Corporate Catfight

A company will go to any lengths to secure the land they need

By Wolfboy

‘Our terms for the sale of any land for business in and around Mosta are simple’ the mayor of the city council explained. ‘We have no need to sell, but we are prepared to sell land if you prove your companies determination to set up a base here in Malta. Given that, we will settle on the following deal, based on an ancient method of challenging a town’s champion in combat for the land.’

‘I’m listening, go on.’ replied the CEO of West & Wright Electronics.

‘OK, towns don’t really have a champion as such these days’ laughed the mayor ‘what we do have though is a ladies wrestling champion in many towns. At the moment, my own daughter Fiorella is the champion of both Mosta and the entire Maltese archipelago. If you can find a woman prepared to take her on in combat, then the sale is on, and the deal will be that if Fiorella wins you will pay the full price for the land. If your fighter wins you will get the land at a 50% discount providing you guarantee a percentage of jobs to the local population. Do we have an agreement?’

‘I think so’ Peter West replied ‘I guess you’d better tell me more though so that I can look for the right woman for the job though.’

‘Fair enough’ agreed the mayor ‘the rules of Maltese women’s wrestling are very simple, there really are very few rules. The aim is to make your opponent surrender to you; either by submitting the whole match or by winning 6 submissions. Fiorella won the Maltese title in a match with a wrestler knows simply as the Gozitan Goddess in a match that lasted well over an hour. It’s not a contest for the faint hearted Mr West. My only stipulation is that your selected fighter should be connected with your company in some way; either by working there or by having a member of their family working there at least. Will two weeks be long enough for you to find someone?’ the mayor continued. ‘I’ll give you a DVD of Fiorella in action as well so that they might at least see what they’re letting themselves in for.’

‘Two weeks sounds fine’ Peter agreed ‘if I’m going to be able to find anyone, we’ll have it done within that timescale I think. Thanks for your time Mr Mayor; I’ll be back in touch as soon as I have a willing opponent for your daughter.’

It had taken a while, and the first two women to express an interest in the match had both been put off by the apparent ferocity of the contest, but eventually Peter West had been introduced to Megan Young. Megan was 27 years old, a part time worker in the company’s Marketing team. She offered to take on the Maltese woman for the company.

‘I don’t mind fighting her Mr West’ she’d said ‘I’ve done some wrestling, catfighting and even a bit of martial arts, so I’m OK with idea of fighting. I’m not saying I’ll win, but if you promise to look after me, I’ll do it’

‘Fair enough Megan, thank you’ Peter agreed ‘as a starting point, I’ll double your salary with immediate effect. I think it’s only right that you also receive an equal amount as a bonus for the next 5 years as well. Believe me, it’s worth so much to the company to get this land, I’ll have no problem getting that approved. As of now, you’re also on leave until you’ve fully recovered after the match. We’ll get you out to Malta as soon as possible, and you can stay in my apartment out there for the duration. Obviously we’ll pay for everything you need to do with the match as well. How does that sound?’

‘Pretty fair!’ Megan readily agreed. ‘I guess all I need to know now is the exact rules for the match. I presume you’ll get those once you’ve gone back to them to say that the match is on?’

‘Yes, that’s the deal; I have to tell then your stats as well, height, weight that kind of stuff’

‘No problem Mr West’ Megan replied ‘You know I’m 27 from my personnel file. I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall and I weigh about 155lbs. My measurements are 38D-26-37 and I have an overall fight record of 12 wins and 1 loss in a mixture of wrestling and catfight matches.’

‘Thank you Megan, I’ll pass your details on the Mayor when I speak to him. The only other thing they asked was if you had a fighting name at all. Apparently, all of the women out there have a ring name rather than their actual name; your opponent is known as the Mosta Mauler for instance’ Peter enquired.

‘Not really’ Megan replied ‘I suppose I’ve been called a blonde bitch by a few women I’ve fought though’ she laughed. ‘I guess that would do?’

And so the deal was struck with the Mayor of Mosta for the contest to go ahead. It was agreed that the match would take place in 3 weeks time late in the evening, giving Megan time to acclimatise to the Maltese heat first. Contract signing for the factory was to be the day after the match. The rules for the match were also finalised as follows –

Megan had spent the next three weeks training hard in the evenings for the match while relaxing and avoiding the sun as much as possible during the day. She watched a couple of videos of her opponent in action; one a quick demolition of an over matched young woman who she dispatched 6-0 in short time, the other her more recent title victory. In that one, Fiorella had trailed 4-2 and had been bloodied both on the face and breasts by her opponent before she had outlasted the older woman to claim the win 6-4. She was tough, had plenty of wrestling skill, but was also resourceful, quite happy to use nipple twists, clawing attacks and low blows to press home an advantage. Megan knew it would be tough, but she was ready for the fight now. She was nervous, but knew that the one advantage she had was that the Maltese woman had never seen her in action while she had some knowledge of her opponent’s skills.


Fiorella Muscat Megan Young

32 AGE 27

5 Feet 7 Inches HEIGHT 5 feet 8 Inches

165 lbs WEIGHT 155 lbs

40DD-27-39 FIGURE 38D-26-37

18 wins 3 losses RECORD 12 wins 1 loss

‘This is the very spot where you will build your factory Mr West’ the mayor told Peter while the two women received their final instructions from the match referee. ‘I thought it was a fitting; plus it is quite secluded and it offers the women good privacy for their contest.’

‘I agree, it is a fitting venue’ Peter agreed ‘so I guess we have our deal one way or another; now it’s just time to find out what the cost of the land will be?’

‘Indeed’ the mayor agreed ‘would you care for a small wager on the outcome? Say 500 Euros? Obviously I pick my daughter to win!’

‘Why not?’ Peter agreed, before adding ‘though I do have to admit I have no real idea how good Megan is at this!’

‘She must be good to have accepted the challenge’ the Mayor said as the two men shook hands on the bet as the referee ordered the match to start and Megan was quickly trapped in a front headlock by Fiorella who drove her fist into the blonde’s stomach twice, dropping her to her knees and allowing Fiorella to apply more pressure to the headlock. Megan quickly fought her way back to her feet and delivered a body punch of her own, but to little effect as she found herself lifted and body slammed by Fiorella. Megan rolled clear as she landed although the Maltese woman didn’t attempt to follow up, and the blonde was able to get back to her feet.

They locked up again, though Fiorella was quick to duck under Megan’s arms and caught her with a knee to the stomach. As Megan doubled over slightly, Fiorella caught her with a punch to the jaw and Megan was down again, and this time Fiorella moved in to straddle the English woman who was face down on the mat. A handful of long, straight blonde hair helped Fiorella pull Megan into a chin lock secured with one hand while a punch to Megan’s breasts against the mat struck home causing the blonde to cry out in pain. Megan struck back though, an elbow to the side of the brunette mauler, and the hold was broken allowing her back to her feet.

This time, Megan took the advantage for the first time, a handful of the brunette’s hair helping her to pull Fiorella into a side headlock. A hip throw flipped the Maltese woman to the mat where Megan maintained her headlock until Fiorella went to her hair, pulling her into a head scissor, squeezing the blonde who replied with a body punch. The Maltese woman gritted her teeth though and maintained the hold, one hand wrapped in Megan’s blonde hair to hold her head firmly in place. Her other hand set to work inside Megan’s bikini top, squeezing and pinching her breasts again causing Megan to cry out in pain.

Again Megan tried to catch Fiorella with an elbow, but this time the Mosta Mauler was ready for the attack and released the blonde’s hair to catch her arm in an over head arm bar. Megan grimaced in pain from the combination attack but gamely refused to submit as Fiorella asked her to. Still, the experienced Maltese fighter held the upper hand, and simply increased the pressure on the arm bar until Megan had no option other than to tap the mat in submission to go 1-0 behind after just 4 minutes.

With the first fall out of the way, Fiorella cut a confident figure as she strode back to her corner. Megan looked a little more flustered by her start, but the 3 minute break allowed her chance to settle and she started round 2 confidently, landing jabs to the Maltese woman’s chest as well as some stinging slaps to the face with reddened Fiorella’s cheek. In reply, the Maltese woman almost struck with a front kick to the crotch which Megan just about blocked, but it was the blonde who dominated the first two minutes of the second fall. Looking to press home that advantage, Megan trapped the brunette in a bear hug, briefly causing Fiorella to groan with discomfort before the Maltese fighter delivered a knee to the crotch which broke the hold, dropping Megan to one knee.

A side kick to the rib cage finished the job of putting Megan on her back, but the blonde was still quick enough to roll clear of Fiorella’s attempted follow up splash, and both women lay winded briefly before the blonde was able to get on top of her opponent in a cross pin. Fiorella bucked her hips wildly before Megan caught her with a punch to the crotch, then a second to the stomach which left Fiorella winded. The halter neck tie of Fiorella’s swimsuit was the next target for Megan who quickly untied it to reveal the Maltese woman’s breasts which in turn became the next point of attack for the blonde. A breast claw was locked on and Fiorella again groaned from the pain of her opponent’s attentions, but Megan was unable to squeeze out a submission before the Mosta Mauler began to fight her off with a series of short head butts to the side, eventually rolling Megan off her.

Megan scrambled to her feet only to be tripped back to the mat by Fiorella who trapped the blonde in a leg spread, using her arms to spread the blonde’s legs wide apart. Fiorella was waiting with a head butt to the chest as Megan sat upright, knocking her back to the mat, before flipping her on to her stomach and converting the leg spread to a single leg boston crab. The move was well applied, forcing Megan to take her punishment for s few seconds before she was able to roll to her back and kick the brunette off her. Both women came back to their feet where Fiorella had a surprise in store for Megan in the shape of a flying drop kick, both feet striking home in the blonde’s chest. Megan was knocked hard to the mat where the Maltese woman was quick to remove her bikini top before stepping up a gear to press home her sudden advantage.

A handful of blonde hair helped bring Megan to her feet where a head butt to the forehead helped turn her legs to jelly as Fiorella held her upright by the hair to deliver a slap to the face, then a massive uppercut to the stomach. Megan dropped to the mat where Fiorella caught her with a leg drop across the chest and then brought her back to her feet to deliver a body slam, again throwing the blonde hard to the mat. It was the opening that Fiorella needed to apply one of her best moves; the Maltese cross. Rolling Megan to her stomach, Fiorella straddled her back before securing a grapevine to spread her legs wide. Two kidney punches and a cruel rake of her nails down Megan’s back followed before the cross was completed by a double arm bar, quickly drawing a second submission from Megan with the fight a little over ten minutes old.

Breaking the hold, Fiorella also took the opportunity to remove Megan’s bikini briefs, leaving the blonde to face fall 3 naked before a new outfit would be permitted in round 4.

‘That’s one of her favourite moves’ the Mayor told Peter, ‘few escape that one. I fear your girl is a little over matched, but she’s game. I’ll give her that!’

‘It looks that way just now doesn’t it?’ Peter agreed. ‘Maybe she can get a foothold, but your daughter just seems to have her covered for now.’

Round 3 started with the Maltese fighter confidently slapping Megan in the face only for the blonde to fire back with two hard body punches which stopped Fiorella in her tracks. A clothesline from Megan took her down to the mat where the blonde secured a side head lock to gain control. Megan looked to apply a crotch claw, and although the Maltese woman crossed her legs to defend well against that attempt, the blonde was on top. Enjoying her control of the match, Megan was happy to maintain control, punishing the brunette with her headlock through the first 3 or 4 minutes of the round before Fiorella managed to latch her fingers onto Megan’s breasts forcing her to break her hold.

Still on top though, Megan elbowed Fiorella in the stomach, and then landed a second elbow to the crotch which again put the Maltese woman down, Sensing her chance, Megan tried to get her opponent into a face pin, but to no avail as the Maltese woman squirmed free and was able to reach her feet just in time to land an uppercut to Megan’s left breast. The blonde clutched at her battered breast, and a second punch crashed into her stomach. Megan dropped to a knee, gasping for air as another punch landed, this time to her jaw, just enough to put her back on her back again and underneath a full body pin from Fiorella.

Five hard, open-handed blows slammed into the blonde’s chest before Fiorella looked to apply a grapevine to spread her legs wide. Out of desperation, Megan started to fire body punches into her opponent’s side and landed a couple successfully in the ribs that forced Fiorella off her. Megan rolled away, and as the mauler started to regain her feet, floored her with a low drop kick to the chest. Fiorella was down again, and this time Megan managed to trap her in a reverse face pin. Megan’s naked ass rode the Maltese woman’s face, expertly denying her air while her breasts were tortured by the blonde woman’s nails. Fiorella’s muffled cries of pain grew more intense even before Megan slipped her hand inside her swimsuit to apply a crotch claw, and the Maltese woman was quick to indicate her submission.

At the end of round three, both women put on new outfits on the mats. Fiorella changed into another black swimsuit, this time with white piping and again a halter neck top. Megan put on a similar looking sky blue bikini, this time with a triangle tie top and a thong bottom, both women remained barefoot.

Megan had new-found confidence on her side at the start of round four. After a little over 15 minutes, she was at least holding her own. She started round four well, a couple of kicks landing on Fiorella’s thighs, and then she got a good hold of the brunette’s hair to toss her across the mat. Following up, Megan again went to the hair for another throw with the Maltese fighter looking to be in a little bit of trouble again already. Megan looked to follow her down with a splash, launching herself through the air at her opponent, only for Fiorella to raise her knees at the last second. Megan’s stomach first impact left her winded, and gave Fiorella the chance to capitalise by trapping her blonde foe in a bear hug.

The Maltese woman showed impressive strength, briefly lifting the taller woman from her feet in the hold. Megan pushed her hands against Fiorella’s chin, forcing her head back, but she was undeterred and continued to apply the pressure. A switch of tactics saw Fiorella deliver a cruel atomic drop, Megan’s crotch impacting on her knee, and then the bear hug was back on with a vengeance causing a scream of agony from the defiant blonde who refused to submit as the Maltese woman asked. A second atomic drop followed, and then with the bear hug reapplied and Megan fading fast, Fiorella put her teeth back to use on the blonde’s heaving breasts quickly bringing a shriek of submission just three minutes into round 4. Fiorella now lead 3-1 as she walked back to her corner, Megan was still on the mat, nursing her now bleeding breasts as Fiorella asked her ‘do you give up the match now blonde bitch?’

‘No’ was the blonde’s defiant response as she made her way back to her corner. She was in pain now though from the biting attack, and she needed the 3 minute break to get herself together for round 5 which started badly with Fiorella almost rugby tackling her to the mat before catching her in a perfectly applied grapevine pin. Megan gritted her teeth as slaps rained in on her already sore breasts before Fiorella applied a stomach claw hold right on the waistband of her bikini thong. Again Megan squealed in pain as she move took hold, but she tried to battle back bravely swinging slaps at Fiorella’s face.

The Maltese woman took them though, and maintained her claw hold, probing away at Megan’s stomach muscles. With her free hand, Fiorella controlled both of Megan’s above her head, and so the blonde could do little to resist as Fiorella broke off from the claw hold to remove her bikini thong before moving the target of her claw hold to Megan’s crotch. There was no escape and fall 5 was over in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds with seemingly no way back for the blonde.

Megan tried to gather herself during the break again, deciding that her only course of defence was likely to be all out attack and from the start of round 6, she barrelled into Fiorella, knocking the Maltese woman to the mat and following up with a knee drop to the stomach. Fiorella sat up from the impact of the knee only for Megan to punch her in the mouth and put her on her back. A diving head butt to the stomach followed before Megan successfully lifted Fiorella to deliver a body slam of her own. With the Maltese woman grounded, Megan dropped an elbow to the small of her back and then sat down on her back, wasting no time in undoing the top of her swimsuit to leave Fiorella topless. A camel clutch followed with Megan pulling back on Fiorella’s head before the Maltese woman was able to get to her knees. Megan switched to a sleeper hold which she maintained until Fiorella reached back to grab her hair and roughly threw her over her shoulder to the mat. Still, Megan’s attacks had taken their toll and Fiorella was unable to follow up before Megan got to her feet and launched a flying tackle at the Maltese Mauler knocking her back to the mat with the blonde landing hard on top of her.

Megan got into a position for a cross pin, Fiorella’s head controlled by one arm in a reverse headlock, and she went to work on the Maltese woman’s body, each punch drawing a groan on impact from Fiorella seemed to weaken her resolve until she grabbed at the long blonde hair of her tormentor and freed herself of the hold. Megan was straight back on to the attack though with a leg drop across Fiorella’s chest, a slap to the face and then she went for a crotch claw again only t find she had left herself open to a choke hold applied from the rear by Fiorella. Megan gasped but quickly threw back an elbow to catch the Maltese woman in the chest. With the choke hold broken, Megan brought her back to her feet, this time delivering an across the knee backbreaker.

Holding Fiorella across her knee, Megan stretched her, pushing down on her chin, only for Fiorella to catch her with a sly uppercut to the crotch, and Megan rolled to the mat clutching between her legs. Fiorella slowly got back to her feet before delivering a kick to Megan’s ribs, and as the blonde crashed to the mat, she found herself quickly trapped in a reverse face sit under her opponent’s backside. Struggling for air, Megan had little choice other than to indicate her submission again, and the match was now 5-1 in favour of Fiorella who only needed one more submission to win.

‘Your girl has fought well Mr West’ the Mayor said ‘I think she’s finished now though; Fiorella rarely misses a chance to finish off a tired opponent’

‘Looks that way’ Peter agreed. ‘Megan’s a brave girl though isn’t she, you have to give her that, she’s had her moments.’

On the mat, the two women were due to change their outfits again, but the Maltese woman was having none of it, challenging her blonde opponent to fight her topless for the next period of the match. She clearly sensed that the fight was coming to an end so wanted to get at the blonde once again. Megan agreed to the challenge, as she pulled on a pair of black vinyl hotpants. Her opponent stepped out on to the mats to meet her wearing just a black thong. As the two women came out for the start of the round though, Fiorella removed her thong, motioning for Megan to remove her hotpants and face her naked.

‘A classic play’ the Mayor said admiringly. ‘Fiorella wants to finish her off with her crotch claw I fancy. Megan would be wise not to accept the challenge.’

Pride got the better of Megan though, and she removed her hotpants leaving her crotch exposed. Again, Megan started the fall well, but she was soon caught by a knee to the crotch, a kick to the stomach and a right hook to the head that floored her for the final time in the fight. The Mosta Mauler was not going to let her blonde foe off the hook as she sat down hard on her stomach before getting her fingers into Megan’s unprotected pussy. The blonde was soon screaming out her submission for the final time in the contest which had lasted for a little over half an hour.

After the match, Peter West thanked Megan. ‘You did well to compete with her Megan’ he told the beaten blonde. ‘I can’t thank you enough on behalf of the company for what you’ve done. In fact, I think I’m going to make you the manager of the new site. Will you accept my offer?’

‘I’d love to’ Megan agreed ‘besides, if I stay here, maybe I can get my revenge on the Mauler sometime....’