Title Match

By Wolfboy

Chapter 3 of The Red Devil Saga


Given an hour to think about it, Ramon was still a little unsure of the potential winner of the title match he was now eagerly anticipating. Two well matched, experienced women and his review of their recent matches had showed him plus points for each. The Hungarian blonde Anna was a fighter who loved to keep an opponent under pressure, trying to force mistakes which she would punish with long, grinding, painful holds. He felt Anna perhaps held the advantage as a pure wrestler. Viki for her part wasn't one to back up from an opponent which suggested a physical, close fought battle was likely. Viki loved to smother and she was probably more of a catfighter than Anna. He knew both women had fought long matches so the time limit was less of an issue. The fact that no submissions would be allowed in the first thirty minutes was the intriguing wildcard in the fight. It was possible that one woman could be dominated for thirty minutes straight without escape. That was a new stipulation for him in a one fall match; without much idea how that would play out, Ramon took his seat, again phoning Anna-Maria to let her know that he was ready for the match to begin.

Both women were quickly onto the mats, again standing opposite each other as they caught their first glimpse of the other. Anna-Maria went over to both women first, checking which moves both had chosen to nominate, Viki looked as sexy as ever; sheer white stockings held up by a white lace suspender belt, a white thong and sheer bra completing her outfit. Over in the other corner, the blonde Hungarian was an almost perfect contrast; pale skinned where Viki was tanned, she was slimmer and more muscular than Viki. Her outfit contrasted too with black wet-look stockings with black wet look suspender belt, thong and bra top. Having spoken to both women, Anna-Maria returned to the centre of the mat and spoke. 'Ladies, this is a championship match which is no time limit and no holds barred except for kicking or punching the head of a grounded opponent or biting to escape a move. All other moves are legal. The match has a minimum time limit of 30 minutes in which I will count no submissions. Any transgression of rules will see the transgressor lose their outfit and receive ten uncontested body punches. You have also chosen the two moves with which you can win the match. Anna, you have chosen the face sit and camel clutch, Viki, you have chosen the face sit and the crotch claw, is that correct?' she asked.

Both women nodded their assent before Anna-Maria continued 'On my left is the challenger, from Budapest, Hungary, Anna who is 5 feet 3 inches tall, 132 lbs and 36B-25-35 with a record of 46 wins and 9 losses. On my right is the champion, from Arrecife, Lanzarote, the Latina Wildcat, Viki who is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 135 lbs and 40DD-25-38 with a record of 40 wins and 6 losses.' Instructing both women to the centre of the mats, Anna-Maria told the women that she would let them know when 30 minutes has passed before instructing both to 'fight!'

No time was wasted by either woman, Viki grabbing blonde hair and slapping Anna's face hard while Anna replied with a solid right hand to the belly of the Latina. Both gripped hair hard now, Viki using her height to force Anna's head down before delivering a knee lift to the face that put the blonde Hungarian on her back. A fast move saw her sweep Viki's legs out from under her though before delivering a thrusting kick to Viki's side to send her sprawling. Anna was over her quickly, using the hair to bring Viki to her feet now, again punching straight to the stomach as she looked to work Viki's body over in the early going. Planting her foot in Viki's stomach she monkey flipped her to the mat, Viki landing hard and trying desperately to regain her feet only to rise straight into a front headlock. Again Anna went to the stomach, this time with a kick before sliding a hand between Viki's thighs to lift and slam her. Where Ashley had played to the crowd in the first match a little, the experienced blonde was all business, waiting over Viki before dropping to her knees and driving an elbow to the back of her head as she looked to rise. A handful of hair saw Anna drive the champions face into the mats before she used the hair again to lift Viki to her feet.

Viki wasn't known as 'Wildcat' for nothing though, surprising Anna with an eye rake which threw her off her game long enough to take a short right hand to the jaw that put her on her knees. Now Viki looked to go on the attack, trapping Anna in a front headlock of her own before driving a knee between her pert tits to bowl her onto her back. Viki kicked hard to Anna's ribs down on the mat, her white stocking clad toes connecting hard with the blonde's body as she looked to roll away. Allowing Anna to roll onto her front, Viki dropped down to straddle her back, using the hair to rag doll her head around before slamming her face into the mat. Quickly slipping around her opponent, Viki trapped the blonde now in a front headlock, lying out flat in front of her prone foe as she looked to apply the pressure. Anna moaned as Viki slipped her hands lower, electing to choke her now as she looked to wear her down. The pressure eased momentarily as Viki chose to rake her finger nails up Anna's back before going back to the choke hold. The move was causing Anna some trouble, a wise choice of hold Ramon thought as the sultry wildcat continued to punish the blonde. As she elected to go for another nail rake though, Anna was able to quickly use her wrestling skills to slip clear, reversing Viki into a hammer lock down on the mat.

Anna had little interest in maintaining the hammerlock though, turning it loose as she sat across Viki's legs before hooking some punches into her body. A handful of hair saw Anna bring Viki back to her feet where she again landed a fast, chopping right hand to Viki's stomach. A slap to the face surprised Viki before Anna took her into a side headlock, quickly using that to flip the Latina fighter back to the mat. Anna took the opportunity to ride her body across Viki's chest, making the Latina carry her weight as she cranked on her head, pulling Viki's face in tight to her chest as she did so. Releasing one hand from the headlock, Anna reached for a crotch maul, Viki wisely crossing her legs as she blocked desperately. She could do little to block as Anna's fist crashed twice into her stomach before she grabbed the waistband of Viki's white lace thong, pulling it into a wedgie, and the Hungarian fighter looked satisfied with her opening to the bout as she continued with the headlock and the match passed the 5-minute mark. Anna cranked on the headlock once more, using it to pull Viki into a seated position before cruelly thrusting her fingers into Viki's throat, allowing her to drop back to the mat, gasping for air.

Anna was pacing herself wisely, waiting over Viki as she allowed her to half rise into a knee lift to the breasts, knocking the Latina back to the mat. Anna's strategy again allowed Viki to half rise, this time into a clubbing elbow smash to the back of the head. Viki dropped to all fours, a dangerous position that Anna took full advantage of with a soccer kick to the ribs, sending Viki sprawling to the mat once more. Content with the methodical pace for now, Anna allowed Viki to rise once more, this time into a body slam, Viki screaming in surprise and then pain as the tough blonde delivered the move with authority. This time, Anna picked up the pace, using the hair to bring Viki to her feet. Again, a chopping short right hand slammed into Viki's body and it was starting to take its toll on the champion. Pulling her tight into a clinch, Anna grabbed Viki’s curly brunette locks before delivering a crunching knee lift to the pussy. Viki's legs betrayed her a little from that move, and the Hungarian knew it, throwing a right to the jaw that put Viki on her backside. Advantage to Anna, especially as she snapped a kick across Viki's chest, and once again, the Latina was flat out on the mat.

Not for long now though as Anna grabbed both of Viki's legs, turning her as if to apply a boston crab. Dropping her legs though, Anna instead straddled Viki's body, slipping down her back to spread Viki's legs with an inverted grapevine. She wasn't done there though, slipping her hand inside Viki's thong and sliding three fingers into her pussy. 'Fuck!' Viki exclaimed as Anna started to work her fingers rhythmically in and out of her pussy, steadily working her as she kept her legs spread wide. Thirty seconds in to the move and Viki's moans were becoming as much of arousal as pain as her hips began to move involuntarily in time with Anna's fingers. Ramon looked on, enjoying the show, but more aware perhaps than Viki was that she needed to be on her guard. He had seen his favourite video fighter, the mysterious Red Devil succumb to a similar attack in the past when an opponent had immobilised her, finger fucked her to orgasm and then drawn the submission with a crotch claw. Anna had similar plans in mind as with Viki's moans becoming more frantic and breathless, she bided her time perfectly before clamping on the crotch claw just as Viki came. 'Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!' Viki cried, agony quickly replacing ecstasy as she felt her opponent's nails torturing her pussy. She thrashed at the mat, her face a mask of pain now as Anna mocked her 'you like that, bitch?' in her thick accent. It was pretty obvious that Viki didn't like it, but that didn't stop Anna from continuing the attack on the curvy Latina whose hands pulled at her own hair now as she tried desperately to alleviate the pain.

With only 7 minutes gone in the match though, there was no way out of the hold for Viki by submitting. She was a tough little bitch, Ramon knew, but she was in trouble at the hands of her experienced opponent here. In the end, it was Anna who broke off the torture for Viki, releasing the crotch claw and tearing Viki's thong roughly from her body with a sharp pull, forcing the flimsy garment to give way. It was no surprise to Ramon to see the wet patch on the mats as Viki was pulled up from it by her hair only for Anna to floor her almost immediately with a standing dropkick to the breasts. Viki was again trapped by Anna, this time in a rear body scissor and full nelson combination by the blonde whose thighs snapped tightly about Viki's body. Lying underneath Viki though, her face pressed in tightly behind Viki's head was a mistake from Anna who quickly found herself back head butted twice in the face and stunned, she turned Viki loose.

Despite having been on the receiving end somewhat so far, Viki knew she had to get back to her feet quickly, getting some distance between herself and the Hungarian blonde to buy herself some time. A couple of stiff jabs helped her with that, but Anna patiently stalked the Latina, trying to force her into a mistake. If Viki hadn't realised it beforehand, it was clear that Ramon had chosen a tough fighter as opposition for her this time. The cat and mouse action continued over a couple of minutes; Viki using the jab to keep Anna at bay while the Hungarian looked to work the body whenever she could. It was as she crouched in to deliver a body punch that Anna made a mistake though, straying into Viki's range and the Latina caught her on the chin with a right hand uppercut. Wobbly, Anna was floored by a running clothesline by Viki who suddenly presented with an opening, lifted her tempo. A handful of blonde hair brought Anna to her feet where Viki slashed her nails across her stomach before waist locking her to deliver a pussy pounding atomic drop. Anna froze, her hands dropping to her crushed womanhood as Viki measured her now for a second right hand to the jaw that dropped the Hungarian on her back, Viki showed no such caution as she plunged onto the blonde, winding her with a full body splash. Kneeling at Anna's side, Viki pulled hard on her blonde hair now, lifting her head from the mat before slapping her hard in the face. An eye rake continued the punishment, disorienting Anna as she shrieked 'bitch!' at Viki.

Viki nodded and smiled at the insult, going back to the hair to deliver another slap to the face. Then, getting to her feet, she plunged in again with a falling headbutt to the stomach which Anna, still reeling from the eye rake, didn't see coming. Viki was happy to keep things that way, going back to a second eye rake, then a hair pull saw her deliver a forearm smash which was within the rules, to Anna's face leaving the challenger stunned and in no position to defend herself as Viki trapped her in a vice like reverse head scissor. That hold was punishing enough, but Ramon knew it was a favoured prelude to her reverse face sit. Still, Viki took the time to punish Anna with her golden tanned thighs before slowly inching back, she planted her naked ass and pussy on the blonde's face. A desperate bridge saw Anna present her crotch to Viki, a target that the Latina wildcat was unlikely to refuse as she slid her hand inside Anna's black lace thong, applying a crotch maul. Applying it well too it seemed from the muffled cries of pain from Anna who was in her own bit of trouble now. Viki loved to face sit, and she ground her pussy on Anna's face while she continued with the crotch maul. Quickly Anna was thrashing at the mat, a combination of pain from the crotch maul and the suffocating effect of the face pin. Viki had no intention of riding the face pin to a knockout which would gain her nothing in the first 30 minutes, so she lifted her ass periodically just allowing Anna to catch half a breath while she dominated the action. Switching from the crotch claw, Viki pulled on her opponent's thong, forcing it hard up into her pussy as she applied enough pressure for it to rip very slowly as it cut into Anna's womanhood. As the thong gave way, with a satisfying ripping sound, Viki grabbed it, lifting her ass once more and stuffing the torn lace garment into Anna's mouth before quickly settling down once more to continue with the hold. It was a cruel additional punishment for Anna to endure as Viki rode her face while she gagged on the thong until Viki again eased off her face for a moment allowing her to spit it out. Viki remained on top though, taking delight in discovering a front opening on Anna's lace bra which she was quick to open, pulling it away to reveal pert breasts which she drove her fists into. Anna was stripped now, naked but for her suspenders and wet look stockings. Ramon had seen plenty of tough women fold once Viki had them stripped, but he felt that the Hungarian was made of sterner stuff, after choosing often to fight nude in her own private matches.

She was in big trouble though as 15 minutes became 16 and then 17 while she was still trapped in the perfectly applied reverse face sit. She was finally able to squirm an arm free from where Viki had pinned it against her side though, and as Viki leaned forward for another crotch maul, the Hungarian struck catching Viki with a thumb shoved straight up her ass. Viki straightened, shocked by the surprise attack, and a well-timed bridge from Anna sent Viki sprawling off her. Anna had been punished for a lengthy period in the smothering hold, and she was a bit weary as she made her feet, now looking to fend off Viki with some jabs of her own. The fight stayed at range for the time being as Anna started to find her range, frustrating Viki with well-placed jabs to both the face and chest. Viki looked content to bide her time though before looping in a hard slap to Anna's face, closing in behind that to grab a handful of hair and a hand full of nipple, twisting that painfully causing Anna to grimace but Viki left herself open to two short, chopping right hands to the pit of the stomach. As Viki looked to break free, Anna now grabbed her hair, keeping the Latina in range as she continued to work her body with those short, hard right hands.

They were sapping blows, taking their toll on Viki, who looked to be in trouble once more as Anna bowed her head forward to sink her teeth into Viki's right breast. A shriek of pain, but Viki responded quickly, wrapping her arm around Anna's head, pulling her face in tightly to the 40DD breasts as she replied with a standing breast smother. It was a bit unclear if Anna was still allowed to bite now that she was trapped, but the Hungarian continued the attack without protest from Viki, so Anna-Maria elected to allow it. Indeed, Anna quickly broke off the attack as she looked to suck in some air, and she looked to break Viki's smother with some more hard body punching. There was no immediate effect, but Viki soon thought better of taking the punishment to the stomach and turned Anna loose, aiming an elbow to the chin as she did so. The elbow caught Anna no more than a glancing blow, and took little effect as the two women separated.

With twenty minutes of the match gone, there was something of a lull in the action with both ladies prepared to work at distance for the time being. Anna troubled Viki with some sharp kicks to the body but Viki was able to reply, using her height and reach advantage to land the sharper punches to the head and chest area of her blonde opponent. That pattern continued, seemingly neither woman looking to commit to a big attack for some while before Viki looked to force the issue. That proved to be a mistake though, as aiming an elbow smash to Anna's jaw once more, she came up short, and Anna took full advantage crouching to crash an uppercut into Viki's body. The Latina was pained and winded by the powerful punch, she was also knocked off balance, something which Anna was happy to take advantage of with a front kick to the stomach and as Viki folded forward, she did so onto a knee lift that caught her flush in the face, dropping her on her back. Anna sensed her chance suddenly; there were 26 minutes gone in the fight and she had the champion on her back staring at the sun. She was intending on keeping her there too with a nasty stomp to the stomach before she peeled Viki partly from the mat to allow herself the chance to legally punch her in the face.

Viki crashed back to the mat now, in trouble once more as Anna grabbed her hair, using it to pull her into a side head scissor. The blonde quickly spiced that move up some more with a bit of breast mauling and Viki's pained moans were clear to Ramon. He thought his champion was in some trouble now. Anna used the rules wisely, slapping Viki to the face to keep her stunned as her black stocking clad thighs continued to crush her head. 'Get ready to submit you little bitch!' Anna told Viki as she turned the hold free, going back to the hair to pull Viki part of the way off the mat before again using a right hand to the jaw to drop the stunned champion. Using the hair again, Anna this time pulled Viki upright before lifting her and delivering a big body slam on the unforgiving mats. As Viki rolled on to her front, Anna stood over her to unhook her sheer white bra, and as she used Viki's brunette curls to get her off the mat once more, her bra fell away to leave both women naked but for their stockings and suspenders. Her lack of clothing was the least of Viki's worries as she found herself lifted again. A scream of 'Noooo!' escaped Viki's lips as she feared another slam. That wasn't forthcoming, but an across the knee back breaker was no easier on Viki who was unceremoniously pushed to the mat off Anna's knee, writhing in pain as she hit the mat.

Anna smiled, confident that she had timed things to perfection. The thirty minute minimum limit was almost up, and she had the long-term champion with where she wanted her. Straddling Viki's back, she grabbed the curly brunette hair to make sure Viki was looking directly at Ramon. The she dropped down, sitting on Viki's back before draping her arms across her legs. Leaning back, she kept her grip of Viki's hair too, and evil hair-held camel clutch that instantly drew a cry of pain from the champion. Viki's predicament deepened almost immediately as Anna-Maria announced 'thirty minutes has passed ladies' and Anna told her to 'give up slut!'

'No, never!' Viki replied, but it was difficult to see a way out for her given how well applied Anna's camel clutch was.

Ramon knew Viki was resilient though, and that she would risk being knocked out by the punishing hold rather than give up potentially. Anna wasn't going to let her ride it out easily either, starting a rocking motion to add to the torque on her back. Anna leaned forward to taunt Viki closely, whispering in her ear before leaning back again. Viki writhed and moaned, cursing her opponent as she did so, but she also managed to free one hand, which when Anna leaned forward to taunt her again, she wrapped tightly in her blonde hair, using it to pull the Hungarian off her to the mats. Viki struck too as she did so, a sharp right hand into Anna's ribs surprising her. A second one to the body added to Anna's pain at having the chance of victory snatched away, and Viki showed her impressive powers of recovery as she dragged herself back to her feet.

Now was no time for niceties either with the title on the line and Viki laid the kicks hard into Anna's body as the Hungarian looked to defend herself on the mats. Viki was suddenly all over her, the look of pain mixed with surprise on Anna's face as Viki used her blonde hair to pull her to her feet. A hair held throw followed, Anna sprawling across the mats before rising into a running knee lift driven up hard into her breasts. A second hair held throw followed, Viki again charging in with a running knee lift. When she pulled Anna to her feet a third time, she shocked her with an eye rake before stepping back half a pace and kicking the unsuspecting blonde straight in the crotch. The blonde crumpled, dropping to the mat as Viki followed her down in a face pin, A hand wrapped tightly in Anna's hair helped Viki pull her face straight into her crotch. Her other hand sunk nastily into Anna's right breast and an instant muffled cry of pain was clearly audible from the blonde challenger to the title.

'Now you give up cunt!' Viki directed before adding 'or I'll put you out!'

Anna writhed and bridged, bucked wildly, but Viki was in her element now. Few people escaped her face pin when it was fully applied, and Anna wasn't going to be one of them as she tapped the mat, admitting her defeat.

Ramon stood, congratulating both ladies on a sensational title fight, He had thought that the blonde might have had Viki at the end, but he had to admit he was pleased his little Latina wildcat had claimed the win. After such a hard-fought victory, she was likely to live up to her wildcat nickname in bed as well tonight before he was due to return to the mainland tomorrow.