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The Cold War Heats Up

By Wolfboy

A surprise themed catfight challenge between Toni and Elaine

Tell that bitch I’m more than happy to take her on in her elaborate little scheme Steve’ Elaine had told me in response to a surprise challenge from Toni to her. ‘She might have been a champion, but I’m not afraid of her, and I’m sure I can beat her’ she continued.


And you’re sure you’re happy with this kind of setup?’ I said, referring to the elaborate little scheme Elaine had spoken of.

Yeah, that part sounds like fun’ she admitted. ‘I don’t mind playing a bit of dress up if you don’t?’ she said.


Well, as I understand it’ I said, ‘I’m not really on camera all that much, but yeah, I don’t mind being a general for the day’

Spasibo, tovarisch Stiv’ Elaine laughed in reply, already getting into character it seemed for an intriguing challenge from Toni. The tough Texan had been Elaine’s very first opponent, and Toni had handled her that day in the end. Since then, it was fair to say Toni had become quite an accomplished professional catfighter, while Elaine had stayed more in the amateur ranks. She’d proven herself to be effective in playing a role though, both as a professional wrestler in a hidden catfight, and, not a huge stretch for her, as a teacher in her catfight with Paris. It was that which had interested Toni who had sponsors for an elaborate, cold war themed catfight production. The scene would centre around tense arms negotiations between two generals, one American, one Soviet. Each would have a female assistant with them, a junior officer who just happened to be the finest catfighter each military could muster. As the negotiations reached their key stage, the two would be instructed to fight there in the conference room for the enjoyment of their generals. The winner would be decided by a single total submission of the fight.


Although the theatrics around the fight were pure fantasy, Toni had promised sponsors a real fight, and that had proven to be somewhat problematic at first. It was hard to find a real fighter prepared to take part in the pre fight theatrics. Toni has reached out to Elaine, remembering her as a spirited enough fighter from their first meeting, and while Toni had become something of a nemesis to Emma, she’d actually stayed on quite good terms with Elaine after their match. Where others had baulked at the thought of the required performance pre fight, Elaine had immediately declared it to be fun, and had agreed after asking just one question. ‘We fight properly?’ was all she’d wanted to know, not wanting to take part in some sort of fake roll around. ‘Absolutely’ Toni had replied, ‘that’s the unique selling point of the fight. Once we’re on the mats, I’m going to be trying to beat you up Elaine. You should do the same’ she told her. That was enough for Elaine to be totally sold on the idea, especially when she knew that the private sponsors of the fight would be determined to keep the action to themselves, minimising the risk of her being exposed publicly.


Toni had arranged the venue to add atmosphere perfectly. An old country retreat with a grand staircase leading up to a heavy wooden door, perfect for both Generals and their assistant to be filmed pulling up into the sweeping gravel driveway. There, they would walk up the steps, each assistant carrying a bundle of vital papers under their arm, before they would open the heavy door for their general. Inside, the scene would cut to a shot from behind of the two generals, cigars burning in ashtrays on a low table as they sat in finely upholstered burgundy leather armchairs. Each had a glass in hand while in the background, their assistants Toni and Elaine busied around, laying out sets of papers to be signed. A chance then for the viewer to get the first look at the two competitors, currently in their dress uniforms as they moved around the table. Two very well matched competitors physically as well, both at 5 feet 5 inches, both around 150lbs, Elaine the bustier of the two. A blonde and a brunette too, providing perfect contrast for the fight. Toni had on an olive green uniform of knee length skirt, white blouse and neck-tie, with an olive double breasted jacket. On her head was a green military hat, her long brunette hair tied into a neat ponytail beneath it. Black stockings were visible on her legs, giving way to a black, low heeled court shoe. In contrast, Elaine was in a similar uniform style but all in black except for red and gold epaulettes on her shoulders and a band around her hat. Her stockings, nude in colour, were barely visible at the moment as she had on a pair of knee high black boots. Her hair was neatly arranged into a small French braid for now. Both knew that the neat and tidy hairstyles would be the first thing to go when the action began.


Now the negotiations reached a tense point between the two generals; tense enough that the two glasses of whiskey had to be returned to the tables! The American general, Toni’s husband in fact, was first to speak. ‘General, we just can’t agree to your proposal. It’s not acceptable to the United States of America’ he said, looking in my direction.


And we cannot agree to the proposal of the United States of America. It disadvantages the Soviet Union. Unless….’ I replied.


Unless what general?’ he responded.


Unless it can be settled by combat’ I told him.


Are you suggesting you and I duke it out general? Some kind of duel?’ he asked, a little confused by this development.


No, no’ I laughed heartily. ‘Captain Smitsova is the finest catfighter in the Soviet military. If she beats your assistant, you agree to the Soviet terms. If Captain Smitsova is defeated, the Soviet Union will agree to the terms of the United States’ I suggested.


An interesting proposal’ he agreed. ‘Well, what do you say Major Roberts? Are you ready to fight for your country?’ he asked Toni.


Always ready to serve my country sir!’ she responded.

And you Captain Smitsova? Are you ready to fight for the Soviet Union? I enquired.


Da!’ Elaine replied, ‘I serve the Soviet Union!’


Then it is agreed’ I roared, offering a handshake to the American general now. ‘They will fight like wildcats until one gives up. Then we will have our accord on the arms negotiation settled for us.’


That is so general!’ he agreed, shaking my hand. ‘Say, why don’t we fix ourselves a fresh drink so that we’re ready to watch these….erm…..talks take place?’ he suggested as Toni and Elaine left the room to prepare themselves for the fight.


That was a wrap for the pre-fight scenes, as we switched the cameras off after a moment and set about rearranging the room just a little to make more space for the catfight. That was to take place in front of a roaring log fire on a series of thick pile rugs which were laid out on top of wrestling mats, effectively allowing the look of an impromptu fight while allowing the protection of the mats on the hard floor for the ladies. Toni and Elaine were both ready to fight when we headed out of the room now to check on them. Each now wore fine silk and lace lingerie, black for Elaine matching her largely discarded uniform, and a deep red for Toni, both barefoot in stockings, still incongruously wearing their military headgear which they planned to discard when they were on the mats. Now both had their game faces on it was fair to say. They held no real animosity towards each other as such, but I was pretty sure they would soon be fighting in a style that would strongly suggest otherwise. ‘So, we go on to the mats and introduce ourselves to the viewers of the fight’ Toni was saying to Elaine. ‘Then hats off and anything goes to a one a fall finish. For the benefit of the sponsors given the one fall stipulation, no submission holds before 10 minutes in to the match, but we won’t say anything about that before the match on film. Fight hard bitch…’ she smiled at Elaine, ‘because I will be!’


Oh I will….bitch’ Elaine told her, promising ‘you’ll feel the power of my mighty Soviet thighs on the mats!’


That broke the tension for now as everyone laughed at Elaine’s comment. I had no doubt they would fight hard though when the action began back in the room as Toni’s husband and I entered first to switch the cameras on and take our seats to enjoy the action, our role in the production largely over for now. A few moments later, our two ‘assistants’ entered the room to stand opposite each other on the rug covered mats. The time for playing a role was over, almost, for both of them, and they would soon turn into two fighting wildcats. Toni spoke first as she said ‘I am Major Toni Roberts of the United States military. I’m 5 feet 5 inches tall, 151lbs, and I’m here to kick this commie bitch’s butt today’ before taking off her hat and placing it on the carpet behind her.


And I am Captain Elayna Smitsova of the mighty Soviet military. It is my sworn duty to protect the motherland against all threats, including this capitalist American bimbo! I am 5 feet 5 inches tall, 152lbs, and I will be victorious!’ Elaine said, affecting a fine Russian accent as she did so. Now her hat was off too, thrown more aggressively from the mats as both ladies stepped forward and started to circle each other. ‘Bitch!’ Elayna hissed at Toni, her adopted Russian accent making it sound more like ‘beeech’. Toni replied with a slap aimed high at the head that Elayna ducked to allow Toni’s fingers to pass through her hair. Success at dodging the first blow from Elayna who then struck with a slap of her own, the palm of her hand landing squarely on Toni’s right breast. There was immediate retaliation though from Toni, a grab of the hair pulling Elayna on to a knee to the belly before she used the hair to throw Elayna across the rugs that covered the mats. All told, that combination meant a soft enough landing, but allowed Toni to up the ante by grabbing Elayna’s hat, spitting on it before she threw it into the fire.


Your hat is up in smoke bitch, just like your chances of winning here!’ she quipped, as Elayna did a good job at showing outrage at the treatment of her hat, which in truth she had been far from enamoured with.


You capitalist scum!’ she spat, the accent holding for now. ‘How dare you denigrate the Soviet Union like that!?’ she howled, coming in behind a stinging flurry of slaps that allowed her to chase Toni across the mats. Now Elayna grabbed Toni’s hair with her left hand and ragged her head around before bending her forward at the waist and swinging slaps in with her right hand. These were effective early blows from the blonde, landing to the breasts and face of the brunette with some authority. Elayna was certainly warming to her task as the Soviet scourge as she planted a foot in Toni’s belly then sent her across the rugs with a monkey flip. A hard landing it seemed for Toni as she wheeled through the air and crashed down on the mats. Elayna was on to her quickly too, into the hair to force Toni upright before looking to lift her for a body slam. Too soon in the fight for that it seemed though, as Toni blocked it and clobbered Elayna with an elbow around the back of the head to drop her to her knees. Toni was a fighter who always demonstrated a nasty streak in her fights, and today was no exception as she held Elayna’s hair with her left hand and raked her eyes with her right. A cruel move, and Elayna shrieked in distress, impressively managing to maintain her accent as she moaned ‘my eyes! You cheating American pig!’


No rules bitch!’ Toni admonished, flattening Elayna back to the mat harshly with a thigh strike to the face. Elayna looked a little dazed as Toni stomped her thigh and then her belly down on the mat before delivering an elbow drop across Elayna’s breasts. The agreement of no submissions in the first 10 minutes meant that Toni wouldn’t be able to go for a hold here though. Instead, she went to the hair, bouncing the back of Elayna’s head on the rug covered mats, before forcing the blonde to her feet by the hair. Despite the brightly lit fight area, the roaring fire still cast a dancing glow across both bodies as Toni lit up Elayna’s even further with some hard slaps. Elayna moaned, but started to fire back as I was pleased to see her continue to hold her own at this stage against a tough fighter. Toni delivered a half slap, half scratch to Elayna’s right breast now, a fierce enough blow that drew a shriek from the blonde, but she continued a stout resistance, slapping Toni’s face before getting a double handful of her hair. That allowed her to pull Toni forward at the waist as she tried to rag the brunette’s head around now. The double handed grip did mean that Elayna’s body was undefended though and Toni took a chance to deliver a short slashing punch to the stomach that winded Elayna. Now Toni was able to brush Elayna’s hands from her hair and take a hair hold of her own to hurl the blonde across those rugs once more.


This time it was a slightly heavier landing for Elayna who was just that little slower to her feet. She rose straight into a grab of the hair from Toni who used the grip to pull Elayna straight into a front headlock, a hold that she could punish with while at the same time she was able to send a knee lift in to Elayna’s body, straight between the breasts. Elayna groaned in some pain, feeling the wind crushed out of her body by the knee, and Toni went for a follow up; the blonde knew she had to fight hard though, and she blocked it before raking her nails harshly down Toni’s thigh. A shriek of pain from Toni who called Elayna ‘ a commie slut!’ but crucially she still held the headlock for now, punishing, before she flattened Elayna with a hard forearm smash across the back. Again Toni wasn’t allowing Elayna to be down for long, getting into the hair and pulling her to her feet before using that grip to lead her towards the long conference table. Toni planned to slam Elayna’s face into the mahogany surface, knowing it would put her at a disadvantage, but she’d failed to account for Elayna’s resilience. Planting both hands on the table top, Elayna was able to block, telling Toni ‘nyet!’ before swinging an elbow back into her chest to knock her away.


Elayna turned quickly, back still against the table and caught Toni on the way in now with a kick to the belly that slowed her up. Elayna caught her too with a right hand to the jaw; now a high impact blow, but effective enough as a surprise to Toni as Elayna tackled her back on to the rugs. As both landed a little untidily, a catball ensued, a fierce tangle of hair, legs and fury as two well matched ladies rolled across the mats, tightly entwined as both enjoyed their time on top. Elayna slapped and scratched at Toni’s breasts, warming to her role as the Soviet Union’s premier military catfighter. As the room filled with the sound of Elayna’s hand on Toni’s breasts, the tough Texan woman suddenly rolled Elayna and started to return the compliment after a fierce slap to the face, starting to crash heavy slaps into Elayna’s big breasts. Elayna cried out in pain, her teeth gritted against what was a withering assault from Toni, latching on to the brunette’s hair in an attempted defence. It was hardly the most telling defence though as Toni slapped her again, but then Elayna tightened her grip and rolled the brunette once more. A hand pushed to the ground helped Elayna create a little bit of separation so that she could send a couple of sharp downward punches into Toni’s stomach, before Toni pulled that arm out from under her and tried to force Elayna’s face into her breasts to smother her. Elayna squirmed free but then let out a surprised yelp as she was rolled one more. This time, Toni surprised her with a forearm smash to the jaw as she did so, before starting to press that forearm in at the throat of Elayna to choke her for a moment.


That had Elayna in trouble momentarily, but still inside the first ten minute period, Toni released the choke, and the action continued following a hard slap to Elayna’s face. Now Toni went to the hair, and then as Elayna cried out ‘NYET!’ she lifted and body slammed the blonde before a punt to the ribs sent her rolling across the mats. ‘Come on you commie cunt, thought you were the best?’ Toni taunted as she stalked Elayna across the room, grabbing the hair of the blonde as she looked to roll away. ‘OWWWW, you bitch!’ Elayna protested now, the accent still holding before she was able to surprise Toni with a double fisted lunge to the belly. An uppercut to the breasts had Toni reeling some more as it popped her right breast free of her bra. Elayna was growing in confidence, taunting in return ‘weak American bimbo!’ only for Toni to dim her lights quickly with a knee to the jaw, and Major Roberts took control of the fight again now.


Perhaps tellingly for Elayna, the fight was nearing the ten minute mark, with the grandfather clock in the corner of the room set to chime any moment to signify that. That was the point where both women were free to look for submissions, and Toni wanted to make sure she was on top when that point arrived. She pulled Elayna to her feet and buried a fist deep into the blonde’s belly, doubling her up with the fierce body punch. Then a knee lift to the breasts was timed perfectly with a grab of the hair to send Elayna back to those rug covered mats hard. At that point, the chimes of the clock filled the room, their rich tones filling the air as they reverberated off the walls. It was time for the fight to move up a gear, and it was Toni controlling the tempo of things it looked like as Elayna struggled to all fours. Toni placed both hands on Elayna’s back and sent a knee hard into her side, sending her rolling away from her, gasping for breath and in pain. Toni stalked her slowly, cautiously, before raking Elayna’s belly with her nails, bringing an anguished shriek from the blonde who instinctively rolled to her front in defence. Toni simply measured her for an elbow drop across the back now, catching Elayna across the lower back and lying there as she took a firm handful of hair and wrenched her head clear of the rugs that way. With her other hand, she deftly unclasped Elayna’s bra, releasing those big breasts as she roughly removed her bra. That was the least of Elayna’s concerns as she felt Toni’s hand quickly searching for a crotch claw after throwing her bra as far away as possible. Again Elayna shrieked, trapped in a position that made it tough for her to defend against Toni’s attacks. When Toni invited her to ‘submit, you commie bitch!’ though, Elayna fired back ‘Nyet! I like it bimbo!’ as she refused to submit.

You dirty slut!’ Toni admonished Elayna now, pulling her panties into a wedgie before spanking and pawing her ass hard. The blonde moaned loudly, Toni still holding her hair to wrench her head and neck painfully.


Get off me, American pig!’ Elayna squealed as she felt her head ragged around by Toni who continued to redden Elayna’s butt with her hard spanking and pawing too. Toni was content to take her time and punish Elayna for now, happy that she was on top as Elayna flailed her arms and kicked her legs fruitlessly. As far as I could tell, the blonde was doing more to tire herself than anything right now, and Toni felt it too as she stopped slapping her ass for a moment so that she could backhand her across the face instead. That subdued Elayna’s attempts to escape for a moment and it gave Toni the chance to step up her attack. Using a double handful of hair she slammed Elayna’s face into those deep rugs before maintaining the grip and pulling the complaining blonde to her feet. ‘Come on you ugly Soviet cow!’ Toni admonished as she used the double handful of hair to bend Elayna forward at the waist and drag her roughly back towards the conference table. Elayna had her hands out, looking to brace herself against an attempt to slam her face into the hard surface of the highly polished table. Unfortunately for her, Toni wasn’t following the script that Elayna expected and sent a knee up into her bare breasts, then lifted her as if to slam her. Instead, she more or less placed Elayna on her back on the table, legs hanging slightly over the edge with Elaine on her back. Toni looked to spread Elayna now, I think perhaps looking to deliver a headbutt to the crotch, but Elayna got a leg free and used it to push Toni off her, back towards the mats.

Now Elayna got off the table quickly, rushing Toni who was regaining her footing and she caught the brunette on the run with a big clothesline to floor her. Toni had barely hit the ground before Elayna was all over her, in the hair, which she used to hold Toni in a seated position so that she could deliver a hard knee between the breasts to flatten her once more. Toni groaned, shaking her head a little as she tried to clear her head quickly and get back on top of Elayna who she recognised to be an improved fighter from when they had previously fought. One with an edge too which Elayna showed, stomping Toni’s belly and grinding her heel there as she called her a ‘weak American pussy!’ She was punishing Toni right now, that was for sure as she dropped on to her to spread her with a grapevine. Her intention had been to pin Toni’s arms to the mats and drop her big breasts heavily into the brunette brawler’s face. Instead, Toni moved quickly to get her hands on to Elayna’s breasts in a double breast claw, arms fully extended as the painful mauling grip helped her to keep Elayna’s breasts out of her face. Elayna moaned in pain as she felt Toni’s nails digging into sensitive breast flesh; before Toni had chance to make any wise comments though, Elayna had her crying out in pain as she ratcheted up the grapevine. Toni had strong legs, but it seemed that Elayna’s thick thighs might just be winning that battle. ‘Feel the power of the mighty Soviet Union, bimbo!’ Elayna teased no, through gritted teeth as Toni was hurting her with her breast maul. It was something of a battle of wills right now, one that Toni quickly turned into being one of cunning, breaking her maul with the right hand to catch Elayna with a chop to the throat instead.


That did the trick, sending Elayna rolling off to the side, breaking the grapevine as she battled to catch her breath, and Toni got out from beneath her. Elayna had troubled the tough Texan with that grapevine, and she was determined now to make the blonde pay as she trapped her in a front headlock immediately. Toni lifted a knee, catching Elayna between the breasts hard enough before she smoothly lifted and slammed her on those thick pile rugs covering the mats. Elayna groaned, her back arched before Toni repaid her for her stomp earlier on with one of her own to the belly. Now Elayna screeched as she felt a hand wrapped up roughly in her blonde hair, wrenching her to her feet. Straight into another lift from Toni who enjoyed Elayna’s cry of ‘NYETTT!’ before she deposited her hard on those rug covered mats again. Elayna rolled to her back, gasping in pain from the two hard slams and trying to catch her breath as Toni lashed a kick across her breasts. Another painful move for the blonde to take, and suddenly I thought it loooked like the might of the US military, represented by the shapely form of Toni may have things very firmly under control. A third time now she used the hair to roughly assist Elayna to her feet so that she might lift her, Elayna again screaming in anguish before Toni dropped her across her outstretched leg in a back breaker this time. Elayna howled with pain before she was pushed off to the mat, and from her knees, Toni simply plunged her nails into Elayna’s big, sensitive breasts to punish her with a cruel double breast maul.


Submit you weak commie whore!’ Toni screamed at Elayna whose face was a mask of pure pain at this point, suffering at the hands of her opponent.


NYET!’ Elayna cried in return. ‘Never!’ she reaffirmed, but then she screamed long and loud as Toni worked those fingers to great effect.


Oh you will!’ Toni admonished her now, I think seeing the look of resignation in Elayna’s eyes as she broke off the breast maul to further subdue her with a slap across the face. Elayna was in a daze it seemed as Toni forced her up by the hair and sent a big knee lift into her body, doubling her up before a hard forearm across the upper back sent her to her knees. Toni, I fancied was ready to finish Elayna off as she walked in our direction, a hand wrapped up in her blonde hair, forcing Elayna to walk on her knees after her. ‘Sir, could you please move your drinks off the table’ she asked us as she approached. As we obliged, leaving the long low coffee table clear of any items, Toni immediately adorned it with Elayna who she rolled on to it, using a combination of hair and panties to perfectly place her there on her back.


Immediately, Toni was down on top of Elayna, shifting into a high pinning position, sat on Elayna’s big breasts. Then she moved further forward, until her crotch was just short of Elayna’s chin as she pinned her there. ‘Forget about mother Russia bitch!’ Toni taunted, ‘this is smother Russia!’ she laughed, using Elayna’s hair to pull her face deep into the pussy smother. All Elayna could do was to try to hold on desperately, her nails just able to scratch very ineffectively at Toni’s stocking clad legs. ‘Give up bitch!’ Toni demanded now, Elayna unable to reply coherently as her face was pulled so deep into the Texan’s crotch. She was squirming and making some muffled groaning sounds from beneath Toni, her stockings denying her feet any drip on the highly polished table to bridge and force her off. Elayna was trapped, Toni was dominant and as the Texan reached back to slap and maul Elayna’s breasts now, still maintaining the smother, Elayna started to tap furiously on her leg.


What’s that bitch?’ Toni sarcastically enquired, adding ‘something to say?’ She eased the smother just enough now to allow Elayna to say ‘I give up!’


Oh, is that right? So you agree the US proposal is the best then, you little Soviet slut?’ Toni asked.


Da’ Elayna meekly agreed now as Toni pushed a hand into her face for a moment. ‘….is best’ she admitted as Toni got off her, stood to attention in front of us both and said ‘gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me, there are some papers I need to arrange for you both to sign.’ She did a quick about turn, and still in her lingerie, marched to the table to lay out the papers as neatly as she had left Captain Smitsova laid out on the coffee table until the camera stopped recording.


It had been quite impressive from both women, to put on a real catfight in the midst of a storyline. Especially so with Elaine playing a Soviet, and managing to maintain a convincing enough accent throughout as well, even when Toni had been putting the hurt on her.


It was difficult’ Elaine admitted when Toni asked her how she’d managed it. ‘But I practiced, and I always wanted to act when I was younger, so I brought a bit of that to the match today’ she said.


Well you were good at it’ Toni admitted.

But you were better in the fight’ Elaine told her. ‘You kicked my arse again!’


I guess I did’ Toni smiled. ‘So that’s 2-0 to me now, and don’t forget it blondie!’ she laughed.


Soviet Union never forgets…..bitch!’ Elaine laughed in return, adopting the accent once more. But the two women parted on good enough terms, rivals on the mats, but it seemed friendly enough off them. A slight incongruity I thought when I considered the way Toni and Paislee had targetted Emma. Perhaps it was simply that Toni saw no real threat to her from Elaine while she knew Emma to be a more than credible threat.