The Devil and The Wildcat

By Wolfboy

Chapter 8 of The Red Devil Saga


Ramon had found himself anxiously anticipating the clash of his wife and his mistress and champion ever since the two women had both fought in front of him a couple of months earlier. Work commitments had prevented him from getting the match to take place any earlier, but that had just allowed his anticipation of the match to build. Both women had agreed to fight for his catfight title too. Estelle or Viki would come out of the match with the title belt and as such would require a challenger for their next defence. In a slight break with his usual protocol though, Ramon had the match to decide that challenger held on the evening before Estelle and Viki would fight. He felt that the two ladies fighting for the title should have his full attention on the day.

The battle for the number one contender spot had therefore taking place in the courtyard the previous evening just around sunset. The two combatants, Alicia McLean and Cat O'Reilly were both highly thought of in the world of catfighting and had provided a tough, uncompromising contest. Alicia was the Scottish light middleweight catfight champion with 35 wins from 40 contests at domestic level. 7 years younger at 28, Cat was recently crowned Irish lightweight champion following an 18th win in 19 fights. The two redheads had delivered a contest every bit as fiery as the colour of their hair, starting with Alicia working the lighter Cat over with a series of body slams before a face sit / breast claw combination. Irish wildcat Cat had stripped of the remains of her tattered outfit, preferring to fight naked in round two which she won after slowing Alicia up with some hard body punches. A figure four head scissor proved effective from Cat as her bowling ball like calves choked Alicia into a submission. Fall 3 saw both women naked as Cat ran out the eventual victor with another head scissor which she used to choke Alicia out for the knockout win.

Ramon had been impressed with the young Irish fighter's victory, feeling that she would represent a good challenge for the winner of the weekend's title match, a contest he had to admit had been on his mind for much of the weekend. For a long while now he had wondered who would fare best; his wife Estelle an elegant but hard fighter or former mistress and champion Viki, more of a catfighter but equally tough. He would not have to wait much longer now though as he took his seat on the terrace overlooking the mats and gave Anna-Maria the signal that he was ready. Anna-Maria wasted no time in getting the ladies out on to the mats, leading Viki and Estelle out in to the hot mid-morning sunshine. With temperatures already touching 85 degrees in the sun, Ramon wondered if that might play into the hands of the local woman, Viki. Estelle had seemed unconcerned though, so there had been no thought of moving the match to a different time. Most of the mat was already bathed in the hot sunshine too, only a rapidly diminishing corner of the area remained shaded by the surrounding buildings as the sun climbed steeply in the clear blue sky.

Anna-Maria stood on the centre of that matted area now, preparing to bring events to order. 'Ladies, this is no time limit for the championship. Scratching and biting the face is illegal, punching or kicking the head of a downed opponent is illegal; all other moves are legal. It is multiple submissions with a total submission or a 20 second knockout to win. The fighter winning a submission may choose to take a one-minute break or continue immediately. The match is to be fought topless with no stripping until you have won a fall. On my left is the challenger, The Red Devil, Estelle Sanchez. Estelle is 42 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighs 143 lbs and measures 38C-25-39; her record is 34 wins with 5 losses. On my right is the champion, The Latina Wildcat, Viki Perez. Viki is 37 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 135 lbs and measured 40DD-25-38; her record is 40 wins and 6 losses. OK ladies, get ready and let’s fight!' Anna-Maria instructed.

In their respective corners, both women stripped off t-shirts to reveal their outfits. Viki choosing a simple enough white thong while Estelle wore a red thong with some black piping on the waist band. Both had finger and toe nails painted to match, their finger nails long too, both women planning to use them as weapons in the match, Ramon was sure.

There was no further ceremony needed, both Viki and Estelle were here to fight each other this morning, and as they stood breast to breast on the centre of the mats, staring each other down, Estelle struck first with a lightning-fast slap across the cheek. Viki responded with interest, landing a hard slap of her own across the face before going to the hair to throw Estelle across the mat. Viki tried to follow up but Estelle bounced back to her feet quickly catching the on-rushing Latina with a head butt to the stomach which she followed with an elbow around the back of the neck to put Viki on her knees. Estelle was instantly into Viki's curly brunette hair, bringing her to her feet before delivering a knee lift to the body that again put the champion on her knees. Once more, The Red Devil went to the hair but as she brought Viki to her feet, the champion rose with an uppercut to the body that surprised Estelle, Viki was quick to follow up this time, forcing Estelle's hands from her hair before a fast one-two to the breasts put The Red Devil on the back foot, Viki feinted a hook to the head which Estelle look to block instinctively, but as her guard came up, a straight kick to the pit of the stomach bowled her over to the mat. Viki was on her quickly too, dropping heavily across Estelle's body in a cross pin. Estelle turned her body, but the Latina held the upper hand for now, lying across her body as she grabbed Estelle's long straight black hair. Ragging Estelle's head around by the hair, Viki also took the chance to bang her head off the mat a couple of times.

Estelle was stunned slightly as her head bounced off the mat a third time, but a cry of pain showed she had regained her senses as Viki plunged her nails into her right breast. 'How do you like that Devil?' Viki snarled as she continued to maul Estelle's sensitive breasts while her cries of pain suggested that she didn't like it very much at all. Estelle threw back an elbow, catching Viki in the side, but as she repeated that move again, Viki trapped the arm, forcing it into a hammerlock up Estelle's back before shifting her body slightly to trap the arm in place. Estelle was wide open now, and Viki knew it, softening up her challenger with elbows to the body of her own before going back to the breast attack again. Stinging slaps softened up Estelle further before Viki expertly went back to the nail attacks on the breast, torturing her opponent further. Warming to the task, the Latina grabbed Estelle's hair again, getting right in her face as she did so, telling Estelle to 'submit bitch!'

'No!' Estelle replies simply as she looked to work her way free of the hold, but she could find no obvious escape, and instead she found herself gritting her teeth against another painful breast attack. Still, Viki was sensing that she may need more to gain a submission from Estelle, so maintaining the hammerlock, she brought Estelle to her feet before planting a hard right hand just above the waistband of Estelle's thong. A handful of hair kept Estelle from dropping to her knees before Viki tried to lift her for a slam. The taller woman, Estelle shifted her body cleverly though, bringing herself crashing down on top of Viki as the momentum in the first fall seemed to shift a little. Viki was winded as Estelle moved into a reverse schoolgirl pin sitting high on Viki's breasts. Immediately, she slid a hand inside Viki's thong, a pussy maul well applied to put Viki in trouble as she cried out her discomfort. 'How about that Wildcat?' Estelle taunted as she worked her fingers inside Viki's thong. Viki looked to cross her legs, receiving a pile driving left hand to the belly button before Estelle looked to shift back into a reverse face sit. Viki was well prepared for that though, crossing her arms across her chest to form a barrier that Estelle wasn't easily able to cross. The pussy maul was doing its damage though, Viki's yelps and cried could attest to that, and Ramon was starting to think that his wife may have his champion exactly where she wanted her now in the first round of the fight.

Viki hadn't become champion by chance though; she was tough and resourceful and she was always looking for a target to attack her opponent. Sinking her nails suddenly into Estelle's ass gave her that chance, the surprise pain causing Estelle to arch her back in pain. That brought her long jet-black hair into range, a chance Viki did not waste as she grabbed it, pulling hard to move Estelle off her and straight into a nasty choke hold with both arms wrapped tightly around her neck. Estelle fought hard trying to keep her body from being trapped between Viki's powerful thighs, successfully too as she scissored Viki's right leg guaranteeing for now that there was no way for the Latina Wildcat to complete the move. Releasing one arm from around Estelle's neck though, Viki quickly latched on to Estelle's right breast, this time concentrating on the nipple which she twisted and pulled fiercely. 'Fucking bitch!' Estelle moaned as Viki continued to work on the breast, twisting the nipple almost as if she were winding a clock. The Latina certainly seemed intent on punishing her opponent's breasts when she got chance, and Estelle was already feeling it as the champion looked to gain the opening submission. She fought back again though, a short back headbutt catching Viki in the chin, and the contest was back on a more even footing as both women scrambled clear of the other and to their feet. Now, Estelle as the taller woman gained a bit of an advantage, her jabs peppering Viki's body, breasts and occasionally face as the champion looked to find a way into range.

Viki tried to rush in, but Estelle gave ground steadily as she continued to counter the champion before a fast kick to the ribs put the brakes on Viki's forward rush. Then, measuring Viki carefully, Estelle dropped her with a chopping right cross to the jaw. Estelle moved in quickly, a low dropkick sending Viki rolling across the mat with Estelle in hot pursuit. Viki looked to rise quickly hoping to defend herself, but an elbow caught her round the back of the head before Estelle trapped her in a front headlock. Using that, she dragged Viki down to the mat on her belly as Estelle lay out to her full length briefly, looking to punish the champion in the choke hold / headlock. Estelle played her nails roughly across Viki's shoulders in a move that drew an angry shriek from Viki as the nails painfully scratched her skin. 'Never!' Viki replied as Estelle asked her if she wanted to submit; the hold was well applied, but it was apparent that it might take more for the Red Devil to draw the first submission out of Viki. As she looked for that, Estelle played into Viki's hands and the first fall of the match would swing inexorably in Viki's favour. Estelle looked to pull Viki to her feet, perhaps to deliver a body slam, but instead, Estelle found her opponent flashing her fingers across her eyes in a well-timed eye rake. The Latina Wildcat followed up, a two-punch left-right combination crashing quickly off Estelle's jaw to send her to the mat where the Latina looked to punish her. Estelle was still stunned as Viki delivered a flying elbow drop to the chest, driving the air from the scarlet clad fighter. Things were quickly getting worse for Estelle too as Viki now rolled her on to her front before positioning herself to lie across her upper body. One hand attacked Estelle's right breast once again, a clear target for the dirty fighting Latina whose nails and fingers went to work again. Cheek pressed firmly to the mat; Estelle soon found Viki's other hand beating out a steady rhythm on the back of her head too. On every third slap, Viki would grab and tear at Estelle's hair, before slowly repeating the does, asking her opponent 'submit Red Devil!?'

'No' came the still defiant response from the Red Devil, but a close look at her face would have belied a look of desperation on her face as she was well trapped by Viki. The slaps were troubling her, but not as much as the breast mauling so expertly applied by Viki. The champion wasn't letting up either, keeping up the punishing attack for a couple of minutes before as she grabbed the hair once more, she rolled Estelle, trapping her on her back in a tight body scissor. Now Estelle cried out in pain, suddenly caught between the crushing thighs of the curvy Latina while her fingers, once again, went to work on her right breast. Finally, sensing discretion to be the better part of valour, Estelle cried out her submission. Wasting no time as she felt the match was in her favour, Viki released the scissor hold, immediately stripped the Red Devil of her scarlet thong and then getting to her feet, she refused the one minute break, instead kicking Estelle hard in the ribs as she sent her rolling across the mat in pain to start fall two.

Viki took her time now, not living up to her Wildcat nickname as she considered her next move before catching Estelle with an elbow across the back of the neck as she dropped to her knees. Estelle had made it to all fours, but now dropped back to her stomach on the mat as Viki grabbed her hair before slamming her face into the mat. Viki looked confident now as she rolled Estelle to her back before trapping her in a rear body scissor. Both hands sunk into the Red Devil's long hair, nails tearing at her scalp as Viki went to work on setting up another submission as her thighs once again started to crush Estelle's body. Grunts and groans of pain came from the challenger as Viki worked her over in the scissor hold, ragging her head around by the hair. 'Give up Devil' Viki instructed her naked foe as her thighs tensed again around Estelle's body.

'Aaaaggggh! No, no' Estelle responded, gritting her teeth as she looked to withstand Viki's powerful scissor hold. It wasn't going to be enough to just hold out though, Viki wasn't tiring of scissoring her, but from his vantage point, Ramon could see that his wife was starting to look for her way out, her feet looking to force their way between Viki's to prize the scissor hold apart. It was a distraction, and as Viki looked to put paid to that attempt at freedom, Estelle sunk her nails into Viki's golden tanned thighs drawing an instant cry of pain from Viki who was suddenly under attack despite her apparently strong position. Sensing that she wasn't going to gain from keeping the scissor hold on, Viki turned it loose, clubbing a forearm across the back of Estelle's head. Estelle had suffered in the scissor hold from the strong Latina for a couple of minutes and she rose straight into a bear hug from Viki, another crushing hold that threatened to squeeze the fight right out of the Red Devil. Estelle was in more trouble as Viki ducked her head down, sinking her teeth into Estelle's right breast, but in an instant, the tables turned as Estelle countered, wrapping her arms around Viki's head to pull her face into a breast smother. Viki tensed, realising that she was suddenly trapped, her nose and mouth effectively smothered by the C cup breasts of the Red Devil. Not content with just the smother, Estelle used her knee to punish Viki's stomach with a couple of knee lifts, and as Viki's body sagged against her a little winded, Estelle started to take control of the fall for the first time.

A third knee lift, this time to the pussy instead left Viki hurting as Estelle let her slide down her body to her knees. A fourth knee strike, now to the chest put Viki on her back, at least until Estelle went to the hair to pull her back to her feet. Agile and fast, Estelle took a pace back before flooring Viki once more with an impressive standing dropkick. Viki hit the mat hard, but once more, Estelle was on her quickly as she pulled her back upright by her mop of curly brunette hair once more. Another knee to the body set Viki up as she lifted the champion with ease to deliver a powerful body slam on the centre of the mats. Estelle wasn't done there either, lifting Viki a second time to deliver a body slam that had Viki crying out just with the anticipation of her impact with the unforgiving mat. As the champion writhed on the mat, her hips rising from the ground as she tries to ease the pain in her back, Estelle struck again with a cruel heel stomp to the belly that sent the champion rolling across the mat, clutching at her stomach. Methodical, Estelle waiting for Viki to half rise, before flooring her with a right hand to the jaw. With Viki down, Estelle dropped to her knees by her side, grabbing her hair as she slapped her hard across the face. Then she rode her forearm across Viki's throat, roughly choking the brunette brawler as she reached back to claw at her stomach as well. Estelle kept up the claw hold as Viki tried to bridge or at least squirm into a position to protect herself a little better. Estelle leaned her body into Viki more though, pinning her in place before hammering the brunette's belly with a series of right hands and slaps. The reddening of Viki's belly was proof of the power of Estelle's attacks, but she was still in the fight as she sunk her nails into the forearm of the Red Devil and she looked to prise the arm off her throat.

Estelle was one step ahead of Viki just at this point of the match though, using her hair to bounce her head off the mat before settling back into the choke and stomach claw once more. The claw hold applied right on the low-rise waist band of her thong drew cries of pain from the champion who struggled against the hold, trying to bridge and twist her body away from the claw. Estelle kept the pressure up though, looking to weaken Viki before, with Viki still crying out in pain, Estelle brought her back to her feet looking to lift the curvy Latina once more. Viki had other ideas though, firing a quick right hand into Estelle's ribs. A second right hand followed as Viki seemed to be about to turn the fall back in her favour. A kick lashed out now, targeting Estelle's ribs but the Red Devil was quick to recover her senses, catching the leg and using a right hand of her own to Viki's chest to knock the champion back down. Still holding Viki's leg as she fell, Estelle was fast to grab for the other leg, spreading Viki wide to leave her open first to a stomp to the stomach and then, cruelly, one to the crotch. Viki rolled across the mat now, crying out in pain as Estelle slowly stalked after her, Ramon sensed his champion was in big trouble now as Estelle measured her, waiting until she reached all fours before a straight kick to the ribs put her back on the mat. Again, Estelle stood waiting for Viki to rise, this time pushing her back to the mat with a foot to the side of the face. She followed her down this time too, a clubbing double fisted blow to the back ensuring Viki stayed down for a moment as Estelle again stood over her. This time, Viki looked to rise quicker, trying to surprise her challenger with a lunging head butt to the stomach. Estelle dodged the worst of that move though, before slashing a kick across Viki's body as she knelt before her, and once again the champion was on her back at the feet of the Red Devil.

Now Estelle upped her pace once more, dragging Viki to her feet before falling back, foot planted in her stomach, as she sent the Latina flying through the air with a monkey flip. Viki hit the mat hard, and winded, she was slow to rise, not noticing that Estelle once more stood right over her to trap her in a standing head scissor as she reached all fours. Grabbing Viki's arms, Estelle levered both of them up the champions back as she ankles crossed beneath her and Estelle's exquisitely muscled thighs started to squeeze her head. 'Bitch!' Viki moaned before groaning with pain as the Red Devil's thighs flexed around her head once more. 'Submit?' Estelle replied as she continued to squeeze whilst she now had both of Viki's arms crossed high on her back in a very effective double hammerlock. 'No, never!' came the reply from the champion as she continued to resist while she suffered in the combination hold, her pained groans belying her defiant answer a little. Estelle gave once more flex of her thighs in the standing position before rolling to her side, taking Viki down to the mat in the scissor hold. Now she was able to effectively pin both of Viki's arms in the hammerlock with just her right hand, and she quickly put her left hand to good use, latching on to Viki's right breast as she started to maul and scratch at it. 'Submit bitch?' Estelle asked once more, adding 'I've got you now' as she pulled Viki's nipple, stretching it out from the breast before releasing it to slam a punch into the tender breast flesh before continuing to maul.

'No, no..... Aaaaggggh!' come the once more defiant reply from the proud Latina, cut short as Estelle's legs once again went to work, framing the brunette's face in a painful thigh prison. It took a few more sharp flexes of the thighs, but suddenly, as a second punch landed in her breast, Viki cried out her submission, 'I give! I give!' and the match was back on an even footing at 1-1. Estelle also elected to take the one-minute break between falls to take on some water in the searing heat. She also left Viki with her thong for now, unlike the Latina who had immediately stripped Estelle at her first chance. Ramon though that his wife might just have plans to use the garment against the champion now though, perhaps preferring to rip it from her painfully rather than simply stripping her. After all, there was little to gain from simply stripping the Latina; both women had ample experience of being naked on the mats so it was unlikely to have any great impact on them. So far, the action had lived up to Ramon's expectations; both women having their moments on top, but both also getting punished by the opponent at times too. As the third fall started, he was intrigued to see where the match would go now.

Now the two women started fall 3 a little cautiously, each painfully aware of the others ability after the first two, hard fought, falls. Estelle enjoyed a slight advantage whenever the fight was at distance; height was in her favour giving her the greater reach, but she was also slightly the quicker of the two women. When Viki strayed into range, Estelle's slaps would sting her face and body forcing the Latina to back up and rethink her strategy. For her part, Viki was the heavier hitter of the two, and she was trying to lead Estelle into her range where she would look to do her damage with punches, knees and kicks to the Red Devil. A game of cat and mouse ensued, Viki shipping the slaps as she looked to get in range to deliver some heavier punishment. Estelle was wise to the plan though, for now content to be on the back foot keeping the champion frustrated as she kept her at bay behind her stinging slaps. Viki was getting impatient as she scored with a kick to Estelle's thigh, and she looked to rush in behind that, only to run into a chopping right hand to the jaw, pin point accuracy from Estelle, as she wobbled the tough Latina. Now Estelle went on the attack herself, whipping a right hand into Viki's stomach before looking to go back to the head with a fast right hook. Viki gathered her senses quickly though, blocking the hook, and then she sprung onto the attack, catching Estelle with a right hand to the body, a left to the breasts and finishing the flurry with an elbow that grazed the Red Devil's jaw as she looked to get out of range. Viki followed though as Estelle tried to escape, and a well-placed jab to the face staggered the challenger before Viki dived for her waist, tackling her to the mat in a bear hug which she quickly released as she took up a pinning position, tanned thighs clamped around Estelle's face as she sat high on her body. Grabbing Estelle's hair, she cracked a hard slap off her face before reaching back to land a punch to the stomach, Viki dragged her long nails across Estelle's stomach now as the Red Devil returned the favour, raking her nails across the Latina Wildcat's thighs, both women snarling at each other defiantly as they both felt the searing pain.

Viki went back to the face with two hard slaps, then took a good handful of Estelle's long, jet black hair, wrapping her fingers in it as she pulled Estelle's face towards her crotch. Estelle fought hard, looking to resist despite the strong hair pulling from the champion as she tried to avoid being caught in the smothering face sit Viki clearly had planned for her. There was no way of resisting for long though, and as Estelle's face was forced firmly into the champion's crotch, she looked to be in trouble early in the fall. She looked to counter now though, looking to escape rather than simply resist, as she swung her legs, trying to wrap them around Viki's shoulders to dislodge her. The Latina was waiting on her though, leaning forward and keeping low to keep out of range of Estelle's long legs as she batted them away. Frustrated, Estelle resorted to swinging knees ineffectively into the small of Viki's back while the champion continued to hold the upper hand, grinding her crotch on Estelle's face. 'Give up bitch!’ Viki instructed as Estelle's knees to the back slowed up now, perhaps as she felt the smother taking its toll of her. She certainly felt the right hand to the body followed by nails dragging roughly across her smooth skin once more that Viki decided to go to as the Red Devil refused to submit. Of course, a knockout was a possibility too as Estelle remained trapped in the smother, and Viki had no intention of letting her free just yet. Estelle let out a muffled moan of 'I can't breathe!' as she struggled against the crotch smother. 'Then give up bitch!' Viki mocked as she leaned back to land another right hand to Estelle’s body only to find the naked Red Devil able to finally coil her legs around Viki's body. Now, finally, Estelle was free of the long smother hold, but it was still Viki who rose first, able to trap Estelle in a front headlock before delivering a knee to the body of the jet haired challenger before going back to the hair to throw her across the mats. Estelle sprawled across the mats, battling to get her feet under her as Viki rushed in to catch her back in the front headlock. Estelle used her wrestling skill now though, slipping the headlock in to a hammerlock as she pinned Viki's arm high up her back before kicking across the back of her knees to drop her to the mat. Now Estelle wrapped one hand in Viki's hair, one tightly across her throat as she went for a sleeper as she stood behind her kneeling opponent.

Viki grabbed as, clawed at Estelle's strong arm as it wrapped tightly around her throat, trying to force it away from her, but to little avail as Estelle posted her knee between Viki's shoulder blades adding to the hold. 'Nnnngghhh!' Viki cried out in pain and frustration at Estelle's dominant position now in the fight as the Red Devil tried to put away her Latina opponent. Viki clawed again at Estelle's arms, the scratches visible on her pale forearm, but she was not moved at all as she continued to grind her forearm in tighter with the sleeper hold. Replying in kind to the scratching of her opponent, Estelle switched her grip of Viki's curly brunette hair, now sinking her nails into the champion's scalp drawing a cry of pain. Desperate to escape now, Viki groped around for an alternate target, latching with glee onto Estelle's long hair as she did so. Viki pulled as Estelle braced herself against suddenly being pulled over Viki's shoulder to the mat by her hair. Instead though, Viki just got Estelle's face into range as she surprised her with two sharp punches to the face, and then as Estelle looked to blink away the sudden surprise pain, Viki pulled hard, throwing the startled challenger over her shoulder and to the mat.

Viki gathered herself quickly, slapping Estelle hard in the face as she lay prone in front of her now, adding to the discomfort from the two sharp punches, and suddenly the Latina had apparently turned the tables on her challenger. Looking to press home the advantage, Viki rubbed her forearm roughly across Estelle's eyes ensuring she didn't really see Viki's flying leg drop across throat and chest coming as it landed hard across her body. Now Viki went to the hair, peeling Estelle from the mat and sliding her hand between the Red Devil's thighs, she lifted her to deliver a crunching body slam, the impact on the mats unforgiving on the challenger's body. Again, Viki went to the hair, ignoring Estelle's nails as they flashed quickly across her stomach before stunning her with a head butt to the forehead. Wobbled by that, Estelle found herself waist-locked by Viki before she lifted her to deliver an atomic drop. Estelle shrieked as Viki's knee pounded hard into her pussy, before Viki finished the job with a shove to the chest, pushing Estelle backwards off her knee to the mat.

Now the champion rolled Estelle onto her belly on the mat, before dropping an elbow across her lower back, Then, Viki slipped her hand between Estelle's legs as she crossed them in a loose figure four. Estelle's body tensed, sensing a crotch maul coming but instead of a pained cry it was more of a low, sensual moan that escaped her lips as Viki moved her fingers rhythmically inside her pussy, finger fucking her as she held the Red Devil trapped face down and ass up on the mats. 'Mmmmmm, you like that don’t you? You dirty little slut....' Viki cooed in Estelle's ear as she shifted her body slightly, using it to hold the figure four in place while she reached for Estelle's long, glossy jet-black hair. Pulling hard on that, Viki pulled Estelle's face clear of the mat, the look of confused anguish and ecstasy clear on her face as Viki increased the tempo with her fingers. Another low moan escaped from Estelle's lips; her eyes closed now as she willed her body not to respond to Viki's expert finger fucking. Her increased moaning and groaning betrayed her though as it was clear that Viki was slowly but surely bringing the Red Devil towards an orgasm on the mats. 'Submit?' Viki enquired as Estelle replied 'Mmmmmm, nnnggghh,'; Viki tugged back hard on her hair now though as she increased the tempo once more, her fingers now quickly bringing Estelle towards a screaming orgasm as she cried out in complete ecstasy now, lost completely to the combat situation thanks to the Latina wildcat's expert attentions. Ramon had seen similar tactics used often enough to know what was coming next; Estelle, lost in the moment as she exploded in orgasm on the mats was unable to respond though as Viki took a hold of her hair, lifted her from the mats and body slammed her before sitting down squarely on her face in a reverse face sit. A hard punch to the stomach followed then Viki was back into Estelle's pussy, this time going for pain rather than pleasure as she applied the claw hold. A cry of pain from Estelle was muffled by Viki's ass as the Latina went back to the body punching while her left hand continued to maul the crotch of the challenger.

Estelle looked to cross her legs now only for Viki to warm them with stinging slaps and scratches before going back to the crotch maul and body punching as the champion looked to beat the fight out of her tough challenger. Knuckles bounced off Estelle's body, testing her body's resilience while Viki ground her ass over Estelle's lips as Viki used the pussy claw to punish and hurt the Red Devil further. It was the body punching and face sit doing the worst of the damage though it seemed, and after another hammering salvo of punches, Viki climbed off Estelle, telling Anna-Maria 'count the bitch, she's out.'

Anna-Maria stepped in, tolling off the count as Viki stood confidently just off to the side of her fallen opponent. '' Anna-Maria continued as Estelle started to show some signs of recovery, rolling towards her side as she clutched her now reddened stomach. Still, the Red Devil would need to make it to her knees to escape the count as Anna-Maria continued 'eight.......nine.......ten......eleven.......twelve.' Finally, Estelle had gathered her senses it seemed as she rolled again towards her knees, taking a few extra seconds to allow the count to reach seventeen before she rose, aware it seemed that she would be rising straight into the clutches of the champion who immediately stunned her again with an elbow across the back of the neck. Estelle dropped to her knees, immediately eating a right hand to the face from Viki, before a hard kick to the stomach sent her sprawling to the mat.

'Give it up Red Devil!' Viki instructed Estelle as she stalked her across the mats before flooring her with a right hand to the jaw as she reached a knee. 'It's over, give it up bitch!' Viki added as she jabbed Estelle's side with another kick to send her rolling across the mat. Following her once more, Viki went to the hair before slipping a hand between Estelle's thighs, lifting her into an across the knee back breaker. Estelle cried out from the impact across the Wildcat's knee before a hard, clubbing double fisted blow to the stomach drove the air from Estelle's body once more. As she pushed Estelle to the mats, Viki once again instructed Anna-Maria to ‘count the bitch!'

Once again, Estelle took a few seconds to get her wits about her before she set about beating the count. As Anna-Maria reached eight in the count, Estelle had rolled to her front, pushing the palms of her hand to the mat as she looked to push herself to all fours. Instead, Viki stopped the count for her, going to Estelle's hair, lifting her into a second, powerfully delivered, across the knee back breaker. As tough as she undoubtedly was, Estelle's body was starting to show the marks where Viki was expertly working her over, and Viki continued in that vein, a nasty slash of the nails across Estelle's stomach before she again went to the pussy, a claw hold drawing a guttural scream of pain from Estelle. Viki continued to attack with great enthusiasm too, as she worked Estelle's pussy, telling her to 'give up cunt!' There was no reply from Estelle other than another cry of pain. Again, though Viki switched her attack, hammering a double fist into Estelle's stomach then slamming the point of her elbow off the Red Devil's chin to knock her off her knee and to the mat. Once more, Viki was content to allow a count, while she stood attentively close by waiting for Estelle to rise. Anna-Maria reached 12 once more with the count before Estelle started to regain her feet and sensing that it was going to take more to put her tough opponent away, Viki moved onto the attack again. Going to the hair, Viki shipped a weak right hand to the body before delivering a knee lift to the breast to send Estelle crashing to the mat on her back. Viki went again for the leg drop, this time a little too late though as Estelle desperately rolled clear of the impact.

The advantage still seemed to lie with the Latina Wildcat, but Estelle wisely lashed out a foot, catching her perfectly in the breasts and gained herself the time to at least gather her senses. She didn't get much longer than that though, as Viki launched herself at the Red Devil, sending the two women rolling across the mats in a tangle of hair, legs and sexily intertwined bodies. The two tough women rolled in a sexy catball, pulling hair, slapping, scratching and exchanging fierce insults as both got their time on top before Estelle was able to surprise Viki, spreading her legs in a expertly applied grapevine. 'Aaaaagggghhh!' Viki moaned as Estelle's long legs spread her painfully, while Estelle reached back to punch her in the stomach, Viki groaned again as she felt Estelle’s knuckles crash into her body. Estelle had no control of Viki's hands though and the Latina Wildcat wasted little time cracking a series of stinging slaps off Estelle's face before going to the hair. Using that grip of Estelle's jet-black hair, Viki forced the Red Devil's face into her breasts, a smothering attack that caught Estelle in a predicament. She knew she was unlikely to force Viki to give with a simple grapevine; Viki's DD breasts though were a more dangerous weapon, smothering her very effectively already. Estelle tried to break free, Viki's grip of hair preventing her before, showing good speed, Viki forced her legs free of the grapevine and was able to trap Estelle on top of her in a body scissor.

Viki's legs were an effective weapon too, Estelle's immediate cry of pain attesting to that as Viki now rolled Estelle, almost like an alligator rolling its prey, pinning the jet haired challenger firmly to the mat in the scissor. Now Viki adjusted her grip on Estelle, one hand wrapped behind her head, the other in her jet-black hair as she bore down on her, breasts squarely in her face. Estelle was in big trouble, throwing three right hands into Viki's body; ineffective as the Wildcat shook them off before flexing her sexy thighs and drawing a scream of pain from the challenger as she felt the legs crush her body. Now, Viki upped the ante, ensuring the breast smother was as air tight as possible before she started to punish Estelle with random surges of power in her scissor hold. Each flex sapped the strength from the Red Devil; each flex seeing Viki ask her simply 'give bitch?' There was no reply from Estelle whose last gambit in the fall was to grab and pull-on Viki's white thong, a wedgie that saw her achieve nothing before she was forced to tap out and give Viki the 2-1 lead. For a moment, Ramon thought Viki might elect for the immediate continuation, perhaps by asking for a count from the ref, but she thought better of it, electing to take the break in the high temperatures.

Estelle took her time in regaining her feet, barely reaching her corner before the referee told them it was time to fight. Stealing a quick drink, she turned to find Viki already on her with a straight right hand to the face that knocked her on to her backside in her own corner. Now Viki lashed her long nails cruelly across Estelle's breasts and body drawing angry red tracks as she snarled her fury at the Red Devil who in turn shrieked in pain. A knee between the breasts put Estelle flat out on her back briefly before Viki hauled her to her feet by the hair and unceremoniously threw her towards the centre of the mats. Viki wore the look of a very confident woman now; she felt she had taken the fight out of her illustrious opponent as she brought her to the feet to deliver a headbutt, immediately dropping Estelle at her feet. Viki looked towards Ramon now, perhaps checking if he would appeal for mercy on behalf of his wife now; Ramon was content though as Estelle had assured him she was up to the challenge and he wasn't to stop the fight under any circumstances. Viki continued her attack now, a rough handful of Estelle's hair assisting her in hauling her to her feet before she lifted and slammed the naked Red Devil right at the centre of the mats. Estelle groaned, suffering as she was at the hands of the tough Latina Wildcat. The Latina knew how to dominate a woman too, Ramon knew, but she had made a mistake now, taking to the air to attempt a full body splash. If it had worked out, she may have taken the wind out of Estelle but instead, on instinct, Estelle had lifted her knees and the impact crushed the air out of Viki's body instead as she rolled to the mat clutching her body and gasping for air.

It was a move that seemed to turn the tide of the match now. Twenty-five minutes into a sapping contest in the heat, Viki suddenly found the tables turned on her and Estelle dragged her tired body to her feet, determined that she would put the pressure on the champion now. A combination of hair and thong was enough to get Viki to all fours; a cruel soccer kick to the belly then sent her rolling across the mats, gasping for air once more. Estelle stalked her, this time delivering a low drop kick to the side as Viki reached all fours and again the Latina found the air crushed from her body by the suddenly dominant Red Devil. Viki fired back with a weak right hand to the body that Estelle shook off before she delivered a chopping right hand to Viki's jaw, sending her a little dazed to the mat again. Estelle was on top, but she knew that she needed to get Viki into a compromising position to force the submission. First though she paid the Latina back for her earlier nail rakes, dragging hers down the screaming Wildcats back from shoulder to butt cheeks. A handful of hair saw Estelle slam Viki's face into the mats and with the Latina subdued by that, she set about evening up the score. Back into the hair, she assisted Viki to all fours before planting a hard knee into her side, allowing Viki to roll to the mats once more but following quickly with a leg drop right across her face. That kept Viki dazed while Estelle showed her wrestling skill to secure a quick half nelson, using that to roll Viki to her belly. Now Estelle stood back up to drop an elbow across Viki's lower back, grabbing the Wildcat's hair as her back inevitably arched in pain and in a flash, she had snaked an arm around the throat of her opponent, punishing her down on the mat. Viki groaned, clearly aware that she was trapped, Estelle lying across her body as she choked her. 'Submit bitch?' Estelle asked 'I've got you, fucking give!' she continued, reinforcing her feeling of dominance at this point of the match.

'No, no!' Viki insisted, adding 'never' although her assertion became somewhat strained as Estelle sunk the choke in even further. Her other hand now wrapped tightly in Viki's hair, adding to her pain as she tore at her hair, all the while further weakening Viki, testing her resolve. 'Submit Wildcat' Estelle asked once more, adding 'I'll choke you out bitch!'; still Viki resisted but it was clear that she was fading. Estelle surprised her, breaking the hold briefly, just to deliver another big elbow to the lower back and then the holds were sunk back in, a tight choke and nasty hair pull as Estelle settled in to grind out the submission from her tough Latina opponent. Now Viki realised she was in trouble; she could barely ignore it with Estelle's arm firmly across her throat, slowly, surely, forcing her towards submission. The Latina sunk her nails into Estelle's forearm but there was no give in Estelle's grip; a brief respite in the hair pulling saw Estelle cuff the back of Viki's head with a firm open handed slap. Then she returned to the hair grip, ensuring no escape for the Latina. Estelle felt her fading, perhaps wondering if Viki could be going out; the Latina struggled again, even more desperately against Estelle's choke hold. 'Give it up bitch?' Estelle reminded, and this time Viki, knowing she was trapped with no possible escape, elected to submit, gasping out 'I give!’ allowing Estelle to even the score up at 2-2.

This time it was Estelle who had the decision to make, and she elected that the time was right for her to keep up the attack on Viki. She did release her choke hold though, pulling Estelle to her feet by her shock of curly brunette hair before lifting the Latina into a powerful body slam. A kick to the ribs followed as Viki remained on the mat and now Estelle elected that it was time to relieve her opponent of her white thong. Not the easy way though as she knelt on Viki's back and pulled the garment hard into a wedgie, testing the resilience of the fabric, drawing a cry of pain from Viki as the thong slowly, painfully gave way. Estelle threw the torn garment from the mats now, crossing Viki's legs into a figure four before seeking a target with her fingers as she went in for a crotch claw. Viki cried out, shifted awkwardly on the mats, but she was pinned firmly beneath Estelle for now, forced to grit her teeth and take the pain while she looked for a route of escape, 'Aaaaagggghhh!' Viki cried out as Estelle's nails tested her womanhood; the Latina was one tough fighter Ramon knew, but her could see a look of desperation on her face as Viki punished her.

As it happened, it was Estelle who broke off Viki's punishment releasing the hold and bringing the Wildcat to her feet before monkey flipping the brunette to the mat. It was the start of the pivotal passage of the match.

Both women naked, bodies showing the effects of a tough fight and glistening with sweat in the heat. Estelle hurried on to the attack again, confident she had Viki right where she wanted her. At the last second, the Wildcat showed her teeth once more catching Estelle perfectly with an uppercut to the pit of the belly. Then, from her knees, Viki attacked, a crotch claw of her own immediately effective as Estelle howled with pain and it appeared Viki had taken her totally by surprise. 'How do you like that Devil?' Viki taunted 'give it up or I'll cunt you bitch!' she told the suddenly pained Red Devil. 'No, never!' Estelle shot back before that defiance gave way to another howl of pain as Viki worked her fingers inside her once more. Viki slowly found her way to her feet, now able to force the taller woman onto her tip toes with the claw. Now Estelle was in desperate trouble it seemed, Viki's crotch claw having her close to tears of pain before she struck back, a headbutt to Viki's face that dropped the Latina to her backside at Estelle's feet as she blinked, trying to clear her head from the butt. Estelle wasn't about to let her do that, lashing a snap kick across Viki's DD breasts and knocking her to her back on the mats. There was no slowing up from Estelle either, delivering a leg drop with her thigh landing across Viki's chest before she cruelly trapped both of Viki's breasts in a scissor hold, sinking her nails into both breasts to add to the pain. Again, Viki howled out in pain, again she looked to fight back, craning her neck as she tried to sink her teeth into Estelle's leg. An elbow to the face put paid to that, seeming to stun Viki and allowing Estelle to continue the tit torture, looking to put Viki away. Again, the Latina stirred, crying out in pain as Estelle worked her nipples over, all the while thighs crushing her breasts. But Viki was resourceful, going to the eyes, her fingers cruelly raking Estelle to gain her freedom as she rubbed at her eyes.

Now Viki looked to go onto the offensive; she was a fighter at heart and knew that to go onto the front foot now was her best chance. As she got to her feet, Viki used Estelle's glossy black hair to force her to her knees before delivering a fast thigh strike to the face that sent Estelle to the mat. A stomp followed to Estelle's right breast, Viki cruelly grinding her heel into it as Estelle moaned in pain. Gaining confidence Viki pulled Estelle back to her feet where a punch and elbow strike combination saw Estelle sent reeling, seemingly dazed as Viki chased her across the mats. The Red Devil was a fighter known for her resourcefulness and skill though and she showed it now, a snap front kick right to the pit of the stomach stopping Viki dead and taking the fight out of her. As the Latina stopped, doubled up, Estelle punished her, securing a grip of the hair and driving five knees up, piston-like, into her body and breasts. Viki sagged, would have gone to the mat perhaps, but Estelle held her up by the hair, lifted her and dropped her hard across her knee in a back breaker. It was the perfect setup, Estelle almost immediately able to convert the hold in to her favourite dragon sleeper and breast claw attack. Ramon smiled; it was the signature move of the Red Devil, if he had any doubts about his wife's claim, the performance in this fight had dispelled them all. Now her fingers ravaged the body of the weakened Latina while the dragon sleeper tested her resilience one last time. Viki's hands tapped and pawed at Estelle's arm, looking for a way out of the dragon sleeper; there was none other than a submission or a knockout. Estelle only had the latter in mind, scratching up Viki's tits before she felt the Latina finally fade in her grasp. A few more seconds, then she told Anna-Maria to 'count her', letting Viki fall to the mat as she knelt beside her.

It was a mere formality, Estelle waiting impassive as Anna-Maria tolled off the count, reaching twenty before Viki had stirred. Now Anna-Maria raised Estelle's hand in victory; 'by knockout, the winner and new champion is The Red Devil, Estelle Sanchez.'

'Very good my dear, very good!' Ramon applauded his wife as Anna-Maria helped Viki from the mats 'an impressive victory. And now you are my champion! I have to ask, as I do all title holders, are you prepared to defend the title on a two monthly schedule to tie in with my visits here to Lanzarote?'

'Of course I am dear' Estelle purred from the mats 'it will be my honour to defend your title.'

'Then as you know, your first challenger will be Cat O'Reilly in two months’ time. I presume you accept her as a challenger?'

'Absolutely, she is worth her shot' Viki replied 'just as I will accept Viki when you think she is deserving of her rematch. I will have a few private engagements of my own too though Ramon. I presume that you are OK with that, and of course, you may be able to attend some of those with me now' she pointed out.

'I would enjoy that' Ramon smiled. 'I would enjoy that a lot......'