Beaten By The Ex

By Wolfboy

Bre could remember exactly how she’d come to find herself anxiously pacing around her apartment awaiting the arrival of Bill’s ex, Sarah. Bre had let herself be goaded into accepting Sarah’s challenge when she’d bumped into Sarah in a local bar the other evening. It had started out friendly enough as well; Sarah had said that Bill had told her that ‘Bre has the most amazing legs’. At first Sarah had said that they should find out whose legs were stronger. That was just the bait on the hook though, and Bre was only too keen to take that bait as she asked Sarah ‘How?’

‘Oh, I don’t know’ Sarah had replied in a disinterested way at first ‘something like a wrestling match perhaps.......... Oh, I know’ she had continued ‘how about a catfight, that’s a much more ladylike thing to do. What do you say Bre, are you woman enough to take the challenge?’

And that was it really, Bre was trapped. In front of everyone, she could hardly back down from the challenge. ‘Sure’ she had replied, sounding a lot more confident than she had felt ‘come to my place, tomorrow at 7. I can clear a big enough space for us to fight it out if you’d like?’

Over the course of the next few minutes, the two women had agreed on the finer details of the rules. They would fight wearing just their underwear and hold up stockings. The winner would be the first to tie their opponent up with their own stockings and then force them to submit. After that had all been agreed on though, Sarah had finally revealed the real reason why she had made the challenge.

‘The winner gets to humiliate the loser for as long as they want after the match though Bre’ Sarah said ‘ there has to be a penalty for losing after all; I’m going to make you my little slave girl when I beat you. I might just take Bill back from you when I win as well’

‘We’ll see about that’ Bre fired back confidently ‘I’ll make you regret setting foot in my home when I beat you tomorrow you bitch!’ she said before she left the bar. She didn’t see the smile spread across Sarah’s face as she left though; Sarah knew she had Bre right where she wanted her, or at least she would do tomorrow evening.

So, Bre found herself pacing the floor of her apartment as 7pm approached and she waited for Sarah to arrive. Thinking that she might gain some kind of advantage by being ready to go as soon as Sarah arrived, Bre was already wearing her chosen fight outfit of a black lace bra, black lace booty shorts and a pair of sheer black hold up stockings. An over-sized sweatshirt covered her lingerie. Although she was expecting it, the knock at the door as Sarah arrived still startled Bre, and she took a deep breath to compose herself before opening the door to her taller opponent.

Sarah too had thought of a way to gain some kind of psychological advantage over her foe. Already a good 4 inches taller than Bre anyway, Sarah had correctly guessed that her host would be barefoot when they met. Given that, Sarah had chosen a pair of four inch heels to go with her outfit as she arrived and with the extra height advantage from her shoes, she really seemed to tower over Bre as she entered the apartment. For the time being, Sarah’s fight outfit was concealed beneath her jeans and sweatshirt as she followed Bre to the area she had cleared for the fight. A number of rugs and duvets covered an area of carpet for the two women to fight on; a single sofa signaled the edge of the ‘arena’ on one side, walls surrounded the rest of it.

‘So, are you ready to go then bitch?’ Bre asked Sarah ‘I’ve been itching for you to turn up so that I can rip your hair out!’ she continued as she peeled off her sweatshirt.

‘Sure’ Sarah agreed as she kicked off her shoes before removing her jeans and sweatshirt. She wore a navy blue satin bra with a matching thong; a pair of black fishnet hold-ups completed her look for the fight. ‘Been dying to tear you up all day’ Sarah continued ‘So you understand the rules and the consequences of losing?’ she asked Bre before continuing ‘because you are going to lose.....’

‘We’ll see about that’ Bre said as she lunged forward, and the fight was on as both women sunk their hands into the others brunette hair as they searched for early supremacy in the battle. Sarah was anxious to get on top early in the fight as she two women snarled at each other, hellcats locked in a tussle for dominance which Bre thought she was winning as Sarah released her hair. It wasn’t the case though as a slap to the face and a knee to the stomach drew Bre’s hands from Sarah’s hair as she instead clutched at her stomach. Quick as a cat, Sarah was back in Bre’s hair, deftly flipping Bre down among the duvets, winding the shorter brunette as she landed.

Sarah wasted no time in getting into a schoolgirl pin, sitting high on Bre’s chest as she did so. A double handful of hair saw Sarah pulling Bre’s face towards her crotch. ‘Get used to that bitch!’ Sarah told Bre ‘Your face is going to be spending a lot of time down there today’. Bre struggled, squirming helplessly as Sarah held her pinned to the floor of her own apartment. She couldn’t quite believe that she was already flat on her back and in trouble as she redoubled her efforts to get free, trying to hook her legs around Sarah to dislodge her.

‘Thanks Bre, I’ll have those’ Sarah retorted as she caught Bre’s legs and leaned forward to bend Bre almost double. ‘I submit!’ Bre blurted out, and with that, Sarah rose from her with a cocky, confident smile, happy to be leading the fight 1-0 so soon. Already she felt in control of the shorter woman; almost to the point that she felt able to finish Bre off at will, but she was determined to have some fun with her first. For her part, Bre was stunned at how easily she had lost the first fall. She knew she was similar in weight to Sarah, and had expected to find herself the stronger woman with her stockier frame. It didn’t seem that way now, and as she rose from the floor, Sarah was all over her again despite Bre’s protests. ‘It’s a catfight you silly cow, there are no rules!’ Sarah helpfully pointed out as she combined a hair pull with a punch to the stomach which instantly put Bre back on her knees as Sarah went back on to the attack.

Sarah was determined not to let the pace slow; she reasoned that if she kept on top of Bre and made her fight at a fast pace, she would be able to tire out the shorter, thicker set brunette. With that in mind, she launched a barrage of slaps to Bre’s face and chest which eventually sent her sprawling to the floor. Sarah was back into Bre’s hair again, hauling her to her feet before throwing her with relish across the floor. Bre landed hard and Sarah was on her again, repeating the dose as this time she hurled Bre onto the sofa. It was at this point though that Bre got lucky for the one and only time in the match; Sarah elected to launch herself through the air to deliver a big splash on Bre’s prone body as she lay on the sofa. Had it been successful, it might just have finished Bre off there and then, but instinctively, she raised a knee catching Sarah’s stomach as she landed.

‘Oooofff!’ was the only noise that Sarah could make as the air was driven from her lungs by Bre’s knee and she rolled off the sofa to the floor. Scarcely able to believe her luck, Bre wasted no time in evening the score as she moved in to face sit Sarah. ‘You like it down there don’t you, you fucking slut?!’ Bre announced as Sarah weakly thrashed around under her before quickly submitting, and the fight stood level at 1 all. Confident now, Bre failed to realise just how lucky she had got; a quick reaction had seen her take the steam out of Sarah, and had she realised that, Bre might have taken a leaf out of the taller brunette’s book and continued the match immediately. Instead, she felt that the match had swung decisively in her favour, and Bre elected to take a break for a drink before continuing. Sarah was winded, and she was delighted to take the timeout as Bre swigged from her water bottle. Sarah played along, doing her best to look beaten down on the mat; it was the last mistake that Bre would get chance to make in the match.

Feeling suitably refreshed, Bre strode towards Sarah who had stayed down on the floor. ‘Break’s over you little bitch!’ Bre announced as she approached her downed foe only to find herself on the receiving end of an uppercut to the stomach. Even then, Sarah was clever enough only to hit Bre with half strength this time, and convinced that this was only a token attempt from a weakened woman to fight her off, Bre moved straight back in reaching for Sarah’s long hair. This time, Sarah didn’t hold back, landing a full power uppercut right on the waistband off Bre’s booty shorts. Bre crumpled on top of Sarah this time as the power of the body punch sent waves of pain shooting through her body; Sarah disdainfully pushed Bre off her and to the floor, and now, it was clear that Sarah was about to take charge of the match.

Taking advantage of a clearly winded Bre, Sarah hauled her to her feet by her hair, and as Bre weaved unsteadily on her feet, struggling to keep upright, Sarah thumped home some more body punches which put Bre back down on the floor.

‘Time you found out who really has got the strongest legs slut!’ Sarah told Bre as she wrapped her powerful thighs around Bre’s battered stomach to apply a tight body scissor. ‘Aaaaggggh!’ Bre cried out as Sarah tensed her thighs causing Bre more pain. ‘The bitch’s thighs are strong’ Bre thought to herself. ‘Maybe I can reach her feet and pull them apart’ she mused to herself, moving her hands to try and twist Sarah’s toes.

‘No you don’t bitch!’ Sarah hissed, switching position to tie up Bre’s arms in a full nelson to make sure that she could do no damage to her feet. Again she tensed her thighs drawing a cry of pain and then submission from Bre.

Sarah kept the hold in place though as she told Bre ‘I’m sure you do submit dear. It’s not that easy now though....’ Sarah flexed her powerful thighs once more, drawing another gasp of pain from Bre before Sarah switched her attack. Grabbing two handfuls of Bre’s hair, Sarah released the body scissor and pulled the back of Bre’s head in tight against her crotch before wrapping her thighs around Bre’s head in a perfectly applied head scissor. Once again Bre yelled out in pain and frustration as Sarah’s thighs went to work grinding away on her head. ‘Thought you might like this one’ Sarah said, almost playfully as she started to tug at Bre’s lacy black bra. Again Bre tried to defend herself, but it was to no avail as Sarah continued to dominate the action, swatting Bre’s hands aside before delivering a stinging slap to each of Bre’s breasts.

‘No, that didn’t feel quite right’ Sarah said ‘works better without this in the way’ she said as she forced Bre’s bra down to her stomach exposing her breasts. CRACK! CRACK! Two more slaps rained down on Bre’s impressive chest bringing new howls of protest from the battered host even before Sarah again worked her thighs around Bre’s head.

‘I submit!!’ Bre yelled out again in pain and frustration at her inability to fight back.

‘Sure bitch’ Sarah replied ‘whatever!’ Sarah kept the hold on though, continuing to punish the now topless Bre. ‘Time for a change though’ Sarah admitted ‘try this one for size instead’ she told Bre as she got herself into a reverse face sit position briefly before thinking better of it and instead she wrapped her thighs around Bre’s head again in a reverse ‘69’ head scissor. ‘Thought you’d like this instead bitch?’ Sarah taunted Bre as she steadily increased the power before suddenly snapping her thighs hard as she asked Bre ‘well, do you, you little bitch; do you like this?!’

‘Noooo!’ Bre cried out, partly in answer to the question, and more to express the pain she was feeling from Sarah’s continued assault. It certainly wasn’t going to get Sarah to let her go, that much was for sure; Sarah was enjoying herself way too much to do something like that. ‘Too bad’ Sarah mocked Bre ‘maybe you could get used to it though?’ The end of the fight was in sight though now as Sarah’s dominance seems to have taken the fight out of Bre; as Sarah started to roll Bre’s sheer, black stockings down her thick, sexy legs. Bre did little to resist as Sarah slowly removed them before tucking them into the waist band of her thong for later use. Once again, she cranked on the head scissor, drawing another cry of pain from Bre, and sensing that her host was finished now, she started to set her up to finish the fight. Bre’s relief at being out of the crushing scissor holds of her powerful opponent was short lived as Sarah hauled her to her feet one last time.

‘I’ll take that’ Sarah remarked as she tore Bre’s bra from her body before showing impressive strength, hoisting Bre up to deliver a big body slam. Bre landed hard in the middle of the duvet covered floor, and in truth, that alone was enough to finish the match. Sarah had to tie Bre up though first, and using her own stockings as well as Bre’s this was easily accomplished; both of Bre’s stockings were used to tie her own hands while Sarah’s black fishnets provided the perfect binding for Bre’s ankles before Sarah set her rounded ass down on Bre’s face in the perfect reverse face sit.

A solid punch to the stomach was followed by some nipple tweaking – at first playful, then much harder – from Sarah as Bre made a muffled attempt to submit.

‘Sorry? What was that bitch?’ Sarah replied.

‘I submit!’ Bre yelled from her place under Sarah’s ass ‘I submit!’

‘Can’t hear you’ Sarah replied, wiggling her ass on Bre’s face. ‘What was that?’ she asked before landing another solid punch to Bre’s battered belly.

‘I submit!’ Bre gasped before adding ‘please, you win....’

‘Fair enough’ Sarah agreed as she got off Bre. ‘Don’t forget though, I get to humiliate you however I want now, slave girl. Tell you what though; I’ll strike you a deal. Take your humiliation like a good little girl, and I won’t go after Bill just yet, I’ll give you chance for revenge in 4 weeks time. Now’ Sarah continued as she unhitched her own bra, ‘you can start by sucking on these like a little baby’ she said as she grabbed Bre’s hair before slapping her and telling her ‘NO TEETH though bitch, don’t get any ideas!’

Bre worked her tongue around Sarah’s nipples and sucked her tits for a good few minutes before Sarah tired of that idea. Next she rode Bre around the room like a pony for a few minutes, slapping Bre’s ass so that it glowed from Sarah’s attentions.

‘You know Bre’ Sarah told her as she finished riding her around the room ‘I think you should worship my beautiful strong legs now. After all, they’re what beat you and they are a little bit tired from all that squeezing. I want you to kiss my thighs all over’ she said as she grabbed Bre’s hair to force her face into her thigh ‘don’t forget though; no teeth or you’re in trouble!’

So Bre again did as she was told, kissing and caressing, licking and stroking every inch of her opponent’s strong and sexy thighs. Several minutes passed until it was again clear that Sarah was again tiring of this plan and she pushed Bre back to the floor before tying her hands around the leg of the sofa. Bre was trapped now, and it was clear as she stripped off her own thong that Sarah had one last humiliation in store for Bre.

‘Now Bre’ Sarah told her ‘I’m going to ride your face until I cum now. I expect you’ll probably pass out, but don’t worry, I’ll be enjoying it! I’ll let myself out when I’m done, but you have been a good little girl, so I’ll give you that chance. Same rules at my house in four weeks time if you’re woman enough. I own you for now though, don’t you forget that’ she said as she dropped her crotch on to Bre’s face and rode it to a glorious climax. Bre was smothered out, and she left, Sarah’s final humiliation for her was to take her booty shorts, leaving Bre tied up, naked and unconscious on the floor of her apartment as Sarah left.