measures 36C-25-37. She is 26 years old and has a catfight record of 15 wins and 2 losses.’ As the crowd applauded the platinum blonde, stepped on to the mats, flashing her lime green painted nails for all to see. ‘And her opponent is the current Smythe Catfighting champion, from Texas, Toni. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 152lbs and has a catfight record of 32 wins and 7 losses.’ Now it was Toni who flashed sharp looking nails to the crowd, painted alternately red and royal blue. There was little doubt that she knew how to use them either as she now fixed her opponent, Anna, with a steely glare from across the mats. Emma and I both fancied that there was some real intent in Toni to make Anna pay for her seemingly innocent flirting with her husband when the action got underway.


The referee sent both women back to their corners before instructing them to fight, and the Texan’s first title defence was underway, badly too for her as Anna struck her fast with a lightning quick slap to the face and pulled the surprised Texan into a grinding side headlock. Anna looked to keep it to wrestling in the early going too, working the headlock in tightly before she placed her foot in the back of Toni’s right knee, forcing the brunette down to her knees. Anna’s powerful headlock was added to instantly now as she used her height advantage to bear down on Toni. The Texan looked to be in a spot of early trouble as Anna tried to punish her, but the champion put those red and blue nails to good use, slashing them across the blonde’s body, drawing a shriek of surprised pain from Anna as she turned the headlock loose. Another slap to the face landed though, surprising Toni with the blonde’s fast hands, but as Toni slashed another nail rake across Anna’s body, she was deterred from any kind of follow up. That got the tough brunette back to her feet, and Anna was forced to circle with Toni who was keeping her hands held high to block any more of those fast slaps that Anna had unleashed in the early going. The platinum blonde pro wrestler thought she would work to the body instead now, but crouching low to try that brought her into Toni’s grasp for the first time.

A handful of Anna’s flowing mane of platinum blonde hair was perfect to allow Toni to pull her on to a knee lift to the face. Punches and elbows may have been illegal but nothing had mentioned knees, and Toni was more than happy to use one to take some of the spirit out of Anna’s early performance. As Anna dropped to all fours, Toni viciously raked the bare skin of her back, starting with her nails just under the waistband of the blonde’s hotpants and finishing by forcing her crop top up her back a quarter of an inch. Anna screamed out in pain, finding Toni’s style of catfighting not to her liking. Angry red furrows were visible on the lightly tanned skin of her back as Toni dropped to her knees to deliver an elbow across her back to knock the blonde flat on her face down on the mat. Toni got back to her feet, rearing her foot back to sink a kick deep into the blonde’s ribs now, and Anna rolled across the mat, groaning in pain from Toni’s uncompromising early attacks.


Now Toni continued her attack on the younger blonde, forcing her to her feet with a rough handful of hair before driving a knee up into Anna’s body. She maintained the grip of the hair to, forcing Anna to remain upright long enough to take a straight fingered thrust to the underside of her still covered breasts. Toni released the hair, allowing Anna to drop to her knees where she half slapped, half pushed her in the face to put her on to her back on the mat. Toni quickly dropped an elbow across Anna’s chest, driving the point of her elbow in to the blonde’s right breast. Anna tried to roll away holding her breast, as Toni got off her, but the tough Texan ripped her back onto her back by the hair and took a pace back to give her the space for her next move. She took to the air for a big splash, but now Anna showed that she was still in the fight as she rolled clear, and Toni hit nothing but mat as she found herself winded by her own error of judgement.


Anna had to react and get back into the action and she did so in surprising fashion, eschewing her pro wrestling style and simply lunging for Toni in an untidy ball of hair pulling and intertwined legs. It was a surprise for Toni too; although Anna appeared to be slighter in build, her years of pro wrestling experience had served her well on the power and strength front, and she was able to control Toni on the mat. Forcing her body heavily on to Toni, she fought for the grapevine as both women pulled and ripped at each other’s hair threatening to leave the mat littered with loose strands of hair. Anna fought to get control of Toni’s legs with the grapevine, forcing the Texan into some defensive measures to keep her legs out of the blonde’s clutches. Toni struck back as Anna looked back to try and grab the front of her thong and pull it into a wedgie, the blonde’s diverted attention allowing her to strike with one of those straight fingered thrusts to the underside of the breast. Anna groaned, tried to hold her position, and ate a stinging slap to the cheek now that knocked her off balance allowing Toni to roll her to her back now.


The Texan was quick to look for a grapevine herself now, Anna taking the same defensive measures that she’d forced on the champion only a moment earlier as she looked to stop Toni controlling her. The brunette was more patient though, feinting with attempts at the grapevine to tire Anna while she kept control of her hands, pinning them to the mat high above the platinum blonde wrestler’s head. Toni’s breasts hovered ominously just above Anna’s face now, and the look on the English woman’s face suggested that she knew what would be coming at some point. Toni managed to keep control of both of Anna’s hands with her left hand now and that opened up a dangerous situation for the blonde. Her cry of pain immediately showed that Toni was hurting her with a hand inside that lime green crop top, punishing her with a nail attack on her right breast. Toni grabbed and squeezed hard, but it was almost as valuable as a distraction as it was as an attack, Anna forgetting to fight against the grapevine as Toni tortured her sensitive breasts. Quickly, the Texan had her trapped, legs spread wide in a well applied grapevine, showing that while the blonde might have been a strong young lady, Toni was no slouch either. And with the grapevine secured, Toni plunged forward to force her breasts right into Anna’s face in a breast smother. Now the blonde showed a resourceful side, turning her head to the side as best she could to stop the move becoming instantly effective.


Toni retook a strong handful of platinum blonde hair now to force Anna’s face slowly back, fully into the smother. Breasts heavily in her face and legs split wide painfully by Toni, Anna was in big trouble. Toni knew it, pressing her upper body down tightly on Anna’s face, keeping a grip of her hair now to make sure that she stayed full in the smother. Anna reached for Toni’s hair instinctively now, hoping to use it to force the brunette off her a little. Toni ignored the pain she felt in her scalp though, knowing that she had Anna trapped in more of a predicament, and she balled up her fist now, hitting Anna hard in the ribs three times. Anna groaned, forced to suck in a gasp of air by the hard blows, a gasp of air that Toni’s smothering breasts denied her. As the Texan got her hand inside Anna’s top again now, it was almost over for her in fall once; she resisted for a few moments more before she blurted out a muffled ‘I submit!’ giving Toni the one submission to zero lead.


As she climbed off Anna, Toni forced the blonde’s lime green crop top up to expose her breasts and quickly pancaked her right breast with a heavy slap that drew a cry of pain from Anna and a rebuke from the referee as she headed back to her corner. Toni largely ignored the rebuke to be honest as she waited patiently in her corner. She looked to all like a woman who was very confident in how things were progressing in the fight. Anna adjusted her crop top now down on the mat, demurely covering her breasts again before heading back to her own corner. She looked less confident than only a few minutes ago, somewhat dishevelled, and in need of something to turn the contest back in her favour. Toni had noted how quick the blonde was to recover her exposed breasts I was fairly sure, and I fancied that at the start of the second session she would look to exploit that. That second session was underway quickly now, and although Anna had taken the worst of it so far, she was fast on her feet in the first exchanges. Skipping clear of Toni’s early attacks, Anna once again used those fast hands to slap Toni’s face hard. She caught the Texan with a snappy kick to the left thigh as well, forcing Toni to bide her time before she could look to launch her own attacks at the start of round two.


Toni finally got off a slap of her own as Anna slipped into range, looking to saw away at Toni’s body with a right hook. Both landed with some success bit neither was able to take an advantage, both continuing to work away from distance in the opening moments, each landing with occasional success. Toni cut an increasingly frustrated figure as she challenged ‘come on wrestler girl, lets actually wrestle!’ while Anna continued to ignore closer quarters action in favour of fighting at distance instead. Frustration growing, Toni got a little reckless and Anna took advantage of her impatience, skilfully rolling her, in a headlock, over her hip and to the mat. Anna kept the tight headlock on Toni down on the mat as the Texan twisted and turned to trap Anna in a body scissor in return. There was no doubt Anna’s headlock was the more effective move as Toni moaned in pain in her tight grip. Toni’s thighs were strong too, but Anna was in the kind of shape that allowed her to shrug the scissor hold off for now and she settled into the grinding headlock, sensing that she was troubling the Texan.


After keeping the brunette grounded for 30 seconds, Anna started to force Toni to her feet, slowly and deliberately, as she maintained the tight headlock. Toni was only on her feet for a few seconds though as Anna took her up and over her hip again, maintaining the headlock after Toni suffered another shuddering impact with the mats early in the round. Again, Anna ground her arms tightly around Toni’s head, making the brunette suffer as she tried to counter with a scissor hold once more. Anna shrugged that off again, and the British blonde cleverly positioned her body now to partly smother Toni beneath her. The troubles continued for the Texan now as Anna batted away another attempt at the scissor hold and punished her with a right hand low to the belly that drew a groan of frustration from the champion. It was all wrestling pretty much from Anna, though that had served to put her in this strong position, and sat at mat-side, I started to sense a possible upset building. Anna was growing in confidence too, now wrapping a hand in Toni’s hair to bring the ailing brunette to her feet. There, Anna showed good wrestling skills once more to deliver a graceful drop kick to put Toni back down as the blonde’s feet collided with her breasts, knocking her right breast free of her bikini top.


Anna’s confidence quickly grew now as she grabbed Toni’s hair roughly, forcing her to her feet and as she told the brunette ‘time to go for a ride’, she slipped a hand between Toni’s thighs to lift her into a smoothly delivered body slam. It may have been smooth from Anna, but it was nothing but painful for Toni who hit hard on the unforgiving mats. She looked in trouble as the wrestler set about continuing to dominate the action; while Anna was a wrestler though, Toni was a pure fighter at heart. As the platinum blonde came into grab her own brunette hair now, Toni struck hard with a right hand to the pit of the stomach. Anna was just set back enough for Toni to hook her fingers in the waistband of her hotpants now, using the grip for leverage to pull the blonde over her, off her feet, and into the feet of the surprised crowd on that side of the mats. That in itself didn’t turn the match completely back in Toni’s favour, but it did give her chance to start that process. Still on her back on the mat, she lashed a foot out to catch Anna in the stomach. That was a nasty blow, winding the blonde who groaned, clutching at her stomach as she lay just on the grass at the edge of the mats. Now, Toni showed an inventive but cruel side as a handful of platinum blonde hair helped her force Anna to her knees before she slammed her face into the knee of a fan at the edge of the mats.


Anna howled, rolling back to the mats, as the referee who had been a little blindsided by the move, tried to reprimand Toni. There were no real grounds for the reprimand though as technically, no rule had been broken, and the Texan shrugged off the rebuke for the second time in the match. Anna had been clutching her face, and Toni took advantage of that with a cruel stomp to the breasts now that drew another squeal from Anna. In a matter of a minute, Toni had turned the tables in the match, and she was the fighter who looked ready to finish off her ailing foe now. A handful of hair dragged Anna to her feet and Toni slapped her hard in the face before tossing her across the mats now. Anna tried to roll, but Toni was on her fast, taking her back to the mat quickly with a knee to her ribs as she barrelled in to the blonde. Then she displayed that cruel side again, a handful of hair to slam Anna’s face in to the mat before straddling her back and using her face, controlled by the hair, to mop the mat. Anna screeched as she felt the rough surface of the mat on her face, and the mental aspect of the match had swung in Toni’s favour too now as the nasty move took it out of Anna.


Toni wasn’t done yet, and she took it a personal level again after she had clipped the young blonde around the back of the head with a slap. ‘This is what you get when you flirt with a woman’s husband you bitch!’ she told Anna, before adding ‘especially my husband….’


Using the hair, she forced Anna’s head and chest slowly from the mat before releasing the hair and allowing her face to hit the mat again. Now Toni turned her attention to Anna’s hotpants for a moment, easing them down her thighs before spanking her pert butt hard, a series of 10 rapid fire spanks that left clear handprints on the blonde’s butt cheeks through her tights. ‘No!’ the blonde complained as she felt Toni’s fingers probing her pussy for a moment, and Toni smiled as she knew she almost had her opponent beaten now. Turning her attention back to Anna’s hair now, she again forced the blonde’s face and chest clear of the mat. This time, fearing her face being slammed to the mat once more, Anna reached her hands back to protect herself. ‘Perfect, thank you’ Toni mocked now, quickly grabbing Anna’s arms and trapping them across her knees. One hand wrapped in Anna’s platinum blonde hair now, Toni started to work on her lime green crop top, slowly easing it up over her firm breasts to show them off to the crowd.


‘Please don’t…’ Anna pleaded now as she felt the fabric of her crop top moving slowly up her body at the behest of Toni. The Texan asked ‘don’t what?’ before completing her move and immediately giving Anna’s nipples a tweak to draw a shriek of pain from the suffering young blonde. The breasts weren’t Toni’s main target though, she had the camel clutch set up and she was going to use that hold to punish Anna now. Leaning back just a little increased the torque as Toni set a rocking motion going, quickly increasing and then releasing the pain and stress felt by Anna who cried out in time with the motion. Toni grabbed hair now, pulling it away from Anna’s face, making sure everyone got a good look at her piece de resistance here. Quickly, she got her fingers inside Anna’s mouth and leaned back further; a vicious fish-hook camel clutch that drew a distorted cry of pain from the blonde as Toni told her she was ‘making sure they all get a good look at your pretty face bitch!’


It may have been a pretty face, but right now, it was a face etched with pain, and a look of resignation in the eyes of the blonde who howled out in pain again before crying out that she submitted. The referee asked Toni to break, but unusually in the world of catfighting, she kept the hold on exactly the same for a few moments more, only releasing a still screaming Anna as the referee told her she would disqualify her and award the fall to the blonde. One suspected that the though had crossed Toni’s mind to do just that and really make a point given how dominant she had been in the match; she took the win though, pushing Anna’s arms of her knees and letting the beaten blonde’s body fall to the mat beneath her. Toni soaked in the applause of the crowd before she showed that she had one more humiliation in store for Anna, taking her hotpants and throwing them into the crowd. It was an exclamation point on a mightily impressive win from the Texan, making the blonde leave the mats wearing just her shimmering tights and displaced crop top neither of which did anything to protect her modesty. Toni it seemed, was not a catfighter to mess with at the moment. As we left Texas, I reflected that Emma would need to be right on her game to beat her in any potential rematch.