By Wolfboy

Chapter 4 of The Red Devil Saga


Ramon had elected that while he thought the young Texan, Ashley, was a suitable challenger for Viki, a bit more experience couldn't do her any harm before taking on the Latina Wildcat. He took the unusual step of guaranteeing Ashley a title shot though in six months’ time to allow her the chance to gain that experience. Ashley had told him that she would use that time wisely before coming back to take Viki's position.

He didn't doubt that she would give it her best shot, but Viki was hardly going to make it easy for the Texas tough-girl. It also put Viki in an unusual position, giving her time to prepare for a known opponent where often she had just a few days to prepare a game plan.

It was the Texan fighter Ashley who was first back in action following the weekend where both ladies had fought at the mansion. Ashley had already had a planned match arranged just two weeks later against a state collegiate wrestling champion, Renee Berry. The match had been bikini submission wrestling with 2 submissions to win. Ashley was strong and she overwhelmed Renee in fall one, forcing her to submit to a tightly applied face sit. Fall two had lasted longer as Ashley toyed with the wrestler, trapping her in a series of holds before a second tight face pin was enough to put her away. Little more than a work out for Ashley, but good for her to work on her submission skills Ramon thought.

Her second match just a few weeks later had shown another side to the Texan though. A side which Ramon knew would serve her well in a match with Viki. Moving on from the tightly controlled submission match environment in her home state of Texas, she visited Honduras for a very different type of challenge. There, she took on a local woman, Lillian Alvarez, in a nude street fight. This was genuine, no rules fighting, the arena in which Viki had forged so many of her skills. Outweighed by 20 lbs by her voluptuous opponent, Ashley had shipped some punishment early on as the powerful punches of the local woman saw her tits used as a speed-bag. Dropped in the mud, she had to defend against hard kicks as Lillian pushed for the knockout win. Ashley had stopped her in her tracks though with a straight fingered thrust to her pussy. Vicious nail slashes and body punching had started to take the fight out of the Honduran woman even before the five-minute mark. She clearly hadn't expected the American to be a serious contender with her model good looks. Ashley corrected her view pretty comprehensively though. Two punches and an elbow to the head dropping Lillian before she dimmed her lights with a knee to the jaw giving her the knockout victory.

She certainly had Ramon's attention as a serious contender by the time Viki made her next title defence by beating a French body builder 1-0 in a Paris submission fight. The body builder was largely unknown on the fight scene, but still a comprehensive victory for Ashley as she dominated her to a face sit knockout despite giving up 15 lbs to the Frenchwoman.

The following day, Viki was back in action with a title defence against English pro wrestler and catfighter, Penny Love. The two women were well matched with Penny just an inch taller and three pounds heavier than Viki. The pro wrestler had insisted on an area of ring ropes to be used during the fight as one of her stipulations. Ramon had been happy to install those, intrigued as to how they would feature in the fight. Viki had insisted on a topless match, choosing to fight in just a skimpy white thong while Penny wore black and silver hot-pants with a pair of fishnet tights. Viki ripped into Penny with abandon early in the fight before Penny turned the tables, using the ropes in some effective chokes as she looked like causing the upset. Viki fought back once more though, subjecting Penny to breast attacks before she claimed the win in 17 minutes with a face sit and breast claw combination.

The Christmas break had been followed by an eye-catching return to action for Ashley, as she travelled to Nigeria to take on Mercy Mbokani, the tough wrestler who Viki had traded victories with a couple of years ago. Ashley met with Mercy in her home town and showed her absolutely none. The rules were catfight wrestling with hair pulling, slapping and mauling allowed. Ashley took full advantage of the rules, taking a quick 2-0 lead with a face sit and then an impressive figure four head scissor with vicious hair pulling. Mercy tried hard to fight back in round three, but once again Ashley fought her way on top, this time controlling the wrestler in a cross pin as she lit her up with slaps to the body before converting to a grapevine and double breast claw. With the 3-0 lead, Ashley was so in control that Mercy retired on her stool at the end of the round, an impressive domination of a tough woman that Viki couldn't help but take notice of.

Again the young Texan was back in action before Viki would fight again, this time taking on young Greek fighter Xanthe Sokratis in a lingerie apartment catfight. Ashley opened up impressively, taking the first fall with a head scissor that she slowly converted to a face sit, all the time working over Xanthe's breasts as she ground her down to submission. Xanthe was the first woman in this run of matches to trouble Ashley though, evening up the score with a reverse face sit and crotch maul following some well-placed body punching. It was only a temporary problem for Ashley though as she was quickly back to her best, taking two straight falls in quick time to win the match, both with face sit and crotch maul combinations of her own.

Such was Ramon's interest in Ashley's progress, he invited her back to take place in another match at his mansion on the date of Viki's next championship defence. This time Ashley took on a well-respected Belgian fighter in Rachel DuBois under Ramon's typical one fall rules. Stipulations called for it to be a nude match with one verbal submission to decide it. Ashley requested nails to be a minimum of half an inch in length; not sharpened but still a dangerous weapon in a fight. Ramon had expected Rachel to give Ashley a sterner test and in a long period of stand up fighting early in the match, the Belgian had given Ashley plenty of problems, consistently beating her to the punch. Ashley would reply though cattily dragging her nails across Rachel's skin whenever the chance arose and as those tactics took their toll a little, Rachel was caught by a quick combination to the head that dropped her to the mat. She was stunned and Ashley sensed the chance, dropping down to catch her in a long face sit, grinding the experienced Belgian woman down to an impressive verbal submission win.

Ashley made way for Viki on the mats and the champion looked in imperious form against Portuguese fighter Carmen De Sousa. Despite an impressive looking record, Carmen was no match for Viki in the face sit submissions only match. Viki took the chance to dominate an over-matched opponent, two long breast smother grapevines softening Carmen up before a body slam into a smothering face sit drew the submission from the stunned Portuguese woman. Viki was a little disappointed in fact with the match. She knew she had a tough match coming up soon with the Texan blonde, and she didn't think that Carmen's underwhelming 10-minute challenge had really served to prepare her well for that. She resolved herself to looking for another warm up match in private in the next week or so. That way she would have recovery time after what she hoped would be a tougher fight before taking on Ashley.

In fact, both women planned one more match before they would meet each other. This time it was Viki who fought first. The local fight club where she had first made her name in the back streets of Arrecife would be the venue as she found out that Madam Lucha, a visiting fighter from Spain was in town and looking for a challenger. Viki was up for that; Madam Lucha was a 160-pound tough girl who always gave an opponent a hard fight. Viki would meet her under the fight club's usual rules; anything goes until one gives up as the main attraction of a Saturday evening. The fight was a hard one, but gave Viki the preparation that she wanted. Madam Lucha entered the tight confines of the fight area first wearing a simple white swimsuit, her flowing black hair an immediate target for Viki when the match began. Viki, the clear local favourite, stepped into the circle wearing just a flame orange thong. In the early going she controlled Madam Lucha by the hair, raining in body punches before securing a standing crotch maul. Lucha replied, going to the eyes to stun Viki before a crushing bear hug tested Viki's resolve, particularly as she twice found herself atomic dropped. Viki fought back though, using her own eye rake and giving the crowd a treat as she stripped Madam Lucha to the waist in her finishing reverse face sit and crotch maul. It had been a tough twenty minutes of action for Viki against an experienced opponent, exactly what she was looking for prior to taking on Ashley though, and she returned to her training for that in good spirits.

Ashley herself also returned to action a couple of days later, travelling to Tenerife to take on Alicia Veron, a local fighter, in a swimsuit submission match where submissions could only be verbal. Ashley had dominated much of the match, prolonging Alicia's punishment with tight face pins, preventing her from audibly admitting her submission at times. It was a clever strategy, wearing out Alicia in the early going before 4 quick submissions came around the 20-minute mark to her strong scissor holds delivering her the victory.

Ramon was happy, both women were clearly prepared now and in just a few weeks’ time her would get to enjoy a fine championship fight between the contrasting beauties.