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The Wildcat of Singapore

By Wolfboy

The Adult Pro Wrestling world title is defended, and Toni is very interested


After losing the Smythe title to Emma, it didn’t take all that long for Toni to resurface, but not in Smythe action. Not in action at all really as we heard that she’d been seen at an event for the World Adult Wrestling League, where she had laid down a challenge to the current and long-time champion, the Singapore Wildcat, Carol. Closer study showed that adult professional wrestling was a sport combining all of the elements of professional wrestling, catfighting and sex fighting into competitive bouts. Champion Carol, at 5 feet 7 inches tall and 163lbs was a pretty, curvy fighter who had built her title reign on cutting down bigger women to size in the ring. The match where Toni had interjected with her challenge at the end was no different it seemed. As we opened the video link we had been sent to watch the match, we learned that Carol’s opponent was the 5-foot 11 inch, 232lb Australian, Hannah McDermott, a glamorous plus size swimwear model and part time wrestler. Not that part time either I guessed if she had found her way into what was ostensibly a world title shot here. Looking at the two women waiting in their corners, there was a marked difference in size between them, but the champion wore a look of confidence as bold as her cheetah print cross-back swimsuit. She wore a pair of black thigh high wrestling boots trimmed with a band of cheetah print material at the top. On her legs, she wore shimmering tights, her jet-black hair tied up in a loose pony tail making her look every inch the old school pro wrestler.


Across the ring, Hannah looked equally confident, though her look was more one an amateur catfighter perhaps. Barefoot, the curvy Aussie wore a black bikini ensemble made up of a halter neck top and a pair of high waisted full briefs with mesh panels down each side. She was bare legged as well as barefoot with her nails painted a matte white colour. She bounced lightly on her feet for a big woman, her mass of blonde curls bouncing atop her head as her bikini top struggled gamely to control her 46D breasts. In her corner, Carol stretched lightly, eyes never leaving Hannah, eyeing her opponent hungrily as if she were her prey. Now Carol handed her crown (yes, the champion had a crown rather than a title belt) to the referee who held it up for all in attendance to see. As the camera scanned the crowd, it flashed quickly across Toni, eyeing that championship crown as hungrily as Carol had been eyeing Hannah. Then the referee handed it out to someone at ringside, the bell rang, and the action began with the two women circling anti-clockwise. It was a one fall match, without time limit, but there was no caution as both women quickly went into a collar and elbow tie up. Just as quickly, Hannah showed her extra power to shrug the champion off, pushing her to the mat. Carol rolled back to her feet quickly, showing agility that was impressive from a curvy wrestler. She surprised Hannah too, going straight back into another lock up, only to duck it and send a knee to Hannah’s soft belly. A chopping right hand to the jaw had Hannah rocking as Carol backed her up to the ropes and sent her off with an Irish whip. Hannah reversed it neatly, and was set at centre ring waiting for Carol to come back to her. She came at the challenger quickly too, launching herself into a flying cross body tackle. And Hannah caught her; the blonde’s power evident for all to see as she paraded Carol around the ring for a second before dropping to her knees to plant Carol at the centre of the ring in a power slam.


Already the crowd were on their feet here in Carol’s home arena, the Singapore Fight Dome, cheering, screaming, anything to try and get their favourite out of this early predicament against the big Australian. A two count on the pin fall attempt, but there was no sign of frustration from Hannah having landed such a big move and not claimed the early victory. She knew Carol was tough, she knew she had to wear her down, and she set about it, forcing Carol into a seated position where she wrapped her legs around her in a tight body scissor. The champion’s hands went to her head as she felt the power in Hannah’s legs, and that made it really easy for Hannah to trap her in a full nelson and immediately sweep her into a keister bounce. A shuddering impact for Carol who cried out as her butt hit the mat hard. Hannah broke the full nelson, delivered a big forearm between the shoulder blades, and then she showed some surprising skill, rolling Carol into a pin while still trapped in the body scissors that the champion did well to escape at a count of two again.


Kicking out of the pin at least got Carol clear of her challenger’s thick thighs but at the crowd rallied behind her with a chant of ‘CAROL…CAROL’ she was immediately back in Hannah’s clutches. A double handful of hair and a headbutt sent Carol reeling back to the ropes where Hannah had her well trapped before delivering a knife edged chop across the breasts. Carol clutched for her breasts feeling the stinging pain and Hannah set about trying to pull down her right shoulder strap to try and trap her arm a little. ‘No, you don’t’ Carol admonished as she stopped Hannah dead with a rake of the eyes and switched her to the ropes deftly. Now she took hold of the front of Hannah’s high waited bikini briefs and used it to pull her into a fist deep into her soft belly. The blonde groaned, but tried to pull Carol into a front headlock only for the champion to shrug that off and deliver a chopping right hand to the ribs now, drawing another groan of pain from Hannah. Carol wasted no time, not wanting her to recover as she draped the blonde’s throat over the top rope and stepped out through the ropes so that she could drop to the floor, a handful of that blonde hair in her grasp, to clothesline the powerful blonde on the top rope. That sent Hannah to the mat, and Carol reached in to the ring to grab her ankles and pull her out of the ring to the floor beneath the ropes. One of the rules of adult professional wrestling was that count outs didn’t matter; as such, it gave the wrestlers a chance to deliver plenty of punishment in the less forgiving setting at ringside.


That was something that Carol seemed determined to explore now as she led Hannah towards the steel barriers keeping the fans from the ring. She positioned her standing with chest towards that barrier, and then delivered a cruel kick between the curvy blonde’s legs. It didn’t matter how big and strong a woman was, that blow was going to drop them to their knees; Hannah was no exception, and it put her in the position to pushed throat first on to the top of the barrier now. Carol was on her immediately too, literally, as she knelt in the middle of the blonde’s back as her bare feet drummed at the thin mats outside the ring, fighting to catch her breath. Carol jumped down now, waved briefly to her fans who cheered her loudly, and then she used the hair to turn Hannah’s back to the steel rail and delivered a raking chop across her big breasts. Then she leaned her body into Hannah, and went digging with a hand down the front of the blonde’s high waisted bikini briefs, her intent evidently pleasure rather than pain as Hannah purred ‘Mmmmmmm…oh you…bitch!’ finding herself getting finger fucked there against the barrier. Enjoying Carol’s attentions for now, Hannah knew better it seemed than to just take it. An orgasm this early could weaken her, and she used her size and strength to force Carol off her for the moment.


The champion was straight back on the attack though using another of those raking chops to the breasts. Then she looked to Irish whip Hannah hard into the ring apron, knowing the hard edge of it would cause plenty of pain. It was a mistake though; Hannah had the power to reverse the move with ease, and it was Carol’s back that hit the apron hard. She let out a little yelp of pain as her back arched from the impact, and the big blonde closed the distance quickly to deliver a running knee to the body to drop Carol to her backside against the edge of the ring. ‘You wanted this earlier bitch!’ Hannah announced as she stepped into Carol, grabbed her hair and pulled her face into her crotch, grinding it hard in the champion’s face who responded by grabbing the blonde’s ass to get her nails into play. Hannah held the aces at this stage though and delivered a knee between the breasts to break the champion’s resistance for the moment. Another grind of her hips to make sure that Carol got a good face full of her crotch, and then Hannah used the double handful of hair to force the champion to her feet. Then she used that same grip to throw the champion across those thin mats on the outside of the ring, brushing strands of jet-black hair from her fingers with disdain as she told the crowd ‘look at your girl now! I’m going to crush her!’


At 232lbs, there wasn’t too much question that Hannah was built perfectly for just that. She sauntered over to Carol, used the champion’s black hair to force her to her feet and shrugged off a right hand to the body from Carol before she used a big European style uppercut to rock Carol back against the ring post on the outside. The champion was set up perfectly for Hannah who wasted no time in launching herself into an avalanche splash against the post. A bad move as the Australian amazon found the champion rolling out of the way and she hit the post hard, staggering past It as she clutched her right shoulder. It was the opening that Carol had needed to be able to take it to the powerful blonde; in an instant she was up on the ring apron running towards Hannah and launched herself into a flying bulldog headlock, sending Hannah face first into those thin mats. The crowd cheered for Carol as the home town girl had the match suddenly back under her control.


The big blonde was quite a handful, and Carol was happy to be able to utilise the no count out rule now to punish her on the outside of the ring, delivering a double knee drop to her lower back. Hannah squealed loudly in pain as Carol stayed in position on her back now, wrenching her head clear of the mat and painfully to the side with a double handful of hair before slamming her face back hard to those thin mats. Hannah was stunned, in a bad spot against an experienced adult wrestler like the champion who showed her no mercy, getting up only to deliver a crushing leg drop around the back of her head. Powerful or not, Hannah knew she was in trouble if Carol could keep her down for long and keep punishing her because she couldn’t bring her power into play on the ground. She was a little relieved then to feel the burning sensation in her scalp as Carol tried to quickly get her back to her feet. It may have been painful for her, but it provided her with a chance to fight back, pushing Carol away to create separation and then trying to explode from the mat with a powerful running clothesline. With her 232lbs behind it, Hannah might well have knocked Carol into the middle of next week had it connected. Unfortunately for her, the champion ducked the move and Hannah turned slowly, unaware, and found herself turning straight into a flying drop-kick, Carol’s boots catching her in the breasts and sending her reeling back into the ring apron.


Against that hard, unforgiving edge of the ring, Carol had Hannah placed to do some real damage, and knowing that big wrestlers were often prone to weak backs, she used a waistlock to bring Hannah away from the apron. Of course, it was only a matter of seconds before Carol reversed that momentum, and ploughed Hannah’s back into the apron hard, drawing a groan of pain from the blonde. A chopping right hand to the forehead hardly helped Hannah’s case, keeping her dazed and off balance, allowing Carol to grab her blonde hair and lead her to towards the corner of the ring. An evil glint was in Carol’s eyes now; the champion knew her way around a wrestling ring and more importantly perhaps, the outside of one too, and she spotted the perfect way to put Hannah in big trouble now. Climbing on to the ring steps, Carol took a front face lock and then, knowing she needed to move quickly, she delivered a short DDT. As Carol dropped to the middle step on her butt, Hannah’s forehead was driven in to the very unforgiving top step and she crashed back to the thin mats, howling in pain, stunned and clearly in a lot of trouble.


‘Time to have a bit of fun’ Carol thought to herself. ‘Who wants to see her big tits!?’ was what she yelled out to the crowd though, bringing an inevitable cheer from the lusty crowd. At ringside, Toni couldn’t help but be impressed with the way the fight had now turned, seemingly decisively, into Carol’s favour. She ripped Hannah’s bikini top from her body pretty decisively anyway, throwing it into the crowd to spark something of a frenzy there as the fans tried to get hold of the souvenir. Then using a combination of hair and arm, she started the not insignificant task of getting the big blonde back into the ring. She wanted to finish her off there, where all of the fans could enjoy seeing her work. It took a bit out of her to do it, but she had Hannah rolled back under the bottom rope with aplomb, before heading up the ring steps to enter the ring in the manner more befitting of a great champion, demanding that the referee hold the ropes open for her. Into the hair, she forced Hannah nearer to the centre of the ring, getting her onto her knees, and then Carol hit the ropes. Hannah flinched for a split second as Carol came barrelling back towards her, her eyes closed, awaiting the impact which didn’t come. Not immediately anyway; as she opened her eyes again, she found Carol standing there right in front of her, and the champion laughed as she slapped the taste right out of Hannah’s mouth. That sent the blonde reeling to the mat, and Carol gave the sign to her fans in the arena that she was ready to put the big blonde away now.


To do that, she wanted Hannah back on her feet, using the hair and a firm grip of her right breast to force her upright. Immediately she sent Hannah into the opposite ropes, waiting for her to rebound before leaping at her to take her down with a slingblade clothesline. Hannah hit hard, driven down to the mat by the move, but Carol was immediately on her, forcing her back to her knees, and into her favoured finishing hold; the dragon sleeper. A dangerous hold for sure, one that by instinct alone Hannah knew she had to fight against, instinct and ability could often prove to be quite separate things in adult professional wrestling though. As Hannah squirmed, Carol used the hold to turn her face slightly towards her and teased her with a hint of a kiss that Hannah looked to respond to only to cry out as Carol roughly pinched her right nipple. ‘Oh!’ Carol laughed, ‘what’s the matter blondie? You don’t like that?’ she asked, but already the taunting champion’s hand was moving inexorably down Hannah’s body, her fingers sliding inside the waistband of those high waisted bikini briefs that the big blonde wore.


‘Aaaaggghhhhh!’ Hannah groaned huskily as she felt Carol’s fingers inside her now, teasing her sensually. ‘Mmmmmmm’ Carol cooed in Hannah’s ear ‘feels good doesn’t it?’ she asked her as her fingers played inside Hannah, teasing and caressing as she looked to bring her towards an orgasm. It was the champion’s preferred way of operating; take the fight out of her opponent’s, make them cum, then finish them off; the very essence of adult professional wrestling. It had served her well in her career, and Hannah’s impassioned moaning and groaning suggested it was serving her just as well here today. As Carol increased the tempo with her fingers, Hannah moaning along in time with them ‘ooohhhhh……. Aiiieeeee………. Mmmmfffff’, she also slowly started to tighten the choking grip of the dragon sleeper too. Carol knew that extra choking effect would heighten the eroticism of the moment for Hannah, and if she timed it right, she could make the blonde cum and then pass out almost simultaneously. ‘OOOOHHHHHH…I…I…FUCK…. OOOOHHHHH!’ Hannah squealed, Carol’s fingers working her pussy with increasing fervour now. Then she gasped as Carol ratcheted up the sleeper hold a little more once again. Big trouble for the big blonde, but she was lost in the moment now, no longer fighting it, as Carol brought her quickly to her screaming climax in the ring, her screams of ecstasy delighting the capacity crowd. And now, Carol struck the decisive blow of the battle, pulling Hannah to her back still in the tight sleeper, legs folded underneath her, as Carol’s own powerful legs snapped closed around her body in a tight scissor hold. A mere matter of time now, a formality confirmed as the referee let Hannah’s arm fall limp to the mat before calling for the bell.


Carol gave her one last squeeze with the tight scissor hold and then she released Hannah, rolling the curvy blonde wrestler out from between her legs to leave her lying face down on the mat. As she was handed her crown, placing it neatly on top of her head, Carol struck a victory pose, a foot on top of Hannah as the crowd screamed their delight at her win. Then she heard a slow, sarcastic round of applause coming from behind her in the ring, turning slowly to see Toni, who had been sat in the crowd, was now in the ring, microphone in hand.


‘Oh bravo!’ Toni mocked ‘I mean, great effort beating a woman like that’ she said, gesturing at Hannah who was still on the mat at Carol’s feet. ‘You could never do that to a real fighting woman like me though could you bitch? Beat a woman who can really fight?’ she challenged Carol, who had been handed her own microphone now and stood with an expression of fury on her face.


‘First of all’ the champion asked ‘who the fuck are you? And second, these people know I don’t need to prove anything to a little tramp like you, bitch!’ she said, the last word dripping with disdain as the fans cheered her put down of Toni. Carol turned now, making as if to leave the ring now.


‘That’s right’ Toni laughed now ‘leave…get out of here…probably safer than taking me on. I’d have your stupid crown on my head in no time!’ she challenged.


‘No, you won’t’ Carol shot back, turning to face Toni again ‘because tell me what you’ve done to earn a title shot? I’m not fighting you!’ she told the Texan.


‘So you’re a fucking coward then?’ Toni berated Carol to the derision of the crowd who jeered her loudly. ‘They all know it bitch’ Toni mocked ‘listen to them booing you for being a pussy. Walk away. It’s for your own good champ.’


‘Fuck you’ Carol fired back ‘you have to earn a title shot. You can’t just walk in here and demand one’ she told the Texan interloper.


‘OK then’ Toni smiled ‘well consider this my audition then!’ she said, launching a flying drop kick that sent Carol to the mat, knocking the crown off her head. Now the fury of the crowd rained down on Toni who pulled Carol to her feet, tucked her head under her arm and fell back to the mat to deliver a DDT, planting Carol forehead first to the mat. Then she picked up Carol’s crown from the mat where it had fallen, placing it on her head before she straddled the champion’s back and pulled her arms across her knees to trap her in a camel clutch. Immediately Toni fish hooked her mouth too, fingers pulling roughly at her, distorting Carol’s featured as the crowd screamed in anger at the brunette’s antics. ‘Scream bitch!’ Toni yelled at Carol, adding ‘just like you will be when we fight for your crown!’ Then her assault was mercifully over for the champion, pushing her face first to the mat, standing over her for a moment, before she dropped her crown back to the mat next to Carol’s face.


To the sounds of the furious booing of Carol’s home crowd now, Toni dropped to her belly on the mat, her mouth next to Carol’s ear to make sure she heard every word as she whispered to her now. ‘Tick Tock champ…tick tock. You’d better get ready for me, because I’m coming for your title, and you know you can’t stop me now…bitch!’ At that, Toni left the ring, sliding out beneath the bottom rope, and she strode straight out of the arena, head held high, drinking in the hostility of the crowd as she knew she had surely secured her shot at the Singapore Wildcat’s title.