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The Truest Test

By Wolfboy

Toni tries to lure Emma in with a boast about adult professional wrestling

Against Emma’s expectations, Toni had proven to be surprisingly effective in the world of Adult Professional Wrestling. Having won the title from Singapore Wildcat Carol in her first official match in the sport, she had gone on to defend the title successfully twice against mid-ranked contenders. Today though, she perhaps faced her toughest opponent to date in the form of the mysterious number one contender, La Masque. Many had speculated that La Masque was a well known professional wrestler, moonlighting in adult pro wrestling beneath a mask to protect her identity. She was small, but fiercely ruthless, having beaten and fucked her way through a series of wrestlers on the way to gaining the number one contenders spot. Her name suggested that she was French, she wrestled mainly in Europe, but the mask added that level of mystique, with no one really having a clue as to her true identity. Whoever she was, it was clear that the wrestler known as La Masque represented a stern challenge for Toni’s adult professional wrestling credentials, and ultimately, her title.


Appearing in the ring at an adult show the week before the title match, Toni had cut a promo to tell the world of Adult Pro wrestling exactly what she felt. ‘I have great respect for this masked brat let me tell you’ she had said, sounding a little dismissive of the challenger. ‘She’s good, she’s young, fast, strong and almost as devious as me. But that’s the point’ she continued, ‘you see, almost isn’t going to cut it against me. I’ve seen her run her way through some contenders. Seen how she dealt harshly with them. Ended up fucking some of them after the match, and I can respect that. It’s all part of the game. Adult Pro wrestling is the toughest test of a woman in sport because anything goes and anything can happen. But I make you one promise here tonight’ Toni said, pausing a moment to take in the scene, fans packed in tightly at ringside, hanging on the champion’s words. ‘I will beat her. I will unmask her, and I will walk out of there with my title intact’ she said, rounding things up as she added ‘and if it comes to it, It’ll be me doing the fucking at the end of the match.’

The crowd had cheered for Toni that night, her home Texas crowd enjoying her work as champion and the way she had, with an occasional assist from Paislee at ringside, run roughshod over her challengers. On this occasion though, Toni wouldn’t be defending her title in her home arena; the challenger had displayed some pull by insisting the match took place in the French speaking city of Montreal, guaranteeing her the support of the majority of the crowd. No matter for Toni, she revelled in being the bad girl after all and didn’t care if the crowd wanted to cheer for La Masque.


Now the ring announcer was ready, stood at the centre of the ring, a different crowd, a different arena, one that leaned in the favour of the French challenger, many of them waving the tricolore of France in support of her. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall with no time limit and no disqualifications, and it is for the World Adult Wrestling League championship!’ Now there was a cheer from the crowd as the spotted the small but powerful figure of the challenger approaching the ring, waving a French tricolore and the Fleur-De-Lys of Quebec high above her head. ‘First approaching the ring, from Colombier, France, is the number one contender. Standing 5 feet 1 inches tall, weighing in at 122lbs with measurements of 34C-24-35, La Masque!’ The crowd roared with approval of their adopted challenger who slipped into the ring now between the middle and bottom ropes before climbing on to that bottom rope to wave to the fans at ringside. She wore a two piece of booty shorts and a crop top in a base colour of black adorned with blue and red at the waistband. The top had a blue insert across the front that pushed her breasts up and together to create quite the cleavage. Red laces criss-crossed that insert while white crystals were sewn into both garments to pick out the red white and blue colours of the French flag across that glittering black background. She had long blonde hair, dyed at the ends in red white and blue. On her feet she wore short blue boots covered by black kick pads, the legend ‘MASQUE’ picked out on them in the colours of the French flag. Her thick thighs were encased in a twin layer of shimmering tights and skin coloured fishnet. And she wore a mask of course. As she sat on the bottom rope, arms draped along the middle rope, waiting for Toni, a mask that she adjusted. It was a full wrestling mask, covering her face entirely, black with some blue and red detail picked out on it. It was modified of course to allow her blonde hair to fall freely around her shoulders and upper back.


Now the crowd started to jeer as the champion entered the arena, standing at the top of the entrance way with her associate, the blonde Paislee at her side. She was in her element immediately; Toni loved the hostility of a crowd and fed off it. It was something she had first encountered when defending the Smythe title over in Mexico, and she had quickly learned that it was something she enjoyed. Today, she raised her championship belt above her head to the jeers of the crowd as she and Paislee made their way to the ring. Toni had, in contrast to her challenger, kept her look simple, a plain white swimsuit, with a small stars and stripes embroidered over her left breast, bare feet, footless shimmering tights and white knee pads to round out the look. It was a look complimented by Paislee in black wet look leggings and white jacket also with a small stars and stripes embroidered on it. The tall curvy blonde wore high heeled ankle boots, advancing her to Amazonian size, especially when compared to the relatively diminutive French woman. ‘And now’ the ring announcer picked up, ‘approaching the ring is the champion, from Dallas, Texas, standing 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing in at 152lbs, this is Toni!’ he informed the crowd who responded with a crescendo of jeering. Toni having climbed to reach the ring apron, turned to remonstrate with the crowd, holding her belt high as she started to shout back at that. Started, but didn’t get very far in to as La Masque jump started the match with a drop kick from behind, sending Toni off the apron to collide with Paislee and leave the two Americans in a heap on the floor.


That met with the approval of the crowd, as did the referee immediately calling for the bell to officially start the match. La Masque wasn’t for allowing Toni a moment to recover either, slipping through the ropes to the apron before, as Toni and Paislee started to rise, she used the bottom rope as a springboard to deliver a corkscrew dive to the outside of the ring, knocking both Americans back down. Now La Masque wanted Toni back inside the ring, grabbing her hair to force her to her feet only to feel Paislee’s hands close around her ankle, trying to stop her. No problem though for the tiny blonde who floored Toni once again with a European style uppercut to the jaw before turning her attention to the still grounded blonde Paislee who she subdued quickly with a stomp to the back of the head. As Paislee was left ailing on the floor on the outside, the masked challenger got Toni to her feet, bunching her white swimsuit just a little into a wedgie before she rolled her into the ring beneath the bottom rope. La Masque didn’t follow Toni straight in though, preferring to take the high risk route in to the ring via the top turnbuckle where she now climbed to. The masked blonde paused there now, waiting for Toni to slowly find her feet, turning slowly to locate her challenger only for La Masque to come off the top rope with a missile drop kick that floored her. A chance at a pin, a short two count as Toni kicked out, but immediately found la Masque in her hair, forcing her to her feet. Now a side Russian leg sweep from La Masque, sending Toni back to the mat hard, straight into a lateral press for the pin after a graceful float over from the little blonde; another two count as Toni remained in early trouble.


La Masque was straight in to the hair now, bringing Toni back to her feet and leading her to the corner to bounce her face off the top turnbuckle. Satisfied she had the champion stunned, the French blonde lashed a chop across Toni’s breasts and then looked to send her into the opposite corner with an Irish Whip. For the first time, Toni’s extra power came into play now, as she reversed the move and instead it was she that sent La Masque hard into the corner. Off her game more than a little though, Toni rushed in to the corner, looking to bury her shoulder into the French blonde’s midsection. La Masque was ready for her though, using the top rope to lever herself up and over Toni before coming back down to almost pin her again with a sunset flip. Yet another close call narrowly escaped by the champion who was, frankly, struggling to cope with the pace and high energy of the athletic challenger in the opening moments here. That showed no signs of changing either as La Masque hit the ropes and caught Toni perfectly as she rose with a step-up flying head scissors to flip the tough Texan back to the mat. There was no hint of a let up in the pace though as La Masque looked to hit the ropes again, likely looking for another favourite move of hers, the rolling neck breaker. She made the mistake of hitting the ropes near to where Paislee was finding her feet after taking that stomp to the head from the challenger. Now Paislee decided to insert herself in the action for the first time, grabbing La Masque’s ankle to trip her, face first, to the mat. Paislee turned her back to the ring almost instantly, starting to exchange views on that incident with the angry ringside fans. Then she shrieked as she felt two hands in her hair as the French woman leaned between top and middle ropes to grab her.


That was all well and good from La Masque, but in truth, she had taken her eye off the ball to tangle with Paislee. Toni was stirring, and too late to heed the warning cries of the crowd, the French blonde paid a heavy price as Toni delivered a hard crotch kick from behind now. ‘Aaaaggggh!’ la Masque screamed loudly as she fell throat first across the middle rope and Toni took advantage of that straight away, simply sitting on her challenger’s shoulders to force her deeper into a rope choke. Beneath her mask, the blonde’s eyes bulged as she felt the rope cut into her throat before Toni got off her, grabbing that long blonde hair to force La Masque to her feet as well. Then she used a hair mare throw to put La Masque into a seated position on the mat. The Texan was all about the high impact attacks for the moment now, lashing a kick across the blonde’s upper back before she ran for the ropes to rebound and nail her with a basement drop-kick straight into the breasts. La Masque was knocked flat and Toni was on her with a shin pressed in across the throat while a handful of blonde hair and mask combined pulled the challenger that bit more into the choke. Toni used a nasty eye rake now, the shriek of anguish from La Masque clear for all to here at ringside. The French woman looked to rally now, both hands going to Toni’s leg to try and force it off her. ‘MASQUE...MASQUE...MASQUE’ the crowd tried to build behind the comeback attempt; Toni put paid to it with a short right hand to the jaw.


The challenger was flat on her back as Toni got off her now, heading to the ropes before coming back in to deliver a shin drop right across her breasts. La Masque rolled away now, clutching at her breasts as Toni watched her roll towards the bottom rope, allowing her to reach the apparent sanctuary there before she used a baseball slide drop kick to send her out of the ring to a heavy landing on the well enough padded floor. There were no count outs in adult professional wrestling, so Toni was happy to follow her challenger to the floor where she fancied she might dish out some heavier punishment. Straight into La Masque’s hair, Toni forced her upright and threw her roughly against the edge of the ring apron, the she eased the blondes crop top up just a fraction, just exposing the underside of her breasts to a stinging knife edge chop.


Nnnghhh’ La Masque groaned now, stung by the chop as she moved her arm across her chest, perhaps trying to ease her crop top back down. Toni stopped her immediately though, pulling her arm away, stinging her with another chop across the partly exposed breasts, and then chopping her down to a seated position there against the side of the ring. Now Toni hitched her own suit up in to something of a wedgie, turning her back towards the blonde challenger as she wiggled her butt before planting it firmly in the blonde’s masked face. But then, it was Toni who shrieked in surprise as the challenger snaked a hand around her, inside her swimsuit, trying to finger fuck her there from behind. Toni endured that for a moment, and then thrust her butt back in to La Masque’s face in a move she called her peach punch to leave the blonde dazed up against the apron for a moment. Toni was determined to keep up the pressure on her challenger too, pressing a bare foot at the masked blonde’s throat to choke her against the apron now. A feisty character, La Masque batted Toni’s foot away quickly but paid with a straight kick to the breasts before she went to the hair to pull her to her feet.


La Masque quickly found her head tucked in under Toni’s arm, the Texan grabbing a good handful of her booty shorts, and as she protested ‘Noooo!’, she found herself punished with a snap vertical suplex. On the outside of the ring, there was padding, but it was limited, and La Masque howled loudly in pain. ‘Look at her!’ Toni now demanded of the crowd, ‘Look at her! Where are all your stupid flags now?!’ she demanded, receiving the jeers of the crowd that she so loved in return. Again she went to the hair, there on the outside of the ring, forcing La Masque to her feet, forcing the blonde’s crop top up further as she cried out ‘take a good look at your girl’s tits!’ before she clamped a sleeper hold tightly on the masked wrestler there on the outside. She started to parade the ailing blonde around the ringside area now, taunting the crowd with how she was handling their girl. Unfortunately for Toni, she may have thought she was handling La Masque, but the blonde was a devious wrestler herself, a match for Toni in that respect, and she stamped down hard on the tough Texan’s feet. That distraction just loosened the brunette’s grip on the sleeper hold, and now La Masque managed to reverse out of the hold and she lifted Toni to drop her to the mat in a back suplex. Now it was Toni who felt that unforgiving area outside the ring, clutching the back of her head as she groaned in pain on the matted area.


The blonde stopped for a moment now, trying to gather herself as she made as if to adjust her top demurely, pulling it back down to cover her breasts before she forced Toni to her knees. Now she grabbed the brunette in a front headlock, falling back immediately to plant her forehead first to the mat with a DDT. Toni rolled away in a daze as La Masque got quickly to her feet, climbing to the ring apron as she prepared to deliver a moonsault to her prone opponent on the outside of the ring. Again now, Paislee came into play, standing between La Masque and Toni, forming a formidable barrier to stop the blonde from completing her move. Toni was helped to her feet by Paislee now, but the blonde had taken her eyes off La Masque for a split second and she turned back to find the French challenger airborne. Paislee made the sacrifice play as La Masque took off, pushing Toni out of the way, and it was she who took the impact of the Thesz press from the apron. La Masque was still sat on Paislee’s chest where she had landed as she shrieked, feeling Toni’s hand in her hair now, the fast recovering Texan pulling her to her feet. Now she floored La Masque once more with a simple headbutt to her masked face, sending her crumpling to the mat as the action continued on the outside of the ring for the time being.


La Masque was in a daze and now sneakily, Toni grabbed her mask and wrenched it around a little so that she had effectively blindfolded the blonde for a moment. Not a good position to be in as she was forced to her feet, her crop top forced back up to expose her breasts again before Toni threw her into the metal guard around the ringside area. As La Masque slumped there, a little out of things for the moment, Toni lashed another fierce chop across her breasts, drawing a shriek as she made sure to drag her nails just a little. It was catty from the Texan who sharply slapped the blonde’s masked face now before she set about sending her back into the ring. A handful of the blonde challenger’s booty shorts, bunched into a wedgie helped to send her rolling beneath the bottom rope, trying quickly to adjust her mask to return her vision. She didn’t quite manage that as Toni rolled into the ring and quickly put the blonde flat out on the mat with a kick across the breasts. ‘Why don’t you let me help you with that?’ Toni asked the blonde as she started now to unlace the back of her mask, intent as she had promised on removing it and exposing the identity of La Masque. Now the French woman was frantic, trying to stop Toni from claiming the mask, telling her ‘get off it, you bitch!’ as she flailed her arms, kicked her feet and tried to force the Texan off her. Toni had no problem putting paid to the resistance of La Masque now though, smashing an elbow down hard on to the top of her head to subdue her. It seemed that Toni had a plan now for some double team attacks too as she shouted at Paislee to get up. This may have been a one on one fight, but it was adult professional wrestling; nobody was getting disqualified and Toni knew that as she forced La Masque up to her feet and Irish Whipped her to the ropes where Paislee was now standing. As the Amazonian blonde grabbed La Masque’s ankles, tipping her face first to the mat, Toni had hit the ropes as well, coming in quickly to deliver a heavy elbow drop across the back of the blonde’s head. Subdued thoroughly, more than a little dazed, she was able to show little resistance now as Toni removed her full face mask with a flourish to reveal….well, another mask! The blonde wore a white, red and blue Luchadora mask beneath the full face mask, so that only her mouth, her lips painted a bright scarlet colour, were further revealed.


You sneaky bitch!’ Toni bemoaned, but she barely missed a step, pulling the challenger’s crop top off fully while she forced her to her feet. Now the crop top was wrapped firmly around the neck of the challenger as Toni completed a series of flying mares to leave La Masque thoroughly discombobulated on the mat it seemed. Not that Toni left her there for long, throwing her top from the ring and backing the topless blonde wrestler up to the ropes once more. There, she closed her hands over both of the French woman’s pert breasts, leaning in for a moment to kiss her passionately, embracing the adult nature of the sport for the first time really in the match. She abruptly cut La Masque off though as she felt the French wrestler’s tongue starting to duel with hers, pumping a knee up into her crotch to take all of the fight from her it seemed. La Masque would have crumpled there, but for Toni holding her upright now there against the ropes before she delivered another stinging chop, targeting the breasts again. La Masque clutched for her chest defensively, muttering ‘merde!’ as she felt the pain; Toni delivered a right hand to the jaw, immediately rocking her back against the ropes. Now Toni cast a glance to the outside of the ring, checking that Paislee was set up for the double team again; the powerful looking blonde was ready it seemed as Toni sent the French woman in, before setting off to the ropes herself. This time, La Masque was ready for Paislee though, grabbing the top rope as a pivot to throw herself between middle and bottom rope to drop kick Paislee back into the railings around the ring. The crowd cheered as the challenger dealt with Toni’s accomplice, but those cheers turned to groans almost immediately; caught up in the ropes, La Masque was a sitting target for Toni who rushed in to catch the blonde with a lung-blower, pulling her down on to her upturned knees.


The French challengers groans of pain matched those of frustration in the crowd as the numbers game had caught up with her once again, this time decisively. Toni stood over her now, legs either side of the blonde as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her booty shorts, forcing her to all fours only to jump and crash her butt into La Masque’s back, flattening her to the mat. A second time, Toni repeated the dose and then she deftly removed the booty shorts of the ailing challenger, leaving just her dual layer of tights to protect her modesty. Once more now she made it towards all fours only for Toni to crash down no her and immediately wrench her arms across her knees as she looked to apply a camel clutch. A handful of hair allowed Toni to force the blonde’s head back to get an arm around her throat. Toni loved to fish hook the mouth in a camel clutch, and La Masque found that today was no exception to that, as she started to pull at the side of her mouth. Then she leaned back that little bit more, increasing the pressure as she took her arm from around the blonde’s throat to start working on her left breast now, an involuntary shriek of pain escaping from La Masque’s lips.


Now Toni was confident, enjoying the distorted sounds of pain that her challenger was making. ‘Give up you French tart!’ she demanded of the blonde who groaned ‘NOOOO!’ in reply.


Give up!’ she demanded again, rocking back that little bit more, increasing the pressure on the blonde’s back once again, as her fingers continued to punish her. Again the blonde refused, a sound of increasing desperation in her voice.


No?’ Toni asked now, going on ‘maybe this’ll make you change your mind bitch!’ she taunted, starting to pull at the blonde’s second mask.

No, please….don’t!’ La Masque begged Toni now, anxious not to have her identity revealed by Toni here in the spotlight of the title match.

Then submit!’ Toni demanded, continuing to work away on the mask, which she was starting to get moving.


No! Please…..please!’ La Masque whined now, but Toni wasn’t showing her any compassion continuing to pull at the mask. ‘Aaaaggggh! I submit!’ La Masque blurted out now, in some pain certainly but possibly in even more concern for the mask Toni had moved an inch up her face now.


Too bad bitch!’ Toni mocked now, the victory in the bag, but still intent on revealing the blonde’s identity. ‘Time the people got to see your ugly face!’ she announced, removing the second mask with a flourish and throwing it into the crowd as she pushed La Masque’s face to the mat. Releasing the camel clutch now, Toni waited patiently for the blonde to rise from the mat and reveal to the world just who she was. As she did so though, a gasp ran around the arena as the near naked blonde revealed that somehow, improbably, she had on a third eye mask in a simple black colour, still just about protecting her identity. She bolted from the ring at a fair sprint now, heading for the sanctuary of the back stage area, leaving Toni wearing something of a bemused expression in the centre of the ring as she was announced as the winner. The Texan was quick to recover her composure as she got her title belt back though, demanding a microphone to address the crowd, and the viewers watching at home.


I may have failed to expose exactly who that little French bitch is’ she began to the jeers of the crowd who had been so firmly behind La Masque. ‘I think I have exposed two things this evening though’ she continued. ‘One is that La Masque must be one ugly motherfucker to be wearing three masks. That’s a great commitment at least to not making us look at her ugly mug. We should applaud her for it!’ she laughed out loud. ‘And the other thing isn’t really something you didn’t already know’ Toni said, a look of supreme confidence on her face. ‘There isn’t a truer test of a woman than adult professional wrestling, and there isn’t a woman around who can handle me in a bout of adult pro wrestling. I know it…...they know it’ she continued, raising her voice above the jeering of the crowd. ‘You know it too!’ she told them, ‘so deal with it bitches!’ she mocked, raising the title belt high above her head as she dropped the microphone and left the ring to a chorus of jeers.

Steve’ Emma said to me, watching this unfold from her seat on the sofa, ‘make the call…...’