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South of The Border

By Wolfboy

Toni defends the Smythe championship on a Mexican pro wrestling show.


‘DAN YEL AAA, DAN YEL AAA’ came the roar from the crowd in the Tijuana Sport Dome as the latest challenger for the Smythe Catfight Championship made her way to the ring. ‘DAN YEL AAA’ the crowd continued to roar, almost all in unison as they did so, the support clearly and very loudly behind the local girl who was to challenge Toni in her second defence of the title. Fighting away from home here this time, south of the border in Mexico, Toni was going to have her work cut out for her against the Mexican luchadora, Daniella Machado, who Emma had previously faced in one of her scouting missions for Lady Amelia. Daniella had been on quite a run since starting to fight for the Smythe organisation, picking up 6 wins to earn a top contender’s position and earn a title shot. In addition to those wins, she had picked up two wins right here in the Tijuana Sport Dome on pro wrestling shows, but in matches that were anything but pro wrestling matches. The ladies in those matches may have been dressed in the glitzy, glamorous style of luchadoras, but they had fought hard in catfights where some pro style moves were sprinkled in.


As the luchadora slipped through the ropes and headed for her corner she looked out at the crowd, so firmly in her corner after she had treated them to two barn burning catfights in recent months. As she stood there in her corner, she drank in the cheers of the crowd as they continued ‘DAN YEL AA, DAN YEL AAA’. Smiling to herself, she realised that she had built as partisan an atmosphere as anyone had ever generated anywhere in the catfight world here. Wearing a bright orange swimsuit, the whole stomach section of which was cut out, Daniella was a solidly built, athletic woman. Silver lightning bolts adorned each side of her swimsuit, matching her knee-high silver boots with orange lightning bolts. She wore shimmering suntan tights, silver knee pads and an orange and silver luchadora mask out of the back of which flowed her long blonde hair. Still the crowd chanted her name, long and loud, until a chorus of booing from one side of the arena showed that the champion Toni was starting to make her way to the ring. Now the atmosphere in the arena changed, the love that Daniella had felt from the crowd replaced with hostility towards the Texan champion. Wearing a metallic gun metal grey swimsuit over a pair of footless suntan tights, Toni had elected to wrestle barefoot, her long brunette hair cascading loosely around her shoulders. She flashed her long nails, painted a matching shade of metallic gun metal grey to the crowd as if to show how she was going to use them to slice up their favourite girl.


Toni slipped into a ring, a look of amusement on her face as she heard the chorus of booing reach a crescendo now. She didn’t look unduly bothered by the home town atmosphere as the announcer began ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the catfight for the Smythe Catfight Championship. It is no holds barred with one submission only required for victory and there is no time limit!’ the announcer said as the noise in the arena continued at the same very loud level. ‘First of all, the challenger, she is from Tijuana Mexico, standing 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at 162lbs measuring 38C-25-37 with a record of 18 wins and only 1 defeat, this is Daniella Machado!’ The young Mexican woman stepped forward to wave to all four sides of the arena as the chant built again ‘DAN YEL AAA, DAN YEL AAA’. The announcer continued quickly ‘and her opponent is the Smythe Catfighting Champion, from Dallas Texas, at 5 feet 5 inches tall and 152lbs, with a record of 33 wins and 7 losses, this is Toni!’ Now the booing in the arena reached new heights as Toni stepped to the centre of the ring, waving to the fans who so wanted to see her lose to the Mexican woman.


Immediately now, the referee called for the bell, and the match was underway quickly, Daniella trying to force the pace quickly as she reeled Toni into a side headlock by the hair. She cranked the headlock once before she found herself backed in to the ropes, a forearm delivered hard to the lower back by Toni as she did so. Now Toni quickly fired the luchadora off into the ropes, but the crowd exploded into loud cheering as Toni set herself only to get run over by the solidly built masked blonde. Daniella quickly kept running, bouncing off the ropes and delivering a running elbow drop to Toni’s lower back on the mat. Then the Mexican woman was straight back into the hair, reeling Toni into that side headlock before delivering a running bulldog as she ran across the ring, driving Toni’s face into the mat. That was a move to stun the Texan in the first moments of the match; taking advantage of that and her pro wrestling training, Daniella kept the match firmly in that field for the time being, using the hair to lead Toni to one of the corners where she slammed her face into the top turnbuckle, before spinning her round so that her back was to the buckles.


Now Daniella put Toni’s arms across the top ropes, before she delivered a stinging chop to Toni’s breasts. Toni sagged forward for Daniella to tag her with a straight punch to the forehead, rocking the champion back upright. Again, Daniella deliberately positioned Toni’s arms across the top ropes before she delivered a stinging chop once more. As the crowd yelled with delight at her start, Daniella set up to Irish Whip Toni hard into the opposite corner. Toni let out a yell of her own as her back hit the unforgiving turnbuckles hard, but now she gripped the top ropes and used that to help her lift her foot up to catch the onrushing luchadora with a foot to the face as she looked to deliver a running splash in the corner. The blonde Mexican dropped to her knees at Toni’s feet and the Texan tough girl wasted no time in taking advantage. Grabbing the hair, she drove a knee into Daniella’s chest, using the hair hold to make sure she stayed on her knees. Then she got behind the masked woman, stepping over her shoulders to trap her in a standing head scissors. As she flexed her legs once, Daniella moaned, feeling the hidden power in Toni’s slender legs come to bear on her. Toni turned to the crowd now, shouting at them to ‘look at your bitch now!’ drawing loud boos from the crowd that quickly turned to cheers as Daniella grabbed her ankles, tipping Toni chest first to the middle rope. Daniella shot after her to trap her throat first across the middle rope, one of her thick thighs across Toni’s shoulders to press her body firmly into Toni’s, choking her.


‘DAN YEL AAA, DAN YEL AAA’ the crowd yelled again as their favourite regained control of the fight once more. She didn’t want to keep Toni on the ropes for long though, bringing her off them by the hair and whipping her across the ring into the opposite ropes. As Toni rebounded, she was met by the Mexican mauler with a picture-perfect drop kick, her boots catching Toni squarely in the chest as it knocked her to the mat. Toni rolled quickly, trying to get to her feet but she had barely made it to all fours before Daniella, rebounding off the ropes again with real momentum caught her with a baseball slide drop kick that sent Toni rolling in pain towards the ring ropes. In fact, Toni elected to keep her momentum going as she rolled beneath the ropes, looking for a moment of respite on the outside of the ring as she tried to gather herself. Daniella showed no mercy though as she rolled beneath the bottom rope immediately and showed her pro wrestling background as she delivered a missile drop kick from the apron, catching a surprised Toni in the back. Knocked to the thin mats on the outside, Toni was in trouble early and the sexy luchadora was all over her like white on rice, using the hair to force her to her feet before using an Irish whip into the steel barricades to punish the tough Texan.


The crowd roared for their home town girl as she stepped in to deliver another stinging chop across the breasts as she sat against the barricade. Toni moaned in pain as Daniella delivered a short punch to the forehead to stun her, then she used the hair and a grip of Toni’s right arm to bring the Texan to her feet. Now the Mexican used another Irish Whip to send the brunette hard into the steel ring post on the outside, an agonising blow against the unforgiving, cold, hard steel ring post that saw Toni seemingly frozen in place against the post by the pain. Daniella raised her arms, turning away from Toni to soak in the adulation of her home crowd who screamed her name with increased fervour as they enjoyed her strong start to the match. Then she turned and ran at Toni, launching herself into a flying splash against the ring post; as she took to the air, the atmosphere in the arena changed in a split second to one of concern as Toni dived to the side and the masked mauler met nothing but steel.


Toni was quickly back to her feet now, tapping the side of her head as she looked out at the stunned and suddenly quietened crowd. She set about making the situation worse for Daniella quickly too. The Mexican was leaning against the ring post, almost hugging it; going to the opposite side of the post, Toni grabbed both of her arms pulling them out straight before kicking Daniella hard in the breasts to force her away from the post. Things quickly got worse now for Daniella as Toni pulled her arms hard, pulling her shoulder first in to the steel post and the masked woman spun to the ground, laying on the thin mats and clutching her left shoulder in pain. Toni wasn’t about to give Daniella or the crowd any time to recover as she forced the masked woman to all fours using a combination of hair and orange swimsuit. When she got her there, Toni drove a kick up into the belly of her Mexican challenger who rolled back to the mat, gasping for air. Again, Toni was ready for her, keeping up the attack with an elbow drop to the breasts on the outside of the ring. Now Toni was ready to force the action back into the ring as she got Daniella back to her feet, holding the hair and her swimsuit which she bunched into a wedgie as she threw her beneath the bottom rope.


As Daniella rolled towards the centre of the ring, Toni slid beneath the bottom rope to keep up the attack, rushing to catch Daniella with an elbow around the back of the head as she made it to all fours. A quieter chant of ‘Dan yel aaa’ started to build in the arena as they tried to get behind their girl to lift her while Toni cruelly clawed at her stomach for a moment on the mat before pulling her back to her feet and firing the masked luchadora in to the ropes. Toni set herself to deliver a clothesline which Daniella ducked, continuing into the opposite ropes before, as the crowd cheered, she launched herself at Toni with a flying body tackle which floored the surprised champion as the crowd cheered. Daniella was quickly to her feet, grabbing Toni’s hair as she got to her knees and sent a hard kick into the tough brunette’s upper back. The grip of the hair gave Toni nowhere to go though, and Daniella now forced her to her feet, using the hair to lead the brunette to the corner to introduce her face to the top turnbuckle. Toni looked a little rubbery legged as Daniella introduced her face to the lightly padded turnbuckle before spinning her around so that her back was to the turnbuckles now. A hard right hand was whipped into Toni’s belly now before, using some of her pro wrestling showwomanship, she climbed to the middle ropes, towering over Toni as she clenched her fist to the delight of the crowd, Toni stopped her, and the crowd, dead in their tracks again though with a hard uppercut delivered to the crotch that sent the Mexican crashing to the mat at her feet, clutching at her womanhood.


Where Daniella had opted for some pro wrestling show and glitz in her moves, Toni had adopted a straight ahead brawling and catfighting style and it was serving her well. Now she grabbed the Mexican’s hair, using it to slam her face into the mats before, keeping a grip of the hair she forced Daniella to her feet. Waist locking the Mexican, she lifted her to deliver a pussy pounding atomic drop that sent Daniella to the mat with a scream of pain from the devastating impact of the move. Toni had the masked mauler subdued right now, but she didn’t want to keep her on the mat for too long, grabbing the hair once more to lead Daniella towards the ropes. There, she turned Daniella’s back to the ropes as if she might whip her towards the opposite ropes; instead, the crowd howled in protest as Toni trapped their home favourite’s arms between the top and middle strands of the ring ropes. Immediately, Toni delivered a short right hand to Daniella’s masked face followed by a vicious eye rake that left Daniella disoriented and in a dangerous position. One that Toni wasn’t about to waste as she immediately ripped open the bust section of Daniella’s orange swimsuit to partly expose her 38C breasts. Another short right hand to the face kept her stunned, under control, and somewhat at Toni’s mercy.


It wasn’t really one of Toni’s strong suits to show mercy to a trapped opponent as she stepped through the ropes to the apron, preferring to attack the trapped challenger from behind. She did so with great enthusiasm, sinking her sharp nails into Daniella’s breasts to draw a shriek of pain from the Mexican as she felt Toni mauling her. Then Toni surprised her, breaking off from the breast maul to grab the back of her long blonde hair before dropping off the apron to the floor, releasing the hair as she went to harshly torque the blonde’s back as she did so. One the floor, Toni used an exaggerated motion to brush the strands of blonde hair from her fingers, taking great delight in the booing of the ringside crowd as she did so. She had never fought in such a biased arena in her catfight career, and she was loving it, feeding off the energy and hostility in the crowd. She climbed back to the ring apron now, cruelly delivering a kick to the crotch from behind as she did so to leave Daniella sagging in the ropes, moaning in pain. Satisfied with how the match was going, knowing Daniella, having taken her third shot to the pussy in a relatively short space of time was in some serious trouble, Toni turned to taunt the crowd. ‘Look at your girl now!’ she screamed out at them ‘she’s done already. She’s nothing but a pussy bitch!’ she yelled, enjoying the vitriol that came her way in return. She turned back, looking to carry on the breast mauling attack; Daniella surprised her though having squirmed her right arm free from the ropes while Toni had been distracted by the crowd, and she caught her flush in the mouth with an elbow. Toni was dazed, knocked off the apron to the floor as Daniella set about freeing her other arm from the ring ropes.


As Daniella squirmed her arm free from the ropes, Toni had just got back on to the apron, immediately getting trapped in a front headlock, her throat across the top rope. Daniella looked to muscle her over the top rope now in a vertical suplex, trying to bring her into the ring the hard way. Toni blocked that but she found herself hung up on the top rope as the masked wrestler dropped to her knees instead, and Toni dropped to the apron on her butt. Now Daniella went to the hair, dragging the protesting Texan between bottom and middle ropes, back into the ring. Immediately Toni was hair mared to the mat, landing in a seated position where Daniella started to show she could get catty too, nails sunk into Toni’s bare shoulders either side of her shoulder straps. The move was like the wicked step-sister of the pro wrestling trapezius nerve hold; it made no pretence of being a nerve hold, but sharp nails caused plenty of pain nevertheless as the look on Toni’s face proved. Daniella switched it up quickly though, slamming an elbow into the top of Toni’s head to daze her, and then she stepped over her shoulders to snap her strong thighs closed around Toni’s head. Falling back to the mat, she crossed her ankles, took a double handful of hair and started to punish the tough Texan catfighter. A perilous position for the champion who groaned ‘noooo’ as she felt Daniella’s power packed legs starting to work her over. It was a one fall match, and Daniella sensed her opportunity as she tore at Toni’s hair with abandon, stopping occasionally to brush strands of brunette hair from her fingers while Toni shrieked in pain.


‘Give up you American whore!’ Daniella instructed Toni.


‘Fuck off’ Toni replied succinctly, and the match continued, Daniella slowly but surely exerting more pressure as she got her legs out straight to punish Toni further. Another rip at the hair was doing nothing for Toni’s mood, or her appearance either as the masked Mexican mauler continued to dominate. She broke off from the hair pulling momentarily, but only to crack a slap off the Texan’s face, and then both hands were back in Toni’s hair as the brunette blinked her eyes furiously to try and counter the pain from the hard slap she’d just received. Now, Daniella released the hairpulling attack once more, pushing both hands to the mat as she increased the pressure on the head scissor hold. It was effective too, Toni’s screams of pain filling the arena before the chant of ‘DAN YEL AAA’ started up again from the crowd. It looked to them all that Toni had been subdued by their favourite here and that it was just a matter of time until her powerful thick thighs squeezed the submission out of Toni. Desperate times for Toni called for desperate measures if she was to find a way back though. First of all, she had to find her way out of the powerful scissor hold.


She started to rip at Daniella’s legs with her sharp nails, pausing only to yell in pain again the Mexican mauler tensed her thighs hard once more. More work from Toni with the nails forced Daniella to drop her backside back to the mat so that she could grab Toni’s arms to stop their raking attacks. As she did so, the slightest opportunity presented itself to Toni as the tension in the scissor hold eased for the briefest of moments. Toni turned her head to the side quicker that Daniella could react to it and in a split second, it was the Mexican howling in distress as Toni sunk her teeth in to the inside of her left thigh. In that moment, the momentum of the fight swung back towards Toni; Daniella’s scissor hold was broken, her hands were thrown to her head in agony, and Toni had her right where she wanted her. A hard right hand punch to the belly winded Daniella, another, lower, to the crotch had her screaming in pain once again even before Toni moved back to bite her thigh again. It was clear that the masked blonde’s shimmering tights were offering her no protection from Toni who broke off again, wiping her mouth as she wore the satisfied smile of a woman who had just proven she was the alpha bitch in this ring. Still between Daniella’s legs as the Mexican weakly tried to obtain a body scissors. Toni dug her elbows in her belly, sunk her nails into her breasts and had the masked woman howling in pain.


An amused look played across Toni’s face now as she dazed Daniella with a stinging right hand to the face. Looking out to the suddenly quieter crowd she told them ‘now watch me out wrestle your girl here!’ It was a little-known fact that Toni’s first love in female combat before catfighting had been a pretty adult style of pro wrestling. She could catfight with the best, but as she pulled Daniella from the mat by the hair, she was also confident she could wrestle with them too. Sending Daniella into the ropes, she surprised the onrushing challenger with a drop toe hold to trip her, face first, to the canvas. Slickly, Toni floated up her body to secure a front headlock with her right arm, using her left to slap Daniella’s ass playfully. ‘C’mon’ she taunted ‘show me what you’ve got’ she challenged the masked woman who looked to reverse out of the front headlock. No such luck though as Toni was waiting on the attempt and stopped it dead with a clubbing left hand to the back of the neck. A handful of hair forced Daniella back to her feet again where she was quickly waist locked from behind and wrestled unceremoniously to the mat by the increasingly confident Texan. Once more, Toni floated up Daniella’s body this time choosing to deliver two disdainful slaps to the back of the head.


She got to her feet this time, going to lean cockily in the corner of the ring as booing rained down from the crowd who were unappreciative of her style in looking to humiliate their girl it seemed. ‘C’mon Daniella’ Toni mocked from the corner, adding ‘lets fucking go bitch!’ for good effect as the young challenger got to her feet and rushed Toni, The Mexican found herself deftly side stepped though, hitting the turnbuckles chest first before Toni dropped behind her, using her body on all fours to trip Daniella to the mat. No pins of course, so she quickly grabbed both of Daniella’s legs as if to set up for a boston crab. Instead though, she used a barefooted stomp to the pit of the stomach before she fell back to slingshot Daniella into the turnbuckles. That was a heavy enough blow before Toni continued the attack with a flying drop kick to the back to send the blonde crashing hard in the buckles once more. Daniella was dazed, slumped chest first against the buckles; Toni grabbed her hair and the back of her torn orange swimsuit and threw her through the ring ropes to the floor. Toni slipped between the ropes herself but she didn’t drop to the floor; instead she climbed to the second turnbuckle, standing there, arms raised as she eyed Daniella, waiting for her moment to strike. That moment was as Daniella struggled to her feet, back to the patiently waiting Texan who leapt from the turnbuckles now to floor her challenger with a double axhandle blow.


To the jeers of the crowd, Toni decided it was time now to relieve the masked woman of her already torn orange swimsuit, ripping it from her prone body with ease. Noting a fan at ringside hungrily eyeing the almost naked Mexican luchadora, Toni handed him the suit to ensure she would leave Tijuana with at least one fan now. Shimmering tights and wrestling boots did little to protect Daniella’s modesty as Toni peeled her from the floor to waist lock her and run her hard into the edge of the ring apron back first. Daniella’s back arched, evidently hurt, as Toni kept up the pace of the assault now, dragging her by the hair into a lift and body slam, cruelly delivered on the thin mats outside the ring.


Now Toni turned to the referee who still stood inside the ring, telling him ‘you’d better come with me because this bitch will be submitting real soon now!’ before turning her attentions back to Daniella. She forced the Mexican off the thin mats to lift her again and drop her hard, one leg either side of the steel barricades at ring side. Daniella shrieked, taking was effectively her fifth shot to the pussy of the match. As she stayed perched on top of the ring rail for a moment, Toni turned to the crowd earning herself a cascade of boos and a quick beer shower from the fans as she sarcastically tried to lead them in a chant of ‘DAN YEL AAA, DAN YEL AAA.’ Picking up the still half full beer glass, she took a swig, spat it out in Daniella’s face and then cruelly cut her down from the rail with a stinging knife edged chop to the breasts. That sent Daniella untidily to the thin mats again, and Toni, eyeing the finish, decided to drag a crawling Daniella by the hair deeper into the arena as she started to climb the steps towards a small flat area she had spotted where the fans entered the arena a few rows above ring level.


She completed the laborious process of forcing Daniella up those steps, using a hand sunk nastily in to the underside of the right breast to ensure the Mexican complied with her intentions On the flat area now, she forced Daniella to her feet, brushing off what seemed to be a final moment of resistance from the near naked blonde with a couple of half hearted right hands to the body. Then she lifted Daniella only to be surprised as the masked mauler slipped over her shoulder, getting behind Toni and stunning her with a drop kick to send her flying into a row of delighted spectators. ‘VAMOS!!’ Daniella screamed at the top of her voice, looking to try and get the crowd back behind her in the fight. The crowd responded verbally but also physically this time as Toni found it hard to escape the hands pawing at her body as she tried to escape from them. She did so, straight into a right hand to the face from Daniella. Rocking her back into the crowd who helpfully held her upright enough for the Mexican mauler to send a right hand deep into the pit of Toni’s stomach. The tough Texan moaned loudly as Daniella’s fist drove the air from her lungs as it dropped her to her knees. In an instant, Daniella ripped the shoulder straps of Toni’s swimsuit down before cruelly raking her eyes and then pulling her to her feet by the hair.


Daniella had the same thing planned Toni did a moment earlier, now lifting the Texan brunette as she aimed to deliver a devastating body slam. Unfortunately for Daniella, Toni countered in exactly the same way by squirming over her shoulders before she struck tellingly, a vicious kick landing between the legs of the challenger. Daniella yelled in pain, frozen to the spot as her hands went to her womanhood again; Toni grabbed her hair in both hands, falling back immediately to pull Daniella’s back down on to her upturned knees and as Daniella screeched in pain, Toni signalled to the crowd that it was all over. She had the perfect move to take advantage of the situation too. Daniella’s back had taken some punishment and as Toni rolled her to her belly, and stood on the back of her thighs before tucking Daniella’s feet behind her knees, the crowd knew she was going for the feared Romero Hold! So did Daniella as Toni got hold of her right arm now, and the Mexican desperately tried to jeep her left arm out of Toni’s reach. Toni sunk her nails into Daniella’s side now, scratching and mauling her body, knowing that instinct would eventually make the luchadora try to protect herself. True to form, it was only a matter of time; Daniella eventually reached back with her left hand and she was trapped, in an instant hoisted screaming into the torturous hold.


‘Give up bitch, its over!’ Toni helpfully told her as the Mexican’s screams of pain filled the arena. Her near naked body was put on display by the hold, and she was clinging on desperately, the pressure on her back almost unbearable as she yelled out in pain.


‘No, Aaaaagggghhh!’ Daniella cried out, not wanting to submit. Without the mask, her pain would have been evident for all to see, tortured by the champion’s expertly applied hold. She was holding on, just, hoping that maybe the champion would make a mistake. There was no sign of that though, Toni keeping the hold on, pouring the pressure on, punishing the blonde to the point of no return. Had Toni been able to see the look on Daniella’s face as she told her ‘give it up bitch!’ again, she would have known the masked woman was done even before she cried out ‘Aaaaggghhhh! Aiiiiieeee! Yes, yes, yes I submit!!’


Toni straightened her legs, dumping Daniella unceremoniously onto the unforgiving floor, her job done as she successfully defended her Smythe catfight title. Soaking in the jeers of the crowd, she placed her foot between Daniella’s breasts, striking a confident victory pose over the fallen Mexican. On the horizon would surely be a title showdown with Emma that was likely to bring her a different test, but she headed back to the locker room, waving to the crowd to ensure their continued ire, and thought to herself that she fancied her chances of beating the auburn haired fighter again, any time….