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By Wolfboy

Toni fights privately for custody of the corner office at work


Hey bitch, thought I’d send you this just as a little reminder of what’s in store for you if you decide to come back after me at any stage. I enjoyed fucking you after you lost to my associate Paislee. I bet you still smell of her piss as well you dirty tramp. Next time it’ll be her pleasure to finish you off. But if you get past her, I’ll handle you like I did this little cunt at work!’


That was the succinct message that accompanied a video file emailed to Emma by Toni, no doubt in an attempt to stay in Emma’s head and keep her away from challenging for the Smythe championship again. ‘Nasty bitch’ Emma said after reading the email, but it wasn’t long before curiosity had the better of her and she had to find out just what the tough Texan had been up to.


So you opened the file cunt!’ Toni’s face sneered from the screen in close up as Emma hit play on the file. ‘I knew you would. So what you’re going to see if just a hint of what’s waiting for you. Some background. This bitch Rebecca and I are vying for the same promotion at work, but in the end we both got promoted to the same level. One of us gets the corner office, and she thinks she’s a fighter. So she wants to fight me in the office, for the office. Well, who am I to turn her down. The dumb cunt has agreed that we should film it so there’s no question who wins. So enjoy me demolishing her.’ she said, stopping the recording for now.

As the picture returned on the file, it showed two women standing face to face in the confines of a fairly small office. There was maybe a 10 foot square area of floor where the furniture had been pulled to the side, cleared for the fight presumably. A large wooden desk dominated the back of the small office. The blinds were drawn at the windows, but this was clearly an after hours type of arrangement for both ladies.

So you understand this is a fight Rebecca?’ Toni asked with her back towards the camera, ‘because I am going to kick the shit out of you’ she continued.


You can try Toni, but I’m fitter, stronger and tougher than you’ the tall brunette replied, ‘so it’ll be me kicking the shit out of you!’


And you know there’s only one rule don’t you Rebecca’ Toni asked her evenly. ‘That it’s over when the loser, and that’s going to be you by the way, says they give up. Everything else is allowed and we fight in what we stand here in now?’ she asked. What they stood there now in was classic office attire, a dark skirt, with both choosing slightly flared skirts to aid their mobility, and button up blouses; white and short sleeved for Toni, teal and sleeveless for Rebecca. Both had black nylons on their legs, and at the moment it wasn’t really clear if they were tights or stockings. Both wore dark coloured heels too. Toni’s mid length brunette hair was worn loose and lightly curled. Rebecca who was also brunette evidently had considerably longer hair than Toni, and she wore it in a neat French braid that stopped about the waistband of her skirt.


We should lose the heels’ Rebecca suggested, ‘but they stay in the room so they’re fair game as weapons, just like anything else in here’ she said.


Fine by me bitch’ Toni said, kicking her heels off as Rebecca reciprocated, leading to a brief final face off that suggested to me that Rebecca was maybe 3-4 inches taller than Toni. Perhaps 10-15lbs heavier too, though they were well toned pounds as the brunette appeared to be in pretty good shape. The stare down continued for a few seconds longer before both went for the hair, double handed, and the fight began with Rebecca bullying Toni back to the wall. Where Rebecca used the hair to pull Toni’s head to the side though, the Texan was quick to forego the hair and punch hard to the body twice. Then she grabbed the front of Rebecca’s teal blouse, tearing some buttons off to reveal a white lace bra that she quickly closed her hands over in a hard breast maul, drawing the first cry of pain from her work rival. A cry of pain, but Rebecca didn’t wilt at the first sign of trouble, instead crashing two slaps into Toni’s cheeks and one straight into her mouth. Toni protested, but broke off her breast maul to fire another right hand into Rebecca’s body, evidently finding firm abs there despite the small grunt that acknowledged her fist landing. Rebecca went with a knee to the body now, landing to some effect before grabbing the front of Toni’s blouse. I think the tall brunette might have been going to try a headbutt to the face, but was thwarted by the Texan’s hand pushed into her face instead. Both traded knees to the body, still with Toni seeming to be pinned in against the wall but then the Texan got her right leg behind Rebecca’s left and pushed, forcing her to stumble backwards and push the two women apart for a moment.


A moment was all they were apart for though as there was no ceremony, the two wading back into each other with slaps and punches before Rebecca went to the hair. ‘Bitch, fucking hair!’ Toni protested almost like it was a rules violation, though her ire was fed from Rebecca’s tightly pulled back hair making it hard for her to reciprocate. She settled for a handful of the taller woman’s throat instead, a choke of sorts that she was able to use to force Rebecca back to the wall this time. Rebecca was fast though, bending Toni almost double at the waist to fire a couple of thigh strikes to the face that broke Toni’s choke off. Then Rebecca cried out in pain as Toni went straight for a punch to the pussy, her rival’s flared skirt doing a little to absorb some of the power as it slowed Toni’s hand down. It was a useful shot to distract Rebecca though, and Toni went to the hair as best she could, using a grip of head and hair to bang the back of Rebecca’s head on the wall. It did little to subdue the brunette brawler though as she kicked Toni’s inner thigh and then delivered a nasty knee lift to her body before, using the hair hold once more, she tried to switch positions. Toni resisted that for now, and latched back on to Rebecca’s breasts through her white bra, mauling hard once again, and it was tough to see who held the upper hand. Both continued to work hard on their holds, before it seemed that Rebecca had maybe broken first, releasing the hair pull. She didn’t look to defend her breasts though, instead ripping Toni’s blouse open as well to reveal a black and red bra, before she sunk her fingers into the Texan’s breasts. Both ladies moaned as they felt the rival’s fingers testing them, nails no doubt being used by both as they worked on each other, before Toni claimed an edge with a headbutt to the face.


That had Rebecca rocked a little, and Toni was into her fast, sawing into her body with a left-right combination before she used a hand on that long braid to wrench her down to the floor. And it was a floor, just thin functional office carpet separating the two women from the hard concrete floor as Toni went down to her knees and started to light Rebecca’s body up with a fierce flurry of slaps and punches. She got a knee into her ribs too as the taller fighter was forced to take a beating for a moment while she looked for any kind of respite. Toni was in an uncompromising mood though, planting a knee on her opponent’s tightly toned stomach and, using that to support her weight, she went to the face with a couple of heavy slaps. In response, Rebecca was a bit limited in her options, starting to tear at the stockings on Toni’s legs, but the Texan laughed that off, telling her ‘that’s not going to stop me beating you up bitch!’ As she landed another slap to the face, then started on some more breast mauling, Toni showed that she was good to her word, punishing Rebecca until she was able to get a hold of Toni’s loose brunette locks and pull her onto a short right hand to the mouth.


It wasn’t a punch that carried a huge amount of power, but Toni had no interest in taking any more of them as she shook Rebecca’s hand out of her hair and went back to that long braid to force her upright. Immediately, Toni had Rebecca bent over the large wooden desk, a hand up between her legs, searching for a pussy claw while her other hand searched for the large metal hole punch that was on the desk. Rebecca’s right hand was one the desk, supporting her weight, and already moaning in pain from the pussy attack, she screamed as Toni ground the corner of the metal implement into the back of her hand with malice. ‘Give up you little cunt!’ Toni demanded of her embattled opponent who cried out in pain again, but gritted her teeth trying to hang in there. Then she flicked her leg back, delivering a back heel kick up between Toni’s legs, that while it didn’t land perfectly, did enough to force the tough Texan mauler into a rethink as she backed up.


You cheating bitch!’ Rebecca protested, shaking her hand to try and ease the pain there. ‘Weapons!?’ she exclaimed in surprise.


All part of what you agreed to you stupid slut!’ Toni shot back, stepping in to slap her face hard. Rebecca was rocked for a moment, but she managed to deliver a quick front kick to Toni’s thigh to ward her off and remind the tough Texan that she wasn’t a woman who was going to fold easily. Both went back to the hair again, Toni’s efforts there starting to loosen Rebecca’s tightly pulled back hairstyle a little while Rebecca had no such problems latching on to Toni’s looser hairstyle. With that grip, Rebecca was able to bend Toni forward at the waist to use a knee up into the face to knock her off balance, feeling a little dazed. Then Rebecca lifted Toni with the Texan crying out ‘NOOOO!’ in panic as she feared getting slammed on the hard office floor. Instead she found herself deposited on the swivel office chair, Rebecca hitching her skirt up to immediately straddle her and pull her face into her pert breasts in a smother. A tough situation for Toni who immediately tried to retaliate, hitching Rebecca’s skirt up that little bit more to reveal a white lace thong before sinking her nails into her ass. Rebecca protested at that and moaned loudly, but was still in control, breasts in Toni’s face as she Texan’s feet started to drum at the floor in what seemed to be some desperation. Rebecca certainly read it for that, as she told her ‘time to give it up slag. The office is mine!’


She had underestimated Toni’s cunning though as she used the castors on the chair to her advantage, pushing off with her feet to send the chair into the wall, and knock Rebecca of her while she wisely gripped the arms of the chair. Possibly an advantage for Toni to capitalise on, but as she managed to grab that long braid, Rebecca struck with a real body snatcher of a right hand, catching Toni in the belly and dropping her to a knee, winded. This was time for Rebecca to maybe secure the corner office for herself, and she dragged Toni by the hair towards she desk to lean over it now. A hard forearm shot to the upper back subdued her too before Rebecca showed a little bit of ingenuity of her own, grabbing her own long braid and looping it around Toni’s neck in a choke hold with a difference. Toni’s eyes went wide with concern as the felt the thick braid of brunette hair tighten around her throat, Rebecca’s body pressed tightly into her from behind to hold her in place against the desk. For the second time in a few moments, it was Rebecca inviting Toni to submit and concede the office for her own as Toni rasped ‘no’ in defiance of the demand. Toni tried to throw an elbow back to knock Rebecca off her but got no real power in the move. She looked to stamp on the brunette’s feet but found Rebecca able to avoid that nimbly enough. Then Rebecca tightened the choke again and Toni’s fingers started to scrabble at the desk, desperately searching for anything she might use. She found respite in a way she hadn’t anticipated though, her fingers knocking the computer mouse which in turn brought the computer screen to life. The bright screen was enough to distract Rebecca for the briefest of seconds, and as she turned her head slightly towards it, Toni smashed an elbow into her chest to knock her back to the floor.


Toni turned fast and lashed a kick across Rebecca’s breasts as she was sat on the floor, knocking her to her back. The tough Texan was always an uncompromising fighter, and she went with a kick to the ribs while she had Rebecca down, sending the brunette rolling across the floor, groaning in pain. Toni took off her own blouse now, evidently finding the way it flapped loosely around her to be annoying, and then she roughly ripped the teal blouse from Rebecca too. Both women were fighting in their bras now, and the white lace against Rebecca’s well tanned torso stood out perfectly as a target for Toni with a cruel stomp to the right breast. ‘OOOWWW! YOU BITCH!!’ Rebecca moaned loudly as she tried to roll away now, but Toni was having none of it, grabbing her arm and rolling her to her back again, so that she could repeat the move to the other breast, bringing another scream of pain from her rival.


Toni smiled, the look of a woman who knew she had hurt her rival for the first time now, properly hurt her, and she went to the hair to bring her upright before sending her back into the floor to ceiling bookshelves that stood against the wall with a stiff right to the face. Rebecca gasped as her back was pressed against the cold metal shelf edges, and Toni was on her, left hand squeezing her right breast hard to bring a look of pain to the brunette’s face before her right hand closed around her throat. ‘Now’ Toni said, going on slowly and menacingly, ‘give me the fucking office or I’ll hurt you...cunt!’ Rebecca squirmed under what seemed like it might be a decisive attack, whining ‘noooo’ as she did so, but her hands were searching the bookshelf itself for something she might use to effect in retaliation. They closed around the spine of a heavy hardback book, and paying Toni back for her earlier use of the hole punch, she jammed the edge of it into Toni’s belly, then dropped the weighty tome onto Toni’s foot. ‘First time I’ve ever found a book on tax law useful’ she quipped as Toni hopped away, feeling the pain in her foot.


Now Rebecca pressed forward to attack, herding Toni around the room with a flurry of slaps and punches that the Texan desperately blocked where she could before a right hand burst through her defences. As that clipped her chin, Rebecca followed up quickly with a kick to the body, and Toni was dropped to her backside against the wall. Rebecca rushed in to catch her there, using a shin pressed into her throat and a handful of hair to try and control and choke Toni into submission against the wall. Toni may have been down and in some trouble, but she was far from done as she reached up between Rebecca’s legs and got a crotch claw on her as she loomed over her and suddenly there was a battle of wills with both ladies having potentially fight ending moves applied to the other. Toni moaned and gasped, finding the powerful choke to be well applied and starting to wear her down. In return though, Rebecca was crying out in pain too, quite obviously Toni demonstrating her pussy mauling skills to some effect. It was Rebecca who cracked first, but not to submit; instead she raked Toni’s eyes to break the pussy maul and brought the brunette to her feet before pushing her across the room, so that she collided with the edge of the desk that caught her in the stomach. Toni was winded, and she turned straight back into Rebecca who lifted her as if to slam her. She made the mistake of taunting Toni though, parading her around a little as she asked ‘is this what you were so afraid of before bitch? Well get ready for it!’


Toni cried out ‘noooo…..please, noooo!’ but she was already squirming out over Rebecca’s shoulder as she did so, and she nailed the brunette with a kick to the crotch from behind, sending her crumpling to the mat in pain. ‘Yes it was’ Toni admitted quietly as she now had Rebecca in some serious pain, pain she added to almost immediately with a pussy pounding atomic drop that left Rebecca frozen to the spot in pain. Toni was always a fighter who relished having her woman in trouble, and this was no exception as she delivered a thrust to the throat to knock Rebecca back towards the desk. ‘You’re getting hurt now cunt!’ she told Rebecca before inviting her to quit to save herself the pain. The brunette replied with a weak slap to the face that Toni responded to with a hard kick to the body. Then she forced Rebecca into a position, bent over the desk, and pulled her skirt down so that it pooled up around her feet, to reveal that white thong again, pale against the deep tan of her toned butt. Gleefully, Toni pulled the thong up into a deep wedgie, delighted not to hear the immediate sounds of ripping from the high quality lingerie. Instead she was rewarded by cries of pain from Rebecca who was pressed hard against the desk now by Toni’s hand, pushing down on the back of her head. Still, Toni pulled hard on the thong too, Rebecca’s pained moans getting more desperate by the moment before Toni broke off from delivering the wedgie abruptly to punish her with a hard forearm smash across the back. That took some of the fight out of Rebecca it looked like, before some nasty nail rakes across her back and ass drew shrieks of pain from the brunette.


Toni was well on top, and planning the coupe de grace as she quickly pulled Rebecca’s thong down now so that it joined her skirt in the pile of fabric around her feet. Then Toni spun her round, sliding a hand between Rebecca’s legs, and before the brunette had time to protest, she found herself smartly body slammed on top of the wooden desk. There was no give in that surface at all as Rebecca cried out in pain, and Toni left her there for a moment, going to retrieve one of the black high heels that she’d been wearing at the start of the fight. ‘Submit?’ she simply asked Rebecca as she returned to the desk, the tall brunette moaning ‘no….no’ as Toni quickly rolled her to her belly on the desk. Then Toni showed a sadistic streak of the highest order, grabbing a thumb-tack from the stationery pot on the desk and she stuck it straight into Rebecca’s left butt cheek. As she howled in pain, Toni laughed, grabbed another thumb-tack and stuck that into her right butt cheek as well! The response was similar, Rebecca simply screaming in pain as Toni climbed onto the desk, straddling her so that she faced towards her ass as she wielded the shoe.


Now’ Toni asked before she punctuated each word with a crack of that shoe across Rebecca’s ass, making sure that plenty of those strikes struck a thumb-tack, ‘DO YOU SUBMIT BITCH?’ Rebecca sobbed loudly in pain as she cried out ‘YEESSSSS! PLEASE STOP!’ but not before Toni had managed to get in one last shot with the shoe. ‘So I win the office?’ she enquired now. Rebecca again sobbing ‘yes, it’s yours!’


Good’ Toni smiled, but she had one last thing in mind here, something to make sure that Rebecca would remember her as she grabbed the scissors from the stationery pot, took Rebecca’s long braid in her hand and crudely hacked it off around the middle of her back as the brunette squealed in anguish at losing some of her impressive long hair. ‘Now bitch, I’ve left you enough of that to actually get a decent hair cut now, and pass it off as a change of style’ she told Rebecca. ‘But’ she continued, as the brunette sobbed in despair, ‘if you get any smart ideas about wanting this office again, it’ll be here’ she said, opening the desk drawer and putting the braid inside it. ‘And I’ll be more than happy enough to show everyone how you lost it to me, bitch. Just think of the recording of this playing out at one of our team meetings….’ she cautioned Rebecca.


You wouldn’t…..’ the brunette sobbed.

Just try me’ the Texan brazenly stated, before adding ‘now get your clothes, and get your bitch ass out of my fucking office!!’


Rebecca did as she was bid, gathering her clothes and running near naked from the corner office, still with the two thumb-tacks embedded in her butt. Then the picture faded, but quickly returned with Toni addressing the camera once more as she had before the start of the action.


So you see Emma, that’s what’s waiting for you if you’re brave enough to come after Paislee or I. Probably worse will happen to you in fact. I quite liked Rebecca in comparison to you. If you come for us, I will finish you off as a catfighter you stupid ginger bitch!’ she finished, the recording stopping abruptly a couple of seconds later.

And then Emma laughed. ‘What? That stupid bitch thinks I’m scared of her’ she said. ‘I’ll go after her and her fat friend when I’m good and ready. And it’ll be me finishing them off’ she told me confidently.