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I’m The Best

By Wolfboy

Toni gets her shot at the adult professional wrestling world title

We found ourselves glued to our screen once again for the next appearance of Toni in adult professional wrestling where she had gone straight into a shot at the world title in a match with the champion, Singapore Wildcat, Carol. To be fair, a sneak attack and a beating was probably a good way to earn a title shot; it also guaranteed a champion indignant with rage who had demanded the match to take place inside the steel cage. ‘Silly cow is going to get her arse handed to her’ was Emma’s verdict of Toni’s chances as Carol paced angrily in the cage waiting for her challenger to appear. She had left her gold satin ring jacket at the door to the cage, taken off her title belt and passed it to the referee, and now she was ready to go. She wore a beautiful metallic gold monokini, with a leopard print Y shaped cut out panel connecting the full briefs with the gold bra that tied with thin straps behind her head in a halter neck fastening. She had two nude mesh panels either side of the leopard print Y that only served to accentuate her fabulous, curvaceous figure. As was her usual style, Carol rounded out her outfit with a pair of shimmering nude tights and black thigh-high wrestling boots. The crowd in the arena, Carol’s home town Singapore Sports Dome, chanted her name repeatedly, squarely behind the laser focussed champion. She’d promised Toni would be begging her for mercy here tonight, ‘and then’ she’d added ominously it seemed for the Texan, ‘then I’ll show her what I’ve really got!’

That chanting turned to loud jeering as the tough Texan started to make her way slowly towards the cage and her date with destiny in the form of the champion. She may have been moving slowly, but that wasn’t down to a reluctance to finally meet face to face with Carol. Far from it, this was the confident saunter of a woman relishing her role as the bad girl here, stopping often to exchange views with the fans lining the short walk to the ring. Wearing a white T-shirt at the moment, it was only possible to see that Toni was barefoot, wearing a pair of footless shimmering suntan tights on her long, shapely legs. Finally reaching the cage, she grabbed the outer wall, shaking it as she tested it’s firmness; a smile crossed her face as it seemed that the playground for this title match met with her approval. Reaching the door to the cage, Toni climbed the steps to the apron, pausing at the top to finally peel off her white T-shirt. Beneath it she wore a red swimsuit, trimmed in silver with a thong back and large cutaway sections front and back. She had a single red elbow pad at her right elbow, and she adjusted that slightly before she slipped into the cage, hearing the door close behind her. It was just her, a referee and The Wildcat, locked inside the unforgiving steel structure.


The announcer, stood on the outside of the cage, now began to make the introductions. ‘Welcome to the Sports Dome, for our main even of the evening for the World Adult Wrestling League Championship. Today we have a no disqualification steel cage match scheduled for one fall with no time limit. First our challenger, wearing red with silver, from Dallas, Texas, USA, at 5 feet 5 inches, 151lbs, she is a former Smythe World Catfight Champion, this is Toni!’ The crowd predictably rained down a crescendo of booing on the brunette who took very little notice of them now; inside the cage, there was only one target for her attention, and it was no longer the Sports Dome crowd. A target that the announcer moved on to now, ‘and now, she is your World Adult Wrestling League Champion, from right here in Singapore at 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at 163lbs, she is the Singapore Wildcat, Carol!’ he announced to a far more positive response from the crowd. ‘Ring the bell!!’ the referee shouted now, not wanting to keep the two ladies waiting a second longer, and it was Toni who looked to get the jump start at the chime of hammer on brass, rushing in to deliver a drop kick that rocked the champion straight back to the ropes. Toni kept the pressure up immediately, two hard forearms across the champion’s impressive breasts before she sent her off to the opposite ropes with an Irish Whip. Carol had the awareness of a real ring veteran though, reversing the whip so that it was Toni’s back that hit the ropes, dangerously close to the unforgiving steel cage wall. She rebounded to find Carol with her head ducked, ready to deliver a backdrop; Toni was having nonce of that though, kicking her as she stopped in front of the champion. Straightened up by the kick, Carol took a slap to the face from the Texan who immediately ran back to the ropes, looking to gather momentum for a clothesline. This time though, Carol was waiting on her, stepping forward to intercept Toni and deliver a perfect spine buster slam, Toni’s back driven in to the pine boards of the ring with some effect.


A real momentum stopper delivered by Carol and it was the champion who took over as a result of it, measuring Toni with a rolling knee drop to the forehead to keep the Texan subdued on the mat. Completing her forward roll, Carol seamlessly ran to the ropes, bouncing off to deliver a big splash to Toni, driving the air from her body. Hooking a leg, Carol went straight for the pin, receiving a 2 count before Toni kicked out, squirming a shoulder free. No worries for Carol who went straight to the hair to pull Toni to her feet before she jumped into the air to knock her challenger back down with a clubbing blow across the shoulders. Toni was dropped to her knees, and Carol so far was all high impact moves, keeping that up by driving one of her thick powerful thighs into Toni’s face to drop her to the mat. A heavy elbow drop across the chest landed now on the challenger who was forced to kick out at two again to keep her challenge alive in the early going. So far, we had seen impressive, hard-hitting, pro style action from Carol, but the world of adult professional wrestling of course offered many more routes to victory. Now she took the action in to a slightly different direction for a moment, going to Toni’s brunette hair to force her to her feet and into a corner of the ring. Showing her veteran instincts, Carol had Toni leg-trapped in seconds, right leg out over the middle rope, before leaning her curvaceous body right into the Texan. A hand was inside the brunette’s swimsuit within moments too, eliciting a groan of pleasure and frustration as the champion started to finger fuck her slowly against the turnbuckle.


Dirty tart!’ Carol told the Texan as she continued to pleasure her there against the turnbuckles, warning Toni that ‘you’re in my playground now honey!’ Then she broke off abruptly, delivering a withering chop across Toni’s proud breasts, leaving the brunette moaning in pain, gripping the top rope as she at least got her right leg back into the ring. She was flustered though by the champion’s dual pronged style of attack in the early going, and it got no better for her as Carol embarked on delivering a series of hair mares, not releasing the hair until she had Toni in a seated position following the third throw. Pausing for a moment, Carol drew the cheers of the crowd as she brushed loose strands of Toni’s brunette hair from her fingers before she measured her to lash a kick across her upper back. Toni screamed in pain with the impact, her back arching for a moment before Carol took a half nelson, a handful of hair, and pulled her to the mat. Forearm cruelly across Toni’s face, another pinning attempt, another two count, Carol held control of the match to the delight of her fans. Now she wrenched Toni back to that seated position by the hair, posted a knee in her back and slipped an arm around her chin in a tight rear chin lock, using her powerful arm to wrench Toni’s head to the side painfully. ‘Nnnngghhhh!’ Toni groaned, knowing she was taking too much punishment early on here. Carol, experienced in adult wrestling, had a hand inside the back of the brunette’s swimsuit as well now; the feeling of the champion’s hand just resting on her butt inside her costume unsettling Toni more than she might have expected it to. Carol knew that of course, having dished the move out and received it in the past, and taking advantage of Toni’s confused state, broke the chin lock and hammered her with an elbow smash to the shoulder blades. Toni slumped forward a little on the mat, still seated at least until she felt Carol’s hand in her long brunette hair, wrenching her from the mat. On her feet, Toni was lifted immediately into a big body slam, effortlessly delivered by the champion as she continued to make the Texan’s introduction to adult professional wrestling a stormy one.


Now Carol sunk both hands into the top of Toni’s thick brunette tresses, and simply walked across the ring towards the ring ropes, forcing a screeching Toni to follow, desperately trying to get her feet beneath her. An upward yank on the hair ended that particular journey, lifting Toni from the mat before releasing the hair to drop her on her butt by the ropes. Again, the crowd cheered their home town girl as she made a show of brushing Toni’s hair from her fingers. Then she pointed to the cage wall, showing that she perhaps thought it was time to introduce Toni’s face to the cold hard steel. The crowd were fully on board with that as was Emma sat next to me, remarking ‘silly cow is going to get her face rearranged now!’ Into the hair, Carol brought Toni to her feet by it, before she looked to slam her face into the wall of the cage. Now Toni resisted, both hands braced on the cage. Her stomach was a clear target though for Carol, but perhaps it was a mistake from the champion as she ignored that and redoubled her effort to introduce Toni’s face to the cage. Still Toni resisted, before a sharp back elbow caught Carol off guard as it struck her deep in the belly. Winded, Carol doubled forward and Toni grabbed her hair with both hands, simply ripping the champion to the mat on her back. Now against the ring ropes, Toni stood on no ceremony, simply stomping the champion’s body with her bare feet repeatedly as she held the top rope for balance. Carol rolled on to her stomach, a hand covering her head as she tried to absorb the attack; Toni climbed to stand on top her, now stomping away with her right foot which kept bashing Carol’s face off the mat.


It was a pretty dazed champion at the end of that assault, even before Toni used the ropes to springboard herself off her and used the height to deliver an elbow drop to Carol’s lower back. An exclamation point that had, it appeared, changed the momentum of the match quickly in Toni’s favour. That had shown Carol the scrappy, tough nature of the Texan brunette, but she surprised Carol with her technical skill too now, delivering a nice hip toss as she got the champion to her feet. A leg drop followed that, crashing down across the breasts of the jet-haired champion who was rocked by Toni’s sudden onslaught, finding herself pulled into a side head scissors by a handful of her hair now. Immediately Toni rolled slightly, forcing Carol into an awkward position sat forward slightly as the brunette’s deceptively powerful legs started to punish her, choking the champion. Carol groaned, pushing against Toni’s legs, then she tried to bridge, anything to release the pressure of the scissor hold, Toni took aim with a sharp downward punch to the stomach now, dropping that bridge before she slipped a hand inside her golden top to play with, rather than maul her breasts.


Carol moaned with a little more pleasure now as she felt Toni’s fingers circling her nipple, teasing and caressing. Knowing what was probably coming was no defence for the experienced champion who felt her nipple stiffen to the Texan’s touch, bracing herself for the inevitable nipple twist. Still, it brought a gasp from the champion’s lips, and still trapped in Toni’s scissor hold, Carol knew she needed to get the match away from being a mat based contest, which was evidently Toni’s area of expertise. She gritted her teeth and started to slowly make her way around to her knees, still with her head trapped between Toni’s thighs. Not for long though; as Carol contemplated her next move, Toni released the scissor hold and pushed her foot between Carol’s breasts to knock her to the mat, flat on her back again. Toni got to her feet now and used the hair to bring the champion to her feet very much on Toni’s terms as a furious European uppercut rocked her back into the ropes. Toni went for the Irish Whip once again to the opposite ropes, and dazed, there was no reversal from Carol who ran straight into a clothesline from the Texan. Again, Toni went to the hair, ignoring the token resistance from Carol with a right hand just below the breasts, before she backed Carol up into the ropes. This time, there was no Irish Whip as Toni instead monkey flipped the Singapore Wildcat to the mat, Carol catching a fleeting view of the ring lights as her world turned upside down and she hit hard at centre ring. Cockily now, Toni tried to lead the crowd in a chant of ‘Carol...Carol…’, a sarcastic smirk on her face before she hit the ropes for a big splash that landed flush and secured her a two count on the champion.


The wrath of the crowd rained down on Toni now as elected to keep the action on the mat again for now, securing a grapevine as her legs spread Carol’s thick, powerful looking legs with relative ease. She didn’t look to pin the champion’s hands to the mat and look for a pin; instead she started to molest her breasts inside the swimsuit once more as she started to warm to her task her in adult wrestling. It seemed that the action on the mat favoured Toni; a dangerous assumption though when a wrestler of Carol’s experience was involved it seemed as Toni suddenly found herself getting a better look at those breasts as she was pulled down into a breast smother. Carol’s arm wrapped tightly around the back of Toni’s neck, hand just gripping enough hair to help secure the smother well. The tables seemed to have been turned somewhat for the moment, Toni quickly firing two right hands into the body of the champion, who groaned as she took them but held firm, and Toni looked to be in trouble. Fading possibly even as she fired another punch into Carol’s body, Toni even found her grapevine used against her as Carol shifted her legs and spread the Texan challenger from beneath. In turn, that made Toni sink deeper into the smother and she was in a world of trouble, her hands blindly searching for target. Carol tightened her grip further, pulling her deeper in to the smother, giving her more problems still now. ‘Tap bitch...tap!’ Carol told Toni who was fading quickly, her hand now seemingly just resting limply on Carol’s face.


The referee moved in to check Toni’s hand now, lifting it a little before allowing it to fall back to where it had lain limply on Carol’s face. But now, as the hand dropped, Toni raked Carol’s eyes nastily, the champion screeching indignantly as her vision was assaulted by her wily Texan foe. The combination of smother and grapevine was broken as both ladies rolled apart and took a moment to gather themselves. Carol was the first to her feet though, thinking that she needed to keep the pressure on the brunette who he fancied she had in trouble. A mistake as, grabbing Toni’s hair, Carol yelled out in surprise as the Texan caught her with a punch straight to the crotch, sending her crumpling to the mat on her knees, clutching her womanhood. Toni got to her knees too, and then delivered a crunching headbutt, forehead to forehead that knocked Carol to the mat on her back. Toni had to take a moment herself, just to clear the cobwebs following the hard head to head contact before she went onto the attack cruelly. Getting to her feet, she grabbed a handful of Carol’s hair, puling hard as she pushed her left foot onto Carol’s throat, a cruel choke accentuated by the hair hold. Carol’s feet drummed at the mat, desperate as she was to escape the hold quickly, then she bridged and Toni delivered a brutal stomp to the belly as her hips rose from the mat. That dropped Carol back flat to the mat and Toni released her hair, allowing her to roll away across the mat, clutching herself as she groaned in pain.


Toni stalked her now, patiently waiting for the champion to reach her feet a little groggily, and then a double axe handle blow from behind sent her chest first to the ropes. She rebounded too, presenting Toni with a perfect target for a hard punch to the kidney area that the Texan was only too happy to deliver, knocking Carol to her knees against the ropes. As Toni rushed to press the throat of the Singapore Wildcat onto the middle rope by pressing her body tightly against her, the camera angle showed a tall blonde in the front row of the crowd looking somewhat more pleased with Toni’s performance that the rest of the crowd. The camera lingered on the busty blonde for a moment too; this was adult wrestling after all, so a beautiful lady at ringside was deemed worthy of attention. The ring lights glinted off a quite heavy looking gold chain that the blonde wore around her neck, before the camera panned back to the action in the cage where Toni had Carol back on her feet. Both hands in Carol’s hair, she stood at the centre of the ring before running the champion back towards the ropes. A yard short of that though, she simply hurled Carol at the ropes, the momentum sending her curvy body into the wall of the cage before that and the ropes combined to send her back to the mat groaning loudly. Toni adjusted the back of her red thong back suit where it had ridden into something of a wedgie during the action, then she slid straight in for the pin, and a long two count saw Carol just about getting a shoulder up in time.


Toni had the briefest look of frustration about her, but then a look of focus came back to her face. She had the champion at a disadvantage, and she needed to set about making that work for her now. Back in the hair, she moved Carol into a seated position, deftly untying that halter neck fastening to allow the front of Carol’s monokini to fall away. Now Toni took a full nelson from behind, able to control Carol’s arms with one of hers for long enough to let her reach around to fondle the champion’s breasts. Sensually for now, allowing Carol to feel her breath, hot on the nape of her neck as she did so. There was a somewhat muted buzz across the arena, many of the crowd unable to recall when their champion, their Singapore Wildcat had been in this level of trouble, stripped to the waist against an evidently in control foe. Toni smiled as she felt Carol’s nipples stiffen further to her touch now, and feeling the jet-haired champion struggling against the full nelson now, she started to bring her to her feet. Carol was wily though, a veteran of many adult wrestling struggles and she surprised Toni, repaying her for the earlier eye rake with one of her own and it was the champion who was able to Irish Whip her challenger into the waiting turnbuckles. Toni’s back arched as she slumped back against those turnbuckles, apparently dazed somewhat by the impact. Carol certainly thought she had her in trouble, rushing in with a flying avalanche against the turnbuckles; Toni was gone though, and Carol hit nothing but buckle, and worse followed as Toni grabbed her hair and pulled her straight down on to her upturned knees in a cruel lung blower.


Silly cow!’ Toni laughed, getting the groaning champion to her feet and throwing her into the corner. Tapping her own temple to show the crowd that she was the brains in the ring, she eyed up Carol’s breasts now for a series of stinging chops. Each time she delivered a chop, Toni took a moment to get Carol’s arms back onto the top ropes, presenting a clear target for her next blow. The Sports Dome had been quietened down a little by Toni’s dominance, and each blow reverberated clearly around the arena. As did Carol’s shrieks of pain as Toni’s hand struck home repeatedly; the challenger was wearing the champion out it seemed now. Putting her long, slender legs to use, Toni gripped the top rope now, using it for balance as she foot choked Carol in the corner, just about forcing Carol to her tip toes as she punished her until eventually, the champion was able to bat her leg away from her throat. That same foot that had been choking her now drove the wind from her instead though with a hard kick to the belly that left Carol in trouble, slumped back against the turnbuckles.


Toni looked supremely confident; a look not dissimilar to that seen in the world of catfighting when she had won and defended that Smythe title. She pulled Carol out of the corner, making quick work of the champion’s 163lbs as she lifted and slammed her with ease, then she signalled to the crowd that their favourite would be meeting the steel cage once more. Going to the hair, Toni ran Carol towards the ropes again, looking to throw her towards the cage wall as she had previously. This time, the champion was wise to her plan and blocked, digging the Texan brunette in the belly with a hard elbow. Toni let out a woosh of air, doubled forward and was tagged with a knee lift up into her breasts to send her to the mat, flat on her back. Topless, her monokini hanging loosely at her waist, Carol’s body bore the marks of the tough battle so far, now it would surely be payback time for Toni. Carol started off with a nasty shin drop across the chest before, with Toni down, she hastily rearranged the top of the brunette’s red swimsuit so that the shoulder straps were restricting her arms a little, holding them to her side. She lifted Toni, then waist locked her, straight into a pussy pounding atomic drop that left Toni frozen on her outstretched thigh, howling in pain until a shove to the chest sent her to the mat. Advantage back to the champion, the more experienced woman in this field of combat it seemed, as she did the job of easing Toni’s swimsuit down further, rendering the Texan fighter topless. Just as Toni had with her, she delivered some stinging blows to those sensitive breasts now, each impact bringing a cry of pain from Toni, a grimace to her face as she was forced to endure the punishment. Carol was back into the hair then forcing Toni to her feet, holding her in place by the hair as she screamed in her face ‘this is my world bitch! Not yours!!’

Fuck you!’ Toni shot back angrily, receiving an insulting slap to the face from Carol who then immediately gave Toni her first introduction to the cage, throwing her at the cage wall just as Toni had earlier done to her. Toni landed back inside the ring, groaning loudly as Carol grabbed the brunette’s left arm, stretched it out flat on the mat and delivered a full body splash to it, starting to soften her up it seemed for her favourite dragon sleeper finisher. Back in the hair Carol pulled Toni up to her feet, immediately taking the brunette back to the cage to throw her hard into the wall once more. Again, Toni fell back into the ring, the combination of rope and cage wall doing their bit to propel her back inside. She writhed in some discomfort down on the mat as Carol measured her once more for a cruel knee drop to the shoulder that drew a shriek of pain from the challenger. It was all Carol now, Emma nudging me to point out ‘see! The bitch is getting her ass kicked!’


It was a reasonable assessment though as Carol again lifted Toni from the mat using the hair. She slid a hand between Toni’s legs, stopping along the way to paw at her crotch before she lifted her again, this time to deliver a shoulder breaker, letting the ailing brunette drop hard to the mat in some pain. I felt that Carol might have been able to finish Toni with a pin right there, but she decided it was time for some extra humiliation before she would finish the challenger’s night. Toni’s red swimsuit was her first target, already down to her waist, it was shortly all the way off as Carol made quick work of it, spanking Toni’s ass as she lay face down on the mat before she twirled the metallic red suit around her head to the cheers of the home crowd. Those fans knew it was just a matter of time before Carol had Toni in her dragon sleeper, made her cum and made her submit to her. The swimsuit was a strong ally for Carol now as she wrapped it around Toni’s neck and used it to throw her at the cage again, this time between top and middle ropes so that her shoulder took another tough blow, this time from the steel cage wall. Now the showoman in Carol took over for a moment as she pushed an almost naked Toni against the very wall of the cage, down on the mat so that the mesh wall cut into her body. Grabbing that metallic suit, Carol headed back to the centre of the cage, causing something of a frenzy as she twirled it around her head, pointing at all four sides of the arena as if to ask ‘who wants it?’


It was a frenzy that Toni took advantage of, we later pieced together. As all eyes were on Carol, the blonde the camera had caught at ringside had run up the side of the cage where Toni lay. Nothing was seen on camera, but when the blonde was picked up by it, just as she sat back down, it was Emma who noticed there was something different about her. ‘Her chain has gone’ Emma mused out loud ‘why…...that sneaky little bitch!’ she continued, suddenly realising that the chain must be in the hands of the Texan tough girl!


Carol propelled the swimsuit over the top of the cage now, sparking another frenzy in the section of crowd she launched it at, and she headed over to get Toni, blissfully unaware of what had been going on over there. In fairness, I think there were only two people in that whole arena who knew what had happened at that point; the blonde at ringside, and Toni in the ring. As Carol leaned through the ropes, Toni struck, the coiled viper delivering all of its venom in one strike of that heavy gold chain wrapped tightly around her fist, to Carol’s forehead. A one shot momentum changer if there ever was one, and Carol slumped forward, her head against the wall of the cage as she rested on the middle rope, looking like she might well be out of it. Toni rolled into the ring, grabbed that middle rope and used it to catapult Carol back into the centre of the ring. Finally now, the crowd caught a glimpse of the gleaming golden chain wrapped around Toni’s right fist, jeering loudly as Toni laughed and planted a fist drop right in the middle of Carol’s forehead. The champion’s body jerked wildly on the mat from that impact as Toni looked to have knocked her senseless; she got the champion flat out on the mat again though just to make sure with a second fist drop.


She had turned the tide of the fight quickly, decisively, in her favour it seemed. At least she had done so thanks to her blonde friend and her heavy golden chain. As the crowd howled in derision, Toni soaked in the atmosphere, standing over Carol to put the chain she had used as a weapon around her own neck now, perhaps the ultimate act of brazen admittance that she’d used the chain as her weapon of choice. Carol’s forehead told that story certainly, and now Toni looked for the way to create the correct, dominant, image of victory. She could have delivered a pin with one foot on Carol’s bare breasts probably, but instead she stripped off her own suntan tights, leaving them on the mat. As the crowd howled in derision, she simply dropped heavily into a reverse face sit pin, naked, perched there on Carol’s face as she told the ref ‘count it! The bitch is done for!’


Complying with Toni’s demand, the referee dropped down to the mat, his hand slapping the mat three times, the merest hint of a delay on that third count as if he expected Carol to somehow muster the strength to kick out. But she was done, and Toni had done what seemed impossible and claimed the title in her first adult professional wrestling match. She stayed perched on Carol’s face just a little while longer, waiting for the referee to retired the title belt and come back into the cage with it before she stood. ‘Your winner...and NEW World Adult Wrestling League Champion, by pin fall…...TONI!’ the announcer said as the ref raised her hand and then strapped the title belt around her waist. Otherwise naked, Toni stood over the jet haired wrestler who was barely stirring on the mat now, telling her ‘I’m the best now bitch…...don’t you forget it!’


A nasty stomp to the belly from Toni just added fuel to the fiery indignation already burning in the crowd around the arena, making sure she left the cage to a hostile reception. The look on her face though told everyone that she loved it, waving regally to the crowd as she toured all four sides of the cage before stopping in front of the busty blonde at ringside. She stared at her for a moment, almost a hint of a challenge there, then both ladies burst into wide grins. Stretching her hand out she said ‘come on Paislee, lets go!’ pulling the blonde to her feet as the two headed back up the entrance ramp of the arena, boos and no little amount of debris raining down on them. At the top of the ramp, one final insult to every single person in the arena.


Oh!’ Toni exclaimed ‘I almost forgot Paislee! This is yours…’ she laughed, taking off the golden chain and having her apparent associate lift her hair so that she could fasten the offending weapon back around her neck. One last wave to soak in the ire of the fans once more, and she was gone through the entrance curtain and out of sight, her new title adorning her naked body.


The cheating bitch!’ Emma exclaimed. ‘She did it, but she’s a sneaky cow’ she laughed. ‘I’d kick her arse for that belt as well though’ she claimed ‘I quite fancy a new title!’