Introducing The Red Devil

By Wolfboy

Chapter 6 of The Red Devil Saga


It was Viki who recovered her composure quickest after Estelle's shock challenge to her made in the immediate aftermath of her successful title defence against the Texan tough girl Ashley. She had simply shrugged her shoulders and left the mat a little wearily, feeling the effects of a tough match. She had been challenged plenty of times in the past by women, so that didn't worry her at all. She was a little surprised that it had come from Estelle though; Viki admitted to herself that she hadn't picked Estelle out as a fighter. She always came across as elegant, a little detached from the action on the rare occasions that she had watched Viki fight. Now Viki realised, Estelle had been weighing her up as a potential opponent for some time. Viki didn't want to waste any opportunity to learn about the Red Devil now. Sure, she knew of her matches for video companies but Viki felt the real truth about Estelle as a fighter would lie in her private matches.

Ramon meanwhile was totally stunned. How could his wife also be his favourite video catfighter as well; how had he not noticed this! The mind is a strange thing though, and with the addition of her disguise, he simply hadn't suspected a thing. But he was still confused, the Red Devil always sounded German and her hair was a glossy jet-black colour. Estelle was French and blonde. After making sure that Ashley was OK and that she was looked after by Anna-Maria, he went back inside to talk to Estelle.

'You could have told me' he said to her; a weak opening gambit if there ever was one. 'I would have set you up to fight Viki in a flash if you had. But you can't be the Red Devil; she's German, you're French, she's dark haired and you are blonde my dear?' he challenged.

'Have you ever heard of hair dye?' Estelle asked him having switched to fluent German. 'You didn't know I spoke German did you Ramon?' she asked. 'Sure, it takes some dedication and discipline to scream in German when some bitch it trying to tear your hair out or your tits off, but it's all part of the disguise. Every bit as important as the mask.'

', well I guess' Ramon stuttered, his mind struggling to play catch up with Estelle's alter-ego. 'But how do you fit in all those matches?' he asked. 'I've never noticed you going off to them?' he enquired.

'Well that's easy enough' Estelle told him. 'You're here for at least a week every couple of months watching Viki fight, you go on other business trips too. It gives me plenty of time to get out to fight. Or even to learn to fight at first' she continued. 'I just wanted to learn to wrestle, knowing it would turn you on my love, then I got into it more than I could ever have imagined. At that point, I realised that to measure up to Viki for you I needed more experience, tougher matches....' she said, her voice tailing off.

'I would have happily taken you just wrestling my dear' Ramon told her. 'I am amazed and stunned and delighted that you've done this though. You know you are technically my favourite catfighter' he smiled, adding' even if I didn't realise it until 15 minutes ago.

'I know' Estelle replied 'and I'm sorry that I didn't accept when you asked the Red Devil to challenge Viki two years ago' she told him. 'You didn't know it was me of course, but you asked, and I just wasn't ready for her back then.'

'She's a tough woman' Ramon allowed 'are you sure that you will be ready for her now?' he asked.

'Honestly, I think I am, but until we fight you never know' Estelle said. 'I know I've been in there with some hard women, but Viki is a well-respected fighter too. I'm not unbeatable either’ Estelle told him. 'I know the Red Devil had only lost once on video but in private, I have other defeats to my name. It's the right time for me to find out though' she added with conviction.

'I think it's time I learned a bit more about your fighting ability would you say my dear?' Ramon asked, picking up the hard drive and plugging it into his 55-inch television.

'I agree' Estelle said 'if you pick the first title, that will give you the potted highlights of my career first. I'll talk you through it' she added as she curled up next to Ramon on the sofa. The first match on the file showed a nervous looking Estelle, standing on the mats in a private room. Still blonde at this point, she was wearing a simple two-piece shorts and sports bra combination in red. She was barefoot and facing a slightly heavier set woman who wore a similar outfit in black.

'This was my first proper match' Estelle told Ramon 'the other woman is called, Leesa. Leesa Fox and she was my trainer, I guess. I used to visit her to learn how to wrestle. This was just submission wrestling, and as you'll see, she knew just too much for me at this stage' she smiled.

Indeed that was exactly what Ramon saw in this first match as the highlights showed Leesa having the better of it, securing two submissions with a head scissor and a folding face pin, both of which Estelle fought hard against without success. Estelle did manage to fight back, securing a submission with a dragon sleeper and body scissors combination. It was the teacher who finished the match on top though, a reverse head scissor slowly converted to a reverse face sit giving her a third submission just before time expired.

'Leesa taught me so much' Estelle told Ramon. 'She took me under her wing when I first wandered into the private wrestling club in London that she owns. At that stage, I knew nothing and I was nervous just to be there. That match was after 6 training sessions She taught me submission wrestling first and I was hooked after that one match' she told her husband.

'I think you did OK for your first match against an experienced opponent Estelle' Ramon offered. 'No dark hair then though, or the mask?' he asked.

'No' she agreed 'that came a little bit later. I wrestled two other women at the club, and then Leesa wanted to get me to do a video match. Said I might as well earn some money doing something I liked. That was when I told her everything really; that you had no idea I was doing it, that I didn't really want to go public and so on' she told Ramon.

'How did she take that?' Ramon asked her.

'She never skipped a beat' Estelle laughed ' I remember it like it was yesterday in fact. You need a kind of wrestling alter-ego she told me, a disguise, a character that you can become when you step on to the mats, so that you don't have to worry about being recognised. Start with a wrestling mask she told me, stick with red outfits because they seem to suit you, and maybe dye your hair a different colour for matches. That was her suggestion and I added in the German speaking myself, all to try and throw people off the real me' Estelle explained. 'So I did that and had a couple more submission wrestling matches, both on video for a company called 'tough babes'. I won both of them and picked up £250 for each match. I guess it's fair to say that Leesa really invented the Red Devil' Estelle finished.

'Indeed' Ramon agreed. 'So that was your grounding in wrestling then?' he asked. 'When did you start to go in for catfights? he added.

'Well, Leesa asked me to go with her to one of her matches, explaining to me that the private fights were where the money really was. She knew I was hooked and knew that fighting a mysterious masked woman would appeal to most of the fighters involved. More so, she knew it would appeal to fight sponsors as well.' Estelle explained. 'So, I went along with her and watched something I had no real idea existed until then because this was about the time you were setting up your championship down here. Leesa fought a woman called Sophie in the tight backroom of a pub. It was a public fight, small invited audience’ she continued. 'The first surprise for me was that both women fought topless, then body punches, breast and crotch attacks. You can imagine how that looked to me. Leesa and Sophie beat on each other for over 10 minutes, thongs were torn, bodies mauled, and then Leesa got her in the perfect face sit and it was game over for Sophie.'

'And you wanted a go?' Ramon asked

'You know I did' Estelle agreed 'Leesa talked to me about it, explained that I might have to go with different styles, different requests for outfits, venues, rules. You name it, it was all up for negotiation before each match' Estelle remembered as she continued 'but I wanted in. As long as I could keep the mask for now, I was going to give it a try, so she stepped up my training and she sort of became my manager too, helping me to pick fights and prepare for them' Estelle told him. 'Play the second film, that'll make sense now' she told him.

The second film again showed Estelle standing on a wrestling mat, this time in the backroom of a pub, now in front of a small crowd. She wore a red bikini again; smaller and more revealing than her previous outfit, and now she also wore a red mask and had her hair dyed jet black. She was unmistakably the Red Devil in appearance now, if not name as she was introduced as Estelle still pre match. Her opponent, a buxom blonde called America was wearing a black and white striped bikini similar in style to Estelle's. The match was a short one as it turned out, Estelle dominating the blonde early with body punches. A threatened comeback was short lived and when Estelle slammed the blonde down to the mat, she trapped her in the dragon sleeper that she had used against Leesa. This time though she continued to hammer America's body with hard fists until the blonde submitted to her.

'My first catfight and my first win' Estelle laughed. 'We were just the warm up act that night, but the crowd liked my look, so I got invited back a couple more times and won both of those too.' she told Ramon. 'So not only was I hooked on it, I was doing pretty well.' About then, Leesa suggested I took on some matches with different video companies. All catfight companies, but ones that had differing styles of real matches. You know this bit probably as well as I do of course Ramon' she continued 'but we agreed I would fight for Submission Bitches in Europe, Moscow Maulers in Russia and American Amazons in the States. Submission Bitches emphasise smothers in their matches, Moscow Maulers allow no submissions, only wins by knockout or retirement between rounds. American Amazons is more straight up submission catfighting. The idea was to help me become a more well-rounded fighter by experiencing different styles' Estelle said.

'And it worked well I think' Ramon agreed. 'I don't recall seeing you lose for any of those companies Estelle?' he asked.

'Just once actually' Estelle admitted. 'Submission Bitches have a match which I lost filmed, but they're holding on to it for now. I fought one of their other stars, Heike Braun, and she won by one submission to nil over thirty minutes. I think they're planning to release it later in the year though' Estelle explained 'have a look at the next file anyway' she suggested.

The third file showed Estelle, now billed as the Red Devil, in a ring setting in front of a quite sizeable crowd of about 250 people. 'This was held in the ballroom of a hotel in Toronto' Estelle explained, 'and it is me challenging for the World Underground Catfight League middleweight title. By this time, I'd had 10 private catfights, winning them all, plus 5 submission wrestling matches with just the one loss, and I think maybe 6 or 7 video fights.'

On screen, Estelle wore a long red dressing gown that showed nothing of what lay beneath it. Her mask was now in the style that Ramon associated with the Red Devil; that of a Mexican Luchadora, allowing her long black hair to flow from the back of it. Her opponent, also a masked woman, was known as the White Phantom and was the reigning champion; she also wore a long dressing gown in white. Introductions followed, both women coming in just inside the 140 lbs limit. The highlights of the fight began, White Phantom starting well, backing Estelle up into the corner under a sustained barrage of slaps and body punches. A crotch punch dropped Estelle and a head scissors and crotch claw opened the score in favour of the Phantom. Round two seemed to start similarly, but in the corner, the White Phantom looked to tear at Estelle's flimsy red lace one-piece suit, seeking to expose her to the crowd. That worked in Estelle's favour though as she caught the champion off guard with a crunching uppercut to the sternum and quickly her dragon sleeper and breast claw combination evened up the score, her nails tearing away the Phantom's white suit around her right breast.

Fall three went Estelle's way too, a face sit and crotch claw combination doing the damage. Round 4 opened with the Phantom catching Estelle in some effective chokes against the ropes, but Estelle fought out of it, working to the Phantom's body when she could to wear the champion down. A repeat of the dragon sleeper and breast claw saw Estelle take a decisive 3-1 lead; there was little time left in the match and Estelle saw it out to claim the title.

'I never defended the title though' Estelle explained to Ramon 'they decided that they wanted to be less underground and more mainstream. Masked fighters weren't going to be good for business they thought, so they asked me if I would unmask and fight for them. If they'd have stayed underground, I may have thought about it, but I wasn't ready to reveal myself then, so I relinquished the title' she admitted.

'A mistake on their part' Ramon told his wife. 'They had a great fighter as their champion, and messed it up!'

'I like to think so' Estelle laughed as on screen, the action moved to another match. 'Now this was a mistake on my part' Estelle admitted as the action showed her unmasked in action against a bigger woman. 'I thought I was up to this challenge' she continued. 'Bree Davies was an American heavyweight and I was asked to take her on in a catch-weight contest by a private collector. It was totally private so I agreed to fight unmasked for an additional fee in a topless fight.'

Indeed, on screen the Red Devil was actually unmasking before the fight, wearing a pair of satin hot-pants in red, and a pair of red fishnet hold up stockings. Across from her, her big blonde opponent stood, hands on hips, as she stared her down. Bree wore a simple 't-back' black thong. 'At 5 feet 10 and 180 lbs' she had nearly 40 lbs on me' Estelle said 'and it showed too, her slaps and punches were like being hit by a mule!' The action showed that too, Estelle being bullied around the tight confines of the mat room under a steady barrage. In the end, a combination of body punching and a crotch kick put Estelle down and into a lengthy face sit beneath her heavyweight opponent. Estelle fought hard, but she had no way out as Bree ground her into defeat. A knockout defeat at that as Bree rode her well past the point of submission, taking her hot-pants, stockings and already discarded mask with her as she left the mat room leaving Estelle flat out, spread-eagled and naked on the mats in defeat.

'Taking my outfit has been something of a tradition whenever I've lost a match' Estelle laughed. 'Bitches just love those Red Devil outfits!'

'I can understand that' Ramon told her. 'You have a distinctive, unique look, and your outfits are always so impressive, taking them is like a trophy to them if they can beat you.'

'It certainly feels like that' she agreed 'fortunately I don't lose all that often or it would cost me a fortune in outfits!'

Another couple of matches showed on the screen, two fairly routine victories for the Red Devil before another, harder fought victory in the pub back room where Estelle had first appeared in a catfight. 'They invited me back to take on this girl called Emerald' Estelle explained, 'she'd run through all of the competition that they could find for her locally, but she was a big draw so they wanted someone to take her on. So that was me! It was anything goes, mask versus hair and nude from the start' she explained, somewhat unnecessarily on the last count as both women stood naked on the screen, Estelle's red mask and Emerald's bright green hair providing splashes of colour against the toned bodies. 'She was a savage fighter, small but tough and unorthodox too' Estelle said as the action began. Indeed, the pace of the fight was furious in the early going, both women trading punches, kicks, slaps and flashing nail rakes. Emerald caught Estelle with punches from unusual angles, before taking her down and brutally finger fucking her down on the mat, twice bringing her to orgasm. She worked Estelle in a camel clutch, followed by a head scissor and breast claw as she tried to finish her off. 'Her tactics were difficult to counter' Estelle admitted 'and that finger fucking really took it out of me and threw me off my game for a while.' She fought back though, an eye rake slowing the green haired fighter down before she hammered her body with punches and knees. With Emerald tiring, two big body slams softened her up for Estelle's favoured move, the Dragon Sleeper and breast claw combination which she held for the knockout win. Estelle wasn't quite finished there though, cutting her opponent's hair down to a short crew cut before leaving the mats.

'That was my toughest match to that point really' she told Ramon, 'she was a hard woman. Unorthodox, tough to beat and unpredictable. The finger fucking was a new thing to me in a fight; I guess there's always something new that you can come across on the mats though' Estelle admitted.

Again the screen showed highlights of three victories in private for the Red Devil before an altogether different outcome against an Italian bodybuilder called Tina Delano. 'She had me all over' Estelle admitted 'start to finish, it was all her. It was an agreed no time limit to a knockout match, apartment style in full lingerie as you can see.' The action on screen showed the powerful looking Italian trading blows with Estelle for a couple of minutes before Tina caught her cold with a crotch kick and a pile-driver of a right hand to the jaw dropping Estelle. 'That scrambled my senses' Estelle admitted; and the bitch was all over me then.' Indeed, it showed that way on the screen, Tina treating Estelle to a series of five body slams, and generally kicking her around the mats. A fish-hook camel clutch followed; a punishing move rather than one designed to get the knockout. Tina did that with the face sit instead, riding Estelle's face to a knockout as she methodically stripped her; a fifteen-minute domination.

'There are a few more matches on here' Estelle told Ramon. 'You might find this one the most relevant one for now though. I fought Anna about 2 months after you had Viki defend her title against her. It's a one-hour time limit match, most submissions wins. I need to turn myself in to the Red Devil for tomorrow' she smiled seductively as she went on 'so why don't you enjoy that match while I do just that?' Estelle suggested.

'I will do that my dear' Ramon smiled. 'I'm anxious to finally meet this Red Devil after admiring her from afar for so long. But I have one question Estelle; don't your opponent’s mind you being masked?' he asked her.

'Generally not' she replied 'I've fought occasionally without the mask when asked. There are quite a few masked fighters on the semi-private scene though. I think the crowd find it exciting, like they can imagine who's under the mask, let their imagination run wild' she suggested. 'Rumour has it some quite well-known women have fought masked in the past' she said. 'I've never come across anyone well known myself on the scene, masked or otherwise' she said, adding 'I suppose it's possible though.'

'I've heard rumours of that myself too' Ramon admitted, musing 'perhaps it's something I should look into more. But now, I will watch your match with Anna while I wait to meet the mysterious Red Devil my dear'

With that Estelle left the room, heading upstairs to turn her current appearance, blonde hair and all, into the darker, sultrier looking Red Devil. Ramon double clicked the file as his wife had directed, immediately recognising Anna, the Hungarian blonde who had recently fought Viki. Across the small mat room from her stood his wife, in her Red Devil guise. Both women's outfits were perhaps best described as 'pro-style' he though. Anna in black; a skin-tight black leotard with thong back, shimmering light tan tights and white wrestling boots just below the knee. Estelle in her traditional red, a plunge front swimsuit showing her belly button, red fishnet tights, red knee-high wrestling boots and of course, the red luchadora mask. The action was not pro style however, a fierce submission wrestling catty brawl bursting into action from the start, 15 minutes of back-and-forth action which culminated in Estelle catching Anna face down on the mat in a crushing body scissor, adding in some vicious hair pulling and slaps to the face as she won the first submission. Fall two started with Anna stripped to the waist and it was again a hectic, fierce fall of catfighting, this time Anna getting the better of it, trapping Estelle in a reverse '69' head scissor and crotch maul to even the score. Estelle now also stripped to the waist, and soon found herself in trouble, trapped face down on the mat in a body scissor as Anna finger fucked her. Just as she had with Viki, Anna converted that to a crotch claw with Estelle on the verge of orgasm, quickly claiming the submission to lead 2-1.

Estelle rejoined the action now just in her red fishnet tights and boots but she seemed to step it up a gear now, rocking Anna with fast hard slaps to the face. Dominant suddenly, Estelle trapped Anna in a lengthy face sit, her nails dragging across Anna's pert breasts to even the score. Another submission followed quickly, a second face sit and breast maul putting Estelle into the lead with about 10 minutes of action remaining. Tired but spirited, Anna threw everything at Estelle, but the Red Devil just had a step on her, beating her to the punch often enough. In the end, time expired with Anna submitting to the Dragon Sleeper and breast claw combination, Estelle exacting more painful damage on Anna's breasts as she did so.

Ramon now realised that Estelle was a serious contender for Viki, convinced of her ability by her performance against Anna. He knew the Hungarian was a fighter of some considerable ability, his wife had bested her over an hour of hard, unforgiving, catfighting. Viki was tough too; he was guaranteed a great fight he was sure. but first, he was going to see Estelle in action tomorrow with the Swiss fighter, Heidi Chaud. Lost in that thought, he barely noticed Estelle slip back into the room until she closed the door. Looking up at her from the sofa, he took in her stunning change in appearance. Her hair now a glossy jet black, she stood before him in a skimpy red negligee, red sheer thigh high stockings, a pair of 6-inch red high heels and her red wrestling mask. Straddling his lap, she leaned forward kissing him hungrily, then she purred seductively in his ear 'I'm the Red Devil, lovely to meet you.......'