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Remember Me?

By Wolfboy

Frozen out of the Smythe Title picture, Toni looks to move up the rankings elsewhere

We heard once again that Toni was quickly back in action in the catfight world where she seemed to have decided to stay, fighting this time for the Southern Belles organisation in the United States. Of course, as a former Smythe champion, Toni’s name commanded respect in any circles, but we were a little surprised still to find her going straight into a match with former Southern Belles champion Heather. The battle of former champions threatened to yield a contender for Sara’s Southern Belles title on one hand, and a broken woman on the other when the difference between winning and losing was established. It seemed that, effectively barred from fighting for the Smythe title with Emma as champion then, the Texan had simply identified an alternate route to an equivalently ranked championship perhaps.


There had also been some rumours of a tournament, perhaps to unify the champions of a number of big catfight organisations from around the globe. Against that backdrop, it made perfect sense that Toni wanted a seat at the top table when the tournament began. If the rumours were correct though, she’d likely find time against her I thought. We managed to track down video of the fight the day after it happened, with Emma interested to see what had happened, and also reasoning that if Toni hadn’t already made sure we’d seen the fight then ‘maybe the bitch lost!’

It felt possible, given that Heather was a very capable fighter herself, and we settled down to watch the fight, quickly finding that the hour long video feed also included two preliminary matches. The setting was a nice touch too; it was clearly the gym where I’d witnessed some previous Southern Belles fights, but for today, converted to give a retro apartment house wrestling feel. The mats had been moved so they were against two bare walls in the corner of the gym with seating rearranged around that. Some low sofas bordered the two open edges of the mats which, for this evening at least, had been covered by some thick pile carpet. The first two matches, standard one submission matches, had both run a little over ten minutes before a victor had been found. On both occasions it had been the higher ranked in the Southern Belles ratings coming out on top, in largely unremarkable contests. Still, with the entrances, introductions and post match formalities, 40 minutes had passed before we witnessed Toni in a white thong and waist length white satin jacket make her way on to the mats. She looked to have her right hand swathed in a white bandage we thought, both wondering if the Texas tough-girl had picked up an injury. Then Heather also made her way to the mats, wearing a short green dress over a green thong, and it looked like she also had a bandage on her right hand as well. All would become clear when the announcer began ‘ladies and gentlemen, this is a catfight to decide the number one contender for the Southern Belles championship, and it is a no holds barred, topless taped fist fight to be settled via knockout, without time limit!’


The crowd in that tight gym were buzzing with anticipation after that announcement, looking forward to what threatened perhaps to be a short and pretty brutal fight we both now suspected. ‘First of all, on my left, she is the Dallas Destroyer, Toni! Toni is 47 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 151lbs, measures 36C-29-38 and has a catfight record of 37 wins and 9 losses, and she is a former Smythe champion. Her opponent on my right, from Savannah, Georgia, this is Heather! Heather is 40 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 160lbs and measures 38DD-28-39 with a catfight record of 36 wins and just 4 losses.’ The crowd cheered for both women, as each took off their outerwear, Toni dropping her jacket behind the sofa at the edge of the mats, while Heather gave her dress to the announcer for safe keeping. Both were topless, Toni in a white spandex thong while Heather had chosen more or less a G-string in green that left very little to the imagination. These were two powerful and curvy fighters, both keen to get at each other, and the arrival of the referee on the mats and the command of ‘fight’ facilitated that quickly.

It was a fight then that started off at the most ferocious pace. The two women simply waded into each other, untaped hand gripping hair while the taped hand for each landed with regularity, into the body, each sawing away at the other’s body for twenty seconds, already reddening rib cages. Then Toni struck with an uppercut to the breasts that rocked Heather, and she used a headbutt to drop the startled Georgian to her butt on the mats, pawing at her face. Toni wasted no time in trying to send a kick across Heather’s big breasts, but she paid a price as Heather trapped the leg against her and she quickly kicked Toni’s other leg out from beneath her so that Toni crashed to the mat with Heather still holding her right leg tight across her chest. Toni was on her front and Heather cruelly scissored her right leg now as she twisted her foot painfully in an ankle lock, digging her nails in to the sole of Toni’s foot as well, just to add to the pain. ‘OWWWW! YOU FUCKING SLAG!’ Toni howled in pain as the early action continued with a situation that didn’t favour Toni at all. Her ankle was torqued painfully, Heather’s nails seared the sole of her foot too, and even if she’s wanted to, a submission carried no meaning, as only a knockout might win the fight for either woman.


AAAAGGGGHHHH!’ she cried out in pain, her hands actually going to pull at her own hair for a moment to try and distract herself from the pain in her ankle. ‘Awwww...does it hurt bitch?’ Heather mocked, cranking on the foot and ankle once more, causing Toni to cry out once more ‘You’re breaking my fucking ankle! You fucking cunt!’ She remained in trouble though as Heather continued to work her over fiercely with the hold. Finally Toni was able to kick back with her left foot twice catching Heather in the breasts though, knocking the Georgian off her. Was the damage already done though I wondered as Toni looked to get back to her feet only to crumple back to the mat, her right ankle seeming to buckle under her weight. Her face was a mask of pain as she grabbed for the ankle on the mat; Heather smiled, grabbed Toni’s hair to make her sit up and then kicked her hard in the breasts knocking her flat to the mat. Again, Toni grabbed for her ankle only to find Heather pinning it to the mat with her right foot before stomping on it to send Toni rolling away crying out in pain once more. It may not have been conventional catfighting by any means, but it was proving to be highly effective from Heather. If Toni couldn’t stand after all, she was going to struggle to beat a count when the time came for that.


Heather wasn’t satisfied that we were there just yet though as she went to the hair, looking to bring Toni to her feet with that generous grab of the hair, only to take a right hand to the body. That landed right on the already pretty low waistband of Heather’s G-string, but she took it well enough for now, and quickly came back to subdue Toni with a knee strike to the breasts again as she kept hold of the hair. Then she forced Toni up, the tough Texan barely putting any weight on that right foot at all, before Heather lifted and body slammed her on the unforgiving carpeted mats. That slam was delivered with some authority by Heather, taking further advantage of that injury to Toni. Another stomp to the ankle followed, Heather grinding her foot in there as she reached to grab Toni’s hair with her left hand. She pulled Toni to more of a seated position, then used the taped right fist for the first time, planting a right hand right between Toni’s eyes to put her flat on her back. ‘Count the bitch’ Heather told the referee while Emma felt ‘that’s a mistake Steve. Keep beating her up while you’re dominating surely?’


That may have been the better tactic, but she got a count of six before Toni struggled back up and Heather was able to catch her before she was fully upright, using the brunette’s hair to pull her into a tight front headlock. It was tight but not choking I assumed as Toni placed both hands on Heather’s hips for now, helping to support her weight rather than going after her straight away to get out of the hold.


Heather was happy to take advantage by leading the Texan brunette around the mat with the front headlock and a grab of the back of her thong, happy to have Toni hobble heavily on that ankle. Reaching the far side of the mats near the bare walls, Heather got Toni lined up for an Irish Whip, and sent her at the wall. She never made it as far as the wall though, instead crumpling to the mat in a heap. ‘The bitch is done’ Emma laughed, loving the evident demise of her rival here, as Heather moved in looking for the finish on an opponent that she clearly felt was injured. Toni was waiting on her though, lunging from the mats with a headbutt to the belly that knocked Heather back away from her for a moment. As she came in again, Heather reached for the hair, aiming to slam that taped fist into Toni’s forehead again. There was a telling impact from a taped fist, but it wasn’t from Heather; instead it was Toni’s taped fist slamming into Heather’s crotch with an uppercut that was the telling impact to send Heather crumpling to the mat. Toni was still struggling with that right ankle, which she rubbed and slapped at, trying to somehow ease the pain. She winced as she sat on the mat, trying to rotate her foot slowly. Then she spotted Heather trying to stir, and lashed out her left foot to catch her deep in the belly, sending the black haired fighter rolling away across the mat. As Heather gasped for air again, it gave Toni that bit longer to recover from the pain in her ankle, but she wisely elected to keep the fight down on the mats for now, diving on top of Heather in a full body pin.


The Texan delivered a headbutt to Heather’s breasts now, not an overly effective move I thought as her head seemed to bounce off those DD breasts with little impact. The taped right hand that she sent into Heather’s ribs was more effective though, drawing a little groan from the black haired woman, and then Toni latched onto those big breasts, grabbing the nipple, twisting, and pushing them up on Heather’s chest. ‘Aaaaggghhhhh…...Aaaaggggh!’ Heather complained, evidently finding Toni’s breast work to be highly effective in punishing her. ‘How do you like that bitch?’ Toni sneered, enjoying that she had Heather hurting a little here, then she slapped her face hard, telling her ‘I asked you a fucking question bitch!’


Fuck off cunt!’ Heather shot back, taking another slap to the face for her troubles before Toni went back to that double nipple attack, smiling as Heather squealed in pain when her nails dug into those sensitive nipples. ‘Sure…...whatever Heather. This is going to be just like when I fought you before bitch’ she told her, evidently referring back to a previous match. There was no time for Heather to respond to that though as Toni’s taped fist hammered down into her belly, driving the air from her body. Not wanting to bring the action up to her feet still, Toni moved position now into a tight straddle pin, her thighs framing Heather’s face, distorting her features slightly as they pressed into her. Toni looked down on the black haired woman with some malice now, rubbing that abrasive enough tape on her right hand across her eyes in an eye rake that had Heather protesting wildly. She blinked her eyes furiously too, trying to clear them before Toni set them watering with a short right hand to the bridge of the nose. Then Toni leaned forward for a moment, a move that looked like a breast smother but was nothing of the sort, as closer inspection showed that she was riding her forearm on Heather’s face, grinding it across her features as it supported her weight.

Bitch!’ Heather moaned from beneath Toni, still trying to recover her senses to counter the Texan’s attack. ‘Yes…...you don’t remember me do you bitch?’ Toni laughed, taking a handful of hair now to suddenly sit back and pull Heather’s face into her crotch in a smother. ‘Maybe this will jog your memory’ she mocked, before releasing the hair and delivering a second short right hand to the nose to keep Heather well and truly stunned. Finally it looked like Toni might be going to bring the match up to her feet, but instead she just shifted her position so that she could ride her shin across Heather’s throat in a choke. ‘I mean’ she told Heather now, pulling her hair to choke her more, ‘I understand why you’d want to forget….I came to your hotel and kicked your fucking butt in your own room after all!’ she mocked the black haired fighter. Then she sent a third short right hand into Heather’s face, and as the Georgian girl tried to bling her eyes again to clear her vision, a small trickle of blood started from her nose. ‘I’m even wearing the thong I took from your beaten body right here tonight cunt!’ Toni laughed, going to the hair confidently now as she elected to bring Heather to her feet, taking a side headlock of sorts with a healthy grasp of hair thrown in to lead Heather towards the bare walls now. Toni was still hobbling, but she managed to find the balance and poise to push Heather chest first towards towards the wall. Two hard punches across the lower back saw Heather’s knees buckle a little, before Toni grabbed her hair and simply ground her face into the wall in a cruel and vindictive move. A bit of a hush had fallen on the crowd now as they realised that this brunette brawler was starting to do something of a number on Heather, who as a long time champion had become something of a crowd favourite. The crowd tried to rally behind Heather who fired back with a right to the body, taped fist slamming into Toni’s ribs to give her pause for thought for a second before she launched a flurry of right hands to Heather’s body in return to send her sliding down the wall to the floor, where she sat, propped up by the wall at her back. Toni planted her right foot across Heather’s throat now, choking her for a moment before hastily removing it when Heather made a grab for it.


No you don’t, cunt!’ she admonished, pulling the black haired fighter back up to her feet against the wall before delivering a slap to the face to rock Heather again. It seemed that Toni had ridden out the early storm from Heather, recovered a little from the pain in her ankle, and now she whipped another hard right hand into Heather’s body sending her reeling along the wall. Toni was confident now, a fighter really on a roll as she leaned her body into Heather against the wall, elbow across her breasts as she pulled that G-string into a harsh wedgie. ‘OWWWWW….you bitch….OOWWWW!’ Heather moaned before relief came to her suddenly as the G-String came away in Toni’s hand. ‘Too bad’ Toni bemoaned before rubbing the G-String into the now naked black haired fighters face and dropping her to her butt again with a knee to the belly. That knee had really taken the wind out of Heather’s sails it seemed, not surprising given how Toni had used that to effect against Emma in the past. Down on the floor though, as Toni decided ‘this really wouldn’t have been my style’ and threw the G-string to the crowd, Heather lashed out a foot, kicking Toni in the right ankle to cut her down to the mat. It was time for Heather to try and launch on to the offensive, diving at Toni to roll across the mat with her in a catball. It was an angry, snarling tangle of hair, legs, and bodies pressed and entwined together, slaps hitting the body and face of each woman. Heather got a punch into Toni’s forehead with her taped fist, dazing her a little before she went to a double breast maul on the Texan who cried out loudly in pain.


I’ll rip them off cunt!’ Heather snarled angrily having been able to get the top position in that cat ball, her legs searching for Toni’s to try and grapevine her. ‘FUCKING HELL!’ Toni moaned loudly, giving Heather all the encouragement she needed with the breast maul while the Texan desperately defended against the grapevine, legs in the air. Heather had a plan for that raising her body to slam her butt down into Toni’s belly, lowering Toni’s legs closer to hers, closer to being captured and spread. Closer too each time she repeated the move, Heather telling Toni ‘I’m going to fuck you up now bitch!’ as she raised her butt again, still mauling her breasts, knowing that one more time would surely see her capture Toni’s legs. Toni knew it too though, and as Heather dropped down on to her again, Toni took it, but timed a counter attack perfectly with a thrust to the throat that meant the grapevine was never completed, Heather instead rolling off to the mat, gasping for breath.


From her position lying on the mat, Toni lashed her left foot out to kick Heather in the ribs, drawing a groan. Then she cupped her own breasts for a moment, red from Heather’s harsh mauling, and winced slightly, acknowledging the pain there before getting to her feet to press home the attack on the naked black haired woman. Heather was face down on the mat as Toni used a knee drop to the lower back to hurt her, then still kneeling there on her back, she used her nails harshly to trace angry furrows across Heather’s shoulders and back. The black haired woman’s screeches of pain had barely subsided before Toni was in her hair, roughly pulling her chest clear of the mat so she could send two hard kicks into her DD breasts. Heather groaned loudly as Toni released the hair now, allowing her chest to fall back to the mat, but the situation hardly improved for her with an elbow drop around the back of the head. The Georgian cat was dazed by that one, and Toni was rapidly on her again, using a handful of her jet black hair to slam her face to the mat hard. That did Heather’s nose no favours, making sure that trickle of blood gained new impetus, and Toni got to her feet now, looking like a woman intent on finishing things here. She was unpicking part of the tape on her hand now as well as she limped around the mat, still favouring that right ankle. With a two foot length of tape loose, she went back to a still groggy Heather, grabbing her hair to force her back to her feet. Impressively now, Toni lifted and slammed the black haired fighter at the centre of the mats, taking care to place her as far away from any possible leverage like a wall or the sofas. Then she got Heather into a seated position, sat behind her, wrapped her surprisingly powerful legs around Heather’s waist, and finally, looped that length of loose tape around Heather’s throat as she pulled her back into the unconventional scissors and choke combination.


Immediately Heather gasped, feeling the tape tight at her throat as her fingers went to it, scrabbling for a finger hold to try and release the choking pressure. Then Toni clenched her thighs tight, making Heather moan loudly in pain, her fingers still desperately searching for, but failing to find, any purchase on the choking tape. She pulled at Toni’s arms now, scratched furiously at her legs too, all failing to dislodge the tough Texan from her position of dominance here as Heather started to fade quickly.


As was often the case, Toni was keen to put the exclamation point on the victory that looked to be hers now, and she released the hold, unwrapping the tape from around Heather’s throat, kicking her out from between her legs. Heather looked listless on the mat, and Toni grabbed the hair again to pull Heather’s face and chest clear of the mats. Another kick went into her breasts, harshly punishing the busty southern belle, then Toni simply delivered a knee strike to the jaw to dim Heather’s lights and she left her on the mat, telling the referee to ‘count her out’. As the referee did just that, the count of twenty a mere formality, Toni went and say on one of the sofas, legs crossed demurely as she checked her nails and waited to be declared the winner. She was declared the number one contender to the Southern Belles title too, something she immediately pointed out as she told everyone ‘Sara is next, and I’m going to finish that bitch off once and for all!’


Then she walked over to where Heather still lay on the mat, and pressing a foot down on to her breasts, she pointed a finger in her face and told her ‘you’ll fucking remember next time, if you’re woman enough to try again, bitch!’ before she strutted off the mats, delighted with her victory!