Texas Trouble

By Wolfboy

Chapter 5 of The Red Devil Saga


Ramon found himself eagerly anticipating the fight between Viki and Ashley for many weeks as the day of the match approached. He was delighted that his wife Estelle had also elected to visit Lanzarote on this occasion with him, seemingly drawn to the fight by his anticipation of it. It wasn't unheard of for Estelle to watch Viki fight with Ramon although she hadn't done so for a little while, her last visit being for Viki's rematch victory against the Nigerian wrestler Mercy Mbokani. Ramon thought that Estelle's presence in Lanzarote might actually work in Viki's favour. Estelle being there would confine Viki to the guest quarters at the mansion allowing her to focus fully on the match at hand with Ashley, the hard-bodied Texan fitness model.

Since beating Spanish fitness model Sheila in front of Ramon some six months earlier, Ashley had been on something of a tear, picking up a string of impressive wins on her way to meeting Viki. Ramon still had Viki as a slight favourite for the match; Viki had the edge in experience and she was a fighter who usually found a way to get the job done. Usually, but not always. Viki was certainly not unbeatable as had been proven in the past but it usually took some woman to achieve it. Was Ashley up to the task?

Ramon and Estelle both took up their seats on the viewing terrace for the first of the two matches on the day. Although there was no mystery for Viki as to whom she was going to face today, Ramon figures he could use this match to identify another possible challenger. Quickly two women came to the mats with Anna-Maria to act as the referee once more. Christy was a Canadian fighter, curvy and blonde. Her opponent, Tina, a smaller, more athletic looking Danish fighter, also blonde. The match was under Ramon's basic rules and it seemed that both women had elected to fight topless. That seemed very much to Tina's liking as she worked on Christy's breasts with great enthusiasm in the early going. She trapped the Canadian in a tight body scissor too, but Christy showed great power to lift Tina and slam her hard into the mat breaking that hold. Christy repaid Tina for the tit torture now before taking the Danish fighter out with a power packed right hand to the jaw that put Tina down for the 10 count and the knockout victory.

'Not a bad fight dear' Estelle offered 'a bit short though?'

'Indeed my love' Ramon agreed 'perhaps Viki and Ashley will provide us with more entertainment.'

'Let's hope so' Estelle smiled.

The championship match certainly promised more Ramon though. For one thing there would be no quick finish, almost certainly. The contest allowed for multiple submissions with forcing your opponent to admit they 'submit the match' the only way to win. He knew Viki was a proud woman who would take plenty of punishment before submitting any match. Ashley, he knew less of, but he was also fairly sure she didn't give up a match easily. With the no time limit format, it was likely there would be a few submissions won though. Ashley had requested both women had long nails for the fight, again requesting for a minimum half inch length, and it was the Texan who had requested multiple submissions to a verbal total submission of the match. Viki had responded by requesting that there was no referee, a sign that she was perhaps thinking of bending a few rules. She also requested the bout to be fought in thigh high boots and miniskirts but without any underwear.

The scene was set as the 11:30 am start time approached for the match. The warm April sunshine was starting to creep across part of the mats as Ramon gave Anna-Maria the nod to get the match underway when the ladies were ready. Ramon and Estelle took their seats again on the terrace and waited for the two combatants to appear. Ashley was first to appear, her golden blonde hair shining as she made her way through the sunshine before reaching the shade of her corner. She wore a pair of red leather boots, flat soled and clinging tightly to her muscular legs. The boots tied at the back and were teamed with a red and black tartan pattern mini skirt. Totally at ease, the blonde stood topless in her corner as both Ramon and Estelle admired her physique, catching a glimpse of her long nails, painted to match her boots, as she ran a hand through her hair while she awaited Viki's arrival. Viki did not keep her waiting too long either, anxious as she was to get to grips with this blonde bitch that Ramon seemed to think so much of. Curvier than her opponent, Viki's curly brunette hair and deeper tan contrasted with her white thigh hair boots and mini skirt. Her boots were also flat soled, both women choosing practicality over any other concerns where the footwear was concerned. Viki also stood topless, her corner bathed in the warm sunshine, and she eyeballed the blonde across the mats while Anna-Maria stepped to the centre of the mats.

'This is a championship match with no time limit, it is no holds barred with the exception of punching or kicking the head of a downed opponent or biting to escape a move. Biting to attack is legal. You have requested that there be no referee so I will leave the mats after introductions. There are to be multiple submissions until one of you verbally submits the match. Nails are unsharpened but a minimum of half an inch in length.' Both women flashed their nails to confirm that fact, Ashley's red and Viki's white. 'On my right is the challenger, from Dallas, Texas, Ashley. Ashley is 5 feet 2 inches tall, 129 lbs and 40DD-22-35 with an overall record of 19 wins with just one defeat. On my left is the champion, the Latina Wildcat, Viki Perez from Arrecife, Lanzarote. Viki is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 135 lbs and 40DD-25-38 with an overall record of 44 wins and 6 losses. Ladies, if you're both ready, then let’s fight!' Anna-Maria finished, stepping off the mats to a more distant vantage point; the two women, now circling each other on the mats, would be left very much to deal with things themselves.

'You're mine cunt!' Ashley told Viki as they continued to circle for the opening seconds, trading insults rather than blows. 'I'll destroy you, fucking whore!' Viki replied, and with that, the fight was on, both wrapping a hand in the others hair and working to the body with hard punches. Viki and Ashley hammered away, each landing about a half dozen solid body punches, and then Viki broke first, looking to block one of Ashley's punches with her knee. Showing good speed, Ashley took Viki's other leg out from under her with a kick to the calf, and she sent the champion falling to the mat. Viki scrambled, looking to get to her feet quickly, but she ran right into Ashley's foot landing in her ribs, dropping her straight away. Ashley followed Viki, quickly getting control of her by the hair and pulling her to her feet where she whipped two fast, hard, punches into Viki's stomach before a knee left to the breasts put Viki on the mats in a seated position. Seated didn't count as downed, and both women knew it as Viki was just about able to block a snap kick to the head from Ashley; a move that would just about have ended the match before it had really started. As it was, the force of the blow knocked Viki off balance and Ashley was able to trap her down on the mat, quickly controlling the champion in a grapevine.

Viki grabbed for Ashley's hair, trying to use it to pull the blonde tight into her chest, but Ashley slapped her hands away, digging her elbows sharply into Viki's breasts instead as she grabbed the champion's brunette curls, using them to bounce her head off the mat. Undeterred, Viki again grabbed, securing a tenuous grip of Ashley's long blonde hair. Calmly, the young challenger forced Viki's arms down once more, again digging her elbows in as she reasserted her grip of Viki's hair. Ashley bounced the back of Viki's head off the mat once more while her strong thighs went to work, spreading Viki's legs a little further. Their miniskirts already riding up around their waists as they battled each other, the two fighters duelled pussy to pussy on the mats. It was the challenger who was getting the better of things too, breaking from hair pulling momentarily to deliver an elbow strike to Viki's belly. Then, she was back in the brunette’s hair, forcing her head painfully to one side. Satisfied with her grip, Ashley released one hand out of Viki's hair to crack three rapid slaps off the champions cheek. Viki was in a tight spot and again reached for Ashley's hair as she looked to get some sort of foothold in the fight.

Again though, the young challenger asserted her early dominance, rising up to deliver another elbow smash deep into Viki's stomach before she slowly forced the champion's hands out of her hair. This time too, she took the opportunity to force them to the mat, high above Viki's head as she moved forward, forgoing the grapevine to sit just below Viki's breasts on her stomach. Now she held the perfect position to attack from, and it was a chance that she wasn't about to forego. Pinning the champion's hands with one of her own now, she again slapped her hard in the face before dropping her weight forward in what looked like a breast smother to Ramon. It was partly that, but more tellingly, her forearm rode across Viki's throat as well, effectively choking the champion who tried to defend by grabbing at Ashley's hair once again. She secured a good grip of blonde hair, but Ashley gritted her teeth against that pain, betting that she could take that for longer than Viki could take the choke for. She was right too, and as Ashley rode her forearm roughly across Viki's throat, letting it carry as much of her weight as she could from a pinning position, Viki quickly blurted out 'I submit!'

1-0 to the challenger, and in accordance with the rules, there was no mandatory break between the falls. A thirty second break was at the discretion of the fall winner and after just five minutes of action, Ashley felt no need to let up just yet. She did have to go to a different move though, so she pulled Viki from the mat roughly with a handful of hair. Viki shot a right hand into the blonde's tight abs, receiving a chopping right to the body in reply before Ashley surprised her with a headbutt to the chest, knocking her off balance. A snap kick from Ashley arced towards Viki's body, the brunette just about blocking that one, but knocked further off balance by the hard bodied blonde's onslaught, she took a right hand to the chin that dropped her onto her backside. Ashley held the upper hand once again now and she wasn't going to let it slip just yet as she followed up, measuring the seated champion for a right hand to the jaw once more. Viki shipped that punch too, crashing back to the mat where Ashley let her rest for all of a second before using her hair to haul her back to her feet. A knee to the stomach followed from the blonde. Clearly on a roll now, the Texan was looking for the opening to increase her lead in the match.

Taking a hold of Viki's hair now, Ashley threw the champion across the mats now, rushing over to catch her as she rose and repeating the dose with a second hair assisted throw across the mats. Determined to keep the pace of the match high, Ashley rushed in again, but this time Viki was waiting on her to deliver a lunging headbutt to the pit of the stomach, stopping the Texan in her tracks. An uppercut followed with Viki still on her knees as she slammed a hard fist in to the underside of the blonde's enhanced right breast. Ashley grabbed for the hair, pulling Viki's face in close to her stomach as she looked to deny her space to attack again. A mistake though as from that range, Viki was able to lock on a crotch maul that with the help of her long nails, quickly saw Ashley's eyes go wide with pain. The blonde cried out, but didn't fold; far from it in fact as she caught Viki with an elbow smash to the top of the head, scattering the brunette's senses for long enough to allow her to escape from the crotch attack. Stepping clear, Ashley quickly raked a kick across Viki's chest, and again the champion was knocked on to her back in the centre of the mats.

The blonde challenger was on Viki straight away too, wisely denying her the chance to recover as she dragged her across the mats by the hair, Viki shrieking as she desperately tried to get her feet beneath her. Finally able to do so, she was instantly shocked by a kick right to the pit of the stomach followed by a right to the jaw that put her back down. Ashley carried on her attack, immediately back in the hair to drag Viki across the mats once more. This time, she yanked Viki upwards by the hair, releasing her to drop back to the mat as she smugly brushed some strands of brunette hair from her fingers. Viki's hands went to her burning scalp down on the mat, presenting Ashley with the perfect chance to face sit her. Dropping quickly in to position, Ashley was able to trap Viki with her hands still above her head as she shifted forward, her naked pussy smothering Viki who instantly bridged and bucked. Viki knew she was trapped well by the blonde, and while she could take the smother for a while, she was in pain as Ashley reached back to sink long nails into both of her sensitive breasts too. Viki let out a muffled cry of pain and frustration as she tried desperately to dislodge the blonde. Ashley rode the attempt to dislodge her well as she rode Viki's face though, and when she started to twist Viki's breasts, her nails raising fiery points of pain in the sensitive flesh, Viki again had to cry out 'I submit!'

The match was off to a surprise start, the champion forced to submit twice inside ten minutes as the young challenger made a very strong start. Possibly a mistake then Ramon thought as Ashley elected to take a break at that point. 'Why didn't she just keep on her?' Estelle asked him, echoing his thoughts as she reached over to stroke his rock-hard cock through his shorts. She knew how much her loved a catfight, and seeing his champion dominated so far was clearly doing it for him. 'A mistake I think' Ramon agreed, enjoying his wife’s close attentions. 'I thought she would keep up the attack so early in the match' he continued as Estelle nodded her agreement.

The short break was quickly over as Anna-Maria got both women back on the mats before leaving them to it once more. Indeed, the break in the action seemed to have done Viki more favours than Ashley; she had been on the receiving end up to now and the break, however short, had given her a chance to regroup and reassess her strategy. Ditching the mini skirt during the brief interlude, which given its complete lack of protection and coverage was hardly a great loss, the champion strode back to the mats, now naked other her white thigh boots. She was on her toes for the start of fall three, flicking out stiff jabs each time Ashley strayed into her range. Viki's fists landing both to the blonde's face and breasts forced her to back up, and Viki enjoyed her first real successes of the match. Moving in now, Viki grabbed Ashley's hair, slapping her face hard and whipping two uppercuts into those tight abs before Ashley was able to slip free of her grip. Back at distance, the fight took on a similar style to the opening of the round with Viki's accurate jabs testing Ashley who blocked as best she could. Her reflexes were not quite a match for Viki's fast punches, but she also had her successes, ducking under one jab to swing a right into Viki's ribs before skipping back out of range. Viki was unperturbed though and as Ashley came back into her range once more, she stepped in with a right to the mouth followed by a left to the body as Ashley's hands instinctively rose to block another punch to the head. Ashley dropped to a knee where Viki kicked her in the pit of the stomach, and tight abs or not, the Texan rolled to the mat clutching her belly.

It was advantage to the champion now in fall three and she looked to keep it that way, pulling Ashley upright before cutting her back down again with three hard punches to the body. Ashley rolled onto her stomach, clutching her side and moaning as the crushing impact of Viki's knuckles took effect on her. Viki wasn't going to let up on the Texan though, choosing to pull her to her feet once more before lifting her to deliver a big body slam. Ashley's body hit the unforgiving mats hard; winded, the tough Texan again groaned as she rolled in some pain on the mats. Viki sensed she perhaps had a quick opening to score a submission, looking to drop into position for a reverse face sit. Although she was in trouble, Ashley looked to defend desperately, crossing her arms across her chest to prevent Viki from backing into the face sit position. Viki backed up some more, her arse against Ashley's crossed arms, sitting high on top of the blonde's impressive breasts. She lifted her right hand, hammering it down into Ashley's stomach. The blonde took the first one well enough, but Viki was methodical, continuing to hammer her opponent's abs. As she continued to plough the punches in, Viki slowly moved her position back, higher up Ashley's body, and as she sent another punch in, this time straight to the crotch, Viki's backside forced Ashley's hands high above her head, and she planted her ass straight on Ashley's face. Trapped in the face sit, the Texan was immediately in pain as well as Viki went for the crotch claw, and despite a last-ditch attempt to cross her legs to protect herself, the muffled shrieks of pain suggested that Viki had the move well enough applied. With no obvious way out, Ashley sunk her nails into Viki's ass, but the Latina Wildcat wasn't for moving off the blonde's face that easily. Continuing to work the crotch claw too, it wasn't long before a muffled cry of submission came from Ashley, moving the score to 2-1 in the match.

Viki removed Ashley's tiny tartan mini skirt as she rose off the blonde, taking it with her as she headed to her corner, electing to take the break between falls. It was a brief respite though, the two women finding themselves back on the mats quickly for fall four. Ramon fancied it might be the pivotal fall of the match. If Ashley got it back together in this fall, he thought she might start looking for the total submission to claim the title; Viki on the other hand needed another good fall to strengthen her position in the fight. The two women, both clad just in thigh high boots, circled each other a little cautiously now in the early going of fall four. Jabs were exchanged, both women landing to the head and body of the other although Viki seemed to be getting the better of it as two jabs rocked Ashley's head back only for the blonde to slip a third and land a knee to the body which put the champion on the back foot. As Viki backpedalled, now it was Ashley landing the crisper punches, mostly to Viki's breasts which she quickly set swinging before lashing a nail rake across them. 'Bitch!' Viki spat at her as she felt the burning pain of her opponent's nails in her breasts; furious she aimed a slap at Ashley's head, the blonde ducking and catching her perfectly in the crotch with a right hand.

Viki crumpled, tipping forward into a front headlock which Ashley applied tightly before breaking the hold to club an elbow across Viki's shoulders. Down on her knees, Viki was unable to defend as Ashley reapplied the front headlock though, keeping Viki on her knees as she started to drive the toe of her red boot into Viki's stomach and chest until, feeling she had done enough damage, she released the hold allowing Viki to fall back to the mat. Viki rolled to her side, clutching her stomach and groaning with pain as she desperately tried to recover from Ashley's latest assault.

Her confidence growing, Ashley found the time to play to the small crowd now, gesturing at Viki  before she looked to Ramon and Estelle now, telling them 'she's finished now' before jiggling her enhanced tits playfully at the fight sponsor.

'Showy little bitch' Estelle muttered under her breath as she Texan turned back towards Viki who had still barely moved down on the mat. Ashley 'helped' her back as far as all fours before drawing herself up to her full height and dropping to her knees to deliver a savage elbow across the back of the head. Viki rolled to the mat on her back again, a slightly vacant look in her eyes as Ashley quickly wrapped her legs around Viki's head, a tightly applied side head scissor. The Texan's thighs rippled with power as she flexed them around Viki's head, the pain they induced at least bringing Viki back to her senses a little. A flat handed slap to her right breast clearly stung the champion, the sound of it reverberating around the courtyard as she dug her feet into the mat, looking for an escape route. She turned into Ashley, making it almost to her knees before a disdainful shove to Viki's backside sent her back to the mat under the control of Ashley's thighs. Now Ashley went to work, another stinging slap to Viki's right breast, then another, this time converted immediately to a one-handed tit maul as her other hand sunk into the champion's hair. Ramon had seen the slap and tit maul combination used by Viki many times in the past; also, on her at times. It was effective too, drawing a cry of pain from the brunette who again dug her heels into the mat, trying to lever herself into a better position.

Again she made it to her knees almost before Ashley hooked a punch into her body sending her back to the mat, but Viki had anticipated the punch and rolling with it, she made it to her knees. Still, Ashley had her thighs closed tightly around Viki's head and a hand wound tightly in her hair but Viki was back in the fight as she clamped her hand down hard between Ashley's thighs, mauling her pussy and quickly getting herself free of the scissor hold as the blonde looked to scramble clear of her. Viki smiled to herself despite the pain burning in her right breast, the angry welts caused by the blonde's nails clear to see. The way Ashley had scrambled away from the crotch mauling suggested a weakness that she may be able to exploit. She had to regain her feet first though, eating a right-handed slap to the face as she did so, but replying with a right hand to the body as she rose, forcing Ashley on to the back foot. Ashley tried to counter with another slap to the face which Viki blocked now, sinking low to drive a gut busting uppercut into Ashley's belly. The Texan moaned as Viki's fist slammed into her body, immediately followed by an uppercut to the breasts. Ashley slapped, high again, and a mistake as Viki once again struck low to the body, suddenly winning the battle as she forced her Texan challenger back.

Ashley finally covered up to the body, dropping her guard lower to catch a stinging hook to the body with her right elbow. Viki slipped another jab to the head though and as she snapped a kick straight to Ashley's crotch, the challenger crumpled to the mat and Viki took command of the fall. Pulling Ashley half upright, she kicked her in the side before plunging on top of the blonde with a simple full body splash to knock the wind out of her. Now Viki looked for the move that would even up the score in the fight, sliding into position to trap the blonde’s head in a reverse '69' head scissor. Curvier than Ashley, Viki's thighs lacked nothing for power though as she put them to work squeezing the blonde's head. Ashley moaned, raking her finger nails up Viki's back and ass before Viki hammered two punches into the pit of the blonde brawler’s stomach. Debilitating blows, they put paid to Ashley's escape attempt pretty well, and Viki stepped up her assault with a double claw hold. Her right hand sunk into Ashley's stomach, middle finger inserted in the blonde's belly button, her left went lower, a crotch claw. A potent combination it seemed from Ashley's howls of pain; even more so from the speed with which she yelled out her submission.

It was 2-2 now, and again Viki elected to take the break as she climbed off the blonde challenger for her title. 'She is confident she has the match in hand now' Ramon told his wife. Estelle nodded agreement, silently wondering why the brunette hadn't pressed home the advantage immediately. She felt that Ashley looked tired heading back to her corner now, and maybe Viki could just have kept the match going.

Ramon noted the confused look on his wife's face, figuring that she probably just couldn't grasp the feeling of confidence a true fighting woman like Viki would be feeling at his point. He was sure Viki felt she had taken the worst that Ashley could throw at her now and indeed, the champion flew out of the traps at the start of the fifth fall, warming Ashley's cheeks with flurries of stinging slaps. Ashley shot back intermittently, landing an occasional jab to the breasts that stung Viki, but each time Viki was repaying her with interest now. The Texan still had to be respected though, surprising Viki with a kick to the thigh which caused her to have to back up for a few moments, covering up against a couple of haymakers to the head that might well have turned the match decisively back in Ashley's favour had they landed. Viki took her time though to recover, inviting the Texan onto a sharp kick to the stomach in the end, putting the blonde on her knees. A low drop kick crushed Ashley's breasts against her body, the soles of Viki's boots connecting perfectly with the enhanced breasts. Ashley was sent sprawling to the mat as Viki now smiled at Ramon, showing him that she thought she had the match in hand now.

Estelle thought so too as she watched Viki 'paint brush' slap Ashley's face down on the mat before driving her boot down across the blonde's battered breasts once more, sending Ashley rolling, moaning, across the mats. Viki's pace was methodical now, allowing Ashley to struggle to her knees once more before a soccer kick to the chest crushed her breasts once more. Viki allowed Ashley to roll around the mats in pain again for a few seconds before she went back on to the attack again, slowly peeling the blonde fighter off the mats before waist locking her to deliver a crotch crushing atomic drop across her knee. Ashley was almost frozen in place on Viki's knee for a moment before she crumpled back to the mat as Viki punched her hard in the stomach. It looked like Ashley was a spent force now, but Viki wanted to put an exclamation point on her victory as she again got the blonde to her feet. Going behind her, she lifted the challenger for what might best be described as an inverted body slam, dropping her breasts first to the mat. Ashley howled with pain as her already pained breasts took the brunt of the slam; a kick to the ribs from Viki rolled her on to her back and a reverse face sit, tightly applied looked to spell trouble for Ashley. The blonde flailed her feet looking to kick at Viki and knock her from her perch right there on top of her face. Viki dodged and blocked the attempts, using any lull in them to drive hard fists into Ashley's body and breasts, and with the Texan seemingly subdued, she struck once more. Viki plunged her white painted nails now into Ashley's proud breasts, putting those long nails to very good use.

Ashley's pained cries were barely muffled by Viki's ample backside. Neither was her follow up yell of 'I submit!' muffled all that much, but this time Viki wasn't moved by the submission, using the nails to grip and pull Ashley's tenderised tits even more as she told her to 'submit the match cunt!'

'I.......I. No, no' Ashley replied as Viki continued her attack, raking her nails across sensitive breast flesh in between landing punches to each breast.

'Give up the match cunt!' Viki again demanded as she twisted both of Ashley's nipples before sinking her nails into her breasts once more.

'Aaaaagggghhh! Aaaaagggghhh! I...I....yes, I submit the match!' Ashley yelled out as Viki's effective tit torturing methods worked their magic on her, finishing her challenge at the 24-minute mark.

Viki rolled off Ashley, the blonde quickly rolling away and clutching her breasts as both Roman and Estelle rose to congratulate Viki on her victory. The champion, naked other than her boots remained seated on the mat, gathering herself before looking up, more than a little surprised as Estelle cleared her throat and spoke.

'Congratulations Viki' she said 'a hard-fought victory and well deserved. I feel like this is as good a time as any to let you know who your next opponent will be' she continued, ignoring Ramon's look of confusion. 'In two months’ time, I will be your next challenger here. I know you act as Ramon's mistress here. I don't hold that against you, but I will fight you for him.' she told the shocked brunette.

'Are you mad my dear?' Ramon asked his wife, dumbfounded by her brazen challenge to a tough, experienced fighter.

'A little dear, but only with you' Estelle continued. 'You see, I am a perfectly capable fighter, and you know it, you just don't realise that you have seen me fight many times. Does the name Red Devil mean anything to you?' she asked him.

'Well yes, but I don't see....' Ramon replied before Estelle cut him off.

'I am the Red Devil' Estelle announced. 'It's a disguise I developed to allow me to fight without you realising dear. It clearly worked too' she laughed. 'Viki, in your dressing room, you will find a new laptop which will show you my matches. Not just the publicly released ones, but also the more private arrangements too. I feel it only fair that you see all of them if you wish as I have access to all of your matches through Ramon's collection. It is also only fair you get to see me in action too, so tomorrow evening, I will fight live in front of you and Ramon. Do you accept the challenge?' Estelle asked Viki.

'I do Estelle' Viki replied. 'I will not fight you for Ramon though, he is yours. I will fight you for the title though; that is mine' she proudly stated.

'Good' Estelle smiled 'then it is settled' she said before heading back into the mansion, leaving Ramon and Viki a little in shock out in the courtyard.