Enter The Devil

By Wolfboy

Chapter 7 of The Red Devil Saga


Ramon awoke early the following morning, his wife, now naked lying next to him, her wrestling mask now hanging from the bed post. He gazed down at her, still not quite able to believe that she was in fact the well-known catfighter, the Red Devil. There was no denying it now of course, but he still had one remaining thrill to come this morning as he would get to watch his wife fight in person for the very first time. It seemed to be a pretty competitive match that she had chosen for herself too. Heidi Chaud had been a European light middleweight catfight champion for a short period of time and was a fighter that Ramon was familiar with. He had considered her as a potential opponent for Viki in the past but he had been unable to get dates agreed with her previously. Estelle had apparently had no such problem in persuading the Swiss fighter to come to Lanzarote to take her on though.

Ramon decided the best approach to the morning was to allow Estelle space and time to prepare for the match in her usual way, so he went out to the terrace, eating his breakfast out there. When he came back into the main house an hour later, Estelle was gone, apparently choosing to prepare for the match in one of the guest suites which usually served as changing and training areas for the women he invited to fight for him.

Time passed slowly for Ramon that morning. He had looked forward to seeing the Red Devil fight for a number of years now. Yet now, presented with exactly that opportunity, he was also apprehensive for his wife as well. 'Don't worry about me' she had told him last night 'I'm a big girl and I really do know how to handle myself on the mats now' she had laughed when he had told her of his concern. 'Besides, you want to see the Red Devil fight, I know that, so just enjoy it dear.'

So Ramon did his best to go with his wife's wishes, savouring the build-up and weighing up the fight just as he would with any of the other fights he watched. He knew that the rules were agreed to be identical to the fight Viki had just had against Ashley the day before. He was interested to see how the two different women would work under those same rules. Ramon thought that Heidi was perhaps the stronger of the two women but that his wife was probably the more experienced of the two fighters. An intriguing battle he fancied. One other person was very interested to see how the match would go, Viki joining Ramon on the terrace a few minutes before match time. She took her seat next to Ramon, wearing a simple white summer dress which hung loosely, partly disguising her fantastic body which bore the marks of her battle from the previous day. The two sat, chatting idly on the terrace as they waited for the two combatants to appear on the mats. There was no doubt that the dynamic had changed between Ramon and Viki though following Estelle's revelation of the previous day, but they were still very comfortable in each other’s company.

The sight of Anna-Maria striding on to the mats was the first indication that the action was about to commence. Ramon and Viki both stirred, suddenly more attentive to the fight area; Ramon fascinated to see his wife in action, Viki more interested in getting an up-close view of her future opponent Estelle. There was a short wait before Anna-Maria was joined on the mats by first Heidi and then Estelle. Both women wore floor length shimmering satin gowns, heightening the anticipation of them stripping down to fight. The mid-morning sunlight caught the material of both fighter's gowns, playing across the mats in dancing patterns of light as Anna-Maria came to the centre of the mats, preparing to call the fight to order.

'Ladies' she began 'this is a no time limit match where the only illegal moves are punching and kicking the head of a grounded opponent or biting to escape a move. Biting to attack is legal. There will be no referee, so I will leave the mats after the introductions. There are to be multiple submissions with optional breaks of one minute decided by the winner of the fall. The match can only be won by a verbal total submission of the match. Nails are unsharpened but a minimum of half an inch in length.' As with the match yesterday, both women flashed their talons to prove that, Estelle's painted scarlet and Heidi's in a metallic turquoise colour. 'So, on my right, from Basel Switzerland is the Swiss Miss, Heidi Chaud. Heidi is 28 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall and 150 lbs and she measures 38C-26-38. She is a former European light middleweight champion with a record of 21 wins and 6 losses.' Heidi stepped forward, allowing her turquoise robe to slide from her shoulders to the mat, revealing that she was naked apart from a pair of knee-high turquoise wrestling boots and a pair of black knee pads.

'And her opponent on my left is The Red Devil, Estelle Sanchez. Estelle is 42 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall and 143 lbs and she measures 38C-25-39. She is a former world light middleweight catfight champion with a record of 34 wins and 5 losses.' Estelle now let her flowing scarlet robe drop to the mat revealing that she too had forgone the mini skirt worn by Viki and Ashley under the same rules yesterday. She wore a spectacular pair of deep red, thigh high fashion boots, albeit with a flat sole to aid her movement on the mats. As Anna-Maria left the mats instructing the two women to 'fight', both left their corners, circling slowly as they probed their opponent's defences. Ramon was intrigued to see how the match would play out. Heidi, strong, muscular looking had clearly outgrown the under 140 lb light middleweight limit now and looked the stronger. Estelle, tall and rangy would still meet that weight limit with relative ease if asked he knew, and she was the quicker as she dodged into range to canon two fast slaps off Heidi's face. The Swiss fighter kept her guard up though as Estelle came at her again and hit harder to the body forcing Estelle into an early defensive clinch.

The powerful blonde welcomed the clinch though, driving knees, piston-like, to Estelle's body before roughly throwing her to the mat. Confident, Heidi waited, careful to position herself behind Estelle as she got back to her knees only to find a hard kick crashing into her back to pitch her on to the mat. Again, Heidi waited, allowing Estelle to her knees once more before a straight punch to the back of the head put her on her face on the mat again. Kneeling didn't count as grounded so it was a cruel, but legal shot from the Swiss fighter who dropped to her knees, grabbing Estelle's hair before using it to help her wipe the mat with her face. Estelle then found her face slammed into the mat as a tough first minute in the match passed with Heidi in control. The Swiss Miss felt in control too as she pulled Estelle from the mat to deliver a big body slam, her power putting great authority behind the move. She went back to the hair, getting Estelle to her knees before a toe kick to the pit of the stomach and as Estelle pitched forward into her, Heidi wrapped her hands around her throat in a straight forward choke hold. 'Do you give already Devil?' she asked with a hint of cockiness as Estelle let out gasps as she fought for air, but the proximity of the two bodies gave Estelle chance to reply with a punch to the stomach then cruelly, one to the crotch that knocked Heidi to her knees. A push to the chest sent the Swiss girl to her back and the Red Devil finally found time to clear her head from Heidi's early attacks.

Both fighters were back on their feet now, and seasoned combatants that they were, neither rushed in, looking to pick out an opening instead. Estelle warmed Heidi's face with fast stinging slaps while Heidi again looked to work to the body in reply, Estelle already wary to block those powerful punches. Estelle snapped a kick into Heidi's side, deftly skipping out of range before Heidi could reply, and as the Swiss Miss lost her patience a little, she rushed forward, straight onto a front kick to the stomach. She stopped in her tracks, doubled forward slightly as Estelle went for a right to the jaw that put her on her knees. Another kick followed from Estelle, this time squashing Heidi's breasts against her body as it struck hard, sending her to her back on the mat. Now Estelle waited patiently for Heidi to reach a seated position before she stepped over her shoulders, wrapped her thighs tightly around Heidi's head and, grabbing a double handful of hair, she fell back to the mat with the blonde trapped in a tight rear head scissor. Such was the length of Estelle's boots, the leather of them was pressed against Heidi's face, and as the Swiss fighter looked to bear her nails, she realised there was no flesh for her to attack with them. A shrewd choice of footwear from the Red Devil who flexed her long legs, causing Heidi her first real discomfort of the match as she let out a grunt of pain.

Heidi may not have been able to use her nails effectively from this position, but she wasted little time before starting to hammer her fists into Estelle's thighs. Estelle replied, digging her heels into Heidi's toned abs, but the blonde took that and continued with the fists as Estelle started to think better of continuing the move. She released the scissor, bringing Heidi to her feet with that double handful of hair, and she looked to lift Heidi now for a body slam. Heidi knew what was coming, effectively blocking the move before driving an elbow into Estelle's shoulder blades to drop her to her knees. Estelle was down and Heidi wasted no time in delivering a low drop kick, both feet catching her opponent in the chest as she was bowled to her back. The Swiss fighter was methodical in attack still, allowing Estelle to all fours before driving a boot into her belly, sending Estelle reeling back to the mat gasping for air. Heidi was all business still, taking Estelle's legs to roll her to her back and deliver a stomp to the pit of the stomach, further winding the Red Devil who was clearly in some trouble again in round one of the match. Heidi kept the pressure up though, an elbow drop to the chest delivered hard before she wrapped Estelle up in a side headlock, pulling her face into her breasts, to deliver a breast smother that stopped Estelle from immediately replenishing her air supplies. The headlock was on tightly too, a muscular arm tightly wrapped around Estelle's neck, holding her face firmly in her breasts as she continued her strong start to the fight.

Estelle was suffering now, trapped in the tight headlock and looked to turn Heidi onto her back, fighting hard with her heels pushing on the mat as she succeeded in getting half way there before a hammering blow with the heel of the boot to the stomach stopped her. Now Heidi mounted Estelle, sitting on her stomach as she released the headlock, instead preferring to roughly ride her forearm across Estelle's throat as she leaned into her. Estelle was defending on two fronts, legs pointed up in the air as she feared Heidi trapping them in a grapevine while she battled hard to keep her chin tightly tucked in to stop the forearm choke from becoming fully effective. Heidi played with her legs, faking that she was looking to go for the grapevine, forcing Estelle to continue defending against that. The blonde was really after the choke though, using Estelle's jet-black hair to force her head back more, and her forearm continued to press in tighter. It was obviously effective, Estelle immediately pawing at the arm while Heidi slapped her face, and it looked to Ramon like his wife was likely to be forced to submit the first fall. She surprised Heidi just enough though with a sudden bridge as she stopped defending against the grapevine, and Heidi was knocked off balance just enough to stop the choke. Estelle was still trapped beneath her opponent though as the Swiss blonde shifted to trap her in a cross pin.

Punching or kicking a grounded opponent may have been forbidden, but the rules made no mention of headbutts, something Heidi took advantage of, dazing Estelle with a short one to the face. Now, the Swiss fighter was confident that fall one was heading her way as she dragged her sharp nails across Estelle's body from breast to crotch, painting an angry furrow across Estelle's skin as the Red Devil yelled out in pain. A further shift of position now saw Heidi move quickly to trap Estelle in a reverse head scissor as she trapped both of Estelle's arms in against her sides too. She wasn't done with the headbutts either, landing three into the pit of Estelle's stomach as her thighs went to work on the jet haired fighter. Then she cruelly leaned her head close to Estelle's left breast, sinking her teeth into it as Estelle's cries of pain filled the courtyard once more.

'Submit Devil slut!' Heidi told Estelle as she broke off from her breast biting attack but Estelle was steadfast in her refusal to give. 'No, never......Aaaaggggh!' was her reply as Heidi's strong legs continued to punish her in the reverse scissor hold that was soon broken, Estelle electing to sit heavily on Estelle's face instead in a reverse face sit before hammering right and left hands into Estelle's lightly tanned body. Each one drove a bit more oxygen from her body, but still Heidi was struggling to put her away. She had total control though, wisely electing to keep Estelle trapped under her arse as she slowly smothered her towards submission. That wasn't quite enough for Heidi though as she leaned forward once more, thrusting her fingers into Estelle's pussy, using her nails to great effect in a crotch claw attack. Despite the muffling effect of the younger blonde's arse on her face, Estelle's screams of submission were clearly audible around the courtyard. Heidi rose off Estelle, electing to take the one-minute break rather than continue the action, sure she was comfortably on top of the much vaunted Red Devil.

It looked that way to Ramon too. Estelle had been dominated so far and she had shipped some pretty heavy punishment from Heidi in a seven minute long first fall. Viki thought it too, but she expected Estelle probably had more in her locker than had been demonstrated so far somehow. The famed Red Devil certainly seemed a better fighter; maybe fighting without her mask weakened her Viki smiled to herself as the two fighters were back on the mats to start fall two.

'Come on Devil slut!' Heidi motioned at the start of the second fall, beckoning Estelle to come at her, before, as Estelle wisely stood her ground, the Swiss fighter rushed in at her behind a stinging flurry of slaps to face and chest. Estelle covered up momentarily, taken aback it seemed by the ferocious onslaught, but she picked her shots wisely with heavy handed slaps rocking Heidi's head side to side before a chopping right hand to the body stopped Heidi in her tracks. Now Heidi was in trouble early it seemed as apparently tired from her ferocious paced attack before Estelle gracefully took to the air to flatten her with a picture-perfect drop kick. Both feet catching Heidi square in the chest sent the Swiss Miss sprawling back to the mat, and Estelle was on her fast, a knee to the ribs as she tried to roll back to all fours. On her back, Heidi was caught with a stomp to the body sending her again trying to roll clear of Estelle, but she rose straight in to the grasp of the Red Devil with a standing front headlock. From that position, Estelle drove a knee up hard between Heidi's tits, drawing a moan of pain from the Swiss fighter who was still trapped in Estelle's tight grip. Estelle went back to the knee lift again, but this time, Heidi was waiting on it, taking the blow but catching the leg against her chest before quickly sweeping out Estelle's standing foot. Dropped to her backside, Estelle was taken aback a little as Heidi lunged, effectively tackling her back to the mat, but the Red Devil was quick to react as she snapped her legs tightly closed around Heidi's waist in a powerful body scissor. Watching on, Viki took note of the apparent power of Estelle's thighs; she may not have looked a powerful woman, but Heidi's shouts of pain could attest to the power of the steely thighs and their vice like grip.

'Submit bitch?' Estelle asked Heidi who replied by latching on to Estelle's breasts in a double claw hold as she told Estelle 'Fuck you Devil slut!'

Ignoring the pain now burning in her breasts from her Swiss foe's sharp nails, Estelle hammered her with hard, heavy handed slaps to the face while the Swiss woman looked to keep up the pressure with the breast claw. She was getting the worst end of things it seemed though as Estelle's slaps looked to be sapping her a little before a rake of Estelle's scarlet painted nails down her chest drew a shriek of pain. As Heidi moved her hands momentarily to protect her own breasts, Estelle struck, a straight right hand to the face putting Heidi on to her back, and as Estelle rolled on top of her, she quickly moved into position sitting naked on Heidi's face. 'Unnnngggghhhh!' Heidi yelled out as she tried to squirm out from beneath Estelle, but a firm grip of her blonde hair held her head firmly in place for Estelle to ride it. The Red Devil looked imperious, confidently riding Heidi's face as she looked for the submission. A slap to the top of the head followed by more hard hair pulling saw Heidi redouble her efforts to get free as she was driven on by the pain burning in her scalp. This time she swung her legs up, trying to get them around Estelle's body to force her off, but the Red Devil was side to her plan, brushing the legs aside as she quickly switched to a reverse face sit, making Heidi bear her full weight on her face. Desperate now, Heidi attempted to swing her legs up once more, but now Estelle was ready for her, catching her right leg and thrusting her fingers into her pussy, quickly drawing a screamed-out submission to even up the fight.

Estelle too elected to take the one-minute break at this point, returning to her corner and allowing Heidi the same respite but that period soon passed and both women, now showing the effects of battle a little faced each other once more across the mats. 12 minutes of action certainly meant that both women had plenty left though and that showed in the early going as Heidi slashed her nails at Estelle's body who skipped clear before lighting up Heidi's body with a kick to the ribs. Heidi took a backward step, Estelle following her, only to run into a second nail slash across the stomach and a jab to the face that rocked her head back. Heidi rushed in with a clothesline that Estelle was able to duck under before slashing a kick across the back of Heidi's knees to drop her briefly on to both knees. From behind, Estelle pressed both hands into Heidi's shoulders; it looked like a classic pro-wrestling pressure point hold, but in fact, it was Estelle's nails digging into the shoulders doing the damage. As Estelle's body pressed into Heidi's though a back headbutt to the crotch broke the hold, pushing Estelle back and allowing Heidi back to her feet. Estelle attacked again, a slap to the face from range landing but Heidi brushed that off, grabbing the hair and pulling Estelle onto a knee lift to the face that dropped her onto her back.

Estelle rolled, looking to get back to her feet as she cleared her head, but Heidi was waiting on her and she second Estelle's knee left the mat, she landed a straight boot to the side of the head. It was a legal move, perfectly timed just as Estelle's knee left the mat, and there was no doubt it had left her dazed as Heidi roughly pulled her from the mat by her jet-black hair and lifted her to deliver a big body slam on the centre of the mats. The impact was hard, unforgiving, as Estelle yelled out in pain, but she had her wits about her enough to lift her knees as Heidi came in for a big splash, and now both women were down, one dazed and one winded. It was Heidi who stirred first, but Estelle was biding her time, waiting on her as the Swiss fighter wrapped her hand in Estelle's hair, Estelle struck with an uppercut to the crotch that immediately put Heidi on her knees as a look of surprise and pain registered on her face. Estelle now used her head, landing a short butt to Heidi's face to send her reeling and then with the Swiss fighter down, Estelle dropped a leg across her chest. It was a well delivered move, catching Heidi hard and Estelle looked to take control of the fall as she wrapped her steely thighs around the blonde's head. A tight head scissors with a solid grip of the hair was enough to trouble Heidi while a cruel nipple stretch drew a shriek of pain from her but Heidi was already trying to turn onto her knees to start to reduce the pressure of the scissor hold. Estelle kept her ankles firmly crossed, trying to squeeze the submission out of the Swiss woman, but again Heidi fought back, her nails probing Estelle's ass hole, drawing an alarmed cry of 'fucking cunt!' from Estelle as she released the scissor hold and looked to get clear. Heidi followed her though, lashing a foot out to catch her in the belly and keep her down and now the Swiss blonde looked to get back on top of the Red Devil once more.

With Estelle on her knees, Heidi grabbed her left arm, twisting it twice painfully. Looking to ease the pressure, Estelle looked to get to her feet only for a headbutt to the shoulder to drop her back to her knees. Another twist of the left arm followed before a second headbutt to the shoulder as Estelle again attempted to come up to her feet. Now Heidi dropped to her own knees beside Estelle, bringing a howl of agony from her as she sunk her teeth into her shoulder. 'Give it up Devil slut!' Heidi demanded as Estelle continued to cry out in pain from the molar mauling. 'No!' she replied but she was in a tight spot it seemed before a series of back elbows to the body forced Heidi off her. The Swiss Miss came in quickly again but Estelle was ready, a thrusting headbutt to the body surprising Heidi before an uppercut to the jaw dropped her to her backside on the mat. Estelle rose a little wearily, rubbing at her shoulder where Heidi's teeth had done their damage, drawing a little blood. She was ready to attack though catching a rising Heidi with a kick to the stomach with the toe of her boot. Stunned but not down, Heidi was wide open to a fast right hand to the jaw that dropped her to the mat. Estelle wasn't letting her stay down for long though, using her shock of blonde hair to bring her to her feet before monkey flipping her to the mat. Heidi landed hard, legs and arms akimbo as she lay on the mat only for Estelle to punish her further with a diving headbutt to the crotch. Heidi let out a moan of pain but instinctively tried to wrap her thighs around Estelle's head; the Red Devil was ready for that though, brushing her legs aside before delivering a clubbing double handed blow to Heidi's stomach.

With her opponent in trouble now, Estelle looked determined to step it up a level, lifting Heidi as if to slam her, but instead dropping her stomach first across her knee. There was a moan as the air left Heidi's lungs that quickly became a shriek as Estelle cruelly clawed her ass before shoving her off her knee to the mat. Again, Estelle brought Heidi to her feet with liberal use of her blonde hair. Heidi looked to fight back again, a weak right hand to the body having little effect before, from a slightly side on position, Estelle wrapped her arms tightly around Heidi's body in a crushing bear hug. Now Heidi's head went back, a look of pain and anguish on her face as Estelle's arms ground into her ribs. Leaning forward too, Estelle took the chance to sink her teeth hungrily into the side of Heidi's left breast. Too late, Estelle realised her error as Heidi was able to wrap her left arm around Estelle's head and neck in a tight headlock to pull her face into the smothering pillow of her C cup breast. Estelle didn't panic tough, releasing the bear hug to give herself the room to hammer a straight right hand into her opponent's unprotected rib cage. The headlock was broken immediately before Estelle went for an uppercut, almost lifting Heidi's feet from the mat before it dropped her.

Estelle was quickly back to the bear hug, trapping Heidi face down on the mat as she applied it this time. Her arms once again grinding into Heidi's rib cage from the side as she looked to further weaken her Swiss foe. Heidi battled it once more, looking to escape again as she got to all fours only for a head butt to the side of her head to drop her back to the mat. Estelle released the bear hug now, placing both hands on Heidi's back before pushing herself up into the air to deliver a swinging knee strike into the blonde's already pained ribs. 'Unnnngggghhhh! Shit....Nooooo' the Swiss fighter cried out as Estelle repeated the dose and it was clear that Estelle though she had Heidi on the rack now with her concerted attacks. A handful of hair allowed Estelle to pull the ailing blonde to her feet where she measured her for another hard right hand to the ribs which saw Heidi crumple back to the mat clutching her side in pain. Estelle wasn't about to show her any mercy either, waiting until she reached all fours before a kick to the ribs sent her rolling back across the mat squealing in pain. There was little doubt now that Estelle had done the damage to her Swiss opponent who found herself lifted for a slam as she cried out 'shit.... noooo!!'

Now Estelle saw her chance to force the submission, pulling Heidi roughly into a seated position, posting her knee into the blonde's lower back before she trapped the blonde in her dragon sleeper hold. It was her favoured submission hold, one which she quickly added to as she clawed Heidi's breast viciously to add to the predicament. 'Aaaaggggh! No!' the Swiss fighter cried out, answering the question of if she wished to submit, but the situation was against her as Estelle broke off from the breast claw to hammer her ribs once more, drawing sobs of pain from the proud Swiss Miss.

'Now do you submit, blonde whore?' Estelle asked as her nails went back to work on the sensitive breasts while she continued to punish her in the sleeper hold.

'Yes, yes!’ came the response this time 'I submit, I submit the match!' was the surprise follow up from the tough Swiss woman. Estelle had worked her ribs over thoroughly though, and Ramon admiring his wife's victory suspected an injury to the Swiss fighter had ultimately led to her capitulation. Viki felt it too, but she was impressed with how Estelle had used a targeted assault to force Heidi into defeat. She knew now that she would have to respect the Red Devil's ability if she was to beat her in their battle in the next defence of her title. Estelle had left the mats without a second glance for the Latina Wildcat who would be her next opponent. Both women would spend plenty of time studying each other though before they would meet on those very mats. As Anna-Maria helped Heidi from the mats, Ramon couldn't help but look ahead to what seemed sure to be an epic clash between two tough, beautiful women, both of whom he cared greatly for.