The Warm Up Act

By Wolfboy

Chapter 2 of The Red Devil Saga


It was a perfectly warm late October morning as Ramon took up his seat on the terrace, ready to watch the catfighters in action on the mats. The schedule allowed for the warm up match between Ashley and Sheila to start at 10 AM. The main event would start 90 minutes later if all went to plan, allowing both matches to take place before the whole of the matted area was bathed in sunlight. Settling into place, Ramon lifted a telephone, asking his personal assistant, Anna-Maria to the let the women for match one to come to the mats. Anna-Maria would act as referee, a role that she enjoyed as she was a fan of female combat herself and had fought a few times, although not to Viki's standard.

Quickly both women appeared on the mats, ready to fight. Ramon took in the scene, thinking he had chosen well as the two hard bodied fitness models glared at each other across the mats. Anna-Maria stood between the two women as she spoke. 'This is a one fall catfight with no time limit. There should be no kicking or punching the head of a fallen opponent and you may not bite to escape a move. Other than that, it is no holds barred. You have both agreed to fight topless in MMA gloves, and accept that only a knockout can win the match. On my left from Sevilla, Spain is Sheila who is 5 feet 3 inches, 120 lbs, 34D-23-35 and has a record of 12 wins. On my right from Dallas, Texas is Ashley who is 5 feet 2 inches, 130 lbs, 40DD-22-35 with a record of 11 wins and 1 loss. Ladies please come to the centre' Anna-Maria instructed.

Ashley was the first to walk out to the centre, confidently throwing off her tiny lemon coloured bikini top, her pneumatic breasts proudly jutting out as she reached Anna-Maria. Ashley wore a skimpy lemon coloured G-string with black MMA gloves. From his vantage point, Ramon could also see that her long nails were also painted in a matching lemon colour. The blonde looked confident, but then so did Sheila as she took a moment to remove the long white t-shirt she had been wearing. Again, her enhanced breasts jutted out from her body, confident as she neared Anna-Maria. She wore a tight pair of neon pink hot pants that appeared to be sprayed on to the curves of her ass. Black MMA gloves and bright pink nails completed her look. Both women wore their hair loose to the middle of their backs and eyeballed each other furiously as Anna-Maria gave them their final instructions then ordered them to fight.

Ramon had seen plenty of matches start off cautiously in his time. This wasn't one of them though as both women looked to attack from the off. Sheila caught Ashley with a jab to the face, a glancing blow as Ashley was already on the move to nail the brunette with a knee to the body. Then both women were in the others hair, before Ashley took the first real advantage with a second straight knee to the body. Sheila doubled forward as the Texan blonde crunched an elbow down across the back of her neck, dropping her to all fours on the mat. A soccer kick to the ribs rolled Sheila on to her back, and Ashley looked confident as she pulled the Spaniard from the mat by her hair. An uppercut to the jaw snapped Sheila's head back, Ashley catching her by her long brunette hair before using it to throw her roughly across the mats. Confidently, the blonde turned towards Ramon, smiling as she broke out a double bicep pose, jiggling her tits at the billionaire. Ramon smiled too, admiring Ashley's impressive physique as well as her early confidence before Ashley turned and pulled Sheila back to her knees. A knee strike to the chest bowled Sheila over again, Ashley following her and punishing her with an elbow drop to the chest before she tied her up in a tight headlock on the mats.

A smart move Ramon though as the strong looking blonde cranked on the headlock drawing an early moan of discomfort from Sheila as she pushed her breasts in to Sheila's face. 'No biting!' Anna-Maria cautioned the Spaniard as she spotted her mouth opening. Ashley cranked again drawing Sheila's face tighter into her breasts before she quickly wrapped a hand in Sheila's hair, released the headlock and bounced the back of her head off the mats. Sheila moaned again as Ashley repeated the move before using the hair to pull Sheila back to her feet. So far it had been all in favour of the Texan, something that continued as she delivered a headbutt, catching the Spaniard in the forehead. Using a double handful of hair, Ashley was able to hold a shaky Sheila upright for long enough to slide a hand between her legs, lift her and deliver a commanding body slam on the centre of the mats. Ramon knew the mats to be pretty unforgiving, although not as unforgiving as the young blonde who drove her heel into Sheila's stomach as the Spaniard lifted her hips from the mat slightly, trying to alleviate the impact of the slam.

'C'mon bitch!' Ashley drawled at her opponent who clutched at her stomach and rolled onto her side on the mat. The younger woman was wasting no time though pulling Sheila up to her knees before measuring the Spaniard for a hard right hand to the jaw. 'Count her ref' Ashley asked, stepping away as Anna-Maria stepped in to deliver the count. A mistake perhaps Ramon thought as Anna-Maria reached only a count of five before Sheila reached her knees stopping the count. Ashley stepped back in, aiming a kick at Sheila's breasts, but the Spaniard blocked, catching the leg and using it to tip Ashley off balance and to the mat. Sheila was able to get back to her feet and now she was able to catch the young Texan with a couple of jabs to the face from distance. They did little to hurt Ashley, but they did buy Sheila a few moments to gather herself and as the blonde looked to close in on her again, a fast rake of her nails across Ashley's chest drew a howl of pain from the blonde who fell into Sheila, taking a knee to the body as she did so. Sheila clubbed a fist down on Ashley's shoulder, trying to force her to a knee but the blonde refused to go down, wrapping her arms around Sheila's body in a bear hug. A knee lift to the bikini line weakened Ashley's position though, and this time, Sheila pushed her away before catching her to the jaw with an arcing elbow smash that dropped Ashley on her backside. Sheila snapped out a kick, landing it squarely across the blonde's 40DD breasts, and as the Texan woman was knocked back to the mat, it seemed Sheila was now in control.

The Spaniard intended to stay that way too, diving on top of Ashley with a full body splash before spinning into position to trap the blonde between her thighs in a reverse head scissor. Ashley was in trouble, her face trapped between Sheila's rock-hard thighs as the Spaniard probed her six pack abs with a couple of hard body punches. Ashley dug her nails into Sheila's ass, looking to weaken Sheila's scissor hold and earning herself a rebuke as the brunette punched again, this time landing squarely in her crotch. Sheila tensed those powerful thighs now, causing Ashley to moan in pain even before the pink painted nails dug into her stomach to apply a punishing claw hold. The Texan was in pain but did not panic despite her increasing cries of pain; she probed Sheila's ass instead, digging her nails into it once more before pulling her pink hot pants up into a tight wedgie. Breaking off her stomach claw to reach back and stop the wedgie, Sheila cursed as Ashley trapped her arms, quickly using the extra leverage to turn the Spaniard on to her back underneath her, breaking the scissor as she did so. Now the blonde looked to move back quickly into a reverse face sit, getting as far as sitting on Sheila's breasts before the older brunette defended with arms crossed on her chest.

Ashley might have been a little frustrated, but she just looked to her next opportunity instead slipping a hand inside Sheila's hot pants to apply a pussy claw. The Spaniard's pained protests were quickly evident and as she looked to grab at Ashley's arms to defend her womanhood, the Texan took the chance to shift back to set her ass squarely on Sheila's face. Only a slight turn of the head from Sheila prevented the smother from being perfectly applied, but she was still in big trouble trapped beneath the young blonde. Ashley was able to continue her assault too, punches hammering Sheila's breasts before she plunged her sharp, yellow painted nails in to her opponent's impressive breasts. That drew shrieks of pain from Sheila who may have contemplated submitting had the rules allowed for it. Instead, she was forced to endure a couple of minutes of breast torture as Ashley's nails raised angry furrows in the sensitive breast flesh. The smother was fairly ineffective though, and the blonde knew it, breaking off the hold and pulling Sheila just far enough off the mats to allow her to deliver another stiff right hand to the jaw that sent her straight back to the mat. Once again Ashley invited Anna-Maria to 'count her'.

Anna-Maria stepped in once more as requested, tolling off a count of 7 this time before Sheila reached her knees, but Ashley was waiting on her this time, trapping her straight away in a front headlock. From that position, with Sheila on her knees, Ashley was able to kick hard into her stomach five times, using the headlock to keep her on her feet. Sheila's abs were in great condition, but they were no match for five rapid fire kicks and she slumped to the mat as Ashley released the headlock. She continued the attack now though, dropping a knee across Sheila's chest before shifting to ride her shin across Sheila’s throat, a handful of hair ensuring that the choking effect of the hold was magnified. A cruel rake of the fingers across the eyes disorientated Sheila some more and it appeared she may well have met her match in the tough Texan as the choke threatened to put her out. A last desperate attempt from Sheila to get free saw her sink her nails into Ashley's calf, but the Texan gritted her teeth and took it as she slowly but surely wore her Spanish foe down with the move. The match was only around the ten-minute mark when Anna-Maria moved in again and Sheila's arms fell away limply from the clawing grip of Ashley’s calf muscle. She lifted Sheila's arm, allowing it to fall back to the mat, once, twice and as it hit the mat for the third time, Anna-Maria tapped Ashley on the shoulder, asking her to release her hold before starting the count. It was a mere formality as Anna-Maria tolled off the count of ten while Ashley again did her signature double bicep pose, again jiggling her tits at Ramon.

As her count reached ten, Anna-Maria lifted the Texan's arm in victory as she stood dominant over Sheila, one foot positioned between her tits.

'Congratulations Ashley, you fought very well' Ramon told the sexy young blonde fighter.

'Thank you Senor Sanchez' the blonde beamed before adding 'you can tell your champion I'm gunning for her next' before stripping off her thong and throwing it to Ramon before she left the mats. Ramon thought that one over for a few minutes while his personal physician made sure that Sheila was OK following her knockout defeat. He was pretty sure he liked the idea of Viki against Ashley, but maybe he would allow the blonde to get a few more matches under her belt first before her made that match. Making a note to keep track of Ashley's progress, he headed back into the house to prepare ahead of the big title match.