Alexa! Show me a catfight.

By Wolfboy

There was no question that Alexa Bliss was one of the pre-eminent professional wrestling performers in the world today. The diminutive wrestler with the incredible thick thighs had put together quite the resume around the title picture on both of WWE’s flagship shows Raw and Smackdown. That was in the world of professional wrestling, and as far as the vast majority of the world’s wrestling fans were aware that was the full extent of the work of ‘The Goddess’. And by itself, that was an impressive enough record, one that she was quite rightly lauded for.


To stop at that point though was to ignore Alexa’s exploits outside the professional wrestling ring. WWE realised quickly that they had a very special young woman on their hands in the 5-foot 1-inch beauty. Not only was Alexa a consummate performer in professional wrestling, she also loved to fight. Obviously, her high profile in the public eye made it difficult for her to indulge her love of doing just that, but WWE had provided her with the ability to do what she enjoyed most, completely in private at a secluded, and relatively secret training facility near to Alexa’s home. And fight she would, submission wrestling, kick boxing and her two favourite types of matches; catfights and the loser gets fucked world of adult professional wrestling. Alexa excelled in all four formats, not to the point where she was infallible and unbeatable though, but she was hard to beat, and she won upwards of 85% of her fights across all formats. Adult professional wrestling was the style in which truly excelled, only losing once in that style and tasting the strap on courtesy of Natalya. She had recently avenged that loss though, fucking the Queen of Harts long and hard in victory, and she didn’t anticipate Nattie coming back to take her on again anytime soon.


Today though, she travelled to the facility to take on an opponent in a catfight, that was probably the type of match that she struggled the most in. Not terribly so, but her wrestling ability occasionally, inadvertently, opened her up to some severe punishment in a catfight match. It was always fair to assume that every woman stepping on to the mats with her would go after hair, breasts and pussy hard and often, and as tough as Alexa was, there was a limit to any woman’s ability to resist those kinds of attacks. Not that Alexa didn’t have a few of those moves up her sleeve as well when it came to getting catty, but today’s lingerie catfight excited her, because she knew it was a real challenge for her.


Her opponent was flying in from Colombia to take her on, always the sign of a serious competitor to be travelling so far for a match Alexa knew. Any woman prepared to get on a plane and come and fight another woman was worthy of her respect. In her experience too, a couple of South American girls that she had been in catfights with had both been hard and dirty fighting women. She would have to be right on her game today or this girl was going to be telling her friends about the time she beat the great Alexa Bliss in a catfight on her own mats. Entering the facility, Alexa headed to her locker room, knowing that in the usual way her catfights were arranged, she wouldn’t see her opponent until such times as they met on the mats. It was the way it was done here, and she didn’t mind that; when they met on the mats, there would nominally be a referee in the room, but she would keep out of it after the introductions, allowing the two ladies to settle it. And they would certainly settle it; no holds barred and no time limit were Alexa’s only rules in a catfight. If a girl wanted to catfight her, she saw no need for complicated rules to get in the way. After all, a catfight was, in her view, simply a fight between two women; the most basic, primal form of female combat. And there were never rules in a fight. Her opponent today, Marina Vasquez, had agreed readily to that as well to Alexa’s delight; she knew she was going to fight a like-minded woman today.


Alexa changed quickly now, admitting that the excitement was already there as she stripped naked and admired her thick, athletic body in the mirror. She smiled as her hands ran over her nipples, stiff with the excitement and anticipation of the fight ahead. Then she dressed sexily for the fight ahead; a white lace thong that hugged the contours of her perfect ass, a pair of sheer cream coloured hold up stockings that clung to her thick, muscular legs, coming to a halt around her sensational thighs. Thighs that she wanted to use to squeeze Marina into oblivion tonight. Over that, she wore a floaty white mesh baby-doll, knowing that it’s voluminous hemline would break up the outline of her powerful legs for now. Alexa was as tiny in real life as she portrayed on TV, but there were three things about her that were even bigger that could possibly be shown by TV. Her personality, her immense fighting spirit, and those oh so thick, sexy thighs, that contained power that most girls could only guess at. It appealed to her to keep that power out of sight of her opponent for as long as she could.


Alexa considered what she knew about Marina. It wasn’t a great deal and that was very much the way she liked it. She knew Marina was described as a middleweight catfighter by the person who had made the match for her; so, she would be outweighed, but that was hardly unusual for her. Marina was 40 years old which suggested a wealth of tough catfighting experience. Beyond that, and Marina hailing from Colombia, Alexa couldn’t think of a single other fact that she knew about her opponent. As she adjusted the bodice of her baby-doll across her breasts, she felt her nipples stiffen once more; fighting turned her on and she was ready to go now as she left the locker room, and walked on to the mats to wait for Marina. In fact, she didn’t have to wait long for that at all as the sultry South American babe was quick to join her on the mats. Dusky and solidly built, Marina looked to be the more powerful of the two women, she was certainly the bigger of the two. At 5 feet 4 inches tall, she had 3 inches in height on Alexa; at 133lbs she also had the best part of a 20lb weight advantage too. Marina was curvy too, but there was definition in her arms and legs, a tight enough body, womanly; Alexa licked her lips and couldn’t wait to lock up with her.


The nominal referee called the two ladies to some sort of order on the mats now. There were no words between the two women, they simply locked eyes across the room, no overt animosity as they checked the other out. ‘OK, this is a catfight ladies’ the referee began ‘so the rules are simple. There is no time limit, there are no breaks, you simply have to force the other woman to give up by any means at your disposal. As the fight is no holds barred, there are more than sufficient means for you to do this. Should you choose to punish the looser and have your way with them, I will not stop you’ she continued. At that last statement, Alexa noted a smile playing across the lips of the dark-haired Colombian woman; so maybe sexual attacks were her game The Goddess noted as the referee went on. ‘So, if you are both clear that nothing is off limits here, then we should do introductions and get things started’ she told them both. ‘So first of all, the challenger for the universal catfight championship, from Bogotá Colombia, at 5 feet 4 inches, 133lbs and measuring 36B-25-38 is Marina Vasquez.’


The Colombian woman presented herself for the hidden cameras that she knew must be there, recording the action. She was ready to fight as she showed off her body in sheer black hold up stockings with a black and red lace band at the top, she coupled them with black lace boy shorts and a matching bralette. Her dark hair was currently piled on top of her head in a stack of curls that she fully expected Alexa to make short work of. Now the referee continued ‘Marina is 40 years old and she has won 67 matches, losing 11. And her opponent is the reigning universal catfight champion, Alexa Bliss from Columbus, Ohio. She is 5 feet 1 inches tall, 115lbs and measures 33C-25-35.’ Now Alexa presented herself, making her trademark title pose with the pink universal catfight title belt held up behind her head, winking straight in to the lens of the camera. The camera may have been hidden, but she had fought here often enough to know the exact location of each hidden recording device in the room. Her blonde hair was bunched up into two pigtails on top of her head, the ends of which were dyed a vivid pink colour. She turned now, heading back to her corner as she listened to the rest of the referee’s announcement. ‘She is 28 years old and has won 37 matches with 8 defeats. OK ladies, prepare to fight at the sound of the bell; may the best bitch win!’


‘I will’ both ladies thought to themselves as they waited for the bell to ring. It wasn’t either woman’s first go at this, both were ready and prepared with a game plan for how they might get the job done. Both knew that game plans rarely survived the opening exchange in a catfight as well; the winner would be the woman who could think quickest on her feet, fight the dirtiest, or who just plainly wanted it more.


The Colombian woman didn’t seem to be much of a talker either, just walking out to the centre of the mats as the bell rang and starting to circle with the diminutive blonde who held the centre position on the mats. Ten, twenty seconds of inactivity, the air in the room crackling with the anticipation of the action shortly to come. Then it was on, in a flash, a slap from Marina cracking off Alexa’s face while the blonde responded with a sharp kick to the stocking clad thigh of the Colombian woman. Then they were into each other’s hair, Alexa puling at Marina’s curls, looking to unstack them from the top of her head. Marina meanwhile used Alexa’s pigtails almost like handle bars as she looked to force the smaller woman around the mats. That was quickly the first surprise for the South American fighter, the little blonde lacking no power and despite the tight grasp of her hair, she found she could barely move the thick, sexy wrestler at all. The second surprise was how hard Alexa hit, two chopping right hands to the body that meant Marina was already on her way to her knees when Alexa caught her with a knee strike to the body, into the side, just beneath her left breast. A crushing early blow that drove the air from her body. Alexa, poised and prepared, buried her right foot deep into the gut of the Colombian cat, sending her to the mat and in trouble within moments of the start of the fight.


Alexa followed up too, getting into the hair of the Colombian woman now, forcing her part way to her feet before throwing her across the mats by it. Marina rolled, looking to make her feet but the little blonde was on her in a flash with a running drop-kick to the kneeling brunette as Alexa took full control. Alexa had expected to take control too; she was the champion and she fancied herself to control her matches for the most part. She had to be on her guard though in any catfight of course, but she used the hair to pull Marina up to her feet and scoop the bigger women up to effortlessly body slam her hard. It was all Alexa as she dropped in with a body splash and grapevine pin there on the mats; the look of surprise registering loud on Marina’s face as Alexa’s sensational thick thighs conspired to spread her legs with ease.


‘Aiiiiieeee!’ the Colombian groaned as she felt Alexa split her painfully. The blonde looked imperious s her white mesh baby-doll rode up on her hips slightly to show a hint of the most talked about butt in professional wrestling. She slapped Marina’s face hard, then grimaced herself as she felt the Colombian’s nails raking her thighs and ass for a moment before she put paid to it with a right hand to the jaw. Alexa floated up Marina’s body now, securing a side headlock with a side order of hair pulling as she had the bigger woman trapped down on the mat, her body riding across the brunette’s chest; in control, just the was she liked it. Alexa was strong and athletic and she worked her arms in tight around the head of the Latina; Alexa was nasty too when she felt the need, and she tore at Marina’s hair now, letting the loose strands of brunette hair fall from her fingers, winking at the hidden camera again as Marina screeched in pain.


‘You could just give up now. Save yourself the pain’ Alexa told Marina as she cranked the headlock once more before using the grasp to force Marina to her feet as the brunette told her ‘no way!’ Alexa was already on to her next move, thrusting her hip into Marina’s side to flip her up and over it to the mat. There, Alexa followed up cruelly with a stomp to her left breast before she reached down and literally ripped the black lace bralette from the sultry Latinas body as she writhed in pain down on the mat.


Alexa already looked confident now; she knew Marina must be competent but she was dominating her so far, and she continued by bringing her back to her feet. There, she unleashed a furious barrage of slaps, stinging the body of Marina as blows landed to her breasts, her arms and her stomach. Alexa even threw in an occasional rake of her beautifully manicured, white painted nails across Marina’s body, each blow bringing a screech of pain from the seemingly over-matched Colombian. Suddenly though, it was Alexa’s face registering surprise and pain as Marina landed a kick, right to the pit of the stomach. Now, the blonde was frozen to the spot, hunched forward just slightly as Marina caught her flush with a powerful right hand to the jaw that sent the tiny blonde spinning to the mat. A kick to the ribs followed, Marina knowing she had to keep up the attack on the blonde. She dropped to a knee, kneeling on Alexa’s lower back, and grabbed her pig tails to wrench Alexa’s face from the mat painfully.


Now Alexa moaned in pain and frustration while Marina suggested to her that she give it up. As Alexa cupped her own chin, Marina punctuated each word with a vicious slap to the face ‘why…don’t…you…give…up…little…girl?’ she asked, seven slaps landing hard to test Alexa. At the end of that, the blonde asked her ‘is that it? Do you have more?’ raising an ire in Marina who sunk her claws into the blonde’s shoulder blade now. Alexa cried out a little in pain, but she felt the surge of adrenaline coursing through her veins that she always got when the action turned catty, when an opponent started to put the hurt on her. And Marina was determined to do that now, straddling her back to force her slowly but surely on to her belly on the mat. Then the sultry brunette was back to using those oh so cute pigtails to give her the perfect handhold to twist Alexa’s head painfully to the side, putting pressure on her neck. That pressure eased a little as one hand went to the straps of her baby-doll now, the tough Colombian woman making short work of them with her sharp nails. The next time Alexa’s body left the mat, she would be topless now. She relished how the fight was moving along so quickly.


A hand in the hair allowed Marina to slam Alexa’s face into the mat, a blow that startled but didn’t stun the blonde goddess due to the thick mats. She felt Marina’s next move though as the brunette’s stockinged foot crashed into her breasts as she forced herself to all fours on the mat. Quickly she was bowled back to the mat, the white mesh baby-doll still loosely holding station to cover her body. Not for long she was sure as she felt Marina in her hair again, forcing her to her knees on the mat as the floaty white garment started its inevitable journey south down her body. Alexa fired back, a right hand onto the waistband of Marina’s black lace boy shorts; a decent blow but one the Colombian took before dropping Alexa again with a kick to the body. The blonde groaned in pain from that one, a well-placed blow that had winded her somewhat, but she was still in the fight as Marina came back to attack her again, and Alexa tripped the brunette untidily to the mat.


Now it was an old fashioned catball on the mats, both women relishing the close body contact. The hands wrapped in each other’s hair. Each one moaned and groaned with the feeling of nails dragged across scalps, of legs scissoring and trying to over power the other as they rolled across the mat. Alexa felt inhibited for a brief moment, her white baby-doll wrapping around her powerful legs for a moment. She kicked her legs wildly to free herself from the hindrance of the white mesh garment, and Marina spotted her chance once more, punching hard into the waist band of the blonde’s white lace thong. Alexa groaned, then screamed as she felt Marina secure a double handed belly claw, grabbing, twisting her tight abs as viciously as she could while digging her nails in. Alexa screamed out again’ ‘my god’ she thought to herself, ‘this Colombian bitch knows her stuff!’ as her eyes closed and she bit her lower lip in pain. But it excited her too; she was far from done, but she did know she needed to ride this part of the match out, pick her spot, and find her way back at Marina.


A hard forearm slugged Alexa right across the breasts, putting her flat on her back, but the stomach claw was broken and that gave her a momentary respite. Marina was quick to put the hurt back on the diminutive blonde though, nails dug in to the underside of her breasts as she tried to move up Alexa’s body, hoping to sit on her stomach. Now Alexa gritted her teeth, fighting the pain from Marina mauling her breasts and snapped her thighs closed around Marina’s right thigh, stopping her from completing the move. Worse for Marina. She may have been punishing Alexa’s tits, but suddenly she felt the power of Little Miss Bliss and her sensational thighs as they threatened to crush her right leg. Marina moaned, actually more a shocked gasp as she realised just how powerful Alexa was; she redoubled her breasts mauling efforts though, causing Alexa to screech ‘bitch!’ in pain as she suffered. But Marina was wide open to a counter attack, trapped as she was by Alexa’s legs. The blonde took full advantage of that now, delivering a hard punch right to the pit of the stomach followed immediately by a hard, stinging, slap to the face.


That had the sultry brunette off balance and Alexa finished her escape off neatly with a short right hand that clipped Marina’s jaw and sent her to the mat as the blonde released her thigh scissor. Now Alexa felt it was time to finish this bitch off; Marina had caused her enough trouble and pain for one day. Alexa was first to her feet, looking sprightly despite the fight being a few minutes old now. Marina rose into her clutches, taking a knee to the body as Alexa took control of the fight with a front headlock. Headlock was a loose term in fairness; Alexa was choking her, pure and simple, and it was effectively applied. The blonde worked her arms in tightly as she kept Marina bent forward a little at the waist before sending another knee up into her body. Then with effortless ease, Alexa lifted and body slammed Marina, parading her for the cameras momentarily before planting her with authority at the centre of the mats.


Now Alexa strode across the mat, looking imperiously confident; she was the one true goddess of catfighting as well as professional wrestling in her own mind and she intended to finish off Marina comprehensively. Grabbing Marina’s long brunette hair, she forced the Colombian to crawl on her hands and knees across the mat before a solid kick to the rib cage took its toll on the Latina. Again, Alexa went to the hair to force her to all fours, and this time the kick went to the breasts instead, the blonde exacting some revenge for the breast mauling she had suffered a little earlier. Marina groaned as she rolled to her back, in trouble, and Alexa wasn’t one to show any leniency or weakness when she had a girl in trouble. Now she let Marina find her own way to her knees before dropping to flatten her cruelly to the mat with an elbow across the back of the head.


With Marina flat on her stomach, Alexa took her time before she pulled the brunette from the mat by her hair. It was time to finish her opponent off; there was no Twisted Bliss in a catfight; that didn’t mean that Alexa couldn’t wrestle her opponent a little though first. Grabbing both of Marina’s breasts, Alexa pulled the brunette towards her, then surprised her with a headbutt to the face. Immediately then, using the breast grab, she monkey flipped her to the mat hard, in the centre of the room. It was game over for the brunette now, Alexa knew it as she paused to wink once more at the hidden camera before she settled into a reverse face sit. Hands placed on her own hips, an imperious look on her face as she knew that she had Marina pinned, smothered beneath her ass; in a position that millions of her fans would have happily swapped with Marina.


And it was essentially over; Alexa was in position and not moving, not even bothering to punish her opponent’s breasts. She simply ground her down, ass positioned squarely on her face, grinding her hops as she rubbed her superiority in now. ‘Submit bitch, you know you need to!’ Alexa told her.


Marina responded with a muffled ‘no’ but it was a matter of time. Alexa knew it, Marina knew it, so did the referee, but there was going to be no intervention from her. It was down to the ladies to settle it, something Alexa did now as she ripped at the brunette’s tits brutally, quickly drawing a submission from her. Alexa smiled as she slowly climbed off the brunette now, satisfied in victory.


‘You’ve had your moment of bliss now Marina’ Alexa mocked ‘but you’re no match for the one true goddess of catfighting. Now you can try me again if you want, anytime. But you won’t have it this easy next time!’ Alexa informed the brunette before she struck her trademark title pose once more before she headed back to her locker room with another fine catfight win added to her record.