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Made An Exhibition Of

By Wolfboy

Sara gets a match with a well known pro wrestler, but all isn’t as it seems

Sara might have lost in the final of the tournament to crown a world catfight champion, but she was a woman who truly loved to fight. While Emma waited a little longer to learn who she would face first in defence of the title, Sara was looking likely to be in action defending her Southern Belle’s championship first of all. When that match fell through, as a result of a mysterious injury picked up by the would be challenger, an interesting prospect for a match presented itself. In place of a challenge for the title, she’d been offered an ‘exhibition match’ with pro wrestler Anna Jay. It made perfect sense with the Southern Belles organisation holding catfights across all of the Southern States, and Anna was based in Georgia, the true home of the Southern Belle.


That said, Sara briefly had to wonder just what had possessed a well known pro to come to the world of catfighting. Then she looked at a picture of her, decided she looked like she could be a fun opponent, and accepted, subject to learning what the rules would be for the match.


The answer was simple enough on that front. She would face Anna in a wrestling contest in the ring; competitive wrestling with hair pulling and slapping to the body allowed. A twenty minute time limit, with just one submission to win, and no breaks in the action. Sara was confident she could handle the pro under those rules in the proposed exhibition bout. It proved a popular idea for ticket sales too with the Southern Belles organisation having to find a bigger than usual arena in the Atlanta area than the one they would typically use. An undercard was put together to showcase the best of Southern Belles catfighting to the audience who had gathered to take in the appearance of Anna for the most part. By the time that happened, most of them were pretty hooked on the action that they’d seen, leaving the organisers a little worried that the exhibition might seem a bit tame in comparison. They need not have worried…

Usually the champion would enter the ring second, but in this instance, Sara was appreciative that Anna truly was the star of the show tonight, and she agreed to enter first. She was well enough received by a good proportion of the crowd, those that gathered regularly for Southern Belles action perhaps those who were more appreciative of the champion and what she could do. Today, she’d kept her look simple too, perhaps in the light of the more competitive wrestling nature of the exhibition. A pair of red spandex hotpants, short and tight so that they didn’t hide much of her powerful thighs combined with a slightly longline red sports bra. Her strawberry blonde hair was loose and long, her nails were painted a shade of red to match her ring gear, and of course, she carried the Southern Belles title belt with her as she climbed into the ring first. Then the attention turned back to the entrance runway, and the appearance of the woman sometimes known as the Queen Slayer in pro circles. Was that what Anna was here to do tonight maybe? Slay the Queen of the Southern Belles?


The spotlight picked out Anna at the top of the entrance runway now, and Sara got her first look at a battle ready Anna Jay. The blonde haired wrestler cut the line between athletic and curvy just perfectly Sara already knew. Although Sara was aware she had both height and weight advantages over her, it wasn’t enough to be significant. And she would be taking on a woman who was a pro wrestler and had elected to dress like one too. A sliver, grey and purple crossover crop top, adorned with a couple of stars, was teamed with matching hot pants that were cut to show that Anna had a great butt. On her legs she wore fishnet tights with a seam running up the back of her leg, and the waistband of her tights showing an inch or so above the waistband of her hotpants. Purple knee pads then gave way to black wrestling boots Sara could see as Anna neared the ring, waving cheerfully to the fans who cheered the local girl on her way to the ring.


Of course, as Anna slipped smoothly between the ring ropes, there was time for introductions as the female ring announcer took the microphone. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an exhibition competitive wrestling match. It has a twenty minute time limit and it is set for one submission. There will be no stripping, slapping is allowed to the body, hair pulling is legal. Now out two contestants; first of all, wearing her trademark red, she is the current Southern Belles and Hong Kong Syndicate catfighting champion. She is 37 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 165lbs, 38DD-28-40 and has a record of 46 wins and 14 losses, this is Sara!’ The crowd cheered the champion as the announcer was quick to move on to introduce Anna. ‘And her opponent, from the world of professional wrestling. She is 24 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 145lbs and measures 34C-26-37. This is her debut in competitive action. She is the Queen Slayer, Anna Jay! Ladies, get ready for the bell’ the announcer told them, leaving the ring to be replaced there by the referee.


There was to be no further preamble now; the bell rang to the cheers of the crowd, and the two women moved slowly out of their corners, circling to their right slowly before they moved in to lock up for the first time. Sara chose to keep it purely wrestling in the first moments of the match, and it played a little into Anna’s hands in the way she was able to convert the lock up into a side headlock, and then send Sara up and over her hip a little untidily into a heavy landing. She was snugly trapped by Anna’s right arm around her head and neck, cranking hard as she just eased Sara’s face towards her right breast a little. Not an unusual position for a catfighter to find herself in and Sara reminded herself it was an exhibition match as she felt Anna work the headlock a little tighter, content with her control of the situation. She didn’t stay in control for long though, Sara getting one hand beneath her butt, one around her her shoulder, and managed to roll the blonde on to her shoulders. As an attacking move, Sara knew it was worthless in a match where pins counted for nothing, but she knew it was a distraction for Anna before the blonde wrestler kicked her legs and rolled back into what she thought was a controlled position. Sara quickly showed her that wasn’t the case as she swung her legs up to take the side head scissors on Anna Jay, forcing her to her back as she gave her just a little taste of her leg power.


Aaaaggggh!’ Anna moaned quite loudly, Sara not quite able to distinguish the difference between showwomanship or genuine pain from the blonde. Either way, she was quick to move, proving that she understood the mechanics of wrestling, whatever the format. She turned into the hold, so that she was on her knees now, head still trapped between Sara's thighs, and another moan came as she got another squeeze from Sara. But then she was free of the hold, knee between Sara’s bare feet to break the scissors apart, before she sprang forward to take the side headlock again, earning the applause of the crowd. It looked like control again for Anna for a brief moment before Sara surprised her with some skills of her own, slipping out of the backdoor of the headlock to trap Anna in a hammerlock. Anna was trapped face down on the canvas for a moment before Sara looked to bring her up to her feet, using the hair just slightly for the first time. She was pleased to see Anna made no protest of the move, apparently accepting it to be legal without question as she found herself backed up to a corner of the ring. Sara used the body slapping that was also allowed now, whipping one across Anna’s bare stomach lightly enough, just testing the pro before sending her off with an Irish Whip to the corner.


The test was passed easily enough by Anna who in truth had taken similar enough blows or harder from the girls who worked a stiffer style in the ring anyway. As Sara brought her out of the corner, she used her ring awareness to reverse and send the Southern Belles champion out of the corner. It was Sara whose body hit the padded turnbuckle with a decent impact, but it would shortly be Anna getting a surprise in return. Sara sagged there, holding the ropes, allowing Anna to whip a slap in return across her belly, and then she jumped up on to Sara’s thighs, looking to monkey flip her out of the corner. This time though, it was ring awareness from Sara that showed as she gripped the top ring ropes tightly and held her position to leave Anna to fall off her and to the mat. Usually speaking, an opponent on the floor at the feet of Sara would get a good kicking from the strawberry blonde catfighter, but recognising the different nature of this match, she went with an elbow drop only to find that Anna had rolled clear of her attack quickly. Both ladies were on the mat for a brief moment, then they were back on their feet, a fist bump exchanged as the crowd cheered the friendly enough nature of the match and the way so far, Anna had been able to hold her own quite well in there.


Quickly there was another lock up, Sara introducing Anna a little to her cattier style of fighting as she used the blonde’s hair to reel her into a side headlock before, with Anna’s face pressed lightly into her DDs, she gave Anna’s breast a little squeeze. It was a light attack as things usually went in catfights, and Anna didn’t protest loudly, even though Sara felt a little shudder run through her body. Despite the quite sturdy material of Anna’s crop top, there was no doubt that shed felt it, and had maybe been a little uncertain of it. Still, when Anna was backed up to the ring ropes in Sara’s headlock and shot off to the opposite side of the ring, she was right back into her comfort zone. She hit the ropes, picked up momentum and ducked Sara’s attempted clothesline before hitting the ropes once more, momentum still building as she launched herself at the strawberry blonde in a cross body tackle to take her to the mat.

Down on the mat, the action might favour Sara again, but she was a little winded by the flying attack, allowing Anna to work her into a side head scissors and keep control. Her legs may not have quite held the murderous power Sara had built in hers, but good technique and strong thighs were definitely allowing her to keep control still, even forcing a groan from Sara as she felt the power now. Sara was immediately on to things though, looking to the feet of her opponent to prise the hold apart. Usually, she may have resorted to using a twist of the toes, but with her opponents feet encased in leather wrestling boots, that wasn’t an option, and she used the more conventional method of pushing an arm between her ankles to slowly unlock them and squirm free instead. A cry of surprise escaped her lips though as Anna arrested her progress with a good handful of strawberry blonde hair, evidently warming to the more relaxed rules, as she brought Sara slowly to her feet by it. The crowd were getting right into it now, cheering as Anna used the hair to introduce Sara’s face to the top turnbuckle. Then she licked her hand before delivering a chop across the breasts of Sara, a resounding sound of hand meeting spandex covered breast ringing out as Sara groaned in pain and the pro wrestler looked to keep control with an Irish Whip to the opposite corner.


Sara took that hard and looked to stay in the corner, perhaps a little winded from the impact as Anna set of towards her at a run, turning just before she reached the corner as she looked to slam her body hard into Sara. Unfortunately for Anna, Sara wasn’t there when she arrived, slipping out of the corner at the last second as Anna met an abrupt halt against the turnbuckles. Sara took it up a notch now, grabbing the middle rope and sending two heavy shoulder tackles into Anna’s body to wind her before she led her from the corner to lift her and deliver a body slam a little way out to the centre of the ring. Sara dropped on to her quickly too, pinning her hands above her head as she captured her in a grapevine too, her legs battling for, and gaining a degree of control over Anna’s. Breasts poised above Anna’s face, Sara looked positioned to deliver the super smother, although that wasn’t her intent just for now, as she wanted to just work the hold given the exhibition nature of the match. As she looked down in Anna’s eyes and asked her ‘how does that feel queen slayer?’ with a smile on her face, she heard the crowd start to boo a little, and saw a flash of recognition in Anna’s eyes, just a split second before she felt a burning sensation in her scalp as an unseen hand grabbed her hair. She barely had time to react to the sensation as she was pulled off Anna and thrown roughly into the corner hard. Her instincts told her to fight, but from the outside of the ring now a pair of hands grabbed the back of her red hotpants. It was just enough to hold her in place for a split second as a third assailant, this one a big powerful blonde, raced into the corner and crushed her there with a thunderous avalanche splash!


As Sara dropped to her knees, the original assailant swung a hard kick to her body to knock her back to a seated position against the turnbuckles. The bigger woman crashed a hip into her face to daze her, and the third assailant from the outside now entered the ring as she was no longer needed to anchor Sara in place. A flurry of kicks and punches rained in for a few seconds before all three stopped, removed the security polo shirts and baseball caps they’d been wearing, shook their hair out, and along with three pristine white spandex crop tops, revealed their identities to be Toni, Paislee and Annabelle. ‘Thought we’d spice up your exhibition cunt!’ Toni mocked as she pressed her foot to Sara’s throat there in the corner now. Focussed so clearly on the strawberry blonde Southern Belles champions as they were though, they had completely ignored the fifth woman in the ring. And it was that fifth woman, Anna Jay, who sprung to Sara’s defence, grabbing Toni’s hair and sending her out through the ropes before getting the better of Paislee in a quick exchange of right hands. Finally her attention turned to Annabelle who looked fixed to the spot with fear, her 5 foot and 105lb frame quivering anxiously before from the outside, Toni grabbed her ankle, tripping her to canvas so that she could literally drag her out beneath the bottom rope.


As Toni’s group huddled on the outside, then started to skulk away from the ring, Anna kneeled next to Sara, checking she was OK, stroking her arm while she slowly regained her senses and was helped a little awkwardly to her feet by Anna. The crowd cheered the great show of sporting behaviour from Anna who helped Sara acknowledge their applause before she got out on the apron first so that she could help Sara slowly through the ring ropes.


And then, it wall went horribly wrong for Sara again. Anna wasn’t helping her at all; far from it, she was setting her up for an attack that came just as Sara straddled the middle rope and Anna kicked the rope hard so that it went up harshly into Sara’s crotch. The strawberry blonde was frozen in place as the now dumbstruck crowd looked on, totally unsure quite what to make of what they were watching now. Anna backed up a pace and used a boot to the shoulder to send Sara falling back through the ring ropes and into the ring. The blonde professional wrestler smirked at the crowd before she entered the ring, forcing Sara part way to her feet. As the predatory trio of Toni, Paislee and Annabelle started to circle the ring once more, Anna locked in a sleeper hold tightly, puling Sara back to the mat, wrapping her fishnet clad legs around her, locking her ankles, leather boots providing her the perfect amount of purchase to secure the hold. It was the Queen Slayer, Anna’s signature move, applied in earnest for the first time and with great effect, Sara immediately starting to tap at the arms wrapped so tightly around her throat. ‘No can do bitch’ Anna told her, not going to honour the submission as some security finally ran from the back to try and intervene. Unfortunately, they ran into Paislee running heavy interference with a double clothesline while Annabelle and Toni looked on with thinly veiled glee before rolling into the ring as Anna finally released Sara, kicking her out from between her legs to lie listless on the canvas.


Toni pulled Anna to her feet and hugged her, proving, if it needed to be confirmed that Anna was very much in on this all along. Then Toni leaned over the ropes, shouting ‘PAISLEE…..GET IN HERE HONEY!’ at her power-packed associate. The three ladies in the ring rolled Sara to her back now as Paislee rolled in beneath the bottom rope and the crowd started to boo and jeer more vociferously than ever. Not that it had any impact on the quartet who controlled the ring now. Annabelle, all 105lbs of her, sat on Sara’s face now, there at the centre of the ring while Toni sat on her legs, making sure Sara was fully stretched out on the canvas. She was vulnerable to the attack that came now. First of all, Paislee scooped up Anna Jay and dropped her on to Sara for a splash across the upper body delivered from extra height. Then Anna hastily rolled clear, allowing Paislee free access to the same landing area to deliver a devastating big splash of her own. Sara was gasping for breath but finding none due to the impressive face sitting of Annabelle who was using her lightweight body to maximum effect. Sara would have kicked her legs in anguish were it not for having the tough Texan Toni sat across them too. She was trapped and in deep trouble, and it looked like the only woman out there that might have helped her in Anna was in on the deal too!


Directing traffic now, Toni got Annabelle off Sara’s face, sending her to get a microphone so that she might address the Southern Belles audience. She had Anna and Paislee pitch Sara out of the ring to outside, directing them out there after her to continue the assault while she tapped the microphone to test it was on.

TESTING….ONE…..TWO…….IS THIS THING WORKING?’ she hollered at the crowd who jeered her every move now as Paislee got Sara up only to run her back first into the hard edge of the ring apron on the outside.


Can someone please record this so you can play it back to that bitch who calls herself the champion around here. She’s a bit busy right now, and I’m worried she might miss something!’ Toni laughed as Anna punished the strawberry blonde with a pussy pounding atomic drop on the outside of the ring.


The thing is’ Toni continued as her team of henchwomen continued to maul Sara, ‘THE THING IS’ she reiterated, shouting down an increasing crescendo of jeers as Annabelle got in on the act to rake Sara’s eyes now. ‘I’ve been the number one contender here for a little while, and because of some stupid tournament, I didn’t get the title shot I was due. So consider this my formal request for one. Only it’s not really a request, it’s a demand. I’m long overdue my shot now’ she pointed out as Paislee stripped Sara of her red bra top, and pitched it to Anna so that she could use it to securely tie Sara’s arms around the ring post behind her back. Annabelle edged her out of the way then, showing she’d learned a nasty nature to her fighting from Toni already as she plunged her sharp nails into Sara’s breasts.


If I don’t get my shot within two weeks, I demand this weak bitch is stripped of the title and it gets awarded to me. IT’S IN THE FUCKING RULES!’ she bellowed at the crowd just as Paislee crashed into Sara with a splash against the ring post that finally put Sara’s lights well and truly out for the evening, while Paislee, Annabelle and Anna re-entered the ring to flank Toni now.


So I’ll be in the designated location, whatever it is, two weeks from today. Ready in the ring for my championship fight, if someone could just remind this bitch to show up, so she can hand me my belt!’ she informed the crowd. Then it was all hugs amongst the four women in the ring, delighted at the way the plan had all come together for them. As she jeers rained down on them, Paislee saved the biggest hug of all for the woman who had been integral to their whole plan, lifting Anna from her feet and delightedly spinning her around. Anna missed Toni just nodding at Paislee though as she pro wrestler suddenly learned that she was considerable less integral than she had thought to their ongoing plan and Paislee crudely dropped to her knees, slamming Anna hard to the mat.

The startled blonde was winded, and Annabelle and Toni stationed themselves just as they had on Sara moments earlier. The diminutive blonde sat on Anna’s face, Toni on her legs, microphone still in hand, and Paislee hit the ropes to deliver a big splash across Anna’s prone body now as the booing of the crowd somehow intensified even further. ‘Get her top off Paislee’ Toni instructed via the microphone now, adding ‘I think that’ll look good on me!’ That meant Annabelle was off Anna’s face for a moment now as Paislee roughly pulled the top off her and handed it to Toni. The little blonde was back in her place though as Paislee hit the ropes one last time to splash down on Anna again, making sure to land heavily across her now bare breasts.


Only now did Toni consider that it was time to beat a retreat from the arena, microphone still in hand as she surveyed the destruction left behind. ‘Consider that a friendly reminder….’ she went on, ‘to always watch your back, and be careful who you trust. There are some real nasty bitches out there!’ she laughed, before dropping the microphone and leaving the scene of the battle and subsequent ambushes behind her. If there had been any doubt about it whatsoever, it was clear now that Toni had her sights firmly set on the Southern Belles championship, and in particular the current title holder, Sara!