Invite to the Brawl

By Wolfboy

Chapter 1 of The Red Devil Saga


Viki Perez gazed longingly at the handsome man lying next to her in bed, her eyes washing over his fit, athletic body. Her fingers played absent mindedly across his chest as she watched him. ‘I'm ready to fight for you again my dear' she breathed sexily as the man stirred 'ready whenever you want me to' she added, smiling at him.

'Soon my dear, soon' Ramon replied 'everything is in place now, and your opponent will be here next weekend' he continued, meeting Viki's gaze as he did so. She never failed to excite him even after 5 years; she gave him a thrill that his wife never could. 'I hope you will be ready though Viki, I'd hate you to lose your position as my champion' he added a little mischievously as her pulled her toward him, kissing her gently on the lips, then more forcefully as she responded hungrily and he pulled her on top of him. Viki straddled him, her fingers running across his chest again. 'Oh, I will be ready Ramon' she breathed huskily in his ear as she felt him enter her.

Viki and Ramon's relationship was a complicated one, but one that also suited all of the parties involved. Ramon was a Spanish businessman, his fortune made in shipping, and with his billionaire status, he was used to getting what he wanted. One such thing had been Viki. Ramon hadn't lied either, when he called her his champion. That was exactly what Viki was; Ramon loved female combat and with the agreement of his wife, he had set up a contest to find a champion catfighter. Viki has been his first champion some 6 years ago now as she bested a German woman called Heike in a tough but fairly dominant victory, knocking the German fighter out with a face sit finish. The deal for Ramon's champion gave them the run of his Lanzarote mansion which he had to visit every 2 months for business purposes. Each time he visited the island, the champion would defend her title against a woman of Ramon's choosing. The financial rewards for winning the title were good, but over time, Viki's relationship with Ramon had blossomed from simply champion to mistress. An arrangement both enjoyed very much and Ramon's wife, Estelle, tolerated, aware that the Latina fighter would share Ramon's bed only on his business trips to Lanzarote.

Viki hadn't held the position of champion solidly for the last six years, she was the only champion to also hold the position of mistress as well though. Ramon didn't take things easy on her with opposition though, always looking for challenging matches to stretch Viki. He was turned on immensely by watching Viki in hard matches and he knew she was equally turned on by taking part in them also. Three times those tough matches had seen Viki bested. The first defeat, she had simply been caught cold by a tall Dutch woman with a kick-boxing background. Forced into fighting the Dutch fighter’s style of match, Viki had been beaten to the punch consistently and was ultimately knocked out inside ten minutes of action. She hadn't made the same mistake a second time when granted a rematch two months later. This time, she had got the match to ground quickly, using her wrestling and cat fighting skills to punish the Dutch woman to submission via a face sit and pussy claw combination.

Her next defeat had been fully eighteen months later at the hands of the Nigerian national wrestling champion. A long gruelling contest had seen the advantage swing back and forth between the two women, both enduring long punishing holds at times. Forty minutes into the match, both fighters soaked in sweat, the powerful Nigerian had trapped Viki face down on the mat in a tight choke hold, forcing the submission. In the rematch, Viki had challenged the Nigerian to forego her wrestling singlet and fight her naked. Her opponent had done so, and again the match had swung back and forth between two evenly matched women. This time though, Viki had been able to trap her opponent in some punishing body scissors later in the contest, wearing her down before sinking in a tight head scissor and stomach claw to gain the winning submission. Her last defeat was still fresh in her mind being only three matches ago. She had been up against a petite Russian, a body building ex gymnast whose flexibility had frustrated Viki to the point of distraction in their first contest. Viki had tried all manner of moves as she looked to put her Russian adversary away. Eventually she had made a mistake and the Russians iron like thighs had done the rest in a grinding head scissor that had eventually put Viki out for the count. The rematch however had seen one of her most dominant victories to date. Some early stand up fighting had seen Viki drop the Russian on several occasions. A series of body slams and back breakers had softened her up and an engulfing face sit smother while she punished the Russian with hard body punches had quickly drawn the submission.

Now Viki wondered who Ramon had in store for her this time. Nowadays, Ramon liked to make an afternoon of things, so he had started to invite three fighters over for the week instead of just one. Viki had finished off some women too quickly for his liking, so he liked to try and guarantee some more entertainment. Sometimes it would keep Viki guessing on the identity of her opponent as well, although occasionally her would have two women fight what he would call a title eliminator for the right to return next time and fight for the title. This time though, Viki would not find out who her opponent was until 48 hours before the fight. He liked the element of excitement that would add to the match, and Viki didn't mind it, enjoying the problems it sometimes gave her to solve.

Born in the capital of Lanzarote, Arrecife, Viki had never left the island until winning her first match for Ramon. Now she had the means to travel a little, but she loved her matches for Ramon too, and had no interest in giving up her title just yet. 37 years old now, Viki had almost 50 matches under her belt. At first, she would take on women privately, and finding that she had something of a talent for catfighting, she tried to find more opponents, fighting sporadically whenever she could find a willing opponent. Since claiming her position as Ramon's champion, matches had become far easier to find. 34 matches in almost 6 years, winning 31 and losing just 3 had given her an overall record of 40 wins and 6 losses in her life; she intended to make it 41 wins at the weekend. 5 feet 5 inches tall, 135 lbs and 40DD-25-38, Viki was athletic but curvy, her tits and ass perfect for the smother holds she loved to use on opponents. Curly shoulder length brunette hair framed a pretty face, her skin tanned a deep golden brown, flawless but for the occasional mark caused by an opponent’s nails and teeth.

Ramon was pleased with the opponent he had chosen for Viki for the upcoming match. He had extensive contacts across the world of catfighting by now and he used them to find the right women time and time again. This time he had settled on a Hungarian blonde by the name of Anna. Anna had done some video catfighting, but Ramon's contacts also suggested she was quite active in the world of private catfighting too.  5 feet 3 inches tall and a tightly toned 132 lbs packed on to a 36B-25-35 frame, Anna contrasted perfectly with Viki. 38 years old, she matched Viki well for experience too with 55 private fights under her belt, winning 46 and losing 9. Neither woman was unbeatable, but both would be a tough prospect for the other he fancied. Although accepting that it was never possible to be sure in a competitive fight, Ramon though they were so well matched, he struggled to identify a clear favourite. 

The two other women that Ramon had invited for the weekend would fight each other in what was considered a warm up for the main event. Sheila was a fitness model and catfighter from Seville who he had wanted to see in action in order to see if she was a potential future opponent for his champion. 5 feet 3 inches tall and 120 lbs she was in sensational 34D-23-35 shape. 35 years old, the brunette lacked a little in fight experience but a record of 12 straight wins amassed in just 15 months suggested she was dealing with that quickly. His search for an opponent had taken him all the way to Texas for a blonde fitness model called Ashley. 5 feet 2 inches tall and 130 lbs on a 40DD-22-35 frame, the 25-year-old had a similar level of experience to Sheila in catfighting with 11 wins and 1 loss. They promised a fascinating match up of hot, hard-bodied women, and once again, Ramon was unsure which one would prevail.

Ramon's terms for the matches were very reasonable. For the warm up match, all travel expenses were met as were the costs of any post-match treatment required. Ramon would have the women put up at his mansion in one of four self-contained apartments which each contained a gym and training area among other comforts. Each woman would have one of Ramon's drivers at their call night and day should they wish to see any of the island while they were there. Both women would receive 5,000 Euros for competing in the match with the winner receiving a further 5,000 Euros. In the title matches, this became 10,000 Euros for the match and a further 15,000 Euros for the winner. The rules were also pretty simple for the contests. Ramon's base rules were no time limit to a knockout or verbal submission of the match. The starting point for each match was no holds barred with the exception of kicking or punching a downed opponents head or biting to escape a move; something designed to encourage face sitting and smothering. The wildcard for each match was that he allowed each fighter to suggest a maximum of two stipulations to the contest at his approval; guaranteeing that each match was likely to be slightly different.

This time, the added stipulations were as fascinating as ever. In the warm up match, Sheila has requested MMA gloves to be worn and that the match could only end with a knockout. Ashley simply requested that the match be fought topless from the start. Both requests were easy to allow and the match was made. In the championship fight, the stipulations again interested him. Anna had requested a minimum time limit of 30 minutes before the match could be won. Her second stipulation was that any transgression of the rules would see the fighter at fault lose their outfit and be forced to take ten uncontested belly punches. As champion, Viki had perhaps had the longest time to consider her stipulations. Knowing Ramon's preferences, she had insisted on full lingerie for the outfits for both women and that each fighter should decide two moves which they would have to use to gain the submission in conjunction with any other hold. Ramon had allowed all of those stipulations as well, pleased that Viki had chosen his favourite attire. He also ruled that neither woman should declare their favoured move until they were together on the mats.

He recalled back to older fights, thinking of times when Viki had had to fight to similar stipulations. A match with similar rules on a transgression had almost caught Viki out in her early matches. Taking on an American heavyweight, Jackie Lee, Viki had been cruising before she had punched to the face of the American down on the mat. The rules that day had been loss of outfit and the opponent allowed to apply the move of their choice. Jackie had chosen a folding face sit, stripping her own briefs off as well before treating Viki to a face full of pussy for almost ten minutes until Viki had finally squirmed free. He still marvelled at how she had taken the punishing face sit from the heavier woman for so long. The rule to pick two moves was one of Viki's favourites, and she would use it cleverly. Ramon knew that the face sit was always one of Viki's selections. He suspected that the pussy claw would be the other; both moves that she could use in conjunction with all manner of other moves. Anna's minimum time limit rule was an interesting one as well. Many of the matches went longer than 30 minutes, so that in itself wasn't a big issue, but getting trapped in a punishing hold could be a big problem with no escape for either fighter. In the other matches, Sheila's gloves and knockout only rules suggested that she was a puncher though she may be using a clever double bluff he thought. Ashley would do well to remember that there was more than one way to force a knockout. Either way, the weekend couldn't come soon enough for Ramon now. He would have to send Viki to one of the guest suites this morning of course as the other fighters arrived to ensure each was treated the same. When he arrived back from his business meeting this morning, Viki would have moved out to the guest room of her choice.

Ramon passed the day between serious business meetings and absent-minded thoughts of the weekend’s events. There was little for him to do in truth as the mansion was set up perfectly for the matches. An internal courtyard contained the fight area. Bordered on three sides by the self-contained guest apartments for the women, the main house completed the courtyard. A terrace area outside the house was Ramon's vantage point for the fights that would take place on a matted area carefully disguised to look like a swimming pool from the air. Ramon paced the mat now, barefoot, remembering the first time he had made love to his Latina vixen Viki right here on the wrestling mats. That had followed Viki's first victory on these mats. Her first three matches had been in a room inside the mansion before Ramon had completed the current setup, and Viki had christened the mats with a win over a Portuguese professional wrestler known simply as Sierra. Evenly matches in size, the two women had battled for twenty minutes. Sierra had hurt Viki early with slams and punches as well as a fearsome standing drop kick to the jaw before wrapping her up in a tight head scissor. Viki had replied, nails shredding Sierra's tights as she clawed at her thighs. A face sit from Viki looked to have turned the tide only for Sierra to surprise her first slipping her thong aside before using her tongue to bring Viki to the verge of orgasm. Sierra's flexible legs had then enabled her for force Viki off her. A kick to the crotch put Viki in trouble again, getting choked down on the mat before she had finally turned the tables, treating Sierra to some slams of her own. It had been a bruised and battered champion who had finally settled on to Sierra's face, riding the reverse face sit to claim the knockout victory.

Tomorrow's matches promised something special too, Ramon was sure of it....