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Run The Gauntlet

By Wolfboy

Will Toni’s treachery finally catch up for in a match for her adult wrestling title?


The period of time following Toni’s taking of Emma’s Smythe Championship bely had led to a spell of total chaos for the tough Texan and her blonde associate Paislee. Lady Amelia had, in all but name, put a bounty on the return of the Smythe title belt, offering whoever returned it to her a title shot at the current champion, Emma. In effect, that had also put a bounty on the head of the woman in current possession of the title, Toni, who was the current World Adult Wrestling League champion. So far, the attempts to return the title had failed. Two ‘lone wolf’ attempts by low level catfighters had been easily rebuffed by Toni and Paislee. When those two catfighters had joined forces, they’d fared little better though, and Toni and Paislee continued to arrogantly flout the two belts whenever they appeared on WAWL shows to the continued anger of Lady Amelia and Emma.


At the same time, Toni faced a renewed challenge for the World Adult Wrestling League championship from the former champion, The Singapore Wildcat, Carol. Toni had been avoiding the inevitable meeting with the former title holder for some while now, citing various underwhelming challengers as being the next in line. Finally she had agreed that she would defend her title as the final match of a gauntlet, that would include Carol. However hard it was going to be, was this perhaps going to be Carol’s only chance to regain her title? If Toni got her way it would be, that much was certain. As it was, Carol was already slated to be wrestler number 1 in the gauntlet, meaning that just to simply get to Toni she would have to go through two other wrestlers. Hardly a fair title opportunity the former champion knew, but she didn’t protest, she was focussed on making her only chance the only one she would need, and she had got herself into the best possible condition for her title opportunity.

As Carol entered the ring to the cheers of the fans in WAWL’s English venue, Toni sat back in her changing room, already dressed for her eventual title defence in her usual footless shimmering tights, today teamed with red hotpants and a crop top, both trimmed in blue and white, over which she currently wore a long white T-shirt which she usually favoured wearing for her ring walk. Paislee was sat alongside her, wearing a red dress that hugged her Amazonian figure, with silver high heels that only served to accentuate the power in her legs. ‘This stupid bitch has no chance!’ Toni laughed to Paislee as they watched Carol anxiously awaiting her first opponent via the TV set in their dressing room. The former champion looked the part though; she had foregone her usual one piece style here, wanting to show off her more toned body as a result of the hard work she’d put in preparing for the match up. She was still a curvy woman and proud of it, but today, those curves were just a little bit tighter, there was a little more bounce and energy about her. Wearing a gold thong over her shimmering tights teamed with a leopard print crop top, of course with her traditional thigh boots trimmed at the top with a piece of leopard print fabric, Carol was ready. ‘And her first opponent in this World Title gauntlet match...Alecia Roberts’ the announcer now informed the crowd who turned their eyes to the entrance area to catch a glimpse of the challenger. In appearance, Alecia could almost have been Carol’s blonde twin; equally curvy and powerful but electing for a more simple black two piece over black fishnets and just about knee length wrestling boots. As the bell rang in the ring, there was also a knock on the door of Toni’s changing room. Intent on scouting her potential opponent as fully as possible, Toni asked Paislee to see who it was.


In the ring, Carol was in early trouble as Alecia shot a knee to the belly and had her rocked back to the corner with a series of right hands. She mounted the turnbuckle to send some more into Carol’s head, but at the point Carol reacted with a crotch shot on the blonde, another blonde was suddenly in a world of hurt too. Paislee opened the door of the dressing room to take a shot with a folding chair right in the head, knocking her back to the floor inside the dressing room as four Smythe catfighters rushed into the room. The last one in was a former Smythe champion, Daisy York, and she locked the door from the inside, preventing any thought of escape for Toni and a stunned Paislee. As Daisy kicked Paislee across her big breasts, flattening her again, the three other catfighters started to lay a series of punches, kicks and slaps into Toni, looking to beat her down quickly. In the ring meanwhile, it seemed that Carol threatened to make short work of Alecia too, lifting the blonde to deliver a shoulder breaker, often the prelude to her dragon sleeper. As she moved in to pull Alecia up by the hair though, the blonde shrewdly trapped her in a small package pin to force Carol to frantically kick out at a count of two before she took a thumb to the eye and Alecia took a degree of control.


Toni was faring no better as from her knees, Daisy grabbed her hair and slammed her face first to the coffee table, The Texan’s hands just about getting up to prevent the worst of the damage. Now Daisy trapped her in something of a camel clutch, using a fierce cross-face to twist Toni’s head to the side. ‘Where’s the title belt?!’ she demanded of Toni who shot back, telling her to ‘mind your own business bitch!’ The focus on Toni had allowed the Glamazon Paislee to recover enough to join the fray, quickly taking out two of the four catfighters before number 3 nailed her from behind, sending her crumpling to the carpet. Toni was still in the camel clutch as in the ring, Carol found herself introduced to the top turnbuckle in each corner of the ring, the last one dazing her as she fell to the mat. Immediately, Alecia was in with a big splash and a two count, Carol getting out of the pin despite the blonde’s feet hooked over the bottom rope for extra leverage. Carol was pulled up by the hair and body slammed almost straight away though, and it wasn’t looking good for her as Alecia came in to peel her off the mats again; Carol was a wily veteran though and now it was she who used the small package. The fans roared as the referee’s hand hit the mat for the count of three, the flash pin doing the trick to get Carol past leg one of the gauntlet. Alecia was fuming though, and as she got to her feet, she stomped Carol brutally in the belly, ensuring she stayed down on the canvas while opponent number 2 entered the gauntlet. La Masque had been a former opponent of Toni’s; small, energetic and athletic, she had a set of skills to trouble Carol as she ran to the ring in her tiny black and pink hotpants and crop top. She was looking to enter with a bang via the top rope, just as Toni was getting dropped with one, body slammed on to the coffee table in her dressing room. The Texan moaned loudly in pain as she lay on the hard table now, suffering the after effects of the move as Daisy stood over her.


Where’s the fucking belt, cunt?’ she demanded now. ‘Tell me now!’ she continued as Toni just groaned. Paislee tried to join the fray again, but once more numbers were against the blonde as the other three catfighters Daisy had recruited to help her ruthlessly beat her down, trapping the blonde in a sleeper hold on her knees, while a couple of kicks went into her belly. Carol was faring little better in the ring either, introduced to her second opponent by a missile drop kick delivered from the top rope. La Masque may have been small, but thanks to her athletic frame and thick, powerful thighs, she packed quite a punch, something she showed as she waist scissored Carol from behind before keister bouncing her twice. Carol groaned in pain, but a keister bounce was the least of Toni’s trouble back stage as Daisy now had her foot on the throat of the adult wrestling champion, demanding to know the whereabouts of the Smythe title belt again.


It’!’ Toni rasped from beneath the choking press of Daisy’s foot as she tried to get her nails into the foot to break free. Daisy stomped her belly hard now, causing the adult wrestling champion to gag for breath, struggling against the onslaught. Paislee was a powerhouse, but even she was powerless against the three on one onslaught that saw her thrown across the chairs in the changing room, hitting the floor hard. It was gut check time in the ring for Carol too as she endured this torrid opening against La Masque who had her down near the ropes after an impressive suplex, and was currently standing on the dark haired wrestler. Holding the top rope, La Masque had her right foot on Carol’s lower back, while she started to stomp her left up and down on the back of her head, bouncing her forehead into the canvas. As the diminutive masked blonde got off her though, Carol showed her experience, not rolling back into the ring but rolling to the outside where she knew that the no count outs rule more or less guaranteed La Masque would come for her. She did quickly, grabbing the top rope and swinging her feet out through the ropes to nail Carol with a drop kick of sorts. Back in the ring still, La Masque waited now for Carol to get up, as she held the top rope so that she could use that to help her dive over the ropes to get her. Now Carol’s veteran instincts came into play, and as La Masque cleared the top rope spectacularly, Carol simply moved out of the way, allowing the acrobatic blonde to take a heavy fall.


Carol was on her quickly now, feeling the effects of being in her second match already, and having been punished here by La Masque, she wanted to try and put the blonde away quickly. Carol used hair and mask to force the blonde up before throwing her back first in to the steel guard rail. La Masque groaned and Carol quickly waist locked here before lifting her into a crotch crushing atomic drop, not on her knee, but one leg either side of the steel guard rail. La Masque howled in pain, Carol chopped her down of the rail with two stinging chops across the breasts, and The Singapore Wildcat had retaken control. She was feeling the pace though and starting to feel some concern at facing a fresh Toni in the last match of the gauntlet; if only she had known what was unfolding back stage! In that back stage area, Toni was looking anything but fresh as Daisy had her crop top torn open at the front and had the Texan in a cruel double breast maul up against the wall of the dressing room while Paislee was getting smothered again by a double face sit. ‘Tell me where it is!’ Daisy demanded now of the Texan brunette, ‘fucking tell me you bitch!’ she insisted, but all that Toni would tell her was ‘it’s not here you dumbass!’


That earned her a hard right hand to the stomach from Daisy but her mission was becoming futile, the title belt clearly wasn’t here. As Carol put down a late rally from La Masque, and started to tie the masked woman up in her dragon sleeper and finger fucking combination, Daisy decided there was only one option left to them. ‘If we can’t get the Smythe Title, then lets make damn sure she loses her title belt then ladies!’ she instructed her team, quickly clamping a hand tight over Toni’s mouth as a knock at the door was followed by a call of ‘two minutes champ!’ A glance at the TV told Daisy that Carol had La Masque dancing to her tune now, the little blonde literally writhing in pleasure at the behest of Carol’s fingers. As the Wildcat ratcheted up the tight sleeper now, timing it perfectly to make La Masque cum before she would tap out, Daisy punished Toni with an atomic drop. Then she grabbed Toni’s hair, slamming her forehead into the wall to daze the brunette as a small trickle of blood was raised. As Carol had her hand raised for her second victory of the evening, and went to sit leaning against the turnbuckles to try and recoup some energy, so Toni was dragged unceremoniously from her dressing room by the hair as Daisy started to drag the champion to the ring. Each time Toni tried to resist, she took another right hand to the body or the face until she found herself at the top of the entrance ramp.


A buzz ran through the arena as the crowd craned their necks trying to work out who the Texan’s new associate was. And then they, and Carol, quickly realised that Daisy was no friend of Toni’s as she started to force her down the aisle towards the ring, clubbing her with a big forearm across the shoulders as Toni tried to resist. Suddenly Carol realised that she wasn’t the only one who had been running a gauntlet tonight, and her confidence grew as she watched Daisy lift and slam Toni at ringside. The Texan looked the worse for wear, her top torn open at the front, a trickle of blood from her forehead, as Daisy rolled her beneath the bottom rope, telling Carol ‘she’s all yours now!’ Carol could scarcely believe her luck as Toni struggled to her knees, holding her hands out in front of her as she pleaded ‘NOOOO! PLEASE NOOOO!’ while Carol honed in on her. And The Singapore Wildcat walked straight into Toni’s trap; as battered and bruised as she was, Toni was a shrewd, wily fighter, and she grabbed Carol’s thong and tights and used them to pull her challenger throat first on to the middle rope. The crowd jeered the move of the brunette, but they also couldn’t help but recognise how her cunning had got her off to a great start. In truth, both women were tired here; Carol from her matches with Alecia and La Masque while Toni had soaked up a similar amount of punishment in the back stage area. The Texan knew she needed to finish Carol off quickly, just as Carol felt the same of Toni who pressed her body into the back of Carol, making sure she was choked effectively on the rope. Then Toni used that middle rope as a slingshot, pulling on it hard to send Carol flying back into the ring. Toni was on her almost immediately, going to the hair and forcing Carol up before leading her into the corner and slamming her head first in to the top turnbuckle. The Wildcat shook her head, a little dazed as Toni tried to send her off to the opposite corner with an Irish Whip, but now, Carol’s power and ring savvy came to the fore and she reversed, sending Toni hard into the turnbuckles instead.


That seemed like an invitation for Carol to charge, wanting to deliver an avalanche splash in the corner, but she found Toni meeting her with a hard elbow to the chest, knocking her back to a knee. Toni was on the middle ropes in the corner, poised, waiting for Carol to rise as she told her ‘get up bitch...get up!’ The Singapore Wildcat slowly found her way to her feet now, turning as Toni jumped off, looking for the double axe handle to the head. This time is was Carol who was waiting on her though, avoiding the move with a neat sidestep as he instead dropped Toni to a knee with a hard kick across the belly. Toni gasped for breath and now Carol showed the champion that she had a mean streak too, taking a grip on her chin from behind to tilt her head back perfectly to allow her to deliver three short punches to Toni’s already bloodied forehead. Carol got Toni to her feet now only to use the hair to slam the brunette’s face into her knee, sending Toni back to the mat quickly. Carol leapt, delivering a full body splash to Toni before she hooked a leg and invited the count which reached two before Toni kicked out. She may have been in trouble but the Texan was a fighter; it was going to take more from Carol to finish her off it seemed. Feeling the pace herself, Carol took a chin lock on the now seated brunette, knowing it might be a chance to catch her own breath a little while she continued to wear Toni down. An underestimation of Toni’s wrestling ability as it turned out as she reversed the chin lock deftly to capture Carol face down on the mat in a deep hammer lock, arm forced painfully up her back. ‘OOOWWW! You bitch!’ Carol protested before Toni elicited a scream of pain from the Wildcat with a knee planted firmly into her upper arm, to add to her pained predicament.


That worsened quickly for Carol as she was brought to her feet by Toni, straight into a body slam, still with that arm held high up her back. She landed hard, looked to wring out the pain in her arm, and was immediately met by a flurry of stomps and kicks to the body as Toni looked to weaken and hurt Carol. Tiring of simply stomping Carol, Toni hit the ropes to deliver a knee drop across the breasts, keeping that position on top of her for a moment, as she started to tear open her leopard print crop top. Pretty quickly, both women were topless, just the torn remains of their crop tops hanging loosely around their bodies, doing little to protect their modesty. In fact, Toni now took her own top off, pausing to mop the blood from her forehead with it, before wrapping it around Carol’s neck and using it to help throw her between middle and top ropes to the floor.


In her time in adult professional wrestling, Toni had proven to be very proficient in using the outside of the ring, though that often involved the use of her associate Paislee, using the glamorous 200 pounder to great effect. On her own, she seemed to be just as effective at first, delivering a big splash from the apron to Carol as she lay face down on the thin mats. A winding impact certainly for Carol, but also for Toni who took a little moment to gather herself before using a double handful of hair to drag Carol towards one of the steel ring posts on the outside. ‘Come on Wildcat’ she mocked, ‘walkies kitty cat’ as she dragged Carol on all fours towards that post. A stern slap cuffed Carol around the back of the head before Toni forced her challenger upright, back against the post. Immediately a hard right hand was whipped deep into Carol’s belly, drawing a gasp from the Wildcat as it drew a groan from the crowd who had become increasingly concerned at how the match was going. Toni slapped her face hard, a move of disdain that drew the ire of the fans as she backed up, looking to deliver a running clothesline against the hard steel. She never made it though, Carol lashing out a kick to the stomach to double the champion up, before she took a front headlock and planted her face first to those thin mats with a DDT. Toni rolled to her back, looking more than a little listless following that pretty concussive move, and Carol kneeled over her, simply taking a double breast maul to further punish the topless brunette. Toni howled in pain as Carol’s strong fingers kneaded sensitive breasts with relish, the challenger feeling once more like she had things going her way.


The cheers of the crowd quickly turned to jeers as they spotted Toni’s regular associate Paislee finally making her way down the aisle towards the ring now. The blonde glamazon may have looked the worse for wear too, with her dress torn, stockings ripped and missing shoes, but as she walked towards the ring, there was a look of purpose about her. Carol couldn’t ignore it and she decided to meet her head on, subduing Toni with an elbow to the jaw first, before she met Paislee in the aisle. Right hands were exchanged before, to the chagrin of the crowd, it seemed Paislee had got the better of things, sending a right hand into the body before pushing Carol away. Then Paislee went for her with a big running clothesline, looking to flatten Toni’s challenger once and for all. Again though, Carol showed her experience, ducking the clothesline and as Paislee went past her, she took her down to the ground with a hair held neck breaker. The blonde had already been through the wars here, and that was a pretty telling move, even more so as Carol followed up with a heavy leg drop, planting a thick thigh across Paislee’s throat. Carol lingered there for a moment, thick thigh across the throat of the blonde before she let out a shriek as she felt Toni’s fingers sink roughly into her hair. The Texan had recovered her senses it seemed from Carol’s DDT, and now she set about dragging her back towards the ring with the intent of finishing her off. Carol tried to fight back with a right hand to the stomach, but she wasn’t able to get much behind it, and Toni stunned her with a knee lift to the face. She forced Carol the rest of the way to the ring on all fours now, before she forced her to her feet, slammed her face into he ring apron and rolled Carol back under the ropes into the ring. Bloodied and topless, had Toni finally, with an assist from Paislee of course, got this back on track?


It certainly looked that way as she ripped the torn top from Carol’s body, fully exposing her breasts before she now used that top to mop her bloodied brow. Another knee drop across the breasts followed, Carol’s body jerking a little with that impact, before she shrieked loudly as Toni’s nails savaged her breasts. Then, a display of arrogance from Toni as she stood over Carol, planted a foot on her breasts, and demanded ‘count her’ of the referee, who hit a count of two before Carol was out from beneath the lackadaisical cover. ‘I’m going to finish you now bitch!’ Toni told Carol, starting to strip off the rest of her gear, intent it appeared on finishing the match with a naked face pin, just as she had in their first meeting. As Toni stripped down, Paislee was being helped to the back again, in some pain, but sneaking a glance at the ring to satisfy herself that Toni had things going her way. It certainly looked that way as Carol took a stomp to the belly before Toni stood over her naked, ready to complete the face sit. She may have been ready to do it, but the Singapore Wildcat has a little left in reserve yet and as Toni stood there, taunting the crowd about what she was about to do, Carol struck. Shifting position quickly, the challenger caught Toni with a kick to the crotch, the look of surprise forming on the Texan’s face just a split second before the accompanying wave of pain hit and she crashed to the mat, grabbing her womanhood.


Carol was exhausted too after her three match gauntlet, but she knew that now was the time to strike and finally put Toni away if she could. She willed herself to her feet now, and went over to Toni, grabbing the hair to force the now naked champion to her feet. Quickly she sent Toni in to the ropes to level her with a simple shoulder tackle as she rebounded. With Toni down, Carol hit the ropes for another high impact tackle, but it looked to be thwarted as Toni stayed down, forcing the challenger to skip over her. Carol didn’t continue her progress though, stopping abruptly before delivering a heavy elbow drop around the back of Toni’s head now. Toni was stunned, and rolled quickly to her back by Carol who got a long two count before the champion squirmed a shoulder free. The challenger barely missed a beat now though, going straight to the hair to bring Toni to her feet, lifting her as if to slam her only to plant her shoulder first on her knee in a shoulder breaker. A painful, high impact move that saw Toni drop to the mat in agony as the Wildcat started to set her up for her favoured finish. Pulling Toni up quickly, a spinning neck breaker followed, dumping Toni back to the mat as Carol continued to soften up the head, neck and shoulders of the champion. One more time, she got Toni to her feet by the hair, taking advantage of the brunette’s weakened state to put an extra layer of hurt on her. Forcing Toni’s head between her powerful thighs, Carol locked her hands around Toni’s legs and lifted her into a crotch held piledriver there in the centre of the ring. The crowd roared in approval, knowing that the match was surely over, but Carol didn’t want the pin, she wanted to put Toni out and make her cum in the process.


The challenger roughly woman-handled the champion now into a seated position, supporting her body there for a moment with a knee posted between her shoulder blades before she wrapped her right arm around her neck to apply the dragon sleeper. It was the move Carol had used to such great effect through her career, never more so than when she was presented with a naked and severely weakened opponent as she was right now. Toni barely struggled against the hold at first, even as Carol’s left hand started to explore her body, playing sensually across her breasts, tweaking her nipples before continuing down her body. The dragon sleeper was ratcheted up another notch, starting to restrict Toni’s ability to get oxygen in at the same time as Carol’s fingers slipped in to the brunette’s neatly waxed pussy. Now it was a matter of timing for the Wildcat; she knew she had Toni as her fingers started to work inside her, quickly eliciting a whimper of pleasure and a small shudder through the champion’s body. She eased the pressure of the sleeper just slightly, wanting to be sure she could force Toni to cum before she passed out in the hold. At the same time as she eased the sleeper, she increased her focus on finger fucking the ailing brunette, almost immediately feeling her reward with another involuntary shudder from Toni. It was a heady cocktail to deal with as Carol tightened the sleeper again; one that had dealt with many women in adult professional wrestling. Confident now, she added some trash talk to the mix, telling Toni ‘stripped naked like some cheap hooker….and now you’re going to cum like one...aren’t you…..silly little tart!’

All the time, her fingers worked expertly inside Toni while simultaneously, she weakened her with the dragon sleeper, slowly tightening that hold, knowing the light headedness that induced would enhance the eroticism for Toni at this point. The champion shuddered again, the pleasure building inexorably within her, until she could fight it no longer, a long, loud cry of pleasure as she reached a screaming orgasm at the expert fingers of Carol. And at that exact point, Carol tightened the sleeper hold, choking off the dying throes of Toni’s impassioned cries of pleasure as she quickly put the champion out. It would have been enough to claim the victory of course, but Carol wanted to put the icing on the cake as she laid the Texan out flat on the mat, planted a foot on her chest now, and told the referee ‘count it!’ as she took the easiest of pin falls on the unconscious champion.


Carol had done it; she had run the gauntlet and come out on top as the winner of three consecutive matches while Toni had failed to come through her less official gauntlet at the hands of the Smythe catfighters led by Daisy York. Carol didn’t care how it had happened though; Toni had sought to load the deck in her favour, and she had come up short, now finding the Singapore Wildcat posing over her with that title belt as she placed the sole of one of her thigh boots between the breasts of the beaten former champion. A victory pose to savour for Carol, but as one title changed hands, the whereabouts of another title belt remained a mystery, and nobody expected what Toni and Paislee were going to do next...