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The Battle of Texas

By Wolfboy

Toni defends the Smythe Title in a rematch with Emma

Emma’s recent victory over the tough German fighter, Lena Lehrer, had confirmed her as the number one contender against Toni. A fact it seemed both women relished to me; Emma was convinced she would take care of Toni quickly this time while Toni herself was equally sure she would again prove to have Emma’s number. With a notional series tied at one win each for the two ladies, there was plenty at stake for both in the title match. Toni had been desperate to get taken seriously as a championship catfighter and the win over Emma had vindicated her belief that she was just that. Emma meanwhile had felt that she would beat Toni before and was surprised she hadn’t managed that when they had met inside the cage last time for the Smythe title. As she had promised, Toni had been a fighting champion with two defences of the belt. Now she would face Emma in a now way out match for the title belt in her own backyard. It was the site of Emma and Toni’s first fight, so while there was home advantage for Toni, the venue also held good memories of her victory there for Emma.


The rules agreed by both ladies for the title fight were that the fight could only be won by a knockout to a count of 15. There would only be one break in the action after 15 minutes, and should it go past that point, it would continue without break until there was a winner. Beyond that, it was of course going to be no holds barred and no time limit until the match was decided by referee’s count. Both ladies had agreed to the choice of referee and were itching to get at each other now, each determined to prove they were the better woman and secure the Smythe catfight championship. Whoever won would face a formidable challenge next against The Goddess, Staci Goulding, but for now, they were completely focussed just on the matter at hand.

As we waited in a downstairs room at Toni’s house, hearing the buzz from the crowd outside as they enjoyed the ending to a spirited undercard fight featuring a couple of 200lb local women, I could see that Emma really had her game face on. She was ready, itching to get at the Texan fighter and set the score straight. There was no question that Toni had got into her head the last time before proving to have her number inside the cage. Emma was determined to not allow that this time as she sat, naked, in the air conditioned room, her outfit neatly folded on the seat next to her. ‘Ten minutes Emma!’ came a shout at the door, the indication that the previous match had finished and the start of the title match was now imminent. Emma stood and shook out the outfit that she had chosen for the fight, something that she had kept a secret from me until this very moment. It was the metallic turqouise booty shorts and halter top that she had taken from Toni in their first fight which had taken place in the very setting they would fight in tonight.

Emma squeezed into the outfit which was ‘half a size too small’ she claimed; the end result was fantastic though, the metallic hotpants looking almost sprayed on while the halter top pushed her already magnificent breasts up and together creating a cavernous cleavage. ‘Come here’ she beckoned me sexily before pulling the front of my shirt to make sure our bodies were pressed tightly together. Then she looked down demurely, eyeing that cleavage as she did and then, a glint in her eye, suggested ‘after I’ve beaten this bitch, we might just be able to fit something of yours into that space…’

I smiled pretty enthusiastically at that prospect as I told her ‘make sure you win then, and Em?’ I asked as she looked up to meet my eyes, ‘make sure you don’t lose the top babe, I’ve got plans for it now!’


She laughed at that but then it was time for us to head out to the mats set up in Toni’s garden with a small crowd of about 50 or so in attendance. Amongst them I could see was the fighter who was guaranteed the next shot at the title, Staci Goulding, there at the edge of the mats wearing one of her now customary black cocktail dresses. She was doubtless hoping for a tough match here regardless of who she would then face as Emma stepped on to the mats to head for her allotted corner. She was quickly joined there by the current champion Toni, as the tough brunette walked on to the mats wearing an identical outfit to the one Emma wore, but in a deep metallic purple colour. ‘Very clever bitch’ she spoke in Emma’s direction as she paraded the title belt for all to see. ‘I’ll be taking it back later’ she told Emma confidently as the announcer for the evening brought things under control.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your main event for the Smythe Catfight Championship. It is a no time limit match scheduled for one knockout to a count of 15 only. The match cannot be won by any other means and both ladies have agreed that the referee should not stop the contest under any other circumstances. There are no holds barred with one break after 15 minutes. Following that break, both women will go to a finish!’ he told the gathered crowd. ‘First of all our challenger this evening is the three time former Smythe Catfight Champion, from England, Emma Baines. Emma is 39 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, 164lbs and 40E-28-38. Her catfight record is 53 wins and 18 losses’ he finished as the crowd cheered for Emma, politely but enthusiastically enough which seemed to raise the ire of Toni a little. She stepped forward now, holding her title belt above her head as the announcer continued ‘and now the current Smythe Catfight Champion, from right here in Dallas, Texas, this is Toni! She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 151lbs. Her catfight record is 34 wins and 7 losses’ he said, now leaving the mats as the crowd cheered that little bit more enthusiastically for the home-town girl. That was to be expected and Emma was unfazed by it as the referee called both ladies to the centre, telling Toni to ‘hand me that belt.’ Toni complied, and as the referee held the title belt up, turning around to get everyone a good view of the gold, Toni took a cheap shot, not waiting for the referee’s instructions as she slapped Emma hard in the face. ‘Hey! Break it up, break it up!’ the referee admonished immediately as both women were now tangled up in each other’s hair, and it took a moment to get the two warring factions separated so that the action might continue in a more orderly fashion on her instructions. Of course, there was no prospect of a disqualification in a no holds barred contest; Toni had taken a free shot and she smirked her way back to her corner while Emma smouldered with anger.


‘Fight with your brain, not your anger’ I was just about able to caution Emma, knowing that surely it was Toni’s plan to rile her into a reckless start and then pick her off as she started to tire. As the referee shouted ‘fight!’ I could only hope that message had got through to Emma enough as both ladies started to circle. Immediately, Toni taunted ‘c’mon you big ginger bitch, don’t you want to get me back for the cheap shot?’

‘I do’ Emma replied icily as she added ‘but should have made that one count you big pussy, because now I’m going to know your ass out bitch!’

‘Oh really?’ Toni laughed. ‘I’ll knock you on your fat ass in no time cunt’ she shot at Emma as the circling continued, verbal sparring, rather than actual physical sparring the order of the day so far it seemed. ‘I can see it’s a fat ass as well looking at how you’ve had to squeeze it into my outfit bitch!’ Toni sneered.


‘Fuck you!’ Emma responded tartly, and then she smirked ‘I fancy one in purple as well. Know any worthless bitches around here I could take one from?’

That was it now, the blue touch paper well and truly lit and the fight was underway as both simply took a left hand full of hair and started to flail away with right hands to the body. Emma switched up, returning the slap to the face from before the contest was officially underway with interest to send Toni reeling away from her and what was likely to be a hard battle got going at a ferocious pace. Emma chased after Toni, catching her a glancing blow with a kick aimed for the stomach; Toni shot back with a knee to the body that Emma dropped her hands to defend against, immediately paying with a slap to the face. Both went back to the hair, ripping and tearing at each other as they tried to get themselves the upper hand now. Toni struck, as Emma ragged her head to the side by the hair, with a knee to the belly, a move she had used to great effect in their previous title fight. Emma groaned, riding that impact well enough but knowing that she couldn’t afford to let Toni wear her out with it again here. She worked a kick in nicely to the outside of Toni’s left thigh in response and then delivered a sharp one to the calf on the same leg, and Toni stumbled just a little, allowing Emma to reel her into a side headlock with a healthy helping of hair pulling. Immediately though, she reminded Toni that she wasn’t just here to wrestle, sending a short, sharp punch up into her face to stun the brunette a little before rolling her over her hip to the mat.


Toni may have been a little startled from the punch, but she was a seasoned campaigner too, not prone to panic at the first sign of adversity. As Emma rode her body across Toni’s chest, holding the headlock and reaching back to punch her low in the belly, there was little doubt she was in a sticky situation, but she reacted well. Arms clamped around Emma’s body at first squeezing a little as Emma cranked the headlock and punched to the belly once more. Then Toni just got her nails into Emma’s stomach as part of her rudimentary bear hug applied from beneath Emma, just enough to distract her long enough for Toni to roll her to her back and catch her with a punch to the crotch to break the hold. It may not have been the most powerful blow, but it had surprised Emma enough to force the break and both ladies scrambled to their feet now, ready to continue the action, circling each other again. Both had felt the first telling moves from the other, but they weren’t cowed in to cautiousness. Toni jabbed hard to Emma’s body and face, landing a couple of blows while Emma took a moment before really starting to use her height and weight advantaged with a number of punches targeting Toni’s right breast with unerring accuracy. That forced the Texan to back up now, seeing that things were perhaps not going to work in her favour if she tried to fight at distance like this,


Emma was content to fight at range though for the time being, landing those punches to the breast with ease and accuracy as the moments ticked past in the opening session. She got Toni by surprise too with a stiff jab to the face now, rocking Toni’s head back, and thinking she had the brunette hurt, she looked to go onto the attack now. Swinging a big hook for Toni’s head though, she realised she had made an error as the Texan ducked under it and closed the range quickly to slam home a one-two combination into the body. That Toni followed it up with an uppercut to the underside of Emma’s right breast didn’t help either, and the brunette completed the rapid assault as she grabbed the hair and used it as an ally in throwing Emma roughly across the mats. Still, Emma was able to scramble to her feet just in time to avoid a knee to the body that she blocked before staggering Toni with a shuddering forearm to the breasts that put her back in control. Emma followed up, snapping a kick into the left thigh again, and as Toni protested that move, she was trapped in a big bear hug by Emma who used her power to put the squeeze on Toni. ‘Aaaaaggghhh! You fat bitch! Get off!’ Toni cried out at Emma who just laughed and worked the hold in a little tighter, causing Toni to groan. It was a hold often used as the prelude to the atomic drop by Emma; not today though. Toni had her well scouted, and wanting out of the hold before that point, she simply raked Emma’s eyes, forcing her to drop her back to the mat. Now the situation that was perilous for Toni became immediately so for Emma instead as she took a fierce knee lift to the pussy from the champion, dropping her to her knees in front of the Texan and into her first real trouble of the fight.


Toni wasn’t slow to take advantage of that either, grabbing the hair and sending a couple of short punches in to the face before she used a short thrust to the throat to put Emma down on her back. She was gasping for air a little and Toni kept the pressure up with a leg drop, crashing it in across the chest now before she went to the hair. That let her trap Emma in a side head scissors now, Emma immediately groaning as she felt Toni’s legs starting to work her over. ‘Bitch!’ Emma hissed now as Toni raked her eyes once more, keeping her disoriented, off balance, and trapped firmly in her scissor hold. Toni was a good wrestler as well as a catfighter, she had also proven to have that nasty edge to her style and she showed it now, going straight to a nipple twist inside Emma’s top and drawing a shriek of pain from Emma. A bigger problem perhaps for Emma was the way that Toni had sunk her scissor hold in deeply, quickly making it more of a choke with her legs, and Emma’s hands went to those thighs now. Trying to prise them off her throat was a largely impossible task as Toni flexed her legs again, demonstrating her surprising power. Emma had tricks up her sleeves too though, and she responded by twisting the champion’s toes cruelly now, earning herself a slap in the face but also getting free of the scissor hold and she scrambled away.

She rose though to find Toni already on her, using a front headlock followed by a crushing forearm across the back to drop Emma back to her knees. Toni had the front headlock sunk in deep now, another choking attack that, in a fight where only a knockout counted, was an effective enough move. Again Emma countered quickly, this time sending a punch up into the body and then one straight to the crotch that dropped Toni, groaning in pain, to the mat in front of Emma. Toni grabbed her crotch, Emma grabbed her hair, using it to hold her face in place to crack three fast slaps off it. Then that hair hold helped her to slam Toni’s face into the mats, and for the moment, Emma had things fully under control. She knew better than to underestimate the Texan of course, but there was little Toni could do about a crashing leg drop across the shoulders from Emma that crushed her to the mat once more. There, Emma quickly had her legs wrapped around Toni, rolling her to her back and into a side body scissors. The tough brunette champion may have had deceptively strong legs, but there was nothing deceptive about the power Emma’s packed as she tensed her thick thighs and made Toni cry out loudly in pain as she threatened to rearrange her rib cage.


‘Give up Toni’ Emma smirked, quickly adding ‘oh that’s right, you can’t can you?’ as she flexed those thighs once more, forcing a guttural cry from the champion. Toni was in trouble, possibly even more so as Emma grabbed her right arm, putting the elbow close to her own crotch as she tried to pull it straight into an arm bar. Toni defended, desperately it seemed, as she clutched her right hand with her left, fighting hard to stop Emma from extending her arm and causing her a painful problem that she couldn’t submit to escape from. Emma flexed her thighs once again, revelling in the pain she was causing Toni now; as was often the case though, Toni’s desperate defence would suddenly present her the chance to attack. She held on grimly, defending another of Emma’s attempts to separate her hands, and as Emma eased that attack slightly, Toni surprised her, suddenly electing to go quickly with Emma’s attempt to stretch her arm and slamming her elbow into Emma. I couldn’t be sure if she’d been caught in the crotch or the pit of the stomach, but either way, Toni had caught her hard, and Emma found herself back in trouble. Toni simply lunged for Emma as well, knocking her flat to the mat as she fought off the pain from the elbow, and it was the champion back on top, a full body pin, two hands in Emma’s flowing auburn hair, two elbows digging into Emma’s big breasts causing her to groan in pain.


The tough Texan smirked at hearing that from Emma as she bounced the back of her head off the mat now to daze her a little. Then she dug her fingers and nails into those sensitive breasts instead, the sharp pain returning Emma to her senses quickly as she felt the nails sink in to torture her. ‘What was it you were saying about submitting bitch?’ Toni mocked now, knowing that her breast mauling was hurting Emma down on the mats. Although she knew it was troubling Emma, Toni was also very aware that the chances of scoring a knockout by breast mauling were pretty remote; a forearm ridden roughly across Emma’s throat with a sawing motion, slowly starting to force her chin up and out of the way was a different matter though. Emma knew she was in trouble as she grabbed for the arm without too much success, Toni releasing her hair to slap her face hard. Emma tried a different route, going to a double handful of hair, pulling clumps in opposite directions to cause maximum pain for the Texan fighter who cried out at the burning pain in her scalp. But she was steadfast, her forearm continuing to choke Emma, to wear her down a little at a time as she battled against it.


Time was potentially an issue now too; without the scheduled break at the fifteen minute mark, Toni might have simply retained her position, forcing Emma to counter or simply be worn down to the knockout. As it was, Emma could simply defend and endure with just a couple of minutes on the clock now, and Toni decided it was perhaps time to cause her some more pain to take into session two instead. She went to the eyes first, raking her fingers across them to ensure Emma was disoriented, then she went to the hair, using a double handful to force Emma to her feet before she used a head butt to the back of the head to drop Emma to her knees. Now she lashed a kick across Emma’s back, pitching her forward to the mat and quickly, she had Emma starting to be set up for the Romero Hold she had used to put the Mexican Luchadora, Daniella, away in her last match. Standing on the back of Emma’s thighs, tucking her feet in behind her knees, Toni made a grab for Emma’s arms. Emma had her well scouted though, arms locked out in front of her, well out of the champion’s reach. That was at the cost of leaving her ribs unprotected to some punches, but I think Emma was content to take those for now, knowing that from that position, Toni’s blows would inevitably lack some power as she had to concentrate on maintaining her balance. She didn’t bargain on Toni launching herself from that position on the back of her thighs to deliver a full splash across her back though, knocking the wind out of her as she did so.


Toni knew time was low in the round now and she showed an ingenuity in causing pain. First she folded Emma’s legs into a figure four, sitting on them to secure the hold as she reached forward to grab the hair and pull Emma’s head and chest up off the mat with it. Obviously from her position she couldn’t complete the camel clutch she had used on these mats again Anna, complete with fish hooking the blonde’s mouth, but the hair pull was causing Emma plenty of pain. ‘Aaaaaggghhh! You bitch!’ Emma complained straight away as Toni bounced her butt on her feet, and tried to get a bit of a rocking motion going now. It was working as Emma cried out in pain as time ticked down, Toni punishing her back, her legs and her scalp with some relish. Emma was a little relieved to hear the bell to end that fifteen minute session with her still trapped in Toni’s combination hold. Her troubles weren’t quite over, Toni unfastening her halter top before climbing off her and delivering a stomp to the back of Emma’s right leg. It earned her another rebuke from the referee, again largely meaningless in the context of an anything goes catfight, but it showed that Toni was more than aware of the punishment Emma’s leg had taken recently at the hands of Lena Lehrer.


Emma flexed the leg a couple of times on the way back to the corner. Her turquoise halter top previously appropriated from Toni falling from her body into her hands as she stood up from the mats. ‘Keep hold of that for the celebrations later’ she smirked as she handed the top to me in the corner with a raised eyebrow. ‘And don’t worry, I’ve got her in my sights now. She’s tough but I’m a tougher, nastier bitch, and I’ll prove it now Steve!’ she told me.


‘Oh I know you are’ I told Emma. ‘Never doubted it, but respect what she’s got because she’s caused you plenty of problems in the previous two fights’ I cautioned.


‘Wait…did you just call me a bitch?!’ Emma laughed before going on ‘don’t worry though, I’m fully switched on to what she can do; I’m just going to do it to her first.’


I hoped that was going to be the case as she returned to the mats, the referee reminding both that this session would go to a finish by knockout now. and then they were back underway. This was suddenly a cautious fight. Neither had, I thought, realistically expected to win it inside the first period; now they knew the fight may be settled by a mistake on their part. An over commitment at the wrong time could prove pivotal and with that in mind, both probed from the back foot, slapping, pawing with punches, trying to seemed to lure the other into range. As ever in these circumstances, two women who wanted at each other badly would only wait so long before they’d get right back into it. It usually took a catalyst for it to happen; as Toni found herself lulled into range and took a stinging slap to the face, that was the moment. The brunette took it and tried to catch Emma with one of her hard knees to the body. Emma was waiting on it, and she trapped Toni’s leg again her body before using a hard forearm smash to put Toni on her backside. Now Emma looked to strike, aiming a knee at Toni’s jaw, perhaps looking to claim the knockout early in the second session. Toni just about blocked the worst of it, getting her arms up, but the blow knocked her to her back and Emma dived for her, a full body splash flattening the champion to the mat.


Emma tried to move forward, looking for a face pin; Toni blocked, arms folded high on her chest, a barrier to prevent Emma’s progress. Using her experience though, Emma was unconcerned by that as she took a grapevine instead, grinding her body into Toni’s stomach, trying to make it that but harder for the Texan. Toni groaned, still keeping her arms folded high across her chest as a barrier should Emma elect to go back after the face sit. She didn’t; instead with Toni still electing to defend against a face sit, she continued to work the grapevine, spreading Toni as she started to land some slaps to the face. Lightly at first, range finders, before she started to up the ante by adding more venom to her shots, the sound of her hand on Toni’s face filling the garden. As Emma went to the closed fist now. landing one more heavy shot to Toni’s face, the tough champion finally realised she had defend her face. Maintaining the grapevine for now, Emma immediately had Toni’s hands pushed flat to the mat above her head. The road was clear for her to move for the face sit, but given that she was punishing Toni effectively for now. stretching her legs wide, Emma was content to stay in place and have Toni try to anticipate when she was going to strike.


It may have been a good tactic to use the punishing grapevine on Toni to weaken her in a normal submission match, but here today, only a knockout could win the match. The face sit was the way to win the match and now, untangling their legs from the grapevine, Emma looked for it. She had given Toni the time to formulate a strategy to defend it now though and as Emma made her way up Toni’s body, the Texan waited for the last second to scissor Emma’s right ankle tightly. From the seeming position of strength, Emma was suddenly a little vulnerable, stretched out on top of Toni who was able to work a hand free when Emma switched to use one hand to try and control the champion’s hands. Emma slapped away at Toni’s thighs, then groaned as the Texan landed two punches to the stomach while she was still in that stretched out position. The punches may have lacked any real power from Toni, but she had her range now and she went with a nail rake nearly converted to a stomach claw that had Emma moaning loudly, the pain evident on her face as well as in her voice. She had Toni subdued quickly though with a slap to the breasts and then a punch to the face and Toni lost control of her scissored leg. Emma could have completed the face sit at that point I’m sure, but she felt Toni to be a little too strong for it still and went to the hair, bringing her to her feet as she looked to wear her out some more.


A bear hug was Emma’s weapon of choice, using her power to lift Toni off her feet in it, the champion throwing her head back in pain. The crowd watched on intently, seeing Emma’s arms grinding in to Toni’s body, wearing her down it seemed as Toni moaned loudly, her feet still lifted clear of the mat. And then she raked Emma’s eyes, Emma shrieking as her vision was assaulted again, and crucially dropping Toni from the hold right to the mat in front of her. Toni could not have been better positioned to strike with a kick straight to the pussy that Emma simply never saw coming, and in a moment the fight had swung back into the champion’s favour it seemed. Emma dropped to her knees, clutching her womanhood, still blinking her eyes as she tried to clear her vision. Toni didn’t help her with that though, delivering another fierce eye rake, and Emma shrieked, clutching at her face as Toni kicked her hard, low in the pit of the stomach to put her on her back in the centre of the mats. Now Toni dropped in, a leg drop across Emma’s chest before she shifted position to get behind her on the mats, wrapping Emma’s head up quickly in a figure four head scissors. It could almost have been a leg sleeper hold, although a slap and nail drag across the right breast from behind by Toni, ensured that for now at least, Emma stayed well in touch with her senses.


Now Toni put her strong legs to good use, grabbing her own foot and puling on it as she tightened the scissor hold with her right calf pressed in tight across Emma’s throat. Trouble for Emma, trapped in exactly the right kind of hold to use in a match where a knockout was required. Emma knew it and she was straight on to the defensive, trying to force her hands into the scissor hold, looking to ease the pressure. ‘Hey cunt!’ Toni moaned as she felt Emma’s nails digging into her leg; Emma redoubled her efforts knowing that it was getting to Toni before the Texan delivered another slap and nail rake to the right breast. This time she kept the nail drag in place, converting it to be a breast maul and Emma cried out in pain as she felt those nails doing their work on her. It was a tight situation for Emma who looked to swing her legs up and somehow trap Toni with them, but Toni saw that coming some way off and released her own foot to trap one of Emma’s and fold her into the bargain. Again Emma moaned in pain and Toni looked to be settling in for long choking scissor hold, hoping it might lead to a knockout in the long run.


It might well have done as Emma continued to try and claw at Toni’s calf, hoping to force it off her throat. Toni pulled hard on her foot, looking to tighten her scissor hold at the same time and it looked like she had the better of the situation; then she shrieked in pain, as Emma sunk her teeth into her calf. In an instant there was another switch in the momentum as Toni cried out in pain, and the pressure in the scissor hold broken just enough, Emma got her with two back headbutts to the crotch. Now Toni looked to roll away, moaning more than a little from the crotch attacks, but Emma kept hold of her right calf now, using the grip to wrestle Toni on to her belly on the mat so that she could roll across her legs, up her body and secure a good headlock, left hand wrapped deep in Toni’s brunette hair. Trapped on her front on the mat, Toni couldn’t resist Emma cranking her head to the side, starting to punish her as she rode her weight across the champion’s body. Toni kicked her feet, tried to pull at Emma’s arms to ease the pain she was feeling, and then she resorted to simply pushing her hands to the mat to support herself for the time being, hoping to ride out the worst of the move.

That might be her plan, but Emma wasn’t going to allow her that luxury, abruptly releasing the hold and using the hair to slam Toni’s face into the mats. Toni grabbed for her face, muttering ‘bitch!’ as she did so’ Emma dropped heavily again to straddle her back and used a double handful of hair to mop the mat with Toni’s face for a moment before a hard slap around the back of the head left Toni dazed for just a split second. Again, Emma switched her attacks, using the hair to force Toni to her feet, immediately punishing her with an across the knee back breaker. Toni cried out in pain from that move, Emma’s knee into her side doing the damage before she pushed the Texan off her knee to the mats. Emma stood over Toni for a second and then she launched herself on to her with a full body splash and she was shocked to find Toni quickly rolling out of the way, and Emma’s splash hit nothing but the relatively unforgiving mats.


Now it was a pivotal moment in the fight; both ladies were down and breathing hard after over twenty minutes of catfighting and it seemed that whoever could get it back together first might take the victory. And it seemed it was Toni who had done just that as she dragged herself to her feet with Emma still down. As she went to the hair though, forcing Emma to all fours, she received the rudest of surprises as Emma nailed her hard in the pit of the stomach with a power packed right hand. The rush of air from Toni’s lungs was clearly audible as she groaned in pain, shipping the big right hand and being frozen on the spot. A chance Emma wouldn’t turn down, delivering a big uppercut to the underside of her right breast, knocking it out of her top as it knocked Toni to her backside. Emma was imperious now, sensing I thought that the fight was suddenly firmly in her control, and she got to her feet to knock Toni to her back with a kick raked across her breasts. All business now, Emma went straight to the hair, bringing Toni back to the seated position and knocked her back this time with a knee strike between the breasts.


Emma’s attacks were all designed to sap Toni’s energy, drive the air from her body and set the tough brunette up for the finish. Now as Toni rolled to her back, she showed it again with a stomp to the belly that saw Toni groan loudly. Then she shrieked as Emma used a nipple twist on Toni’s exposed right breast and a handful of hair to bring Toni to her feet and onto a cruel knee lift to the stomach before she slid a hand between the champion’s thighs, lifting her. Emma walked Toni to the centre of the mats, and planted her with a big body slam. A withering assault from Emma; was it one that had made Toni ripe for the picking? Emma certainly thought so, and she wanted to make a point too as she peeled off her own booty shorts now to finish the fight naked. I couldn’t remember her voluntarily making that move before in a fight, and she stood over Toni announcing ‘eat pussy bitch!’ as she sat squarely on her face, a handful of the brunette’s hair used just to make sure she stayed right in place for the smothering face sit. Now Toni’s feet drummed at the mat, her nails clawed at Emma’s naked ass as she realised the urgency of the situation now. Toni had to escape somehow or Emma would smother her out and finish the fight; more that that, she would take the title that Toni so proudly held. She squirmed now, hoping to find any kind of way out from beneath Emma who slapped the brunette’s body and raked her nails up her sides.


It was a dire situation for Toni while Emma enjoyed the dominance, feeling Toni starting to fade beneath her. She punched her now as Toni clawed her ass again, and it was Emma’s work that was the more dangerous as she told Toni ‘get your fucking nails out of my arse bitch and eat pussy!’


‘Mmmfffff’ Toni groaned beneath her then, tellingly, she complained ‘I can’t breathe!’


‘That’s the fucking idea!’ Emma mocked. ‘You’re going out! Say goodbye to MY title cunt!’ she continued.


Still Toni struggled beneath her, less now as it seemed that the smother following the long hard match was starting to take its toll on the reigning champion. Emma felt it too; sat right on Toni’s face, she couldn’t fail to notice the weakening of her opponent. Switching to a double handful of that brunette hair now, pulling Toni’s face deep into the smother as she waited to feel Toni going out beneath her. As she did so, Emma got off her, allowing the referee to start a count on the champion. Although Toni didn’t appear all that likely to stir in time to beat the count, Emma was taking no chances as she circled into position behind Toni, ready to strike should she need to.

‘Ten……Eleven……Twelve’ the referee tolled off the count evenly and now, suddenly, Toni finally started to stir, desperate to not lose her title it seemed. The referee’s count continued on evenly ‘thirteen……fourteen……fif……she’s up!’ as Toni just beat the count only to find herself straight in Emma’s clutches as she went to plan B with a sleeper hold coupled with a rear body scissors. As a second plan went, this was pretty perfect, her strong arms sunk in deep around the throat of someone that she had almost completely smothered out moments earlier. Quickly she had Toni deep in trouble as she told her ‘should have stayed down bitch!’ while she ragged her head side to side in the sleeper hold. The referee was taking a closer interest now, wanting to know if Toni was out so that she might start counting again. Emma knew it before the referee though, releasing the sleeper and just clawing Toni’s right breast to gauge the response. There was none as Emma told the ref ‘count her, the bitch is done now.’


‘One……two……three’ the referee’s count tolled off steadily again, Emma now standing impassively over the Texan fighter, hands on hips, naked, a glorious amazon knowing that the title was surely hers now. ‘Ten……eleven……twelve’ the referee continued, Toni still showing no signs of movement. Emma raised her arms in victory now, celebrating her victory in the Battle of Texas before the referee had finally reached the count of fifteen to show that Toni was indeed knocked out. As Toni’s husband and second came on to the mats to revive his wife, Emma waited on the mats as she was announced the winner and was presented with the title belt. She showed that belt to all sides of the mats now, pausing particularly as she locked eyes with Staci who was to be her first challenger for the belt before she came back to the corner.


‘Hope you’ve still got that top Steve’ she smiled ‘because it turns out we’re celebrating tonight, and I say we do it right her in the dressing room love!’


‘Never doubted you Em’ I smiled in return, producing the top from behind my back with a flourish as we headed off the mats to celebrate the start of Emma’s fourth title reign as Smythe Catfight Champion!