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Prove It

By Wolfboy

Emma ventures in to the world of adult professional wrestling to prove Toni wrong.


After Toni’s bold claim that adult professional wrestling was the truest test of a woman in sports, Emma had instructed me to ‘make the call’. Since then, Emma had been able to regain her Smythe title from Staci, and while a number one contender for her title was still being determined, Emma was given dispensation to go and challenge Toni. Given the different setting, it was only Toni’s title that would be up for grabs; the Texan was just fine with that, relishing the chance to get her hands on Emma once again. For her part, Emma was keen to show that adult professional wrestling was merely a sideshow and that catfighting was the real test of a fighting woman. She was taking it seriously though, getting herself some cute looking custom made pro wrestling gear for the match which would take place on neutral ground in Berlin, at one of adult professional wrestling’s marquee arenas around the world.


Given the cross code nature of the match, it was also agreed to be a no holds barred, one fall match. That might well bring Toni’s associate Paislee into play of course, but Emma also saw the chance to inflict pain on a rival that she had little time for, using her full arsenal of catfight moves. The feeling was very much mutual of course, and the fans packed into the arena were surely going to see a brawl under the guise of a wrestling match. Not licenced by the World Adult Professional Wrestling organisation, I wasn’t going to be at ringside, instead taking a seat in one of the suites at the back of the tiered seating, a slightly distant but good view of the action. Action that started off with three preliminary bouts, the highlight of which was a tag team match that battled across the whole arena, with a local tag team eventually coming up short against The Adams Twins, from California. That match alone had proven what a wild sport adult professional wrestling could be; there were no count-outs or disqualifications in most matches. Meaning that Emma, in her metallic emerald green backless one piece wrestling gear, Smythe title belt across her shoulder, might well be walking into a two on one trap as she headed to the ring. She looked confident, legs encased in shimmering footless tights, preferring to wrestle barefoot as she knew Toni would. A good reception from the crowd for a fighter crossing into their sport, but one that they clearly respected for her achievements elsewhere.


Then as Emma slipped into the ring, the brash, cocky entrance of the self styled bad girl of the World Adult Wrestling League, the champion, Toni. Even though she was the ‘home’ fighter, representing the organisation hosting the match, she invited and received the jeers and derision of the spectators who she roundly insulted on her way to the ring. At her side was the Amazonian blonde Paislee, a woman who had already proven herself to be a more than useful aide to the champion at ringside. She had laid the groundwork to some of Toni’s biggest wins to date; while Emma dismissed Paislee as ‘just a big titted stripper’, she needed to be watched closely. Nearing ringside, Toni pulled the T-shirt she had been wearing over her head, revealing a red, thong backed one piece swimsuit over footless shimmering tights. She took her title belt from Paislee, had a brief but heated exchange with a ring side fan, and rolled into the ring beneath the bottom rope. There was a chime of the ring bell as she did so before the ring announcer took over. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this no holds barred match it set for one fall with no time limit, and it is a special challenge match for The World Adult Wrestling League championship. Introducing our challenger, from England, she is the current Smythe Catfighting Champion, at 5 feet 10 inches and 170lbs, this is Emma Baines!’ As the crowd cheered for her, Emma stepped forward, raising her title belt before handing it to the referee. Her emerald green wrestling gear was offset perfectly by her flowing auburn hair, lightly curled for the occasion.


The announcer continued now ‘and her opponent is the current World Adult Wrestling League champion, from the United States of America, at 5 feet 5 inches and 150lbs, this is Toni!’ Now it was Toni’s turn to raise her title belt, choosing to do so brashly, right in the face of Emma who returned her stare icily. As the referee took Toni’s belt from her hand, Emma’s attention was diverted just the tiniest bit, almost imperceptibly, and Toni jump started the contest in a hurry with a kick to the belly. The referee hastily called for the bell as she handed the belts to someone on the outside, not that Toni needed a bell to validate her actions as she went into full assault mode, looking to take Emma out quickly. The kick had doubled Emma up and a two punch combination to the jaw had Emma on her knees almost immediately in front of Toni who raised her hands, seemingly in delight, only to club them down into Emma’s trapezius muscles. There, she applied a trapezius hold, nails dug in around the shoulder straps of Emma’s emerald green wrestling costume to punish her. Emma groaned at finding herself at an early disadvantage, but she got her hands on Toni’s, starting to make her way back to her feet. Toni cut her off though, just at the point where it looked like Emma had her fully overpowered, sending a kick into her belly again. Emma didn’t get chance to drop to her knees though, getting rushed back to the ring ropes for an Irish Whip, Toni attempting a clothesline as she rebounded. Emma ducked that though, wise to the champion’s plan, and picked up momentum off the ropes again to level Toni with a running shoulder tackle. Bowled back towards the ropes, Toni used that momentum to go out under the bottom rope, electing to take a moment to regroup on the outside with Paislee.

Come one champ, let’s fight’ Emma mocked as she stood in the centre of the ring, motioning for Toni to get back inside the ring.


Shut your mouth bitch!’ Toni shot back. She wasn’t going to be rushed back into the ring at this stage. Everything would happen in Toni’s own time, at least until Emma slid out of the ring, grabbed her hair and rolled her back into the ring to the cheers of the crowd. Cheers that turned quickly to jeers as Paislee grabbed Emma’s ankle as she looked to follow Toni beneath the bottom rope, just delaying her enough to allow Toni to deliver an elbow drop around the back of the head and retake control. Now a rough handful of hair forced Emma to her feet before Toni introduced her face to the mat the hard way. With Emma dazed, Toni knew she had control for now, and she took advantage to go back into the hair and use a hair mare throw to put Emma on her backside at the centre of the ring. Toni hit the ropes, coming back in to deliver a low drop kick from behind, her bare feet slapping into the back of Emma’s head to send her, face first, to the mat in trouble. Something of a new problem then for Emma as Toni rolled her to her back, hooked a leg, and got a two count as Emma remembered in time that a pin fall could end the match here in adult professional wrestling.


Toni barely missed a beat, forcing Emma up only to take her back to the mat with a fireman’s carry, and trapped on her side, Emma found her left arm wrenched painfully into an arm bar while Toni’s knee pressed into the side of her face. It was a well applied hold from Toni, but one she only maintained for a few seconds before delivering a heavy slap to Emma’s right breast through her suit and going back to her hair to force her back upright. Now Toni measured her for a right hand to the forehead, but Emma blocked, then used a two handed shove to the chest to send Toni to the ropes. As the Texan rebounded, now she found Emma impressively airborne to deliver a flying drop kick, catching her in the breasts. Knocked to the mat, once again Toni elected to head to the outside to catch her breath; once again, Emma elected to follow her, not wanting to give Toni time to recover and strategise. Again Toni cried out as she felt Emma grab her hair and roll her back into the ring; this time she was ready for Paislee too, and subdued the blonde with a hard slap across the face before heading back into the ring. This time Toni looked to stomp Emma but she was too slow, allowing Emma to grab her ankle, trip her to the mat, and get the match down to where she fancied her chances that much more. From her knees, she slugged Toni in the belly, then looked to get on top of her to spread her legs in a grapevine hold. She was surprised though as the evidently slender legs of the Texan concealed a surprising amount of power, and as Emma struggled to spread her, she paid the price for not looking to control Toni’s hands first with a thrust to the throat. Emma rolled off Toni to the mat, just gasping for air, and finally, after a frantic opening, Toni settled in to control things.


She knew better than to allow Emma a moment’s recovery too, grabbing a handful of Emma’s auburn hair to help press her face against her right knee before stomping that foot to the mat hard, sending a shock-wave through her knee to Emma who fell back to the mat. There was no unnecessary motion from Toni now either, instead of hitting the ropes for show, she simply stood there and stomped Emma’s body, her foot landing in her ribs, her stomach, breasts, even one to the thigh in a punishing flurry of kicks. ‘Should have stuck to what you know!’ Toni admonished now, grabbing her hair and slapping her face hard as she lay on the mat. It struck me that despite the different name of the sport, this was still very much what Emma knew; a hard, straight up fight. With a tough opponent too as Toni caused Emma to shriek with a rake of the eyes before she got her to her feet with a handful of hair. An Irish Whip to the corner followed, Emma discovering that the turnbuckles may have been well padded, but Toni had put enough force behind the move to make it a punishing enough impact. Toni followed up quickly too, getting Emma’s right leg wrapped around the middle rope before quickly slamming a punch into her belly. Then the Texan pulled hard on that right leg, drawing a cry of pain from Emma before that move subsided. It was the briefest of respite though, Toni getting Emma’s arms onto the top ropes so that she could whip a chop hard across her breasts. Emma groaned, sagging forward a little, only for an uppercut to the breasts to straighten her up a little in the corner. She tried to rally with a right hand of her own, blocked by Toni though who slapped her face, raked her eyes and then backed up to the opposite corner. The two on one aspect of the action came into play a little again now, Paislee grabbing Emma’s leg from the outside to stop and escape as Toni ran at her, turning as she reached the corner to launch herself, butt first, into Emma’s body.


Again now, Emma groaned loudly, feeling the wind taken out of her by the impact. Toni took her down to the canvas the hard way then with a running bulldog headlock out of the corner, planting Emma face first to the mat. Toni flipped Emma to her back with a neat half nelson now, floating in to position for the pin, forcing Emma to kick out at two again, drawing a smile to Toni’s face as she knew it gave her chance to punish Emma further. She left her on the mat for a moment, climbing to the middle turnbuckle in the nearest corner, waiting patiently for Emma to rise and turn slowly. At that point, she launched herself at Emma, a double fisted blow to the top of the head dropping Emma back to the mat, Toni took a moment to bask in the jeers of the crowd who loved to hate the American; she didn’t care though, their ire only fuelling her style even more so. She went to the hair again, shrugging off an ineffective right hand to the body from a groggy Emma who found herself lifted and slammed now with some aplomb at the centre of the ring by Toni who dropped in for another two count; another close call for Emma in her adult wrestling title bid. Now Toni forced her into a seated position, got in behind her with a knee planted firmly in the middle of Toni’s back, and worked her arm around Emma’s neck in what may have been a reverse chin-lock, but was far more likely to be a choke knowing Toni. Either way it was all above board in the largely lawless world of adult professional wrestling, and as Emma moaned, feeling her auburn hair pulled as well, Toni was looking increasingly confident.


Still, she wouldn’t keep Emma in that position for too long, perhaps not wanting her to rest and regroup, and she forced her up to her feet, neatly taking a side headlock. Emma backed Toni up to the ropes almost immediately, her greater power coming to play, but when she tried to fire Toni off to the opposite ropes, she found the Texan’s hand firmly wrapped in her auburn hair. That stopped that attempt to free herself by Emma, and with a short sharp punch up into Emma’s face now, Toni dropped her back to the mat in a daze once more. Despite her best efforts, to this point, it really wasn’t going to plan for Emma as she found herself forced back to her feet by Toni, again with liberal use of the hair, before introducing her, face first, to the top turnbuckle. Emma was staggered and Toni looked to take advantage of the situation, trying to grab Emma’s shoulders from behind to pull her down on to her upturned knees in a lung blower. An attempt that failed as Emma gripped the top rope firmly, preventing the move from working, and dropping Toni in a heap on the mat behind her. Chance for Emma to take the fight back to Toni as she shook off the effects of having her face slammed into the turnbuckle, and pulled Toni from the mat by the hair before using that same grip to hurl the tough Texan across the ring in a hair biel. Toni landed heavily and the crowd cheered for Emma as she landed a heavy leg drop across Toni’s body, keeping her leg in place to earn a two count before the champion got a shoulder up. Emma went straight to the hair, getting Toni up and into a headlock of sorts to lead her towards, and throw her into the turnbuckles hard. Emma grabbed Toni round the back of the head, pulling her from the corner for a moment before she reversed momentum and used her body to ram the Texan back against the buckles. Now Emma got her arms across the top ropes, making her pay for the earlier action with a stinging chop of her own across the breasts. As Toni groaned in pain, Emma immediately sent her off to the opposite corner with an Irish Whip; Toni hit hard and looked a little stunned, but as Emma set off to deliver a big splash, Paislee came into play again, pulling Toni from the ring.


Time to regroup again for the champion on the outside, but not if Emma had anything to do with it as she hit the ropes and caught the duo with a baseball slide drop kick to send both to the mats on the outside of the ring. Once again the crowd cheered for Emma as she refused to allow Toni to use her stalling tactics at all, sliding from the ring and picking the brunette off the mat by her hair to slam her face into the apron of the ring. Then she showed she’d picked up a few hints during her pre match training session with the former pro wrestler Lisa King, tucking Toni’s head under her arm and grabbing her swimsuit to muscle her up and over in a vertical suplex onto those thin, unforgiving, mats. The no count outs rule gave Emma the perfect opportunity to dish out some ringside punishment now, getting Toni to her feet and whipping her straight into the ringside steel barriers. Worse for Toni too, a running clothesline put her over that barrier, in amongst the pawing hands of an adult wrestling crowd who were only too happy to grope any ailing wrestler sent their way. Pausing for a moment or two so that the crowd could have their fun, then Emma asked ‘could I have her back for a moment please?’ before two obliging members of the crowd helped Toni over the barricade and straight into the welcoming arms of Emma. She took a bearhug of sorts, quickly turning and running Toni back to the edge of the ring apron. ‘Aagghhhh!’ Toni moaned as her back struck the metal support beam at the ring edge at speed. That was followed by a shriek of pain too as Emma got both hands on to Toni’s breasts, inside her suit, in a double breast maul as she finally showed her catfighting style to the crowd.

It met with plenty of approval from the crowd again who enjoyed the way Emma was taking it to Toni now. In return though, although she was moaning and groaning in pain, Toni was looking for her route of escape, pushing a hand into Emma’s face, trying to force her head back. Fearing an eye rake from the wily American, Emma cut her off now with a knee lift to the body as she continued her domination of proceedings at this stage. A body slam followed for Toni, still outside the ring on those unforgiving thin mats, Emma continuing to punish her rival with some enthusiasm. Peeling her off the mats again by the hair, Emma pointed towards a section of the crowd beyond the corner post, before Irish Whipping Toni into the steel barricade again, just in front of those fans. She was going to clothesline the ailing brunette in amongst the ringside fans once again; that was the plan anyway. As Emma set her sights firmly on Toni, charging at her to deliver her clothesline, she fell foul of the lurking blonde Amazon Paislee. The blonde sprung into action from where she had been hiding, crouched down below the height of the ring apron, and it was she who struck home with a thunderous clothesline, totally blind-siding Emma who was clattered into the barricade herself. Once again, it seemed that Toni’s trusty associate had provided the Texan with something of an equaliser here. Toni may have needed a moment to recuperate from Emma’s recent work, but she came off the railings herself to force a still dazed Emma to her feet by the hair, straight into two knee lifts to the body that had to take some of the fight out of her. Still, Toni kept hold of the hair, keeping an unsteady Emma upright so that she could lift her and drop her chest first onto the steel railings at ringside now.


There was a rush of air expelled by that move, and in the briefest of moments, thanks to the work of Paislee, Toni had turned things around, and now, she set about displaying her own unique brand of adult wrestling. A clubbing forearm across Emma’s back as she was still leaning over the barrier did Emma no favours, and then Toni grabbed the back of her suit and simply tipped her over the barricade into the crowd. Emma may have been the crowd favourite, but where pawing a wrestler was concerned, they were very much an equal opportunities crowd, ensuring that when Toni grabbed her auburn hair to ‘rescue’ her from them thirty seconds later, she looked a little the worse for wear. Her hair was increasingly dishevelled, a shoulder strap was down on her upper arm, almost revealing her right breast, and her tights were laddered where a number of hands had been run over them roughly. The crowd were the least of her problems though, that was Toni, who immediately delivered a hair mare throw still on the outside, and kicked Emma across the upper back as she landed in a seated position. A double handful of hair drew a loud shriek from Emma as Toni used it to wrench her up into the air and into a hard landing on her butt on those thin mats on the outside now. Toni brushed some of Emma’s auburn coloured hair from her fingers now, making a show of it to the crowd before she got Emma up and pushed her, back first, against the edge of the ring apron.


Nnmmfff!’ Emma groaned, feeling that unforgiving steel across her lower back, and Toni had more plans for her straight away. ‘Think it’s time the ladies and gentlemen got a good look at your big tits bitch!’ she remarked, and then without any further ceremony, she had Emma’s shoulder straps down to reveal her breasts. Emma had barely registered that when the brunette hammered her with a double handed slap, one hand crashing hard into each breast. That clubbing blow drew a howl of protest from Emma before Toni used a combination of hair and wrestling suit to roll her back into the ring. Inside the ring or not, it didn’t prevent Toni from utilising Paislee’s assistance. She forced Emma to her feet, getting her back to the ropes before checking that the blonde was ready, and then she Irish Whipped Emma into the ropes. It was the double team move that we’d seen become so effective against La Masque; as Emma careered towards the ropes, Paislee was waiting there to grab her ankles and trip her face first to the mat. At the same time, Toni hit the ropes to her right, timing her arrival just right to nail Emma with a running elbow drop around the back of the head.


It may have been a two on one advantage, it may not have met with the approval of the crowd, but there really wasn’t anything in the rules to stop it either. You had to hand it to Toni and Paislee as well, they were a mightily effective duo, and within that lay the problem; this wasn’t just a woman to woman fight. Toni had baited a trap to lure Emma in, and without backup, it gave her a numbers advantage that was perhaps going to let her deliver a beatdown now. Topless, Emma was groggy as Toni forced her to her feet by the hair; she had fighting instinct, trying to fend Toni off but a sharp right hand to the forehead stopped her resistance. Again, an Irish Whip followed by Toni, aiming Emma towards Paislee and this time Emma fell for the double bluff as the blonde did nothing and Emma rebounded straight into Toni’s picture perfect drop kick. She hit the mat hard, but wasn’t down for long as Toni forced her back up with a double handful of hair and then drove her back to a corner of the ring behind three stinging chops to her bare breasts. Emma winced as each one struck home with force before, back in the corner, Toni gave her a short right hand, straight between the eyes to make sure she stayed subdued. Bringing Emma from the corner now, Toni showed off some of her wrestling skills to deliver a high hip toss, dropping her to the mat hard before the Texan returned to the corner, taking the time to remove the top turnbuckle pad before taking up her perch on the middle ropes, waiting patiently for Emma to rise. Her hands clasped above her head, Toni was letting everyone know that she was looking for the double fisted blow the top of the head once again. She had telegraphed it enough though that Emma saw it coming and slugged Toni in the belly with a hard right hand of her own. Quickly, Emma waist locked the brunette, lifting her into a pussy pounding atomic drop that sent Toni crashing to the mat, howling in pain, as she clutched at her womanhood.


The crowd started up with a chant for Emma now, convinced their favourite had the champion on the ropes as she followed up with an across the knee back breaker. That earned her a very long two count with Toni just squirming out of the pin in time. Then Emma eyed the uncovered turnbuckle in the corner, something that had happened courtesy of Toni, and she decided to it was time to make the Texan pay for her cheating ways. She dragged Toni to the opposite corner of the ring, pointed to that uncovered turnbuckle and, as the crowd cheered in approval, she sent Toni off with a hard Irish Whip aimed at the unforgiving steel bolt. It would have proven a debilitating blow for Toni I’m sure, had she actually taken it, but Paislee jumped onto the apron in that corner to stop Toni with her outstretched arms. At that precise point Emma had turned back to the opposite corner of the ring and hearing Toni howl in pain, she turned and set off running to deliver a running avalanche splash against the uncovered bolt. All she saw was Toni leaning back against the corner, looking hurt; from my position high above the ring, all I saw was a disaster just about to unfold. As Emma took off, Toni moved out of the way and Emma crashed chest first into the uncovered steel turnbuckle, crushing the breath from her body. Toni tapped her temple now, to the boos of the audience, showing them how she had planned the whole thing, though in truth it was the partnership with Paislee that had come to her aid once more.


It was quite possibly a decisive intervention by the blonde this time as Emma struggled to catch her breath and Toni gave her no chance of doing so with a stomp to the belly down on the mat. Now it was the Texan eyeing that uncovered turnbuckle with some bad intentions, as she pulled Emma’s green suit from her body, telling her ‘we don’t want to ruin your lovely outfit, do we bitch?’ Tossing the suit to Paislee on the outside, she looked to run Emma face first into the steel turnbuckle. Self preservation instinct kicked in from Emma now, bracing her hands on the top ropes as she desperately tried to avoid the concussive blow. Of course, Toni had thought ahead enough to see that as a possibility though, and she whipped a right hand round into Emma’s gut, weakening her grip of the ropes. Now though her plan shifted, catching Emma off guard as she used a combination of hair and shoulder to bring my near naked wife down on to her upturned knees in a lung blower. Aptly named, the move emptied Emma’s lungs pretty well, and she was set up perfectly now for Toni’s finishing move for this match, a straight forward sleeper hold and rear body scissors combination.


It may have been straight forward, but it was also applied perfectly. A handful of hair had allowed Toni to ease Emma’s head back to negate any defence she might have hastily attempted by tucking her chin in, and the Texan’s right arm was in tight around her throat. Then she locked it through her left arm, securing the hold while her legs held Emma in a tight grip to make sure that she had no chance of fully replenishing her lungs. The battle was up if she couldn’t escape quickly, a look of desperation etched on her face for all to see in a moment of clarity before she started to slowly fade in the hold. Her arms pulled at Toni’s for a moment, then dropped weakly on to her own body, and then there was one extra piece of brutal genius from Toni. Without breaking the sleeper, she broke her scissor hold momentarily so that she could trap Emma’s arms as well with her legs, before she snapped them tightly around her body again. The implication was clear, she was stopping Emma from tapping out, and it would simply be nap time for Emma if she couldn’t break free. Her feet drummed at the mat weakly, looking for any kind of purchase to help her escape the clutches of the tough Texan, but it was futile. Emma continued to fade until the referee moved in for a closer look, tapping Emma’s shoulder a couple of times to see if there was any response. Paislee strutted over towards the ring announcer on the outside, Emma’s outfit draped across her shoulder to collect Toni’s title belt, confident that the brunette had this won now. She picked up Emma’s Smythe Championship bely too, just as the referee checked on Emma again and seeing no response, she had no option other than to call for the bell and declare Toni the winner.


As the referee raised Toni’s hand, the announcer declared her the ‘winner by knockout, and still World Adult Wrestling League champion’ before Paislee took his microphone, bringing that and the two belts into the ring. She handed both titles to Toni who stood over Emma, a foot on her bare breasts, raising both title belts high for all to see. Then she handed Paislee both titles, the blonde carrying one on each shoulder along with Emma’s emerald green wrestling gear, taking the microphone from her instead. Tapping it to check it was switched on, Toni then started to address everyone in the arena.


I told you all this was the truest test of a woman in sport’ she began, ‘and I backed it up….again. This bitch’ she said, motioning at Emma ‘thought that catfighting prepared her to take me on, in adult professional wrestling’ she shrugged. ‘Well, try again honey, because you simply aren’t ready for the Queen of Adult Wrestling’ Toni mocked. ‘You tried hard, I’ll give you that, but where did it get you bitch?’ she enquired. Rhetorically of course as she went on to answer her own question. ‘I’ll tell you where it got you; knocked out, near naked in front of a thousand people. And guess what….we’ve got your title too now. You may not have been brave enough to put it on the line here tonight, but I’m taking it anyway, and you know where it is if you’re woman enough to want it back’ she finished, dropping the microphone on to a still unconscious Emma’s body.


Come on Paislee’ she told her blonde associate now. ‘Let’s get out of here’ then spotting the blonde about to throw Emma’s outfit to the mat, she said ‘bring that too, it’ll look nice on you!’ That brought a smile to the blonde’s face as the two left the ring to a chorus of jeers from the crowd, disappointed that the Texan had been able to use the numbers game to once again defend her title successfully. I think there was also a grudging respect from some of them, recognising how Toni had used the lax rules of the sport impressively to her advantage. As Emma was helped to the back, I headed down through the arena to her dressing room where I found her to be OK, if more than a little angry at what had happened out there.


Two on fucking one Steve. That cheating fucking cow!’ she moaned as I entered the room. ‘It’s not fair. I don’t fight like that. And then the cheating fucking bitch has the nerve to claim it’s a true test of a woman. Cunt!’ she fumed.


Sadly dear, there’s nothing to stop them here’ I said. ‘They fought you like they were a tag team at times, and you damn near had them’ I consoled her.


I know Steve’ she admitted ‘but it’s just not right.’ Emma said, then a look of confusion spread on her face as she said ‘Steve, I don’t know where my title belt is. Did I leave it out at ringside? Could you go and look for it please?’ she asked.


Yeah...about that Em’ I said. ‘They took your title belt and your outfit while you were out babe. Just walked out of the arena with them both’ I told her, appraising Emma of what had happened while she was out cold in the centre of the ring.


WHAT!?’ she cried out, ‘didn’t anyone try to stop them??’ she asked.


They didn’t do a thing babe’ I told her. ‘So they have your belt even though you’re still Smythe champion. I guess we’d better tell Amelia what’s gone on hadn’t we, so that she can decide what to do next!’