Jailhouse Rocked

By Wolfboy

Trish Stratus sat, head in hands; gently sobbing as she prepared to spend her first night behind bars in the county jail. She couldn’t quite believe what had happened to her in the last 24 hours. Stopped in her rental car as she drove to a show on a quiet country road by cops apparently tipped off that there was a bag of cocaine in the trunk of her car. Sure enough, they’d found it there too and Trish’s completely genuine protests of innocence had fallen entirely on deaf ears. She knew she’d either been set up intentionally, or that the drugs had simply been left there by a previous renter of the car, but she was confident her innocence would shine through. Either way, in the space of 24 hours, she’d been arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to 3 months in the county jail. Stripped of her dignity, she had sat there sobbing in her blue and grey hooped jump suit. The only saving grace for Trish was that she had been granted her own cell at least, giving her some privacy to come to terms with her ordeal.


That continued for two weeks as Trish slowly settled into life behind bars. She still protested her innocence to anyone in earshot, but in truth, nobody was really listening to her any more. At the start of her third week though, Trish was rudely awoken by a guard banging his night-stick on the bars of her cell. ‘Wake up superstar; you got company’ he had drawled before unlocking the door of her cell to allow a blonde woman to come into the cell dressed in an identical jumpsuit. Trish did something of a double take, sure that she recognised the blonde as she came in, but she held her tongue, waiting for the guard to move away before she spoke.


Molly’ she asked ‘it that really you?’


It is Trish’ the blonde said as she hugged Trish. ‘I tried to beat a confession out of the crooked bastard who put you in here’ she explained ‘so they decided to dump me in her with you!’


Well I’m sorry you’re in here with me’ Trish told Molly, ‘but I can’t say that I’m sorry to see a friendly face in this place’ she laughed.


We can look out for each other right?’ Molly said


And that was exactly what the two divas had done for the next week or so, sticking together and having each others backs. Then, after a few days, Molly had come back to the cell after a visit to the head warden with some good news for Trish.


It turns out that the warden is a big wrestling fan’ Molly told the Canadian blonde ‘and he says that if we put on a match for him here in the prison, he’ll make sure that we get out of here early’


Really?’ Trish asked her, unwittingly walking straight in to the trap that Molly had so carefully baited. ‘We could do that to get out of here early couldn’t we?’


That we could Trish’ Molly agreed, closing the jaws of the trap on Trish. ‘I was thinking that this could be the perfect setting for a sort of hardcore match maybe? What do you think Trish?’ Molly asked.


I’m in Molly’ Trish smiled ‘I think my wrestling outfit should be in with my personal stuff here. Do you think they’ll allow me to use it?’


Way ahead of you Trish’ Molly laughed ‘I already asked and we can both get our outfits apart from the boots. No laces allowed in here of course, so I guess we’ll have to fight barefoot!’


Well that’s hardly a problem right?’ Trish agreed.


So for the next couple of days, the two women had planned for the match, Trish completely unaware that it was all part of a devious plan hatched by Molly. All it had taken was a word in the right couple of ears; a cop to arrest Trish, an understanding judge and last of all the prison warden. All wrestling fans who longed to see something a bit more real than what was usually served up by the divas. All won over by the promise of a front row seat to watch WWE’s golden girl beaten and stripped by Molly. You see, Molly hadn’t really been arrested at all; she’d simply arranged the whole thing with the prison warden to get herself into jail with Trish. Trish had never come good on her promise to use her position to help put Molly over with the WWE management and fans. In fact, Molly had found herself increasingly sidelined in recent months, her Mighty Molly persona relegated to little more than a comedy footnote. ‘Tomorrow night though’ Molly thought to herself ‘the golden girl will get what’s coming to her....’


The following evening, the prison gymnasium was all set up to be the venue for the first ever WWE Divas prison hardcore match. The lights were dimmed in the large room as the inmates formed a human ring around some exercise mats placed in the middle of the room. No referee had been appointed for the match; Trish didn’t think they needed one and Molly knew that she didn’t want one! A hushed expectancy came across the room as the police officer, judge and warden all took up their positions in the room, a slightly raised platform giving them a clear view of the action above the massed ranks of inmates. And then, it was time for the competitors. First to enter the gymnasium was ‘Mighty’ Molly Holly; still clad in her blue and grey hooped jump suit, the powerful blonde pushed through the crowd on to the mats to a raucous reception. ‘Rip her tits off Molly!’ came a cry from the crowd followed by a wave of laughter as Molly nodded her agreement. Then she waited, content to give Trish her moment in the spotlight. She would get her hands on the Canadian blonde soon enough she thought as Trish, also clad in her jump suit pushed through the crowd on to the mats as well.


Again the reception from the crowd was raucous; ‘rip her hair out Trish, make that bitch bald!’ the cry came, again preceding a ripple of laughter. A brief introduction was made by the prison warden from the platform who introduced first Trish and then Molly, both peeling off their prison jumpsuits to reveal their professional attire, albeit minus boots. Trish look smouldering in her white hot-pants with red stripe down the side and a maple leaf emblem on the butt combined with a shimmering red vest top. Barefoot, Trish had painted her finger and toe nails in a shade of red to match her outfit. Molly stripped off her jumpsuit to reveal a slightly modified version of her ‘Mighty’ Molly attire; black hot-pants replacing her usual longer pants combined with a pink and black vest top. Like Trish, Molly was barefoot and painted her finger and toe nails in a complementary shade of pink. Unlike Trish, Molly had made sure that her nails were just that little bit sharper than normal.

So with both Divas ready, the warden loudly rang a hand bell from his position on the platform, and the match was underway, Trish and Molly trading holds in a fast paced but unremarkable opening to the bout. Trish trapped Molly in a head lock which Molly was fast to reverse into a hammerlock. Molly tried to whip Trish into the crowd gathered close at the edge of the mats; Trish reversed, instead whipping Molly into a clothesline and a one count that Molly was quick to kick out of. Trish peeled Molly off the mats only for Molly to catch her with a thumb to the eye, and then Molly was finally able to whip Trish into the waiting arms of the crowd. So far, all according to the plan that the two Divas had worked out for the match, and as Molly shouted to the crowd to ‘hold the bitch!’, Trish was happy that the start of the match was working out 100% to plan. Strong arms held Trish’s arms away from her body as the Canadian blonde ‘struggled’ against them. It was all part of the plan for Trish to take an early beating before mounting a comeback, Inwardly she smiled as Molly made a great show of displaying her clenched fist to the crowd, before Trish’s eyes went wide as Molly buried that fist hard into the pit of her stomach.


Oooofff!’ Trish gasped as the air was driven from her body; her legs sagged as Molly cracked a second right hand into her jaw turning Trish’s legs to jelly. The strong arms of the crowd held Trish upright long enough for a snap kick to the stomach to drop her to her knees, a look of shock and pain on her face. Molly knew that she had her now; ‘blondie’s never been in a decent fight in her life’ she thought to herself as she used a rough handful of Trish’s blonde hair to pull her back to her feet. Trish fired a right hand into Molly’s stomach, but Molly brushed her feeble punch aside, snapping a straight kick up into Trish’s crotch, and as the Canadian blonde crumpled to the mat again, writhing in pain, Molly soaked in the cheers of the crowd as she planned her next move.


Standing over Trish, Molly waited patiently, allowing her to slowly make her way to all fours before she grabbed the back of those white hot-pants, forcing them tight up Trish’s ass in a wedgie before grabbing a hold of the vest top and her hair to pull her to her feet. Spinning the blonde round, she slid a hand between Trish’s thighs, lifting her effortlessly before slamming her hard onto the thin mats. As Trish groaned and lifted her hips from the mat to alleviate the pain, an evil smile crossed Molly’s face before she slammed her heel down hard into the pit of Trish’s stomach. Trish rolled into a foetal position, clutching her stomach and gagging as she desperately tried to suck in air while Molly lauded it in the centre of the mats, the crowd solidly behind her apparent destruction of the WWE’s golden girl.


Who wants to go get me some weapons’ Molly asked the crowd in general. ‘It is a hardcore match after all....’ she smirked.


Waiting for someone to bring her an item to punish Trish with, Molly decided to have a little fun of her own with the Canadian bombshell. Once again, Molly used Trish’s hair and top to pull her to her feet; this time though, she ripped the top, straight down the middle, leaving it wide open to reveal Trish’s red stain bra. A hard slap to the face dropped Trish once again to her knees, and as Molly relieved her of the rest of her tattered top, a metal canteen tray was slid on to the mats by one of the inmates. Dazed, and more than a little confused, Trish didn’t expect the steel to be crashed off the back of her head, pitching her face first into the mat. Molly had plenty of time to plan her next move now, sliding the cold steel tray under Trish’s face on the mat before taking off the drop her leg across the back of the blonde’s head. The unforgiving tray just added to the punishing move and as Molly got back to her feet, she struck her patented Mighty Molly pose over her fallen opponent.


Molly thought Trish was done now, grabbing her by the hair to lift her face from the mat before screaming in her face ‘that’s what you get for not keeping your promise bitch. You never pushed me at all with Vince you fucking whore!’. Releasing Trish’s hair, she paraded around the mats again before coming back into continue her one sided beat down of Trish, but she had wasted too much time, and spotting a way back into the match, Trish quickly picked up the tray, jabbing the end of it into Molly’s stomach. The first signs of a fightback, and Molly was taken aback, put on the back foot as she doubled up from the tray strike, and quickly received the steel tray under the jaw, knocking her flat on her back to the mat.


Should have kept your mouth shut, stupid trailer trash bitch!’ Trish chided her as she let the tray fall to the mat. Now it was Molly who was stunned, and Trish looked to take advantage, bringing Molly to her feet by the hair. Molly swung wildly, Trish ducking under it, and as Molly’s momentum spun her right around, she waist locked her before throwing her in a German suplex so that she landed hard on the steel tray. Fired up by the unexpected assault from her ‘friend’, Trish spread Molly’s legs to deliver a crotch stomp which now left her gagging on the mats as she clutched her crushed womanhood. In no mood to let up now she had got into the match though, Trish decided to take things off the mats now, grabbing Molly’s flowing blonde hair as she lead her from the mat, through the crowd and into the main part of the prison, clubbing her across the back of the neck as she did so.


Now bitch’, Trish told Molly, ‘it’s time for you to serve hard time!’ before she threw her to the floor in a seated position and snapped a kick across the back of her shoulders. Molly slumped forward, shocked at how the Canadian had turned the fight around despite Molly having had the element of surprise over her. She knew she had to get things back on track quickly to keep the initiative, or she risked the total humiliation of losing a fight that only she had realised was a genuine fight at the start of it. Trish had plans too, lifted Molly to her feet by her pink top before pulling it over her head to reveal a pink lace bra. Delivering a stinging slap to Molly’s breasts, Trish grabbed her hair again, moving her closer to the steel bars that covered the front of the cells. As the crowd looked on from the end of the main prison block, Trish grabbed Molly by the arm, looking to whip her hard into the steel bars. ‘Oh shit!’ came the exasperated cry from Trish though as Molly reversed the move at the last moment, and instead it was Trish who met the steel hard.


Now Molly had her second wind, using the bars like an old school WWE steel cage, grabbing Trish’s flowing blonde hair and using it to introduce her face to the steel. As the Canadian slumped, face and chest pressed against the bars, Molly followed in quickly, punches landing to Trish’s kidneys against the unforgiving steel surface, and in a flash, the fight had turned back in favour of Molly. Cruelly, she raked those sharpened finger nails down Trish’s back, drawing a scream from the Canadian as she drew the furrows down her back. A glint in her eye, Molly turned to the crowd again, asking them ‘do you want to see some more of the golden girl?’ A cheer was her reply, and so Molly landed another shuddering punch to Trish’s kidneys before unhooking the clasp at the back of her bra and throwing it to the crowd to leave Trish topless and in pain against the steel. A full nelson was applied by Molly, to control Trish as she walked her back towards the crowd, making sure everyone got a good look at her spectacular tits before Molly threw Trish into the crowd. Acting almost as ring ropes, the crowd catapulted Trish back towards Molly quickly, and Molly took to the air to deliver a picture perfect drop kick. One foot catching Trish in the breasts and the other in the chin left the Canadian in a heap on the hard floor in the main prison block, and Molly decided it was time to put her opponent away now.


Walking back into the hall, Molly picked up a solid wood chess board from one of the tables, folding it in half before swinging for the home run, using Trish’s head as the ball. Once again, Trish’s eyes rolled up in the back of her head as she slumped back to the floor in a haze. Molly threw the chess board to the ground, content that she had done all that she needed to with it, and grabbing Trish by the hair, she dragged the topless Diva back through the crowd to the mats where the fight had begun. Wanting to allow the crowd a chance to form up again around the mats, Molly allowed Trish to get to all fours before dropping a hard elbow across the back of her head, driving her back to the mats. Grabbing Trish by the hair, she twisted Trish’s head round so that she was looking her straight in the eye, and spat in her face ‘don’t ever forget to keep your promises bitch! You said that you would get Vince to give me a push, and I’m still the fucking comedy act. Well you will never forget meeting Mighty Molly now slut!!’


Satisfied that the crowd had gathered back in place now, Molly had one final humiliation in store for Trish. Lifting her back to her feet, a cruel eye rake left Trish momentarily blinded and easy prey for Molly’s drop toe hold which dropped her face first to the mats. Crossing Trish’s legs into a tight figure four. Molly pulled Trish’s hot-pants down, folding them over her feet to trap her there on the mats, while Molly went back to the crowd one more time. There, Molly started to climb onto the shoulders of two sturdy looking inmates in the front row before turning to the warden and shouting across, ‘throw me your night stick’.


Catching the night stick thrown to her by the warden, Molly immediately took to the air, as if to deliver a flying elbow, but instead, she drove the point of the night stick into the back of Trish’s head. Rolling the motionless Canadian over now, Molly knew the fight was finished as she placed her foot on Trish’s breasts, struck the Mighty Molly pose once more and slowly counted off her own three count for the win.

That’s what you get bitch!’ Molly yelled in Trish’s ear once more before she stalked off the mats, straight to the wardens office where she could change into her street clothes before leaving the jail once and for all. She knew she had taught Trish a lesson that she would never forget.


The humiliation wasn’t quite complete for Trish though, not just yet. Carried back to her cell unconscious, stripped of all of her wrestling outfit, she was left naked for all of the inmates to ogle through the bars of her cell. She might have been released the next day, the prison warden citing an unfortunate miscarriage of justice, but Trish knew she’d been duped, set up, and she would never forget the day that she had encountered the real ‘Mighty’ Molly.